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Total Nuclear Annihilation production by Spooky Pinball

By Grizlyrig

2 years ago

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#2346 2 years ago

this game looks fantastic

1 week later
#2905 2 years ago

just remember the software for landing on the moon was written by a brit

1 week later
#3034 2 years ago

is there a view on when the machines will start going into production?

2 months later
#3815 2 years ago

get on the list! its that simple!


2 weeks later
#3965 2 years ago
Quoted from lamihh:

Hey Dudes, my TNA will be finished next week and will be the first one in Good ol‘ Germany...afaik. My friend has to wait another 2 months or so to get his tna and as it would be cool to do a combined shipping to save some costs: anybody with production Slot now willing to change his spot and wait for just a few Weeks longer? That would be frickin‘ cool )

will you really save any money?

1 month later
#4293 2 years ago

Anyone know what the next machine numbers we are up to ?

2 weeks later
#4457 2 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

I've literally turned down more than a dozen offers for extra $$$ to get "someone a game quicker". I've said no 100% of the time.

I can personally vouch for this and knowing Charlie's impeccable anti-corruptible qualities. I tried shipping three crates of chocolate to KT and I'm still in the same place in the queue


#4568 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Does Spooky run numbers in order? This is my first time buying a Spooky game, so I'm not familiar with those sorts of things. I thought they weren't necessarily run in numerical order.

for the most part they are with a few notable and worth exceptions!

#4648 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

Got my TNA today. #57.

46 to go!

#4721 1 year ago

its on previous broadcasts


1 week later
#4845 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballlew:

The second 75 should be built faster then the first 75 though.

Quoted from 27dnast:

Well, it's looking like they've built and shipped roughly 70-75 since last September. Assuming that number is correct, you're looking at 70 or so after about 150 days. Math says it wouldn't be this year. But who knows

I think they've built more like 100-110. A lot of show/on location games have gone out ahead of the order.


1 week later
#4913 1 year ago

just got the 2 week warning for a game in 100s!

1 week later
#5055 1 year ago

I just paid in full for 102.

2 weeks later
#5259 1 year ago

Fantastic Scott!

#5365 1 year ago
Quoted from venom112:

Was going to buy one of these but they are now quoting new buyers a fall time frame. I think slow production is going to hurt spooky in the long run as there will be probably 4 new pins out or announced by then. It’s too bad there is such a long turn around

how can it hurt them if they can't make them?!

1 week later
#5506 1 year ago

Euro/OZ guys in 220V land - did you have to do anything to the machine for 220v?


#5526 1 year ago

102 in the house here in the UK

#5549 1 year ago
IMG_9256 (resized).JPG
#5550 1 year ago
Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

Is this a limited run or are they just making them until people stop buying them?

making them until people stop buying them, suspect as it slows down you'll get a last call.

#5551 1 year ago
IMG_9257 (resized).JPG
#5603 1 year ago

spooky are doing circa 25 games every 4 weeks...

#5651 1 year ago

need speaker lights for sure on this...

#5678 1 year ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Coming VERY soon!!! I promise. Parts are all finally here and we just need to get the kits assembled.
MGC this weekend, and we'll get after it early next week.

best wishes for MGC Charlie, you guys smashed TPF!

#5687 1 year ago

Took the game to the legendary Flipout London Pinball Club- game was maxed out all day, (although please spooky bin every flipper return spring you have and get a decent batch, had two of them snap), people loved the game!

2G3A9550 (resized).JPG

#5701 1 year ago
Quoted from chocky909:

I played a TNA at the weekend and enjoyed it immensely. However one criticism I have is the quality of the LCD screen. I don't know if this TNA had a faulty panel but the image looked washed out and also had awful viewing angles. I'm 6'3" and if I crouched down to the height of a 12 year old the image improved a lot. The table was next to a Heighway Pinball Alien and the LCD in the backbox of theat looks so much better with even viewing angles and strong contrast and colours.
Before anyone says "The image is supposed to be degraded and old and 80s" I do understand this but the panel looked horribly unsaturated and the fact that it looked different from other angles suggest to me its a hardware issue.
Is this a general issue or possibly a defective panel or installation? Maybe caused by UK power supply?
This is the actual machine in action and as you can see it being streamed the direct video feed looks great, low res but strong colours and saturation. In real life the screen looks much worse.

its my machine its not a UK power supply issue as all LCD's runs on DC. Its just not a great LCD panel, lower quality LCD panels have limited viewing angles, at my height it looks fine I agree with you though if you look from a lower angle it is better, If Spooky titled the screen a touch upwards it would make a big difference, but remember the screen wasn't going to be in the game - its kind of an after thought (read Scott's blog). I'll have a go at the settings and see if I can make it bigger for freaky giants

Neil (a twelve year old )

#5712 1 year ago

spookycharlie just posted on facebook that speaker kits are available!

#5713 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

How do you guys even get a chance to look at the LCD screen while playing TNA? I can honestly say I have no idea what’s happening on the lcd whilst playing.


#5763 1 year ago

any of your guys who have installed the hookedonpinball lighted rails - did you have to screw through them for a couple of the screws?


#5765 1 year ago

did you line up the clear line?


#5766 1 year ago

got it!

uploads.tapatalk_cdn.com_20180421_7ad9eb3b21099a5482762a525020aeb4 (resized).jpg

#5767 1 year ago

Just my notes from the Side Rails install which is really easy.

Removing the side rails is easy, a bunch of screws and 2 nut/bolts. Hardest part is that Spooky glue gun the flipper bolt so you have to get some of that out to turn the nut. Also easier if you loosen one of the screws on the flipper switch and rotate that out of the way.

When overlaying the lighted strip you do have to ensure that the lighted bit isn't going to be pierced by two screws, as two of them do go through the top plastic area. Its hard to get it wrong. Also worth connecting the power supply before so you can test easily. On my TNA the rear glass slot was tighter on one side which made threading the wire through on one side a bit hard. When I tightened it all up the screws the el-paper whine that you nearly always get with this stuff reduced quite a lot which was a nice bonus. Must have mod in my view


#5819 1 year ago
Quoted from oyvindmo:

Could it be a 220V/50Hz thing? Do we have any reports of well-working TNAs in Europe?
Anyway, looking forward to delivering my first-hand report on ours in about 4-5 weeks

mine works fine in the UK. and the flippers are like nuke launchers...

1 week later
#5887 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

As someone who will play this primarily as a single player game, I'm interested to hear how you do with it as I believe you're in a similar boat. It's the only thing that worries me about it.

mine is mostly single player, and its still a blast and hugely addictive. I find myself rushing home from work so I can get games in!

#5888 1 year ago
Quoted from mayuh:

ben1981 and mine just arrived in Hamburg. Sitting in an container waiting to be unloaded... and shipped to Austria
I really have to thank KT here, who recommended a very nice and competent shipping company. So if you buy your TNA outside the US, Bruce is your man

Hmm, someone should be on a finders fee for Bruce and he certainly is the man.


#5900 1 year ago

I had some issues today.

1: When the shaker started I got a load of noise through the amp?
2: STDM from the scoop a good few times
3: pop bumper not as sensitive as I think it should be?

1+3 I will check the cabling and switches but anyone had 2 and what did you do about it?


#5911 1 year ago

I was very impressed by the packaging that I got on my TNA, easily the best in the industry.

1 month later
#6302 1 year ago

anyone experimented with playfield angles?

2 months later
#6728 1 year ago

My TNA has started to fire out balls when it shouldn’t - what would cause this? There is no switch matrix or active switch debug so hard to find what this might be?


4 months later
#7192 1 year ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Update went smoothly once I was able to fit the code on a floppy. Thanks Scott!
[quoted image]

lol nice, did you do the screen swap by any chance?

#7196 1 year ago

Is anyone else not happy with this Playfield problem and the response?

#7202 1 year ago

Yes I am talking about the playfield chipping - both Charlie and KT reached out with an assurance that if it gets worse they will do something. I still don’t understand what caused this or who is affected by it - If I compare to a much less serious issue with ghostbusters - stern sent me an entire playfield at their expense, so the bar was set high...


2 months later
#7205 10 months ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

Charlie has said they've since discovered the issue and corrected it on the last few playfields but hasn't said what it was.

which is why I won't buy another game from them.

#7208 10 months ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

And we have and will continue to do so. We hate that any of this happened, but everyone who has contacted us has been helped.
And I can assure you that much bigger companies margins are MUCH better than ours, so sending out a replacement board doesn't hurt them nearly as much as it does us (or the vendor making them). Fortunately, the vast majority of people were satisfied with the neoprene washer fix and we thank them profusely for understanding the situation. For those who needed more, they got that too.
If you start pulling star posts from virtually any game you're going to see some level of "damage" under there in ALL eras of games. Obviously this was beyond normal and we didn't hide from Pinside and pretend it didn't exist like many would or have. And we're not knocking anyone else ANYWHERE for playfield issues. Absolutely EVERY company has had them to 1 degree or another. It is simply the most complicated and hardest part of manufacturing in a pinball machine. We spare ZERO dollars trying to make our boards the best in the industry, and they have for the most part lived up to our expectations.
The problem HAS been corrected, and we aren't hard to find. Doing our best everyone... every day.

Charlie thanks for responding.


#7213 10 months ago
Quoted from aobrien5:

But you'll keep buying Sterns because Gary is so vocal about all their problems? Makes sense.
As much as I've said here about this issue, I still respect Charlie for what he has come out and said, and understand he may not want to detail the mistakes made in a public forum. It's on me that I haven't phoned him personally to discuss it.

Stern have resolved every issue I've had with a game except the launch on IMDN which I know they are working on but I was impatient and fixed it myself. In fairness up until this issue Spooky had also resolved issues I'd had with TNA and sent out new opto's for the trough.

Charlie says the problem is fixed - what I don't know is if I need the fix or if the washers are enough because I don't know what the problem was. I believe circa 75% of the games made have this problem but again we don't know that for sure (so those like the poor chap on the club thread buys a game that's in a shocking state).

Stern shipped an entire Ghostbusters premium play field to me in the UK at their expense to replace a play field problem (ghosting that was super less worse than the TNA playfield problem IMHO). They have replaced several other parts that failed, CGC replaced a failed part without problem and notified me proactively about the SOL issue. JJP replaced the entire game mainboard without problem on my Dialed in.

I don't have an issue with problems occurring I'm just not super convinced the solution has long term viability I also recognise that Spooky is a small company.


#7217 10 months ago
Quoted from Spiderpin:

Sounds like there's a problem with every game you purchased. People like getting over on people and get things for free. When they do it in stores it shoplifting, at work it's embezzlement and when done by a purchaser it's consumer fraud. JUST SAYING.

No, I've bought a lot more than 4 new games in the last year! JUST SAYING!

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