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Top 3 fav pins. Why? 10 words each and go.


1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Sure, everyone knows what the top 100 is. However, instead of gravitating to what's trending, let's see some insight and open some eyes while keeping it simple and have some fun.

#2 1 year ago

1. Jurassic Park because it's fun.
2. Deadpool because it's fun.
3. Star Trek because it's fun.

#3 1 year ago

Capcom Kingpin. I always liked playing it. And Mark Ritchie might have

Gottlieb Harbor Lites. First game I remember sitting on a stool and playing.

Sittin' Pretty. Good game and Beester's game mentioned in tribute to Katie.

LTG : )

#4 1 year ago

Jurassic Park - Awesome shots
JJPOTC - Can Escape Both Outlanes
Dialed In - Partially Sonny Skies, with occassional laser blasts. Kickback's lit! Crazy.

#5 1 year ago

GNR - energy + Fun
Deadpool - shots, variety, sound package
Star Wars - ruleset + speed

#6 1 year ago

White Water, because it always puts a smile on my face
CFTBL, cool music
Sinbad, those darn flippers

#7 1 year ago

Funhouse Sound and variety
Fireball Classic, perfect multiball
Klondike Unpredictable

#8 1 year ago

AFM - Makes me smile every time I play it.
LOTR - Long games and that satisfying Destroy The Ring shot.
Ghostbusters - Great theme and callouts. Also hard as hell!

#9 1 year ago

My top three changes so often, I never have a true list. It’s usually what I’ve had a recent streak of enjoying. Thirty words?

Screw Flanders
Screw Flanders
Screw Flanders

#10 1 year ago

Addams - Classic
White Water - First Love
Avengers IQ - Flow

#11 1 year ago

Twilight zone - simply awesome to play

Medieval madness - castle and trolls!

Theatre of magic- goregous theme and fast playing

#12 1 year ago

Flash Gordon-nasty

#13 1 year ago

Space Station-Condition Green!
Black Hole- Unique Multiball!
The Shadow- Final battle!

#14 1 year ago

F14 Tomcat - Ritchies best
Addams Family - Lawlers best
Paragon - Bally’s best



#15 1 year ago

EBD - Never gets old.
Fast Draw - Ditto.
JackBot - Ditto, and its 80s-ish simplicity but it's WPC and Diamondplate.

#16 1 year ago

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Theme, Things To Do, Ritchie, Modes, Sounds, Perfect Difficulty, Warps,
2. Black Knight (1980): Ritchie, Drops, Understandable Goals, Can Listen To Other Music, Challenging
3. Rick and Morty: Theme, Humor, Speed, Challenge, Unique Rules, Dimensions, Assets, Customizability, Pickles

#17 1 year ago

Metallica - Call Outs / Sparky Bashing

AC/DC - Music / Difficulty

Funhouse - Theme / Stuffing Ball Down Rudy’s Throat

#18 1 year ago

1. Star Trek Next Generation-Steve's true masterpiece: Super-Pin, epic layout/rules, perhaps a game that will never be surpassed.

2. X-MEN Magneto LE-Borg's masterpiece: Unique packed layout with great flow/rules/art -mirrored back glass is work of art

3. Star Wars LE-Steve's modern masterpiece: Best theme in all of pinball,difficult & challenging but still a fun layout/ruleset

X-MEN Magneto back glass (resized).jpgX-MEN pinball (resized).jpg
#19 1 year ago

Only 3?? Man...i just dont know if i can come up with just 3.

#20 1 year ago

1 F-14 tomcat. The pin that got it all started for me.
2Medieval Madness-need I say why?
3Godzilla - getting all 5 multi’s stacked before starting them has me constantly going back for more.

#21 1 year ago

AIQ PRe. DP,LE,B66 Le Because I like it,I like it.Yes I do!!

#22 1 year ago

TNA - Brutal and lots of flipper action.
TMNT - TNA with ramps.
AFM - Just an all around enjoyable classic.

#23 1 year ago

1. Flight 2000 - "Prepare For Mission". Ball Launcher. Difficult multi-ball.
2. Black Knight 2000 - Best music ever. Lights. "No way!"
3. The Simpsons Pinball Party - Fun for everyone. Upper playfield.

#24 1 year ago

Met- Super fu#$%'ing jackpot!
Ehoh- simply one of the best pins ever
Kiss - Concert was 2nd date with future wife in 1976 , sentimental pin to me

#25 1 year ago

Stern Jurassic Park - CHAOS!!! Raptor Hex-ball & Smart Missile
AFM - Moooooooooo!, Awwww yeeaaah! Super Jackpots, martians and saucers
The Shadow - Anyone for Peking Duck?, loops, diverters, the battlefield

#26 1 year ago

My list changes often.

1. JJP GnR SE. Speed Edition, fast and flowy with great rules
2. Medieval Madness Remake LE. Fun game that holds most nostalgia for me
3. Ghostbusters Pro- first NIB and absolutely love the theme

#27 1 year ago

Twilight Zone: Epic masterpiece. Fabulous rules. Lost in the zone.

Ghostbusters: Love the layout, great art and theme integration, awsome callouts.

Addams Family: 3 Ramps, 4 flippers 5 jet bumpers, tons of modes. Tour the mansion!

#28 1 year ago

White Water - Amazing theme and gameplay. Best of the 90s.
Iron Maiden LE - Art, theme and gameplay second to none.
Indian Jones: TPA - Fantastic theme. Best widebody ever made.

#29 1 year ago

1. Fun house - nostalgia, fun, straight forward, funny
2. Iron Maiden - theme, art, music, rules

Hmm...no clear winner for number 3 today...

#30 1 year ago

ST:TNG, best of the newer pins, excellent package of shots & theme
Black Hole; very unique play with second PF, early speech, many shots
Gtb Spiderman; outstanding artwork, variety of shots, never gets old

#31 1 year ago

TWD...love killing some walkers
MET...Crank it Ups
Elvira HOH...just amazing

#32 1 year ago

Metallica.......Easy to understand great modes fun to shoot.
Black Knight.....Gateway to modern pinball true greatness.
Space Invaders......Everyone hates it. Greatest Backglass! Feels like a Widebody Slugfest.

#33 1 year ago

Twilight Zone....enough said.

WhirlWind...first game I bought for myself. Always loved it.

Iron Maiden...bought a pro to flip, loved it, bought a premium to keep.(I borrowed a few words form the other 2 games)

#34 1 year ago

Metallica Iron Maiden Deadpool

#35 1 year ago

Twilight Zone
The Getaway: High Speed II
Red & Ted's Road Show

Why? Because those are the 3 I own.

#36 1 year ago

Hobbit, Killing Smaug, total adventure, non stop excitement. Workout
Woz , trying to melt witch, unique features and gameplay
DI, I just love the modes and gameplay. Never gets old.

#37 1 year ago

Big Game. It is a safari in a box!

Game of Thrones. Dwight Sullivan’s greatest achievement

The Walking Dead. The greatest of all time.

#38 1 year ago

Attack from Mars original- flow and theme
Theatre of magic - flow, theme and visual
Mad Max - my retheme...just incredible allround

#39 1 year ago

GB - theme and glutton for punishment
Stern SW - theme, assets, and rules. Yes rules.
Getaway - adrenaline. Fun. Sirens.

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