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Total Nuclear Annihilation production by Spooky Pinball

By Grizlyrig

3 years ago

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#1401 3 years ago

The becon looks cool. I can see some sort of topper surrounding it at some point.
I know the lighting is RGB. On my stern I tapped into the negative side of the leds to light some mods interactivity. Is there any place to tap in for toppers etc. like unused outputs that can be future programmed in for mods, toppers, etc.

#1424 3 years ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

There probably will be. On RZ there is a convenient port that provides 5V and 12V power for any mods you can think of. You can add this expander to provide more outputs:

On my GB I got a relay board and used the negative side of the playfeild leds to activate my topper. This turnes on lifts based on the playfeild lights. With rgb it's more of a voltage control so that's out. Just thinking a logic out for major events would be cool. Multiball. reactor ready to go. Etc.
I definitely can see some ringed like surround around the becon with effects.

#1425 3 years ago
Quoted from Chosen_S:

Where's the old college paddle when you need one?

Have a sorority paddle in the pinball room. In case things gets out of hand.

2 weeks later
#1687 3 years ago

I know this is repetitive. But after talking with Scott at MGC I beleive Matt A nailed the art vision. The outrun style (whitch is a mix of styles) stated in the recent interviews is exactly what I had pictured.
Congrats to Scott and the entire team.

Now my 2c. I feel legs that are bally grey with a single rib design fit perfectly. I beleive these are what's on the spooky release photos. They don't look black. If you don't like them buy a raw set from pinballl life powder coat them your fav color and you have a nice set from this game for your old Bally.

#1688 3 years ago

I never understood the xenon girl copy from the backglass to the playfeild. Just more tna? Lol

#1770 3 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I drew the island, no regerts

Next time your draw on a whitewood think of the pinside future. At least use a fine tip sharpie. . Lol
We can take up a sharpie collection for you!

#1824 3 years ago

Personally I like the art. But more importantly. I like the entire game. I also like GB and have one of those. Do I want 10 games with the same art next to each other. NO.

I find it laughable and annoying the right people feel they need they have on anything new. Like critiquing a movie based on a trailer. Or should they change the actor. Just wait for the final product and judge on all aspects. If you don't like it maybe something else will trip your fancy.

#1872 3 years ago

Scott or Spooky.
Are there plans to include some side goals to the game? Same note what's the three stand ups / 9 inserts for? These ones located to the left of the drop targets.

#1905 3 years ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

the merit of my post was not meant to rest on who made the game. the poster who posed the original question specified Stern as a manufacturer and was immediately countered by Stern's recent lack of QC and desire to cut BOM. I only brought up JJP so as to eliminate those arguments as concerns, which were irrelevant to the actual position which was:
There is an imbalance of support from the homebrew/P-ROC community in this thread compared to threads discussing other NIB/upcoming titles. if this exact game was not designed by Scott Danesi and thus had no connection to the homebrew/P-ROC community, but instead was an in house design by a reputable manufacturer would it be as well recvd?
ive seen people who have played it. several hours of streams. from the reactions its hard to tell if they are excited/having fun. watched the dead flip entourage feeds playing TNA - witnessed more frustration than anything. Watched the 2hrs+ of video from SFGE and didn't see many people walking away from TNA with smiles on their faces (if that's a valid indication of enjoyment) - but of course they are playing a whitewood. In all fairness, few walked away from Houdini with a smile on their face on the 2hrs of coverage from that same show - and that game had a pf/cabinet art package.

I see the point you are trying to make. I have a few counter thoughts. Not being a home brew person or friend of Scott. Played TNA a few times at MGC and got to have a nice talk to Scott.

1-this game wouldn't be built if Scott and Spooky didn't do it. The world is full of what ifs. This is what happened and if the community supporting the underdog (theme of every other popular movie) got us a great game. A big plus for us spooky and Scott.

2-I heard the same feed and expo comments about GB. I was being told it was going to tank etc. and I think the sales on that one exceeded the original "people are not having fun" comments.

Although it's good to theorize. This gets us no where on learning more about the game and its production. What a game specific forum is for. ...

Anyone have any thoughts on the option for a direct art print cabinet. The Proto is supposed to be unreal. I would love to see it in person.

Here's another one.
Hey spooky, Scott. Can you comment on playfeild support railes? Will there be two or one or none?

Another game related. I noticed they changed the color of the reactor led readout.


#1920 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballlife:

Prototype has 2 playfield slide rails. I believe the production game will as well.

Awesome. Good to hear. I like the better stability of two. Granted one is better than kick stands.

RZ standard has a translight. I can't personally speak for AMH I thought that was a translight too.

I would suggest for anyone wanting to learn more about the game to listen to this weeks spooky podcast. They mention in there all games will feature a real backglass.

Edit- I was wrong about the translight use.

#1939 3 years ago
Quoted from herg:

No, it doesn't. My #69 is a real backglass. The only translights were the ones they sold as wall hangers.

Nope, backglass also.

This guy would know.
Edit: Wait, what? fortytwo Your collection shows that you own a RZ.

Huh. Well I stands corrected. Just checked my game as I never previously had a reason to look closely at the backglass construction. I was going off two things. The original announcement stating LE owners were getting a backglass for the extra. And other owners chatting about using the LE translight in their game. I didn't run across someone mentioning buying new glass.

#2020 3 years ago

Although everyone is allowed their own opinion. That's also does not entitle you creative input in others opinion. I feel people need to back off as a society and allow a finish product to be delivered and stop with the "what if" bs. I see it every day on FB "fans ar angry about marvel move because...." Based on a trailer or a movie isn't out yet. Stop it sit back and enjoy the break from reality. Enjoy someone's vision and the work put into it. Pre release opinions ruined one of my favorite franchises in film.
Scott stated in spooky podcast the color and art choice for the plastics were deliberate. To make use of the RGB GI. To allow the largest effect and no change of the colors. If he blindly took the opinions to put colorful art there. We would loose the full effect of the led's. So good job to scott for sticking to his vision and giving us the game he wants to.

#2040 3 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

In my opinion Paragon has the best complete art package on any pinball machine ever . I will be selling a nice Paragon to fund the purchase on a Total Nuclear Annihilation.

Ha. I see what you did there.
But I think SST has a complete art package too. Including a guy with legs recently removed between the flippers. Whitch I am selling to fund TNA.

#2076 3 years ago

I got it.
Now between the flippers can be an emoji mode!

IMG_5941 (resized).JPG

#2090 3 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

Depends on if you like modes, long ball times and going on a pinball adventure or if you like fast short ball times, a cool pounding audio and video experience, and no character between the flippers to guide you along.
The two styles couldn't be much more different and most people tend to lean one way or the other.

Dialedin actually had he character middle of the playfeild. It just has the logo in the area right above the flippers. So you know how popular that is.

#2127 3 years ago

I had a battle shark arcade that had two of them.
The cages did twist on. But wasn't big enough for a rotating becon. The whole topper concept by 88 was still minor. A light or small plastic. I have a full lightbar on my GB. I just don't think TNA would benefit from a bunch of stuff on top of the game.

#2248 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Hoping to release later today... first thing tomorrow morning at the latest.

RZ owner here. But not original. Waiting paintantly for the intrested list emails to go out.

#2393 3 years ago

I got a chance to visit spooky today after work.
Congrats to the whole team. Game plays great and looks great. Nothing has been lost in translation.
I got to experience the shaker in the test game. I liked it. Not used all the time but noticeable when it does fire off. Adds to the game without being its stand alone element. I'm not a shaker guy. Don't have one in my games. But for you shaker guys it's used and you will like it. Or just play one at a show and add it later.
Thanks for having me Charlie. Can't wait until I can pick my game up. I'll be watching the dead flip stream.

#2395 3 years ago

To Be honest. I was too focused on the entire package. But I beleive on reactor startup and also explosion. Would be a good question for he twitch feed Thursday.

#2405 3 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Looking forward to the deadflip stream. I'll catch a little of it once it's on you tube. I'm most interested to see how fast the game is. The whitewood played pretty fast and Spooky's playfields tend to be crazy fast based on AMH, RZ, and Domino's. I bet this thing is going to be brutal.

I feel nothing was lost in clearcoat. But not any more brutal. The ball does get some killer English and does fly around. In a dozen games it popped over the flipper or outlane plastic a couple times. Should calm a bit once broke in like the white wood. Or put a small spacers below the outlane plastic if it bothers you. At least there's no cheap pop metal outlane dividers. @&$"

#2445 3 years ago

LIONMAN speaking of the art.
Is the guards face above the doorway on the backglass a likeness to anyone?

#2458 3 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Is the interior side art on the game for the stream tonight?

When I visited a couple nights ago it was installed on the prototype. So... good chance they haven't changed it.

In my opinion the spooky inner art is a good complement to the RGB lightning. Anything too loud might take away from the dramatic color changing. A mirror might blur the effect also.

#2605 3 years ago

Scott. The only game suggestion i would like to see. Is a LIONMAN!!! Callout when someone beats GC!

whysnow not a shot to you but I feel the super skill is a horrible idea. There already is a no flip skill and a flip skill. If you Roger sharp it and call your shot you get a reactor started. Else you get skill shot.

#2615 3 years ago

The inner art is a base grey with a black and other color circuit board pattern. I agree not the most exciting but I know why he did it that way. It complements the rgb without creating its own element.
I went with it because for $50 preinstalled is a good deal. Plus it's three peices. Including the backboard of game. This would be just black without a art package. Think SS Bally. I can easily install a shaker whenever I want one.

#2629 3 years ago

thenotrashcougar if someone rolls the score on the displays. Will the score still count correctly on the lcd? And please just one lionman call out. Im sure you can talk Doug W into recording it!

#2662 3 years ago
Quoted from LIONwoMAN:

Here's a nice pic.

Is that a TNA tank top in grey? my wife wants grey not black?

#2701 3 years ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

On a mission to defeat Bangerjay

Hmm. Does look more like bangerjay than Scott.

#2733 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I'm in the 4th batch, gives me some time to save up the money.

I'm in the second batch and the "you might be surprised" statement has me concerned. Need to sell one more thing to be comfortable.

#2744 3 years ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

Im going to guess they will be the Pinball Life perfect play rubbers

Whitch are still silicone. I find on RZ they hold up the same as titan. Flipper rubbers take a beating on that game.

#2819 3 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Thank you! I am using a custom built RGB bulb for production. The light pipes I used on the whitewood were not bright enough. These bulbs stick directly through the playfield and look like traditional pinball bulbs, but are not. These are pretty damn bright. They are also modular, so if one ever burns out, you just remove the connector, remove 1 screw, and replace. Easy.

I see lots of possibilities for some custom mods here. Possibily tapping into a signal and driving some under cab lights.
thenotrashcougar are the RGB driven by 3 negative signals and a common positive to each? Are the drivers robust enough to... power a second led? Or do I need some isolation circuit?
Or do I need to wait until MGC and drag it out of you!!

#2834 3 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Warning, technical crap incoming... The LEDs are directly driven from the Multimorphic PD-LED boards on the bottom of the playfield, not serially. These LEDs are common anode, meaning that the positive side of the LED channels (RGB colors) is common. Each color within the LED is directly driven from a ground signal from the PD-LED. Each channel is limited to 20ma of current, therefore eliminating the need for any kind of current limiting resistor on the LED assembly itself. You will not be able to pull any more current than 20ma per channel, so hooking up another LED directly in parallel with the existing LEDs most likely will not work.
The modding community will probably get creative with some sort of isolation device to combat this. Unfortunately, I do not have time to work on said device.
Hope that helps. That is the easiest way I know to explain what is going on.

Thanks scott. Exactly what I wanted to know. 20ma not too much. But I'll see what I can come up with. Would be cool to isolate the signal in analog and do some even cooler things with it. Hmm.

#2837 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Probably easier to just do it from the PC inside - it's just Linux running Python, specifically SkeletonGame.

I see what your saying. Add alittle code here or there to direct output to an unused gpio to something. But that requires adding it every update. And also some would never do it. I like to document my mods for others to recreate.
Simple. If you want a light on every time the reactor is red use a optical isolator on the red in on one led feed to a gate or transistor. When red passes the logic threshold. It will light. So red and purple will lift your reactor mod.

#2840 3 years ago
Quoted from jwilson:

I bet if you asked nicely, once the production games are out there, they might be willing to add some event output to a USB port as part of the code.
Both Spooky and Scott are approachable and amicable to ideas. Not a guarantee they'll say yes but more likely than from Stern.

I actually suggested an optional board to stern. With signal or relay outputs that would enable on specific events. Multiballs etc. so data being sent for these events to a tap able signal would be cool.

jabdoa I see what your suggesting there. But I think the voltage drop of having two in series will negatively effect the original led. I have a spare relay board from my GB topper build that has optically isolation inputs. But this solution will be on or off per led channel. I'll do some reading on the PD-LED board used before I plan too much.

#2856 3 years ago

I one paid rent in gold dollars. In a midevil looking pouch.
Do you allow older silver dollar coins?

#2868 3 years ago
Quoted from Mocean:

The 1988 Williams pinball machine, Swords of Fury, includes artwork that depicts a LIONMAN on the backglass, a LIONMAN on the playfield, and has a promenient voice call out "LIONMAN!". The game also has an awesome soundtrack and has increased in popularity among the pinside audience drastically over the last five years. Some people are unamused by the LIONMEME, while others get upset by it, which just makes it that much funnier to LIONMEN.
Given the recent lovefest for SoF any negative opinion of SoF is now considered a criminal act, and rethemeing a SoF is considered treason and carries a minimum punishment of exile. Rest assured that the wholesome TNA project has no affiliation or relationship with such heinous villainy.

This.. And...

In SOF a constant callout is LIONMAN LIONMAN LIONMAN. Is soo 80s fantasy and constant it's funny. It common to hear someone shouting LIONMAN! During MGC and other events. Plus those who are Spooky fans and listen to the pod cast recently got the treat of a radio serial Bug created with Doug W s direction. LIONMAN. So yes kind of an inside regional and spooky inside joke. To get it listen to one or more of the LIONMAN segments in the Spooky podcasts.

And I didn't even use the word epic once!

#2886 3 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Sac racks are great ! I want a pink one for Total Nuclear Annihilation.

I agree but judging the time frame wouldn't a Susan B Rad one be more appropriate?

#2899 3 years ago

People keep talking numbers for game orders. And I agree good gauge in interest. Last we heard in batch 4 (150-200). I'm curious about non game interest also. I wonder how many shirt sales there have been from pinball life. That should be a good measure as to how many support the game. But may not be able to afford it.

#2908 3 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Pinball machines are (mostly) made in 'merica, gonna use 'merica measurin'

IMG_6066 (resized).JPG

#2911 3 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

Yep that is what I want .

That would be Tottally Rad. I would be in. But LIONMAN.

#2957 3 years ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

C'mon Scott, just go for the gusto and make some translucent neon flavors for the TNA loyalists!
Trilogy and I are in for the magenta spool I posted from page 58, but I'd be happy with a neon blue, purple, or orange if more people wanted those instead.

I would be in for magenta as well!!

#2976 3 years ago

A sac Susan b and gold president coin all have the same diameter and electronic properties. So as far as coin mechs go they are interchangeable.

A sac appears to measure 26.5 mm without getting he good caliper out.

Left to right.
President coin.
Susan b
.9 token.

According to Wikipedia loonies and sac are the same diameter but the sac is thicker.

IMG_6094 (resized).JPG

#2978 3 years ago
Quoted from leaffan67:

Thx, so loonies and sacs need diff coin mechs? Does the mech consider thickness?

I keep a bunch of coins around for testing and adjusting mechs.
The coin mech validates based on size weight and magnetic value. You may be able to adjust a quarter mech but for a commercial setup use a real mech.
I beleive you will also need the coin slot plastic too. Not hard to replace. Would allow the larger coin.
Since happs makes the doors why not email them? I'm sure they will tell you every thing to order from their site for the conversion.

A quick google search found this.

#2989 3 years ago

Out for a beer and... goddammit scott what did you do!?

IMG_6111 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#3112 3 years ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Damnit Scott! I literally just ordered the stodgy old brown one yesterday! This is twice in a row I order stuff a day too early at PinballLife. Next time I'll ask if any new goodies are on the way before I place my order.

I'm in the same boat. But I will just have to get a pink sac at the pinball life open house.
If I pre order can I get the show specials and just pick it up?

#3126 3 years ago

when the production game is being moved. Please take some folded dimensions. Height of folded back box at the rear and front of backbox.
I measured the jetsons and it would not fit in my car. But a shorter cab back might fit.

#3150 3 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Check this out! The whitewood and prototype have now seen each other in real life!

What's on the tv that looks really close to outrun style. ....something retro ...wave?

#3157 3 years ago
Quoted from pigeonfarmboy:

Fun guess; Is Dead Flip going to Ed Robertson's house to stream a production TNA this Friday??? "Special Guests" being Scott and Charley.

Doesn't Ed live in Canada.

#3172 3 years ago

i would say since the game is already revealed. A party at one of its homes/origins is more fitting.

#3197 3 years ago

What are the folded load in car dimensions?

#3207 3 years ago
Quoted from gtxjoe:

I think the original question on height was asking about the Lockbar height...

In the pictures posted after that question. The lockdown height appears to be the same as the other games in he picture. When I got to play to prototype it felt no different to me.

#3263 3 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

Once I pick mine up, you're welcome to come over and give it a try. At number 42, I'm hoping it will be in 2017.

Nice. I would have been happy with no 42.

#3290 3 years ago

Me and cad-kid did a video of a knocker install on a RZ. I'm sure it's simular. We will do a TNA shaker and knocker vid when I get my game.

#3323 3 years ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

If you want to see the ending, set the number of reactors needed to be destroyed to one in the settings.

I know scott mentioned removing this adjustment. If it's does stay in may I suggest keeping the minimum to 5 or something. So at least to see it you have to work a bit and earn it.

#3330 3 years ago

I played it at spooky and got to 4 but didn't defeat it. Exploiting the no flip skill helped.

#3352 3 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

Wait... are the legs stainless steel or black? One of the pictures above shows stainless steel. Hoping it’s black though.

Neither, Bally grey.


#3368 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Game was at Mad Rolin Charity event last Saturday and played pretty much constantly from 9am till 9pm. Game played solid the whole day and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Pretty sure 2 people put down a deposit on the spot after having the shot to play it.

Do you have any audits from the event?
Ball time, game time, max reactor reached?

#3397 3 years ago
Quoted from rai:

7 months ago Spooky was not involved with TNA at least not openly.
I can see by all the down votes no one read my entire post.
I was referring to TNA half a year ago when it was revealed, it did not have Spooky making it which is what you are referring to and I spelled that out fully.
My entire post said my impression of Predator before the fiasco. I didn't say TNA was Predator.
Scott is far more skilled etc.. and TNA shoots well and the game doesn't lock up or get stuck balls. I said big difference was Scott has got Spooky on board and the game has overwhelming positive reviews (unlike Predator).
I was not saying TNA is the same as Predator, just the initial buzz was very good for both games until Predator went south. But don't forget Predator sold out with a waiting list, so initially it was not viewed the way it is now.

Rai I'm not trying to be a dick. But I too haven't fully read all your posts. I have skimmed them. I understand you are super excited and cautious about spending 6k plus. It's always a sinking feeling. But a lot of your posts have been the same question, asking for justification why YOU should buy. And the same people are reading it. You have got the same response several times. Go play it and buy it if YOU like it. Spooky will be making them for a while.

I took a drive and played it again before handing my cash over. The proto shot just as good or better than the white wood. I got back to he hotel around 11:00.

If you put your down payment then it's time to wait. And be excited. It's non refundable.

#3400 3 years ago

Ice cream!

IMG_6230 (resized).JPG

#3439 3 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

Totally makes sense.
TNA uses the following P-ROC boards:
1x - P3-ROC (Rev 2)
4x - SW-16s (Rev 2)
2x - PD-16s (Rev 2)
5x - PD-LEDs (Rev 2)
The custom lamp boards and LEDs will be up on Pinball Life's website soon.
Power supplies:
48vdc Power Supply - Mean Well SE-600-48
5vdc/12vdc Power Supply - Mean Well RD-65A
Hope that helps.

looks like a shopping list for my home brew. Or at least one of each. I didn't know you went with the P3 for production!

What one has the master compnents, pd-16?

#3466 3 years ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

$90 is old retail pricing on the PD-LEDs. As mentioned elsewhere, now that there are 4 major manufacturers using our boards, we get to leverage higher volume manufacturing and pass on savings to everybody. Retail pricing is going down. Volume pricing was already significantly lower and has recently gone down even more. Updated pricing will go live on our new Multimorphic site soon.
Note also, despite some people asking for variations, we currently only manufacturer one coil driver board... the PD-16. There are lots of advantages to sourcing only one variation, both for manufacturers and for end-customers. People wanting to keep replacement stock on hand can do so with confidence that replacements will work for any PD-16 location (and in any of the machines across multiple manufacturers that use them).
- Gerry

Good to know I priced out TNA solution and with power currently it's around $1300.

With the p-roc one of the driver boards needs to be the master ($10 extra). So with P3 is a master needed? What board is TNA master for the node chain?

#3474 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Always great to have a spare set. I'll order one.

Order me a set lol

I plan on using my "spares" in my custom build. That way I'm using them too. Hence the questions to determine the same boards. P3 here I come

#3508 3 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I'm almost there

“Son you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you Had gotten there.”

#3517 3 years ago

Good luck at York guys. I hope you get a whole new group excited about TNA.

#3526 3 years ago

Just Look at the coil count. Over 16 most games maxed at. Definitely more than any bally. I count 20 when you add a knocker. A ramp doesn’t mean feature. Look at a ramp heavy playfeild plank. See all the whitespace! That to me seems like a waste. Now look at a old bally mid to earily 80s plank. Wow they used the entire thing. And they were hard. No wonder these are picking up in popularity.

#3544 3 years ago

I beleive its a el backlit side rail. But the first pic didn't load.

1 week later
#3639 3 years ago
Quoted from onceler:

Found out I'm number 72 with an estimated Nov/Dec timeframe.

I’ll be watching you. I’m number 73.

1 week later
#3716 3 years ago

Yes same size as a stern game.

1980s stern game. Pictured are two cabinets side by side. The new one is a lot taller in back and at a greater glass angle. This is causing TNA to look smaller but really. Sesame size glass and in the average lockdown bar heights.

8233FB59-3EC6-451E-B01F-B2B40E6088C2 (resized).jpeg

331E50AB-FC15-4417-9CCE-59CF9144C8EF (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#3778 3 years ago

I won't say any of this is a setup issue. Every new game I have got need some switch adjustments. Spooky uses a stiff switch for the slings. Takes a bit of tweaking but hold up better in the long run. Go to a GB forum and see recommended parts for a nib game. I figure you have $50 in parts for a GB premium. So far 2 washers for a TNA. Got it $.10.

#3782 3 years ago
Quoted from billycrna:

Could you recommend where to go to learn how to do these adjustments? New to this. Thanks.

First get a switch adjustment tool on your next pinball life order. I like theirs bettering hand Marco.


Both these adjustments can be done on any pinball. I do have some lazy bumpers on tommy (DE). Pinball Mayhem will put a video together for you. I have a video planned that will cover this.

Plus stay tuned for some PM videos specific to TNA very soon on YouTube.

2 weeks later
#3941 3 years ago
Quoted from vidgameseller:

I'm sure that Spooky means that they are into batch two as far as starting on them. THey have many games in various stages. I know that the late 30's are in final testing and they have them run on that for awhile. So I'm guessing that they are probably building playfields for another 20-30 and then starting to decal another 20-30, so that might be what they mean by deep into batch 2
This is my guess though, I have talked with Charlie some, but don't know all the inner workings and can only speculate

I agree I counted 30 cabs just assembled no decals. And 19 ish other games in various states of assembly. Added to the 25 ish that shipped. So yes up working on. First batch and in the middle of the second.

1 week later
#4020 3 years ago

I’ll check on a black light tonight.

#4059 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Nothing makes us happier to hear.
Oh, and here's a little eye candy for everyone patiently waiting out there. Hoping to have another 25 out the door by end of next week (maybe a tick faster).
Always some hiccups at game mfg launch to sort out, but we're getting there!

Woo hoo. Keep up the good work. I beleive my cab is in there too. It’s still looking hopefull for this year yet.

#4078 3 years ago

You are both correct. The classic use was from em machines in states where awarding a credit was illegal. Now in newer Games the term has been adopted to mean add a ball to multiball. Some solid state games did this too but I don’t recall it being labeled add a ball until dmd era.
Em add a ball capt card.
Replay high hand.

1 week later
#4164 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyCharlie:

Rascal beat me to it!
Bunch of them went out last week, trying hard to get as many out this week for Christmas as we can.

Awesome. Thanks for the hard work spooky team.
Even after I get mine it still will be exciting to see them rolling out the door.

#4210 3 years ago

Does TNA take a standard Williams coinbox? My game will Be Home use but like to run my games on tokens. Kind of like a popularity meter.

1 week later
#4253 3 years ago

Like the ending of doom. “You have beaten them. But now your stranded in hell” you still loose. Love it.

#4284 3 years ago

TNA 22 1/2

#4291 3 years ago

Everything. This could all be a plan set in place by LIONMAN. Hell. Scott could be LIONMAN in a kittens costume.

#4307 3 years ago

I am feeling because of the holiday season it made a delay on the the production. I would guess on average currently in the 5-8 a week range. But remember that could be a bunch one week, and then just a few the others. Think of the batching they mentioned in parts etc..
I'm sure they will be able to ramp up even more this month.
Keep up the good work spooky

#4312 3 years ago
Quoted from RustyLizard:

He has been like that since his game made it to the current batch of 25. I think Ed is broken.

It’s my older iPad and pinside. Completely sucks. Autocorrects words before typing because pinside for some reason takes a lot of processing to type a simple message. Plus I didn’t reread it.

#4317 3 years ago

Is there a explanation on the ball save and what the different colors mean? I thought scott explained it in a twitch feed but can’t locate what one it was?

#4339 3 years ago
Quoted from RefugeNate:

I am having the exact problem. I think I spent an hour or so trying to fix this very issue and I had no luck. I tried setting my auto launch to the lowest setting, still rattled around. I set it at a higher setting, same thing. Adjusted the plunger to be centered on the ball, made sure all screws were tight, took slow motion video of auto launcher to see if I could notice anything. Nothing worked. The only thing I could see is that the metal ramp leading into the orbit looks like it is at a slight angle and makes the ball lean to the right and hit the shooter lane wall. Then it bounces back to the left and rattles on up. Sometimes making it all the way around, sometimes going into the core playfield, but sometimes it will rattle back down to shooter lane again. Super frustrating. Watching other streams of the game I didn’t see it do that. Hoping for some direction.

Have you contacted spooky support? I’m certain Chris will do what he can to help you out.

#4345 3 years ago

I would also rechecked the game for level left/right?

like Chris said it could be something really minor affecting the ball maybe one of the "ramp" screws are a hair loose allowing for erratic behavior. when checking the auto launcher always move it from the bottom plunger to simulate the coil firing and remove your tendencies to straighten it when moving just the arm. check for too much play on the arm aka a nylock drifted out of place.

#4347 3 years ago

I would recommend loosening the screws that holds the pivot plate to the playfeild. then making sure its contacting the ball square by rotating it with the little amount of play it will have. Tighten it down.

1 week later
#4380 3 years ago

Congrats Tom. That means I'm less than 10 machines away!

#4420 3 years ago

I don’t think anyone is getting butthurt over show and routers and oversees getting ahead. If you think about it, it gets more excitement in the community for TNA. I myself is excited over your success and can’t wait to see sale 301.
I think what your getting is “the watched pot” syndrome. And our excitement of being close may be misinterpreted as finger pointing etc.

Keep up the good work spooky. And thank you.

#4486 3 years ago
Quoted from SpookyKT:

chocolate?? what chocolate? I certainly didn't eat all of that awesome candy from the UK......um ya that's my story especially if my kids find out that I didn't share & hide it in my desk-- in the locked drawer...

I tried cute dog picture bribery and didn’t work. Lol
RZ is a fav game at party’s. That’s strange. It’s hard but non Pinball people can do good at it. Just not complete any modes. a keeper for me.

#4519 3 years ago

Rolly polly fish heads.

#4569 3 years ago
Quoted from onceler:

I think I am #72 (number wasn't on my invoice and I don't care enough to bug Kayte)... anyway, mine is on the line next week.

I’m right after you. Whoo hoo. Checking my email regularly.

#4636 3 years ago

Good luck tom. I tried streaming with YouTube. And when I finally got it working the phone I was using as a camera died.

#4645 3 years ago

aurich what cabinet option did you go with?

#4730 2 years ago

Congrats man. ill have mine next week!!

#4741 2 years ago

TApes arrived today for me and my buddies.

9D16D982-25EF-4FB3-87A4-6170B02395A4 (resized).jpeg

#4744 2 years ago

After listening to the latest spooky pod cast. The wait may have something to do with the fab shop being under construction. Hmmmm

#4783 2 years ago

Game 73 picked up and lunch.

4F71FCD1-B007-42AB-AEC2-7AEE926B8102 (resized).jpeg

640D6A53-0EE4-4AD2-A3FF-53A1A2D0B52C (resized).jpeg

#4788 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Are those special TNA glasses?

Gamma protection. Ha

#4840 2 years ago

I agree non Pinball people enjoy the game. But the one Pinball enthusiast thing it has is using terminology specific to Pinball. “Shoot the scoop”. Is the one I think of. What’s a scoop? SP did he “shoot the hole”. But naming and labeling the hole or scoop is still best. Luckily someone can quickly tell what the scoop is on TNA. But other games with it hidden by a toy gets hard to figure out. Or actually using the term hurry-up...on the playfeild. Shoot the damm dog target until you loose points. Using hurryup is getting comfortable.
Ok off my soap box.
“Welcome to the future”

#4856 2 years ago
Quoted from onceler:

If you are trying to estimate when a game in the late hundreds or higher will be ready, its better to see what they can do in the next week or month and then base it off that versus trying to see how fast they have run thus far. There was initial supply constraints that needed to be worked out... couple that with the holidays, flu season & butter/over seas/operator games and the end result won't be a good number to predict a game that is farther off.

Ha first time "butter" has been given as a game delay reason. Stern take notice. Lol

#4863 2 years ago

As promised I tested a LED bulb from my home made GB topper in TNA. Not as bright as the 89 bulb. But there are brighter options. I have some more results in the video discription. The amp drop is nice if you need 12v for more mods.

I’ll report back when I find a bulb that works.

#4867 2 years ago

The one in there now is a single row. The double row was my next guess. But I was thinking three or four tall. I want it effing bright.

#4868 2 years ago
Quoted from TheNoTrashCougar:

If you go into Service Mode->Tests->Burn In Test, it will turn the beacon on. I should really add a beacon test to the service menu...
Thank you for doing this. Let me know what you find as I could not find an LED that was bright enough in time for production.

Thanks for the tip. I first tried the coil test. But that is such a short pulse.

1 week later
#4928 2 years ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

If you're asking in a more general sense, SkeletonGame (the pinball framework used in TNA and in many P-ROC projects) as well as other frameworks allow you to simulate the hardware. Some people connect their simulations to visual pinball, and others just simulate switch events by pressing keyboard keys that are mapped to specific events. Every developer is different. Some develop mostly in virtual environments before doing final testing on real hardware to work out the issues caused by real physics (timing, intermittently working switches, unexpected situations, etc), while others do most of their work on real hardware. I personally tend to develop as much as possible in simulation because it's faster for me to create specific situations and debug unexpected results.
- Gerry

If your truly intrested on the backend. Install the framework on a computer and download the sample game run in simulation and watch the code. No purchases nessassary.

I’m a noob and I find first adjusting my assets and switch coil assignments. Then physically test. Then write a block of code then test and debug on the actual machine.

#4981 2 years ago

If I’m spending $6000 plus on a game I’m going with the better to read level for 10 bucks more. I don’t care for the stern style.

#5044 2 years ago
Quoted from trilogybeer:

who takes the shot ? the winner or the losers ? either way sounds like fun , I'm in!

Two shots. The nasty one goes to the last place loser and the good one to first place loser. So wild turkey and a nice whisky.

Remember no one wins at TNA.

1 week later
#5102 2 years ago

The original woz direct print cabinets were done by Charlie. If you like those you will definitely like TNA.

#5167 2 years ago
Quoted from Compy:

Fixed the nip slip for you thenotrashcougar

You made me spray beer!

3 weeks later
#5540 2 years ago
Quoted from Owlnonymous:

Got to reactor nine twice last night. I swear I'm going to eventually beat this game. If you didn't catch the stream last night, it's archived on my twitch and youtube.
» YouTube video

The only way to win is not to play.

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