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Toledo pinball bonus unit not resetting

By pinballman3

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I have a 1975 williams Toledo 2 player pinball machine. When i push the replay button it goes into reset the machine starts resetting. The scores reset but the bonus unit does not reset and go down to 0. So in turn the ball does not kick out into shooter lane. I can push the ball out into the shooter lane manually and everything works perfect until the ball drains. It does not recognize the ball drained. I have a schematic for the machine but something was spilled on it at sometime and it can not be read. Any help would be great. Thanks

#2 3 years ago

With the game off, manually press the plunger (you have to do it pretty snappily) on the advance solenoid, then back it back around with the other solenoid. Anything not smooth or sticky? If you keep pressing the count down solenoid plunger doe it make it back to home without help?

Take the ball out, and put the playfield on the prop rod. Power the game up. Manually advance the bonus unit and see if the bonus lights come on and off as it steps around.

Manually home the unit and press Start. Does it complete reset then?

#3 3 years ago

If i manually kick ball over to shooter lane the bonus unit increments up fine during game play. bonus unit works fine incrementing up and decrementing down manually. The lights switch like they should up and down as i manually operate the coils. When i manually take the bonus unit down to the zero position it will make the outhole kicker coil activate and go back up to 1000 like it is suppose to. If i set the bonus unit on 1000 which is as low as it will go and stay there. Then i trip the game over coil. When i hit the the replay button it does the same thing bonus unit will not reset or go down to 0 so that it can kick the ball over to the shooter lane. It does the exact same thing if bonus unit is on 1000 or say 9000.

#4 3 years ago

OK, so it will step down through the numbers and stop on 1K.

It should (I am taking your word on this one) step backward one more time, fire outhole solenoid, then step back up to 1K.

Take a look at the switches that are activated by pegs screwed into the bonus unit ratchet wheel (I don't know official names of anything...). Make sure they are making or breaking when the wipers are on the right set of rivets. Also make sure the wipers have good contact with all rivets without causing drag on the unit.

A good trick for wipers is to tap on the backside of a wiper arm contact point. If you hear a little "TACK" that means it's not touching/resting on the rivet.

Please keep us posted as I am learning with you.

#5 3 years ago

It only steps down if i manually do it. If i set it on 8000 it will stay on 8000 if i make the game go in game over and restart it how ever many times. It never steps down on its own. It does not recognize if the ball drains. It is like the bonus unit is not being told to step down. I cant tell what switches are included in this circuit because my schematic is not readable.

#6 3 years ago

Ah, OK. Clearer now.

Since it won't start a game on its own (does not recognize ball in outhole, does not reset bonus unit)

Try this: with the bonus unit somewhere in the middle, activate the outhole solenoid by carefully pressing in on the plastic housing that the switch blades pass through. The machine should begin cycling and firing the outhole solenoid repeatedly. It probably should also be firing the bonus decrement solenoid.

I'm just poking around...not an EM expert by any means "just goin through the motions 'till the doctor came along".

#7 3 years ago

You should order a schematic from Pinball Resource. IPDB does not have one sadly.

If it is not resetting at all, and it sounds like it is not, then I would suspect the reset coil. Are the wires securely soldered to the coil tabs? Is the really thin wire that makes up the coil also attached to those tabs? Also, check all your Jones plugs and make sure no wires have broken loose. If you haven't already, disconnect each plug and clean the pins with a wire brush.

You could also try attaching a jumper wire with a couple alligator clips from the power lead of another playfield coil, say a slingshot, to the power lead tab of the bonus unit step down coil. When you activate the slingshot, the bonus unit should step down, If it does not, I'd suspect a bad coil.

If you have a multimeter, you could disconnect one lead from the step down coil and measure its resistance. If it's open, the coil is bad. It's probably not shorted or you'd be blowing a fuse.

Finally, is the outhole switch closing when a ball is in the hole? Don't use a finger to check; use the ball.

#8 3 years ago

Ok if i put the bonus unit on 8000 and i activate the outhole relay it kicks like it would to kick the ball out but it increases the bonus up. To 9000 then 10000 etc.

#9 3 years ago

I guess what i need to know is what is suppose to make the bonus unit go down?

#10 3 years ago

UPDATE: I got it figured out. The outhole switch was shorted to its self. The extra leaf was making it have connection all the time. I adjusted switch now it works good. Just incase someone else needs this info there is also a switch on the regular bonus relay that is inline with outhole switch. Thanks for the help.

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