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Total Nuclear Annihilation production by Spooky Pinball

By Grizlyrig

2 years ago

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#167 2 years ago

Just stumbled on this thread, and I had no idea who Scott was before this, but I'm totally blown away with this project.

Honestly this is the type of new pin I daydream about all the time.... inspired by classic early 80s Bally/Williams pins, with modern technology, lighting & sound. Glad to see there's people out there with the same passion! You've really hit it out of the park on this one in design, difficulty, sound and lighting. If you can bring the whole package together with a killer "synthwave, blood dragon, kung fury" vibe, then you've got something really special here. There is DEFINITELY a market out there for this type of pin.

You've got a new fan right here I'll be watching intently to see where this goes, and if it ever goes into production you can count me in.

1 week later
#192 2 years ago

How about some Total Annihilation photos from the Texas Pinball Festival???

#212 2 years ago

Bring it to PAGG this May

#285 2 years ago

The LCD screen could be taken out. Keep it as classic as possible, but the lighting & sound is the real draw.

1 week later
#351 2 years ago

Great news! Looking forward to the progress in the coming months! I hope you produce an unlimited number because you're going to sell a lot more of these than you think. Sign me up!

Any chance you're bringing TA to PAGG next month? Us west coast guys need to get in on the fun too

3 weeks later
#671 2 years ago

Got a link to that podcast?

#682 2 years ago

It would be aesthetically pleasing if the newly designed cabinet looked similar to the Bally/Williams cabinets of the early 80s, but I'm sure they will come up with something practical.

With that said, I plan on putting TNA between my Seawitch & Flash Gordon

As far as pins on the horizon, this one has all my attention in 2017

#744 2 years ago

Hell my Blackout is about as simple as you can get. Knock down the drops & put it in the saucer to score a Blackout. And that probably happens in less than 10% of the games played.

As long as a pin's goals are hard to achieve & keeps you coming back for more, it really doesn't matter how deep the ruleset is. Some people even prefer these "simpler" type of games from the early 80's. For example, I have a lot of friends that come over that are not "pinball people". And when they come over, Blackout gets played the most. They don't care about score, they just want the satisfaction of getting that fricking Blackout!

So when these same people come over to play TNA, with the synthwave music blasting & the lightshow almost gives them seizure when they finally manage to destroy their first reactor, I fully expect their heads to explode.

Really looking forward to Jack Danger's next stream of TNA on 5/12

1 week later
#879 2 years ago

IMG_7472 (resized).PNG

Looking forward to this tomorrow

#982 2 years ago

We all know art is a subjective thing. You can't please everyone & they will all have their own opinions. No reason to get overly sensitive at some criticisms. If you're going to reveal something, don't be shocked when people post their thoughts on it.

I love some aspects the 80's retro look (pinks/teals/neon grids,etc), but for me, the girl seems really out of place. I'd think it would make more sense to go with a 1980s faceless helmeted character (like motorcycle helmet or something), so the player could imagine his own likeness as being the hero of the game, destroying reactors, kicking ass, saving the world, etc. Just my thoughts on it.

But at least everyone can agree that what's most important is the gameplay itself. And with that aspect, you're really knocking it out of the park right now. Looking forward to seeing how your vision all comes together.

EDIT: After seeing that high resolution image below, I'm liking it even more

1 month later
#1319 2 years ago

I officially added my name to Spooky's TNA "interested" list. I think a watched all 3 hours of that SFGE video, this game is so fricking awesome in every way! Looking forward to more info

3 weeks later
#1446 2 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Hey Guys,
Some of my music in the game is up on Spotify/Google Music/iTunes etc. under my name "Scott Danesi". There is a song called Alpha Particles that is used as the reactor 2 music.
I just posted the reactor 3 preview track on my Soundcloud that Joe linked to above.
More to come soon!

Does that mean there could be different tracks for all 9 reactors? If so.... SWEET! Your music is one of the huge selling points of this pin IMO

1 week later
#1607 2 years ago

Outstanding! Incredible looks to match incredible gameplay. I'm sure this will be #1 on many wishlists. Count me in!

Time for TNA to get its own Pinside game page.

#1609 2 years ago

I also LOVE the 3D perspective of the fuel rod cooling pool in the playfield core artwork! Very well done, nice touch!

IMG_1325 (resized).PNG

2 weeks later
#2447 2 years ago

Well I'm officially a first time Spooky customer! Sent my deposit check in the mail today, looks like I'm in batch #3

I'm a huge early SS fan, I love brutal gameplay, and it was just love at first sight when I first saw TNA. This is the modern/classic hybrid I've been dreaming about for years. Love the gameplay, the lighting, the art, the theme and especially the music. Thanks for bringing this dream to fruition Scott & Spooky! Can't wait

#2469 2 years ago

I have a constructive suggestion for Scott. Just throwing it out there...

One of the things I love about early 80s SS machines are the squawk n talk boards, and the use of those awesome synthesized "robotic voice" callouts on classics like Flash Gordon, Centaur, EBD, Fathom, Medusa, Embryon, etc etc. I mean is 1980 the best year in pinball or what? Sound is such an important part of what makes these games so killer.

I'm not sure if you've set the callout voices for TNA in stone yet, but some robotic voice callouts would certainly fit this theme, especially for reactor startup/destruction & multiball callouts. It would also be a nice nod to the past, as TNA certainly captures the spirt of those old 80s Bally classics.

Don't get me wrong, female voices are cool, but IMO robot voices are better

Looking forward to tonight's stream!

#2478 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Don't be scared of the brutal, embrace it.

Well said Aurich. With FG, IM and now TNA in my collection, I must be a glutton for punishment. But that's what keeps me hitting the start button, and makes me a better player

#2742 2 years ago

I was going to request an upgrade to Titan silicone translucent rubbers on my order, but then I looked at the pics & I think they already come installed stock? Can Scott confirm?

I put them in all my pins, as I love the way the LED lighting shines through & illuminates the rubber. Plus I prefer the bounce & the fact they stay pretty clean. TNA screams for clear rubbers with that RGB lighting

1 week later
#2961 2 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

For now, we are going to keep them brown

Hope you reconsider! I get it matches a brown canoe, but a neon pink/purple/blue color for TNA would be the bee's knees. You know people will buy them

1 week later
#3114 2 years ago

Oooooo the pink Sac Rack looks awesome! When the fans ask, Scott listens!

Don't get me wrong, Sacagawea is a pretty damn sweet. Everybody loves a nice Sac. But what about those of us who prefer to throw down a Commander-In-Chief instead? I mean is it acceptable to put a POTUS in a Sac Rack??? Surely you agree that this would be a crime not even the POTUS himself would pardon!

I think what's needed here is a GOLDEN POTUS PERCH! Some stars, some stripes, bald eagles, liberty bells, and freedom. Lots of freedom.

Make it happen Captain!

IMG_1371 (resized).JPG

#3153 2 years ago
Quoted from Fortytwo:

What's on the tv that looks really close to outrun style. ....something retro ...wave?

It's the logo for New Retro Wave. Check out the YouTube channel. Killer synthwave music. If you love the TNA soundtrack, you'll love that channel.

#3181 2 years ago

The production model from the feed is looking great! Was that a new lighting effect during the mystery award sequence?

1 month later
#3845 2 years ago

The mirrors look great! Thanks for making this an option

1 month later
#4150 2 years ago

Man I really love how this LED speaker upgrade turned out. Those chrome grills really fit in nicely with the overall look. Adding this to my list of add-ons for sure

Was any additional info (pricing, availability, install option during production) released on this product?

Still haven't seen a video of the speaker lighting in action, just curious how it ties in (if at all) with the existing RGB lighting.

TNAspeak (resized).JPG

2 months later
#5080 1 year ago

Got my invoice for #104 this week & all paid up. Should be shipping very soon

#5124 1 year ago

What happened to the pink Sac Racks on the Pinball Life website? I don't even see them listed anymore, just the brown one.

There's a lot of TNAs in the pipeline that deserve a pink one. Hell it NEEDS a pink one. Will more be made available?

#5125 1 year ago

Also for those who already own....did TNA come with a coin box? Just curious.

1 month later
#5866 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

My enthusiasm for this game used to be so high but the wait is killing it.

I hope this doesn't become the trend over the next 6 months. Newer current releases & long wait times tend to distract customers.

From an owner, all I can say is TNA is 100% legit & worth the wait. I feel that anyone bailing on their spot due to impatience will end up regretting their decision. The hype & praise are well deserved on this title.

All good things come to those who wait

#5985 1 year ago

I was really impressed overall. Spooky's playfields are probably the best in the industry. The cabinet was solid. Was totally shocked that the translight was an actual backglass. The fan noise is overhyped IMO, you won't notice when you are blasting the music (and you WILL crank the volume on this pin).

Very happy customer

EDIT: I put the stronger flipper springs from pinball life on all the flipper mechs as soon as I got the game. Not sure if it was necessary, but zero issues with any of the flippers. The siren made a grinding sound as it rotated when I first got the game, but by the time I got some lube for the mech, the grinding stopped after the first 2 days of gameplay. Never applied the lube, haven't heard the noise since. The only thing I really had to do was adjust the gaps on all the leaf switches for more responsive gameplay.

2 weeks later
#6209 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

The powerball is really working out well with its subtle game play changes and also the increased speed. I get all squishy when I see it sent out into play especially during multiball. And I'm actually getting more airballs with the steel balls than I am the powerball. - That said, testing continues and I look forward to other opinions.
Scott: Please try the powerball.

I'm really intrigued with the addition of a Powerball. It's lighter, so I'm assuming....

Powerball = More speed, More action.

With that said, does it make the ball harder to get under control & trap on a flipper? I'm guessing it would. That's already a challenge with a standard ball.

I've set up the sensitivity of my switches & slings to go off if you basically breathe on them. So can only imagine the insanity, especially within the reactor, when a powerball is in play.

But we are dealing with a theme set with nuclear reactors & atomic physics here. Lots of ball action reminds me of electrons, protons & neutrons flying around within the reactor core. I mean is someone crazy enough to try 4 powerballs in their TNA? Is that just too over the top?

Yes. I just just talked myself into it. 4 powerballs ordered from Pinball Life. Boom

#6213 1 year ago

I'll give it a go I guess. If four is too many I'll just sell off the extras. I wonder how a single powerball effects a multiplayer game though, as it's appearance would be random & not in a set order. Adds another element of randomness, on top of the ball lock stealing?

Do the powerballs wear faster being ceramic? Just curious about their hardness & longevity, or if they might damage the playfield with long term use with every game played.

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