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Top Wide Body Pins?

By policano

10 years ago

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#51 10 years ago
Quoted from Ronnie1114:

Once again no love ever for Hotdoggin! Only one thread ever created about it. Looks like a hoot to play.

Hot Doggin' IS fun to play - a great classic Bally! I've got a decent one... but you are right, you don't seem them too often.

#52 10 years ago

No Future Spa? Art is either love it or hate it (I like it) but the gameplay is fun.

#53 10 years ago

I like Flight 2000 and Big Game.


#55 10 years ago


#56 10 years ago

Stellar Wars from what I can recall would be my fave wide body !

Guess I was really into some of the more less popular games including wide bodies back when I was under 10 yrs old and began my pinball addiction.

Space Invaders
Stellar Wars (my fave wide)

Now I haven't played any of these since I was in the 4th or 5th grade , I wonder how I'd like them today ?

I do recall Indiana Jones & Judge Dredd a bit more and I just couldn't get into them though they were neat and had lots to do I just didn't choose them over other games at the time which were available.

#57 10 years ago

I'm going to add the williams joust to the list
a lot of people may chastise the game for not having a very deep rule set, but in 2-player mode there's enough there to keep things interesting and strategies to score well and screw over your opponent at the same time.

nothing's more satisfying than collecting the bonus on a bank of the 3 drop-downs just before your opponent, which causes their's to reset (especially if they've got the 200K bonus lit up and are 1 target away from completing it

#58 10 years ago

Circus and Genie have the art and have some tough shots.

#59 10 years ago

What no love for Flight 2000? I have always had a blast playing that.

#60 10 years ago


#61 10 years ago

tz, ij,

#62 10 years ago

Genie with a Pascal mpu (skill shot, second chance ball, etc.), super flipper coils in the bottom flippers, and a stronger coil in the bottom pop to match the top ones. It's a totally different machine from stock (which rocks already), and it is really, really fun. The wife calls her my girlfren.

#63 10 years ago
2 months later
#64 10 years ago

I'm a fan of all the super hero WB pins:
Amazing Spiderman
Batman Forever
Incredible Hulk
Popeye (the original super hero)

#66 10 years ago

tz is the only one worth buying imo

#67 10 years ago


The Hobbit will likely join this list in 2014.

#69 10 years ago
#70 10 years ago

WOZ,TZ, and Black Hole....even though it kicks my ass every time I play it....BADLY!!!

#71 10 years ago

Roller disco!

#74 10 years ago

I recently acquired a Road Show based on having played it a ton when I was in grad school mid-90's. Has a lot of sentimental value based of the friends I used to play it with. I'm happy to report that I enjoy the game play now as much as I enjoy the memories associated with it.

Other Widebodies I would want to own -
Haunted House
Indiana Jones
Twilight Zone
Black Hole
Judge Dredd

#75 10 years ago


#76 10 years ago

What about Stellar Wars?

#77 10 years ago


8 years later
#78 1 year ago

The Hobbit is amazing.

#79 1 year ago

I like these 2.

3162BE59-5659-4641-A562-6B8FB3B9B1E1 (resized).jpeg3162BE59-5659-4641-A562-6B8FB3B9B1E1 (resized).jpeg
#81 1 year ago

DMD/modern = IJ

Classic = Flight 2k

Classic stern, that I always enjoy. Easy to understand but challenging rule set. Quick games that pull you in for one more try. Great spinner shot at the lower right. Tough multi ball that actually feels like an accomplishment to start. Fast, avoids the floaty widebody feel of some.

#82 1 year ago

Aliens and full throttle!

#83 1 year ago
Quoted from policano:

What are the top 5 Wide Body pins? I recently picked up one and really like them. I find it a little weird to play my others lol. I'm happy I have one.

Not many good ones to pick from. Star Trek is the best by a wide margin though.

And of course. BIG GAME!!

#84 1 year ago

Top 5 Widebodies
Alien (Heighway)

Top 10 Widebodies
Road Show
Judge Dredd
Full Throttle

Top 15 Widebodies
Black Hole
Gilligan’s Island

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