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TOM Trunk Error - Leon's Fix. NOW AVAILABLE, SEE POST #225

By EvanDickson

6 years ago

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#38 6 years ago

Don't have problems with my ToM now, but if you all are telling me there is a common problem, then perhaps it's only a matter of time.

In that case, I'll take one just to keep as a spare, since ToM won't be leaving my lineup anytime in the foreseeable future..

#113 6 years ago

Here's a thought...

What about adding a couple connectors that could have some form of lighting attached in the future?

Perhaps someone whats to hook up a LED spotlight or strobe that would illuminate or flash when the trunk is rotating or when the eddy sense a hit?

Nice to have a 'mod' that fixes improper behavior ... even better if the mod also offers cool enhanced effects for those that chose to implement them in the future.

I think it could be pretty cool to mound a strobe/flasher beneath the playfield shining into the weldment beneath the trunk that flashes when the trunk is rotating...


#134 6 years ago

On the mod LED that you added, that illuminates with the trunk motor is running, is this 6 or 13v?

I could really see a flasher uplighting/strobing the trunk when it is rotating.

#144 6 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Is this what the Pinbits board fixes? I was going to order them for the outlanes but mine has started to doing this exact same thing recently as well.
If so, I'll take one for sure also!

Pinbits simply offers Auto Eddy boards and Eddy sensor boards. If your game isn't registering trunk 'hits' then you need to adjust your eddy board and if adjusting it doesn't work, then you will need to replace the eddy sensor board and/or the eddy logic board.

The mod discussed in this thread solves a different problem.

1 week later
#150 6 years ago

1) Glad you changed the design to cut signal rather than power to the eddy. I was going to suggest that, but figured you must have already considered that.... Guess this is where you inser the saying about the "only stuipd question is the one not asked..."

2) Does the trunk opto board include the Leon's board logic? ie. a single board to rule them all?

#156 6 years ago
Quoted from german-pinball:

NO, it does not, BUT do you think of a board like this?
» YouTube video

Seems like a 'cleaner' solution to offer one board instead of two, especially if the price is reasonable.

I'd prefer to buy the 'single board solution' and then I'd simply bag my original opto board and place it in the coin box....

1 month later
#203 5 years ago
Quoted from Bskinner46:

I have a question, a few times during multi-ball I have had a ball that gets stuck on the right side of the trunk and center ramp. When this happens it locks the trunk and I have to turn off the game to fix it. Will this mod reverse the trunk so the ball will come out or will I still have to turn off the game to get the ball out. I am still on board to purchase your trunk error mod.

This logic could be built into the opto board: "If trunk between rest points for more than X seconds, perform a quick reverse and forward jog"

Seems simple enough.... If you add a logic circuit to the opto board....

PS> Still want to see a SINGLE/Combo board rather than two boards...

#205 5 years ago
Quoted from canea:

Maybe, but I've never seen trunk movement free the ball when it gets truly stuck. Ball search does spin the trunk and the only result is grinding badness, not a released ball. Maybe would work if it spun a certain way (whatever the opposite of ball search is)?
There's only one way to find out. Someone needs to jam a ball in there and run the trunk test. Not it!

If the ball can get stuck, it can get unstuck... I hope.

1 week later
#219 5 years ago

If you go with the 'add-on' board, the same area under the board will be blocked - you'll have to remove two hex nuts to remove the add-on board to get access to what's underneath it.

if you go with the all-in-one combo board, you'll have to remove 4 hex nuts to get at whatever is under it.

Really not much of an argument to sway me.... price might be the only argument, but we don't know that yet.

Regardless of price, I'm going to be purchasing the all-in-one / combo board - in my opinion I get:
(a) a cleaner solution.
(b) newer/cleaner/better optos (hopefully same type that GLM uses on their trough opto boards)
and perhaps the best benefit --
(c) a spare 'original' trunk opto board - to preserve and use in the future if ever needed. Worth $40 bucks itself per Marco Spec.


#221 5 years ago
Quoted from german-pinball:

Would it be better, to put the Leon extension to the bottom of the board, as (very bad painted by me) seen in the attached file?
other position.jpg
So what do you guys think, is this a better position? Problem could be the length of the wires coming from the CPU-board, that are the wires, that are now connected to the eddy-board.
If you think, that this is a better position, make your suggestions. As far as the pcb are not ordered, I can change still all.
If you want a mockup for testing that, I could upload a pdf-file for printing and then you hold it in the position - simply let me know.

I thought of positioning the Leon fix part on the opposite side, but I too thought the length of the connecting wires would be an issue.
Followed by .... who cares..... it's a question of 2 nuts or 4 nuts. If that's a problem for anyone, they must be NUTS and shouldn't purchase either solution.

1 week later
#243 5 years ago

Payment sent for:

2x Combo
2x Leon Only

Thanks Ingo!

2 months later
#425 5 years ago

Worth mentioning, in case it hasn't been mentioned already, that if you go with the combo board, you'll need the Molex 0.062" removal tool to remove the wires from the bigger of the two molex connectors. feeding the trunk.

Something like: amazon.com link »

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