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Top Wide Body Pins?

By policano

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

What are the top 5 Wide Body pins? I recently picked up one and really like them. I find it a little weird to play my others lol. I'm happy I have one.

#2 9 years ago

Black Hole, STTNG, WoZ.

#3 9 years ago

IJ , STTNG , GnR , Paragon , Haunted House .

#4 9 years ago

I got to play WoZ and GnR this past week, great games.

#5 9 years ago

IJ, TZ and GnR.

#6 9 years ago
Quoted from MIL:

IJ , STTNG , GnR , Paragon , Haunted House .

Bingo. I would add that Paragon is on the top of that list.

#7 9 years ago

Woz le...Tz...sttng...GNR...ij

#8 9 years ago

GnR and JD are my favorites.

#9 9 years ago

I put widebodies into 2 distinct categories because they only came out in 2 era's, 2 totally separate era's.
Early Solid State '79-'83ish, WMS, GTB, Stern, & Bally all made them & there are a bunch. Then the early to mid 90's featured the 6 B/W Superpin games, & Sega/DE did a few too. Is WOZ considered a widebody?

Anyhow, best early SS player is Embryon. Also for such an amazing looking game it isn't even the best, as that honor goes to Paragon for art. Artists really outdid themselves back in those days. Haunted House is great but is almost in a class by itself since it is unlike any other game, it has 3 PF's! Even outside of that its just different, which can be really nice to have.

For the 90's I always put IJ & TZ on top, but if I have to choose I think I go with IJ because I seem to want an IJ the most due to its theme & being a fan of the films.

#11 9 years ago

WOZ, TZ, ST:TNG, Black Hole, HH.

#15 9 years ago

early ss, paragon,haunted house,genie,black hole,future spa,superman.
dmd, wwfrr, tz, dm, jd, ij.sttng.

#16 9 years ago


#17 9 years ago

TZ, IJ, STTNG, Black Hole. I think it is a little too early to put WOZ in here unless you're judging it solely on looks and build quality. Ask this question in a year and hopefully WOZ will be top 3.

#19 9 years ago

Black Hole, Circus, Haunted House, Star Race and Embryon.

#21 9 years ago

I agree with the people who said Black Hole.
Also would add Roadshow.

#23 9 years ago

^ That was in no particular order...and forgot to add RS too. Sorry, I had to list 7 because I think they're all great games. Just got a chance to play WOZ yesterday and it looks awesome. Should be great when the code is updated.

#24 9 years ago


#25 9 years ago

1) sttng
2) TZ
3) JD
4) Gnr
5) woz

#26 9 years ago

I'm a little disappointed to not be seeing WOZ listed more here. Also, I sure wish they would they would have made a wide body pinball2000 game!!!! That could have been amazing.

Paragon is a great early SS wide body. It will make you a better pinball player too. Everything you need to know about pinball you can learn on that machine with its various shots. IJ and GnR are great 90's wide body machines that buck the old saying that "wide bodies don't flow well" (which I think is BS anyway but whatever).

#27 9 years ago

TZ,BH,JD,DM,Genie,Spiderman,Scorpion and etc,etc,... could go on and on.

#28 9 years ago

I've had 5 of the 7 superpins in my collection - they are all fun and unique with great theme intrigration - you can't go wrong with any of them. They were all built during the height of pinball in the 90's and you can see the great creativity that went into the design - being able to build a game without much of a budget constraint I'm sure also helped.

My favorites are:
IJ - great use of the theme in the modes, art, music. Multiball is easy to start but hard to get those super jackpots and addictive to keep trying. Also, if my shots are on game has nice flow hitting the ramps
DM - awesome flow, great music, again good use of the theme and the 4 main multiballs are fantastic
STTNG - great flow, love the beta ramp to loop to delta ramp - feels so good to hit, borg multiball is good and the modes are fun too especially search the galaxy. And another great game for theme intregration with the cast doing custom voice calls

The other 2 I had:
JD - great heavy metal music, dark humor, excellent art on the pf and bg, game has some cool shots with the upper flippers and the ball lock is very cool. But the game play never really drew me in for some reason. I thought I would love the game, but there is some fun or addictive factor missing imho
RS - I love hitting the ramps to bulid the multiplyers and finish with the blast zone shot but again the game never drew me in. I think the game is lacking in that you always stary with the same 2 modes and the upper flipper the only shot is red. There should have been a ramp or loop to hit with that flipper. I'd buy both again in a collection of 20+ games but in my small line up they didn't work for me

Although I never owned one GNR is a great game that I have played many times. I would love to own one some day

#29 9 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I'm a little disappointed to not be seeing WOZ listed more here

Not many guys have played one yet..

#30 9 years ago


#31 9 years ago

TZ, IJ, GNR, Verne's World, and Jolly Park.

I'd throw WOZ on there, as it looks amazing, but until mine shows up, I'm reserving judgement.

Edit: I've just gotta throw BF on here as an honorable mention. I love those wireform ramps...

#32 9 years ago
Quoted from RCA1:

I agree with the people who said Black Hole.
Also would add roadshow.

Road show road show road show is such a fun pin to play

#33 9 years ago

BH is one of if not the greatest widebody of it's era.

#34 9 years ago

Paragon: real looker
Embryon: complex rules, so many captive balls. Love the weird Sci-Fi theme
TZ: so much innovation
BH: great looker, unforgiving.
RS: so many shots, a left-handed feast (3/4 flippers on the left side), relatively weak rules

(haven't played WoZ yet)

#35 9 years ago

Once again no love ever for Hotdoggin! Only one thread ever created about it. Looks like a hoot to play.

#36 9 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I'm a little disappointed to not be seeing WOZ listed more here.

I'm more disappointed not seeing Pokerino listed.

Wide and rare.

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#37 9 years ago
#38 9 years ago

In no particular order:

#39 9 years ago

I grew up playing a lot of 1979 Williams Laser Ball, which is a widebody among widebodies.

#40 9 years ago

Black Hole

#41 9 years ago
Quoted from Finrod:

I grew up playing a lot of 1979 Williams Laser Ball, which is a widebody among widebodies.

Glad to see I'n not the only one that liked this game!

Surprised nobody has linked Circus yet.

#42 9 years ago

Early ERA
Haunted House, Black Hole, Laser Ball and Genie.

Today ERA
Royal Rumble, IJ, WOZ, TZ, and STTNG.

#44 9 years ago

No particular order for my top 5
Haunted House

#45 9 years ago

Strange not one of the games in my widebody line up has been mentioned yet..

Devils Dare


Time Line


Mars God of War

I like them all for different reasons..

Each one has good flow and good return to the flippers, and none of these are pokey slow..

MGoW is sick snappy as well as DD..

TL is quick too..

Volcano with 4 pops is a blast, and is a shooters game, as is Counterforce...

each one of these titles has drops galore too

#46 9 years ago

I'll throw Flight 2000 in the ring.

#47 9 years ago

1. WOZ
4. TZ
5. RS

#48 9 years ago


#49 9 years ago

LOVED the art and the way the board looks. I only got a few plays on one, but had a hard time getting into it. Maybe I should try it again.

Love Black Hole

#50 9 years ago


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