Top 10 list of Williams early to mid 60's em favorites

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By hoov

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#251 9 months ago

Yes please make a video! The ones on Youtube are of the spastic "follow the ball" variety in noisy environments. Might as well be watching the spin cycle on my laundry machine....

#252 9 months ago

Cast me a vote for Riverboat

#253 9 months ago

Updated list:

Mikala moves the Riverboat upstream into a tie for 2nd place with King Pin

1. Teachers Pet (8 likes)
2. King Pin (7 likes)
3. Riverboat (7 likes)
4. Nags (6 likes)
5. Big Daddy (5 likes)
6. Heat Wave (5 likes)
7. Apollo/Blast Off (5 likes)
8. 8 Ball (4 likes)
9. Space Ship (4 likes)
10. Friendship 7 (4 likes)
11. 4 Roses (4 likes)

Honorable mention to:

Jungle (3 likes)
Space Ship (3 likes)
Hot Line (3 likes)
Rocket (3 likes)
Skill Pool (3 likes)
Beat the Clock (3 likes)

#254 9 months ago
Quoted from jodini:

No love for "Lucky Strike"
I've owned King Pin, Nags and Riverboat but kind of like my Lucky Strike.


Your Lucky Strike sounds like an awesome game to own jodini!

#255 9 months ago
Quoted from hoov:

Your Lucky Strike sounds like an awesome game to own jodini!

Not to mention the thing looks like a beautiful example.


#256 9 months ago

OK Hoov, I'm sending King Pin and Classy Bowler. You and Alex can work it out. I got enough around here to keep me busy.

#257 9 months ago



#258 9 months ago

I figured this thread might be the best place to start. Just purchased a 1965 Bowl A Strike with at least one known issue. I'm digging into it, but could use some help since I don't have a schematic yet. I'm hoping someone that follows this thread might own BaS or Lucky Strike, it's replay cousin.

I've narrowed the issue down to a reset failure of the bank of switches for the bowling pins. Each pin has a corresponding latching switch mechanism. When I start up the game, the reels zero properly and the ball count resets to five momentarily. I say momentatily because when the switches are all fully engaged at start up, the "spare relays" (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) fire in succession and then the knocker continually fires forever. The game thinks the player is continually getting spares, which awards a ball for each after the third is obtained.

If I manually reset the switches before startup, the sequence appears normal. The issue doesn't then arise until I trip all ten switches during gameplay.

Can someone tell me what is responsible for firing the 115V reset coil tied to the bank of switches? I believe the coil is good, as it reads 9 ohms and doesn't look fried. I need to know the sequence to get the bank to reset after a spare is obtained.

Any insight would help. Thanks!


#259 9 months ago

O.K.....Odin! If my King Pin looked as good as yours, I might of kept it! NICE!

If I was you, I would start up a topic on the EM tech side and make up some videos of the problem at hand. I have a Lucky Strike and would be happy to help also.

#260 9 months ago

I'm moving it to EM Tech. I'll try to make/post a video tonight.

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