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Top William's System 11 Games and why?

By too-many-pins

6 years ago

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Topic poll

“Best overall Williams System 11 machine”

  • Pin-Bot 36 votes
  • Whirlwind 130 votes
  • Banzai Run 18 votes
  • High Speed 29 votes
  • Taxi 43 votes
  • Diner 30 votes
  • F-14 30 votes
  • Mousin Around 17 votes
  • OTHER 51 votes

(384 votes)

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#1 6 years ago

On an earlier post we got off on this topic so I thought I would get a new post started on this topic. I have owned about fifteen System 11 machines and have played a good many others this is my take on System 11 machines:

Of the machines I have owned or played the group I would call the best are:
Pin-Bot (my favorite machine), Whirlwind, Banzai Run, High Speed, and Taxi.

F-14, Black Knight 2000, Earthshaker, & Mousin Around running close second tier.

In the middle would be Diner
, Rollergames (doesn't get much love but a fun game), Grand Lizard, and Space Station

Just above the bottom would be Bally Game Show, Pool Sharks, Fire, and Police Force

On the bottom would be Bugs Birthday Ball, Millionaire, Bad Cats (kind of neat in its own way), Road Kings & Jokerz.

And as far as the other 6 or 7 I have not played them enough to decide.

#2 6 years ago

Diner: Theme and rules.
Mousin' Around: Awesome shots.
Banzai Run: Different enough to be really cool.
Whirlwind: All around best System 11 game.
F14: Ass kicking!

#3 6 years ago


I just can't love Diner for some reason. We have one in the collection and I just don't feel it but otherwise I like your list. Whirlwind would be my top game if I didn't like Pin-Bot soooooooooo much. Overall I be very surprised if Whirlwind doesn't take the top spot in the poll by a long shot but time will tell!

#4 6 years ago

I've just never ever warmed up to Pinbot themed machines at all......

Now gimme a clean fast F-14 and I'm having fun.

#7 6 years ago

Fun house is WPC, not system 11

PinBot is #1 for me

#8 6 years ago

I love my Pinbot and find it challenging and fun. I think Taxi's great and fun to make the objectives of picking up the riders. There are many good system 11 games, but Whirlwind to me is my overall favorite with solid rules for its time and very good game play.

#9 6 years ago

F-14 hands down. Easily one of SR's best.

#10 6 years ago

I have F-14, high speed, taxi and cyclone. Played whirlwind, Pinot and diner and of those I vote for cyclone as my favorite! Love the simplicity and amusement park theme probably because I worked at one while in my teens! And it's also my kids favorite too with the Ferris wheel and awesome Chris Granner sound.

#11 6 years ago

whirlwind for the win. pinbot,high speed, mousin around, f-14, taxi, diner, swords of fury, eatpm,bk2k, space station, fire, big guns, all great games. there are others I am missing and or have not played. bottom line, you cant go wrong with any system 11 game. oh, roller games. under rated fast, fun steve Ritchie goodness.

#12 6 years ago

Too hard to pick a winner. I love all of mine, as well as many that I don't own. The sys11 is my era.

#13 6 years ago

I voted other because Black Knight 2000 wasn't an option. Ironically neither are my second and third favorite System 11s, Earthshaker and Swords of Fury.

#14 6 years ago

Play a nice example and you will understand.

#15 6 years ago

You include mousin around but not bk2k??

#16 6 years ago

We own Mousin and I have never played BK2k or Swords of Fury. I agree with several of the post above that all System 11 games are good and System 11 stuff is my favorite. Once this post has some time on it I am hoping it will help me pick my next couple machines.

So far poll is pretty much like I would have figured with Whirlwind at double the votes of anything else. I am actually surprised Pin-Bot is ahead of High Speed but otherwise pretty much as expected.

#18 6 years ago

1) See my System 11 thread
2) See my Collection of "the best 6" System 11s -- imo.
3) See my Ratings
Diner > WW

A. Diner's theme locks you in better
B. Diner's theme execution is better
C. Diner's play is more challenging with the lower risk/reward drop targets
D. Any Ritchie > Lawlor
E. WW has too many "do nothing" shots. Diner has almost no "do nothing shots" -- those are those shots where nothing happens. No sounds, no scores, no action.
F. Did I mention I think Diner is the best pin ever?
(drops mic)

#19 6 years ago

truth, on some days I think it's in the top-3 best S11's

#20 6 years ago

This thread is an exposure thread.
Change the question to:
"Which System11 games have you played the most/least?"
WW has digital representation on many platforms, and it had decent production.
Diner, Grand Lizard, etc... people haven't seen as much.

It's the same old, "Which games have you played?" response, it's not truly a "Which is best?"
Not pointing fingers, just saying, Diner, Grand Lizard don't get a fair shake, since not everyone has been in front of one live or virtual.

#21 6 years ago

I have not been fortunate enough to play an F14 or a Diner. After watching some vids of these tables, I have to say: These are great pins I would be happy to own someday! Forgive me if I don't vote since I haven't played them.

#22 6 years ago

BK2K Second tier??? WW of the poll choices.And some Funhouses are partially System 11 including mine(Sample)

#23 6 years ago

Diner for the theme and rules
Followed by Bad Cats because of the sounds and game play

#24 6 years ago

I like them all, but a few favorites at this time:
Transporter: the Rescue
Pool Sharks
Big Guns
Mousin' Around

#25 6 years ago

We have had two very nice Grand Lizard machines and I will say it is a decent game & I love the art work on Grand Lizard but I just can't put that high on my personal list. HAD is the key word here - both were sold because I just thought there were way to many better System 11 machines I wanted to keep. But it was hard for me to sell them because both were as nice as most HUO machines I have seen. I am still having second thoughts about selling both of them but we needed to make some room for other stuff and they were next on the chopping block.

We still have a Diner in our current collection but if I find a nice Taxi or Banzai Run the Diner will likely be the next System 11 machine to go. Neat art & theme but I just can't warm up to the game play on it so I doubt it will stay long term. I see Diner as being like Pin-Bot from the standpoint of people either love it or don't really like it. I can't believe there are a lot of people that don't like Pin-Bot so I am sure a lot of people will think I am crazy for not liking Diner.

#26 6 years ago

Taxi, Whirlwind, and Grand Lizard are my three favorites, but I wouldn't kick any of the System 11s out of bed for eating crackers.

Taxi's sounds, theme implementation, shots spread around the field, timed Jackpot shot, and the skill shot all add up to a perfect storm of fun. Diner is a lesser version of Taxi, in my OPINION.

Whirlwind does feel more limited in the useful shot selection category, but it does so many things right it overcomes that feeling for me. Another great theme implementation with a whole lot of chaos. I'm not a catch, control and shoot guy so that may explain why I like chaos oportunties of Whirlwind.

Grand Lizard was such a surprise pleasure when I first played it that it has stayed with me as a favorite. Timed shots, great sounds and lights, and Magna Save. I prefer it to Black Knight, Flash Gordon, Solar Fire and other split level games.

#27 6 years ago

I must also add EATPM to the list... It has to be one of the top 5/10 system 11 games...

#28 6 years ago

I played a good bit of Diner in the day. It's not a bad machine, but IMHO it's not in the same league as Black Knight 2000, Earthshaker, Pinbot, Whirlwind, or Swords of Fury.

#29 6 years ago


Glad to hear I am not alone on the Diner. Don't get me wrong - good game - just not a great game like some of the other System 11 machines. I put Diner in the middle of the pack or maybe even the upper middle.

I really need to play Black Knight 2000 and Swords of Fury - I don't ever remember playing either.

#31 6 years ago

I will nominate another of my System 11 games for consideration...

Radical! Four flippers with really satisfying shots. It's GOOD!

#32 6 years ago

Bad Cats near the top, partly as I own one, but largely because it has a lot going on. Fun ramps, two banks of drops, bumpers, everything but a spinner and multiball and I'm not missing either on this game.

Taxi - flow, speed, though the music and call-outs are lacking.

f-14 - fast and furious, kind of evil

pin-bot, love the theme, harsh though.

would love to try SOF and GL.

From my little experience Sys 11 seems to have just good solid gameplay in most machines. It was a good solid period for Williams design overall.

#33 6 years ago

My favorites, in order:

Bad Cats, lots of timed shots going on, great non multi-ball play, beautiful machine, mechanical backglass, roulette wheel, drop targets, 20 million point ramp shot

Diner, Great art, great theme, great shots, mechanical backglass, drop targets

F-14, Fast, great light show, great multiball play, overall very pretty machine

BK2K, fast, probably one of the prettiest machines made. Awesome sound

EATPM, Elvira...need I say more?

Pool Sharks, the ability to play 2 different games on 1 machine, nice long ramp shots, fun non multi-ball play, drop targets

Taxi, fast, great flow, great theme,

Riverboat gambler, simple, yet still a lot to shoot for. Beautiful cabinet/translite artwork.

Didn't care much at all for SOF.

Fire is OK, just didn't like the flow all that much.

Can't really rate Space Station just yet. Even though I own it, I haven't played it yet. It's folded up and in storage till I have space/time to shop it.

#34 6 years ago

Good call, tamoore. Radical! deserves some love. It's not my favorite, but it's probably top third.


#35 6 years ago

i unfortunately haven't gotten to play a lot of system 11s (WW, taxi, bad cats, pool sharks, diner, mousing around) and have very minimal play on several others (SOF, BK2K, EATPM, F-14, game show). i messaged a guy in town who had a WW asking to try it since i was wanting to buy one, but he never responded
i DO however own an earthshaker and pinbot, both of which i'm really happy with. love the theme/lawlor design of earthshaker and pinbot has AMAZING sound and lights on top of really unique game play.

#36 6 years ago
Quoted from shimoda:

Taxi - flow, speed, though the music and call-outs are lacking.

Couldn't disagree more with you on the music and the callouts. I think Taxi has some of the best music of any pin, and the callouts are excellent. Nice bit of humor to them.

#37 6 years ago

This is a hard poll to answer.
PinBot, Whirlwind, F14, Taxi, and High Speed. I put a lot of quarters into these pins, when they were new. These 5, to me are fairly close. I prefer PinBot, only because I have one.

#38 6 years ago

Diner (great all round game)
Police Force (really a one shot game, but a blast to play)
Taxi (great fun)

#39 6 years ago

bk2k is my desert island pin. no argument. you need to play it. make sure the volume is up.

#40 6 years ago

BK2K and Grand Lizard are my top ones

#41 6 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Couldn't disagree more with you on the music and the callouts. I think Taxi has some of the best music of any pin, and the callouts are excellent. Nice bit of humor to them.

I should probably clarify. I actually just meant the call outs. The music does get stuck in my head (it's going through now). The call-outs annoy me because of the quality. Gorbie's call outs particularly.

#42 6 years ago

Such a hard thing to poll. Most people haven't played all the games listed above, let alone all system 11.

It's always going to be somewhat of a biased poll.

#43 6 years ago

I haven't played nearly enough System 11 machines, but I own two Police Force and Swords of Fury, and really would like to own a Whirlwind one day.

A lot of people sell SoF short, it's an interesting game, there are no pop bumpers anywhere on the machine and it's still super fast. Once in a while you can get a good game in, but it's punishing like a lot of system 11 games.

#44 6 years ago

Originally I started this poll because of a question that was asked on another post. That question got me thinking. But I do agree most people have not played all 30 System 11 machines enough to truly be able to answer this question but just like IPDB and other info out there you have to consider that when looking at any rating or poll.

From what I see with my poll here (so far) it is pretty much as I would have expected with Whirlwind being in the lead 2 to 1 over any other machine and High Speed, Taxi & F-14 being tied for second. We have never owned Taxi but from what I have seen and post about it Taxi seems fairly high on the rating when it comes to System 11 machines.

Taxi or Banzai Run would be the two System 11 games I would be looking for if I had room for additional machines but I just wanted some idea what other players thought of them. We already have all the others on the list I posted on the pole but if I found a nice Banzai Run at a decent price Diner would have to go. Right now I know it is more likely I'll own a Taxi before Banzai Run just because of price point but if I get a Taxi I would have to play it some before deciding to give up Diner for Taxi.

Thanks to all and keep voting!

#45 6 years ago

Here are my favorites of the ones I have played...

love the sounds, layout, hate the outlanes!
all around great game
High Speed
love the speed, grew up with this one
great unique layout, great use of drop targets
awesome art, great theme integration, love the break the window shot

1 year later
#46 5 years ago

In order for me:


all the rest

#47 5 years ago

When talking system 11 there is whirlwind and then everything else. They are all great games and I personally love pinbot but whirlwind is hands down the best. Other games may have one aspect that is better but on the whole whirlwind is superior.

#49 5 years ago

Swords of Fury

Note: I own three of the four listed so I may be biased. However, I have had four other System 11 titles in my house at one point so have logged some serious time with a lot of them.

#50 5 years ago

I played earthshaker at papa for the first time. Totally unimpressed.

Really diggin' eatpm and dr. dude. Zany pins

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