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Tonight, I picked up a sexy, but DIRTY Genie

By SunKing

7 years ago

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#51 7 years ago

Here's a couple before and after pics.....



#52 7 years ago

And here's a pic of the new PI-X4 board - it's the power, MPU and driver all in one tidy board.


#53 7 years ago

Last pic for tonight - another shot of the playfield....looking much better.


#54 7 years ago

Looking great SunKing

1 week later
#55 7 years ago

Another update on the Genie - she's ALIVE!!

Since posting the pics above, I've gone ahead and replaced all the driver board connectors (A3-J5, J4, J3 and J2). Originally, I thought they looked OK and since they were on the driver board and not MPU - they didn't have any corrosion. However, I was seeing some flakey behavior, so decided it was best to go ahead and eliminate the risk.

The biggest problem I had after power up was no power to any playfield coils (flippers, pops, slings). On Gottlieb system 1's these are not CPU controlled, so it was a simple process of just following the circuit with the DMM. Turns out it was a combination of things - mostly bad switches. The trickiest part was getting the 'game over' and 'tilt' relays to work propery. These relays are left-overs from the EM days (I've never worked on a relay before)...and they just needed some adjustment and cleaning. Once I got power past these relays I then had to clean the switches for the flippers, pop and slings.

So now the only things left to do are [1] rebuild the display connections, [2] replace a bad coil on one of the small upper flippers and (3) replace the rubbers.

I'll post a few more pictures later tonight.

#56 7 years ago

Good for you man! It feels GOOD to bring a machine that was basically DEAD back to life and working again

#57 7 years ago

So how do you like that pascal board.

Im debating putting one in my Joker Poker.

#58 7 years ago
Quoted from way2wyrd:

So how do you like that pascal board

I *LOVE* it~!~! It adds a TON to the gameplay! I've just downed 6 beers and played Genie all night long. She's far from perfect (yet), but I just put the new rubbers on and got to play with her for the first time. (hehehe)

Regarding the new Pascal board - It adds a TON (or you can stay with stock), there's a new new skill shot, you can get more than one extra ball, there's an attract mode between games, it handles millions scoring, there's a 2nd chance for quickly drained balls (shot again light flashes for about 5 seconds), animated messages for some game events, ability to customize bonus scoring (including increasing the max bonus per ball from 29 thousand to 39 thousand), special and extra ball playfield lights flash, ability to save 5 high scores with player names or initials, credits for 2nd to 5th high scores, tilt warning ('DANGER' flashes in all displays after 1st tilt), customize some rules, power saving modes, etc.....

I'm a happy camper right now.

#59 7 years ago

The Pascal All in One PCB is just Fantastic!
The CPU is great also.
Plus it has rock solid design and performance.
Well worth the money!!

#60 7 years ago

One more update on the Genie - I've fixed the last major issues, and now it's just a couple switches that need to be cleaned and adjusted. I've replaced just about every connector, with the exception of one of the displays (still on my 'to do' list). It's to the point where I'm playing a lot more than I'm repairing. Here's a couple more before/after pics, and one pic of the playfield.

DSC03136.JPG DSC03495.JPG DSC03142.JPG DSC03498.JPG DSC03486.JPG

#61 7 years ago

Wow looking great now, congrats!

#62 7 years ago

Great job S K!!!!

#63 7 years ago

I want one now!

#64 7 years ago

Very cool indeed, nice work!

#65 7 years ago

Amazing transformation

#66 7 years ago

Thanks guys. It's certainly not a high end restoration by any means - but it works, and looks good enough for my gameroom.

1 week later
#67 7 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

I've finished cleaning the playfield, and I'm waiting on the new rubbers. I ordered them from Patelrock because they were the cheapest - but if I knew it would take this long to get 'em (they were sent on Feb 9) I would have paid extra and ordered from someone else

For my Defence... James remember you why the delay was so long... You have include the wrong shipping address.. NICE GENIE

#68 7 years ago

Wow, thats an amazing change! Great work dude.


#69 7 years ago
Quoted from patelrock:

For my Defence... James remember you why the delay was so long... You have include the wrong shipping address.. NICE GENIE

Thanks Patrick. And yes - I should update this thread to indicate the delay in getting the rubbers from Patelrock that I mentioned above was TOTALLY MY FAULT. I didn't realize it at the time, but I had the wrong shipping address with ebay. Patrick was very helpful, and his communication was excellent. I'd recommend his services to anyone - just be sure your address is correct. D'oh!

#70 7 years ago

TECHNICAL UPDATE (Gottlieb System 1 switch matrix)

I think I've finally figured out the last technical issue that's been frustrating me over the past couple weeks. Drop targets.

During gameplay, sometimes the four bank drop targets would not score or reset, and sometimes they would. At first, I just assumed it was dirty or misaligned switches. I cleaned, recleaned and tested continuity on those switches. But no matter what I tried, it still didn't work 100%. I kept testing, and eventually found one *problem* target. Once the problem target dropped, no other target would score, and the bank would not reset. However, if the problem target was the last one dropped, the bank would reset OK. Having narrowed it down to one target, I initially thought it was being shorted - maybe the paper insulation was worn, but after taknig the leaf switch apart I found this wasn't the problem. So I went back to the schematics and found....the diode.

From Clay's repai guides:
All Switch Matrix Switches Have Diodes.
Because of the scanning of the strobe and return lines in the switch matrix, diodes (one way applicators) are used so there's no "cross talk" between switches. If there were no diodes on the switches, a single switch closure would make the computer think all switches on that strobe line were closed.
Gottlieb implemented switch diodes a bit differently than other companies. Nearly all other pinball makers mounted diodes directly on the switches themselves. Gottlieb however didn't do that - they mounted the switch diodes on small bakelite insulator boards under the playfield and away from the actual switches involved.

Bingo! ...that describes my issue exactly. So I'll be stopping off at Radio Shack on my way home to pick up a replacement diode. I'm 95% sure this will fix the problem, and will post my results here....fingers crossed.

#71 7 years ago

It's fixed! Yep - it was a bad diode. I replaced the 1n270 with a 1n4148, and now the drop targets score and reset 100%. WooHoo!!

The first pic shows where all the switch diodes are located, and the second one shows the one that was replaced (before it was soldered).

DSC03522.JPG DSC03523.JPG

#72 7 years ago

So, the Genie is now playing 100%. Here's a couple more pics. I threw in some leftover LEDS, but plan to order enough to do it up right later this weel. ...adnd yeah, it's a lot more fun to play now that all the drop targets work.

DSC03516.JPG DSC03491.JPG

#73 7 years ago

Congrats for your job - Really nice -

#74 7 years ago

Lookin good!! I love Genie

#76 7 years ago

Well done on finding the fault with the diode SunKing... and thanks for sharing the info... I'll try and commit this one to my vanishig brain cells

Not sure I'd have gone the LED route with this particular machine myself mind... don't you find they obscure the artwork and distract from the nostalgic feel of the game?

#77 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

Not sure I'd have gone the LED route with this particular machine myself mind... don't you find they obscure the artwork and distract from the nostalgic feel of the game

It's not finished yet. IMHO, warm white frosted for the GI works great in these older machines. It's bright enough to bring some new life to the yellowed plastics, without being too bright (or too 'blue'). For the inserts, color matched supers look great (again, IMHO). For the backbox, it's hard to find anything that looks as good as the original bulbs (especially for flesh tones) - but I did put some red supers behind the GENIE letters and the wizard's robe. My backglass has some fading, so those seem to help. I'll have to post some more pics once I'm done with the LED's.

#78 7 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

IMHO, warm white frosted for the GI works great in these older machines.

I'll have to give 'em a go... is that the correct mane for ordering ('warm white frosted')?

Quoted from SunKing:

For the backbox, it's hard to find anything that looks as good as the original bulbs

So your advice from your experience is to stick with these behind screen-printed glasses at least...?

Looking forward to the 'after LEDs fine tuned' pics

#79 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballslave:

is that the correct name for ordering ('warm white frosted')?

Yep - cointaker has 'em for $0.69 each. The 'warm white retro' LED's also look good, but are a bit brighter and cost twice as much ($1.29 each).

Quoted from pinballslave:

So your advice from your experience is to stick with these behind screen-printed glasses at least

It really depends. For skin tones, I haven't found anything I like more than the original bulbs. However, for text or other graphics, I've found the frosted supers in various colors look good. As most will say, it's really a matter of personal preference. I like to play around with lots of options to see what I like best.

#80 7 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

('warm white frosted')?

Yep - cointaker has 'em for $0.69 each.

I might dip my toe in the LED water with these then, as I'm scared of blinding myself with anything too bright but I do appreciate the power saving (which, to be honest, would be my main driver for going with them... having never knowingly suffered from not being able to see a lit incandescent bulb). My first experience of playing a game with LEDs was a Whitewater that had them everywhere... not only did the artwork appear to vanish as my iris sphinster muscles contracted to adjust to the bright lights, but I had problems being able to see the ball properly and the game was almost un-playable... I've been LED wary ever since

#82 7 years ago
Quoted from SunKing:

PinballHelp said:

you've already put as much money into the machine as is the typical selling price (~$900) and that doesn't count any of your time cleaning the game, re-pinning the connectors, etc. So restoring games like this becomes a labor of love. You just can't get your money back out of it, unfortunately

While generally this is true, I have sold several System 1's from $800 to 1K. While this may seem high, if the pin is restored well, everything works perfectly, BG, PF and Cab are
in good or better shape and Pascal PCBs are installed, what you have is an old school pin that will last for years, run rock solid and will need only routine maintenance over the years.

It also is a good pin to learn routine maintenance and repairs on versus a 90's to present pin

Quoted from SunKing:

You're exactly right. Thankfully, I'm not trying to turn a profit, I'm just doing it for the fun/challenge. That, and I just couldn't bear the thought of such a beautiful machine being sent to the dump.

I feel the same way! Keeping these games from the junkpile is a labor of love.
Plus several of these system 1's are a blast to play. Very easy to learn the rules and very addictive. everyone who plays my Count-Down loves it. I'm doing a Joker Poker and Cleopatra next and I already know JP is a keeper.

SunKing, great job and perseverance. Enjoy your Genie!!!

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