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Total Nuclear Annihilation production by Spooky Pinball

By Grizlyrig

2 years ago

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#314 2 years ago

Congrats to Spooky. Excellent business decision.

#321 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Would it be ironic if George gomez bought one?

Maybe he will sell his BM66 to get one

I love me some MB and LOTR though.

#485 2 years ago

I thought Buffy played awesome. I didn't know half of what I was doing but I had no issues with good shots draining. That game has a ton to shoot at and played like butter in my opinion. I like Buffy and TA a lot. Enjoyed both more then any of the newly released games.

1 month later
#996 2 years ago

I'll be the first to admit that I am definitely disappointed with what I initially saw out of the translite. It's just not the direction that I envisioned the game in my head. It's way to cartoony for my liking. I would prefer it to be a lot edgier. That doesn't mean its bad artwork though. I think my problem is that when you see a plain game with no artwork and you get to play it and it's a blast. Your mind can't help but think of what it's going to look like with art. So most of us that are disappointed is simply because we got to play an awesome game and our own minds have already filled in the art or at least what we think it should be. I'm looking forward to seeing it as a whole package and will likely get one because of the gameplay no matter what if the price point is reasonable.

So, not what I expected or had envisioned. It's not my game or my vision though so I'll still be buying one if everything comes together on it. Gameplay trumps artwork every day of the week.

2 months later
#2055 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I believe you may be right, I'm just saying Pinside may account for a good number as most AMH and RZ are accounted for on Pinside
-RZ (300) has 158 owners and 44 wishlist
-AMH (150) has 94 owners and 88 wishlist
This does not count people on Pinside who don't update their collection or never have a collection list. So there could well be another 20-60 owners of both that don't list.
My point is Pinside owners list is a tool, not an accurate measurement but a tool.
I recall when Stern made IMVE the owners list of IM went up at least 200 in the course of a few months.

I wouldn't put stock into those at all. Most of us do not update our wishlist and many of us do not even keep our games owned updated. Plus you have a large group of people with games on wishlists that they cannot afford to buy. Spooky has an interested list and they will continue to make them in batches of 50 until there isn't any more demand for them. Why does it matter how many end up selling?

#2165 2 years ago

Not sure why some of you are so quick to get upset. I saw the email this morning and thought that pinball star was likely only going to carry the upgraded trim and direct print model or that it was just a typo. Didn't think another thing about it.

Looking forward to seeing the add on options and out the door price with them tomorrow. Can't wait to get my game.

#2196 2 years ago

Options are very simple and other then the direct print cabinet are very inexpensive. Really looking forward to getting this game. I think this game is going to sell really well at this price point. Going to be a home run for Spooky.

Now on to Alice Cooper!!!!!

#2200 2 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

Can you list the options?

Shaker and knocker install $25 (you order the shaker and knocker kit from pinball life and have it shipped to spooky)
Inside cab art $50
Plastic protectors $35
Direct print cabinet $999

#2216 2 years ago
Quoted from wantdataeast:

I seems like everyone gets pissed when people say something negative about a new project. So I guess get ready to down vote this post.
First of all I respect anyone in the industry trying to produce new games.
Secondly, I do not buy new sterns (and will not until my collection is filled with far superior 90's Bally Williams titles that are available at the same price or less on the secondary market TZ, Monterbash, Indian Jones, etc.) So take my opinion with a very large grain of sale. I will not buy this new... just like i would not by a new pro stern.
I watched the video and: The repetitive music reminded me of something out of an 80's porn movie. The video of a cityscape fly by was pointless and distracting. The game play looked no more interesting that anything produced from 1985 to 1990. I kept fast forwarding through the video waiting for the Nuclear Annihilation to occur, but I guess I missed it. It seems pretty anti-climatic. I am assuming at one point we see the annihilation; but consider a game like Gottlieb's Genesis where you build the arms and legs of Maria. And then after all of that the climax of the game is the robot is final shown... Yawn. The feeling left is: Is that it?
I realize that this is a white board in an early stage of production but the concept, seems far inferior to Spookys other pins (Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Americas most haunted)
I am really not sure why a new pinball manufacture would take advantage of themes that are in the public domain that have a cult following.. Like War of the Worlds, or Sherlock Holmes, Something from classic sci-fi literature Jules Vernes, HG Wells, etc.
Or even a lesser license theme...how about classic Lost in Space, Munsters, Addams Family, Outer Limits.

Spooky is the contract builder of this game. TNA was not designed by Spooky. It is an original theme and custom basement design that so many people fell in love with at shows that it is getting made. It's a throw back style, it won't be for everyone. Maybe this one just isn't for you.

You should also buy a stern and quit watching so much 80's porn

#2400 2 years ago

Congrats to Spooky on what looks to be a successful release. It's nice to see good people doing things the right way and getting rewarded for it.

I bet once more of these get out Spooky will continue to get orders for some time.

#2404 2 years ago

Looking forward to the deadflip stream. I'll catch a little of it once it's on you tube. I'm most interested to see how fast the game is. The whitewood played pretty fast and Spooky's playfields tend to be crazy fast based on AMH, RZ, and Domino's. I bet this thing is going to be brutal.

#2552 2 years ago

How many people are going to have this game setting right next to a tron? Seems like they were made to be together!!

2 months later
#3862 2 years ago

#17 will be delivered tomorrow for those trying to see how many have shipped and trying to figure out how far out they are. I'm sure Spooky will also get a little faster with them as they continue to work out any kinks in production

#3864 2 years ago
Quoted from Slingshot_Scott:

jgentry Does this mean you’ll have it at the Gameroom Expo this weekend?

If it shows up I hope to be able to bring it straight down and unbox it on the expo floor. Sometimes there are delivery delays though so I won't know for sure until I get a call from the driver saying he's an hour out.

#3884 2 years ago

TNA getting some love in Nashville

IMG_20171110_203551423_BURST001 (resized).jpg

IMG_20171110_203539064_BURST000_COVER_TOP (resized).jpg

#3893 2 years ago

Got 3 new games this weekend. My wife who doesn't play much ignored the other 2 at 1 game on each but is going an hour strong on TNA and loves the simple to understand rules and lights and sounds. Her exact words was SW is to busy with too much rules but TNA is really fun, don't sell this one.

IMG_20171112_184532943 (resized).jpg

#3899 2 years ago
Quoted from Pintucky:

Wow! I've been dying to see one of these TNA pins! You live awfully close to me. Are you up to having a visitor some weekend? I wouldn't stay long. Just want to see what it looks like in person.
Is this being rude? Is this called a "self-invitation"???!!!
Mike in Bowling Green, KY

You are welcome to swing by and try it out Mike. Depending were you are at in BG you should only be around an hr or so from me.

#3903 2 years ago

After less then a week of ownership my wife has officially moved TNA in to her group of games with SS and MM as a game that is hers that I'm never allowed to sell.

#3906 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Does that mean you can buy one more to make up for the shortfall in "your" collection?

I don't even bother asking anymore. They just show up and leave as space requires. She quit asking about it long ago lol.

#3942 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

I'm starting to get this wild idea of forgoing shipping... hopping on a plane in the dead of winter, renting an SUV... picking the game up... and driving it all the way back to MD.

Not crazy, see the shop, meet the gang, bring back cases of New Glarus.....

#3988 2 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

#159 here... but if anyone that's up now is in need of more time, I'm more than happy to switch places.

It's well worth the wait. Build quality is excellent and gameplay is super addictive.

#3994 2 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

been playing alot of smdm lately and kinda like the old school bally style game.
been thinking of getting a tna as its a modern version of early style pins, but i hear its best to play 2 players on this? is this correct?

It's definitely fun to play 1 player. Probably as much as my other games. Its just an incredible multi player game. It's a blast with friends so people talk about it like that. Doesn't mean it's not a fun 1 player game though.

1 week later
#4042 2 years ago

#18 passed 1000 plays this weekend. So far nothing but minor fixes (mostly tightening a few things) have been required.

#4046 2 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

That's awesome! You have it on rout? Great news about the durability; Spooky does quality right!

A little over 600 plays were at a show, another 400 at the house.

#4066 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Do we need a Cliffy for the scoop or are they pre-installed?
What's everyone doing for shooter lane protection?

Comes with Mantis style protectors inside the scoop. You could do mylar around them and the shooter lane but based on Spooky's test game I don't think either are needed unless you are routing the game. Even then it looks like it's going to hold up much better then anything else on the market playfield wise.

Quoted from StylesBitchly:

Also, I asked this before and nobody chimed in..
What do we use for a LCD glare guard? Bent plastics are wrong size..

I do not really notice any glare on mine. I don't think it's needed.

1 month later
#4324 1 year ago
Quoted from AudioHaven:

Dear Scott, Spooky, Matt Andrews & Pinball Life - I love TNA! What would the odds be of making this a cabinet art upgrade or aftermarket option?

The cabinet art on TNA is excellent. While that's cool looking I think that would be a big downgrade.

1 week later
#4447 1 year ago

All of the drama is over nothing. When you preorder a game you are going to be waiting. I waited over 6 months for my AMH and it's no big deal. They ship when they are ready and not a moment sooner. As for any line jumping Spooky has to make a few decisions based on business such as running the over seas games in a group for shipping, making the butter cabinet games in a group, getting games to shows, etc. If you are not OK with that then I would dare say that you at being unreasonable with a small family owned business. It's a very different game build from AMH and RZ so it's going to take longer to get going.

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Just don't ask me if you can "see Alice Cooper" or "what is your next game". We kinda get that a lot.

Can I at least play it with a blind fold on then? I can't drive 12 hours just for spotted cow.

#4450 1 year ago
Quoted from lancestorm:

I really hope Alice is a hit after the beating that Rob Zombie has taken from pinside. Would still like to play a Zombie despite the shelling.

RZ is a hit at my house. It's certainly not going to be for everyone but no game is. They only made 300 of them so only 300 people need to like it anyway. Don't believe everything you read on pinside. According to pinside stern is almost bankrupt and SW is the worst game ever made and most of all spike systems explode in 5 years to make you have to throw your game away and buy a new one. Steve Ritchie is washed up, Borg is a hack that steals designs, Lonnie Ropp couldn't code a bingo machine, etc. I've literally seen all of these things spew from peoples keyboards on this site. It's borderline ridiculous what is said half the time.

Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

We know people who do!

I make the trek to Munster IN just below Chicago for 3 Floyds Dark Lord Day and to stock up on Zombie Dust every year so I certainly cannot judge.

#4456 1 year ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Is dark lord day worth the ticket price? I go to the brewery every time we go to my mother in laws as she’s only 20 minutes from the brewery.

It is if you want the beer. We always have fun but just getting the tickets is a challenge. Realistically you could turn around and sell your 5 bottles of dark lord for more then the ticket costs if you are not a fan of big sweet stouts. It's pretty well organized and you get to try a ton of beer and the food is on par with what the brewpub serves which I think is excellent. I enjoy dark lord beer but others find it too big and too sweet.

Last year they had a booth for Dark Matter coffee that I really enjoyed. Ended up joining their coffee of the month club when I got home. So every month I get a new bag of special release coffee beans. They do a lot of cool stuff like barrel aged beans from 3 floyds or pipework barrels. I got a bag of Pipeworks milk stout barrel aged beans last month that were awesome.

3 weeks later
#4816 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I wonder what will happen if Spooky is sitting on orders for say, 1500 games in a few months once the brain-virus that is the TNA experience starts to ramp up in the wild?

They will hire more help, keep building games, keep adding to the facility, and try to be as honest as possible about delivery times like they always have been.

It would be awesome if that happens but in reality TNA is a different style game that won't be for everyone. Thankfully there are a few hundred of us that have been waiting years for someone to make something like this. I think 600-800 or so is very possible, especially if they keep the orders open for a couple of years and build them in batches in between their other production games once the initial orders are completed.

#4852 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

But they’ve satisfied numbers 1-74 if they’re shipping #75 domestically to a home buyer... correct? At least that would be a reasonable assumption

Possibly, unless they have some butter cabinet games that are being delayed to group together. It's going to be pretty accurate though.

1 month later
#5334 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

There is no doubt that having long lead times hurts the bottom line....I get organic growth, and thats great on their end. Their big mistake IMHO is the the $1K deposit....they should make it $250 and fully refundable. I guarantee their backlog would increase, and most consumers could care less about a $250 deposit, and the long lead time....

This makes no sense. So you want shorter lead times but you also want a smaller deposit that you guarantee will increase orders and only lengthen the lead time.

I don't think Spooky wants all of the jump in now and feel important folks that can't wait however long for a game. The 1K deposit is fine and will not prevent anyone that wants one from getting one. It's designed to prevent some of the impulse people from jumping in and then waffling 2 weeks later.

#5353 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

As someone who has started, and sold many companies from the ground up it makes all the sense in the world....I never said I wanted shorter lead times nor would the smaller deposit enable that (clearly it would not). What I said was their lead times are 6 + months, and $1K deposit comes with a much higher risk with a small start up company...losing potential customers at this stage of a company is never a good idea.

Not really true at all. Spooky is making games for the most part in limited runs with TNA being the exception. They do not need a giant customer base as they will not be able to get the games made within anything that resembled a reasonable time if they just opened the flood gates. It's called controlled growth and many companies have went under because they couldn't understand it or management it.

Why don't we all let Charlie run his company how he sees is best for himself and his family.

#5422 1 year ago

Good lord, are some people so desperate to have a toy that they can't even wait a few months. Anyone that's paying stupid money to jump in line better be ready to enjoy the beating they take when they go to sell it.

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