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Todd N Tuckey Book Deal - 1 and Done!

By chippe01

1 year ago

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    Post #51 Review of the book Posted by Matesamo (1 year ago)

    Post #504 Another book from Todd will be coming next year. Posted by toddtuckey (1 year ago)

    Post #537 Podcast with Todd. Posted by stpcore (1 year ago)

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    #27 1 year ago

    Hi! We are now planning on digital book format, and also a possible audio book. We were also asked about a ten book package too. We expect Volume One to be ready for shipping mid August...we have a deadline for Volume 2 for the Pinball Expo in Chicago where I will be giving a seminar also. Here is the official press release sent to local media! Thanks for all the interest folks! We think each volume will also evolve as we add other things to the format.


    PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (June 18th, 2018) – Todd Tuckey, owner of TNT Amusements Inc. , has
    signed a deal to write a ten volume set of books, detailing the experiences he has had over the years in
    finding, restoring and selling pinball machines. Each book will feature 30 different machines while also
    containing pictures and details about each individual pinball.

    Seeing a demand in the thousands of emails and calls he receives monthly, Todd has decided to share his
    vast, 40-year knowledge of the pinball industry with the world, not only in his 23,000+ subscribers on his
    YouTube channel , but with pinball lovers all over the world! In book form, he can showcase both popular
    and more obscure pinball machines that many will remember fondly. Keep in mind that Todd pioneered
    home sales of these arcade machines in the United States as a full-time business with TNT Amusements
    Inc. back in the early 80’s when other companies only sold games during the holiday season. To promote
    his business, he produced the first half hour infomercial in the world on this unique industry in 1993
    which aired on local channels until 2013.

    Pre-order for the first volume of “Pinball Adventures” can be found here:

    Each volume will focus on specific genres of pinball machines — ranging from The Movies, Science
    Fiction, Horror, etc., and will detail select machines and how they play. The first volume will be a mix of
    everything! Most importantly, he will share secrets he has learned over the years about each model to
    help collectors fix their own machines.

    These stories will take inspiration from the TNT Amusements YouTube channel that contains over 1,400+
    videos that feature the restoration process and all about the different arcade machines he sells. However,
    he covers other topics not arcade related, including trips to historic places and unusual places and also
    antique Americana, like specialty player pianos from the teens and costly 30’s radios. With over 23,000+
    subscribers, his popular videos have been viewed for over 40,000 million minutes.

    Other topics covered will be zany experiences with his customers, discussing his advertising strategies
    with his now infamous late night infomercials, hosting over 26,000+ unique arcade parties in his
    showrooms, buying and selling 30,000+ machines all over the world, and discussion about different
    machines & how they are reconditioned.

    To keep up with Todd Tuckey and his latest projects, follow him on Twitter , Instagram , Facebook and YouTube.

    # # #
    Todd N. Tuckey
    Phone: (215)-953-1188 Ext 0
    Email: tntquality@aol.com
    Website: www.tntamusements.com

    3 months later
    #44 1 year ago

    Hey everyone...I just got MY book today and saw it for first time myself! 27 pinball machine featured...235 pages..order from www.pinballbuzz.com I will also have them at Pinball Expo next week...will be signing them! Also have my Friday Seminar at 4pm on marketing your pinball and video games! Getting to Expo Wednesday afternoon and leaving Sunday early afternoon! Will have 100 books at this show!

    DSC01618 (resized).JPG
    3 weeks later
    #75 1 year ago

    Hi everyone! Glad most of you enjoyed the Volume One of the book! I certainly enjoyed sharing some of my adventures that I have had in this industry! I wrote ALL of the stories for all 27 of the pinball machines listed on the cover page. I also wrote ALL of the technical pages and accompanied them with pictures I took at TNT, and also provided the personal pictures on the "Pinball Expert" on page 144. This took perhaps 140 hours of my time this summer. ALL other written and picture content was written, chosen and laid out by the publisher. I was not given the chance to see or proofread anything before this first printing was done. I understand the errors made are being corrected for the second printing, but the publisher and I have both come to an understanding and we have moved on. I will NOT be part of Volumes 2 through 10 but I wish them well in the future "Pinball Adventures" volumes coming out over the next few years! Todd N. Tuckey

    #123 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinballBuzz:

    Well the truth about the book events have been spelled out for all to know now.
    Now you know the rest of the story.


    Actually, they don't know the rest of the story....but very shortly they will! Todd

    #146 1 year ago

    Speaking of families, here's part of our TNT Family that you know and
    love from our YouTube channel! Today, we crossed 25,000 subscribers
    and have millions of views - and that's because of our amazing viewers
    and fans.

    Thank you, all, for your continued support! We will try to have an
    official response to Andrew's post by next week after conferring with
    our lawyers.

    Todd N. Tuckey

    DSC01622 (resized).JPG
    #150 1 year ago
    Quoted from pacmanretro:

    No joke, I FINALLY subscribed to the TNT youtube earlier today!

    I'd like to think my contribution made this!

    It was YOU that put us over 25,000!! Todd

    #156 1 year ago

    Ahhhh..."Joe", who changes into "Michael" in Part Two...this guy was so insane! Its hard to believe this answering machine message was recorded in 1987! Sea Wolf was 11 years old and we sold it for $175 back then! But it would have been in Primo, Crem de la Creme condition!

    #235 1 year ago

    I am sorry Andrew, but so much is just plain untrue. I have so many emails to back this up too. As soon as my lawyer gives approval, I will address each point completely and then people can judge for themselves! Todd Tuckey

    #273 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinballBuzz:

    Bottom line, Todd is mortgaged to the hilt " as per TNT staff member Frank's words in several videos", I will be surprised if TNT is still around come next summer.

    I just begged the sheriff a moment ago to keep my doors from being padlocked for one more day! He agreed to, if I posed for a selfie with him! He said he remembers watching my informercials for many, many years and has had several memorable parties in our party room we have been running for thirty one years. We celebrate FORTY YEARS of TNT Amusements Inc now!

    Hmmmm... can any of our regular viewers tell me how many videos I tell everyone we are going bankrupt? Or that I don't have enough money to make a payment on my Bentley? (I actually never had one--another one of my endless brags and exaggerations I do in our videos). I thought people caught on to these same lines that I use--like all the eyepokes and face slaps that aren't REALLY happening. (And NO, the POLYBIUS Arcade Game in our warehouse maybe ISN'T haunted after all, and that we made that up too!) I CAN tell you that many of my local competitors HAVE gone bankrupt or closed down--including ALL THREE of the Game Distributorships in Philadelphia---there are none left now---and "I'm still standing after all these years" (quoting Elton John)!

    Quoted from PinballBuzz:

    You should all gather together and help Todd Tuckey make a book, that will blow the pinball community out of the water. Who will step up ? I will buy the first copy.

    And yes, its a GRAND idea Andrew! Your suggestion is perfect and I will do JUST THAT! I will plan on writing and SELF PUBLISHING my own book that will tell my complete story--starting when I purchased my first machines as a hobby when I was 15 years old. I can then share all of my exploits and adventures I have had from back then to this current day! My early days of vending the machines in locations, starting to sell them from my driveway and the funny stuff that happened, buying my first building (we still own--without a mortgage I might add). And when I detail any of the machines I talk about, I will tell a full story about the game and not have someone cut pages out of my writings without telling me. I will cover opening our retail and party business and tips for everyone on how to do this. I will also tell the neat stories of my movie business my film business that still remains active to this day. Gotta go for now...the bank just showed up to close me down. (But I will hold Andrew to his word of buying my first book--on glossy paper and the right size). Todd

    #279 1 year ago
    Quoted from wesman:

    My friend and I actually did meet Todd, Frank and the crew two weeks ago today. We stopped in to say hello, see the business, and we felt if we were lucky, just to have the opportunity to meet Todd. It was a Saturday, and I really assumed everyone would be home and enjoying the weekend.
    To my surprise, Todd was actually in his office, and having no prior notice, he met with us, talking for a very long while, and then offered to have Frank show us the workshop.
    Then Frank, who was actually just dropping by for a minute on his offday, decided to take his own time to show us around, share pinball stories, and give us advice on game shopping in the near future.
    Then we went back and talked with the entire gang again, Curt as well as a few other people working in the shop, and Todd offered to take some fantastic and fun photos with us. After that he asked us if we wanted to walk around, and play games, and later he'd give us a more detailed tour himself, if we were still around, as we were heading back to Pittsburgh that evening.
    All of this occurred, at the end and beginning of two birthday parties being held there. We were able to politely scoot around everyone, and not interfere with their fun, and after all of that, Todd recommended a really great local restaurant to us before we headed back, and wished us safe travels before leaving.
    The kicker to the story for me was, I'd really wanted to buy a couple of shirts while we were there, and totally forgot until later that I hadn't asked if they had any instock. I was really taken aback that NOT once did Todd not even suggest I buy a shirt, or even ask if I was interested in a game they had or buying through them. Certainly he didn't ask us to pay admission, during a paid event no less.
    So Andrew, when you do ask if we've met Todd, I can gratefully say that I did. I don't know either of you personally, and will always give a person the benefit of the doubt, but I can tell you in the one instance that I had the pleasure of meeting Todd, Frank, and Curt that they treated my friend and I with such kindness, warmth, and care, and asked not one thing in return for their time and hospitality. That is the Todd N.Tuckey we met, and I can genuinely and proudly say, that was the highlight of my weekend, and frankly my week as well.

    WOW...thank you ever so much! I just read this to Frank and Curt and they were pleased too! I appreciate it! Todd

    #281 1 year ago
    Quoted from TwoHeartedMale:

    I would love to help out, point me to the kickstarter or gofundme

    We will fund it ourselves without asking our fans and friends! (as long as I don;t go Bankrupt in the interim!) I do appreciate it though! Todd

    #288 1 year ago
    Quoted from pacmanretro:

    I do what I can
    My typical shirts are 3XL Tall, but those aren't too common
    Plus a lot of custom type shirts run small it seems...so 4XL it is
    Todd, no joking, I really do want a shirt. PLEASE, PM me if you guys happen to have any "big and tall"....

    Hi! We only have T shirts up to 2X...HOWEVER...we have had so much demand, we are now going to set up a complete T shirt line that will have some of my quotes I say all the time and my face on shirt...they would available in any color or size, with or without pocket! Also the stuff would be available on a Mug! We would keep the costs a slow as possible, but then people could place orders exactly as they want them! Just think! My Face (or Franks or Brother Rob, etc....) What do you think?

    #291 1 year ago

    we will work on this all this coming week...my daughter Tammy has T Shirts set up for her channel as well..and is assisting! We have some great ideas!

    #302 1 year ago
    Quoted from Frippertron:

    I want a mug with Todd yelling Curt on one side and Curt sleeping on the other.

    thats a great idea!

    #316 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pablito350:

    I'm voting for a mug with Todd shouting BAGS!
    #TeamTuckey #KidsGoNutsForIt
    [quoted image]

    OMG perfect! " B A G S " ! For those of you that don't understand or are not in the "know", here is how the BAGS legend began! At Pintastic in Massachusetts in 2017, they had an auction and the arcade game BAGS was there. I tell the story of this legendary game. This video is alot of fun, and BAGS keeps making an appearance--including my interpretation on how the board of directors came up with the name. ..and in this video I have cued it up to BAGS first appearance! WATCH and understand...and laugh!

    This is cued up to what I figured happened when the board of directors discussed what to name their new game!

    1 week later
    #504 1 year ago
    Quoted from northvibe:

    I really want to hear his stories and have his knowledge written down, but I’m not giving money to this book writer. Man if Todd could have his own book, or documentary made (who did the spooky doc?) I would gladly give money to that effort.

    I am planning on self-publishing my own book next year, that will be edited by a real PROFESSIONAL proofreader (I have had three offers from the pinball world). It will cover ALL of my experiences since buying my first game when I was 14 years old, getting into the vending business, my film business years, and of course my TNT years with all our guys and girls at the shop! ALL of the pictures will be MINE and not off the internet! I think it will turn out to be pretty good since I will have proper control over it. Todd

    #517 1 year ago
    Quoted from gunstarhero:

    That all sounds good... but did you reflow all the ICE COLD solder and add Franks battery board? Did you polish the mylar to a high gloss? Did you add the super chexx washers to protect the plastics?? Did Steven feather in the art??? Will it be the NICEST one I'll EVER SEE????

    And NONE of that appeared in volume one of "My Book"....but it will when I publish MY book!

    #518 1 year ago
    Quoted from Rondogg:

    Todd - you should offer a discount for people who purchased Pinball Adventures (ala Deeproot).

    Sadly, I do not control or ever see the money...pinball buzz handled all that.

    #519 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pablito350:

    Todd, I think it goes without saying that most of us will be right there to buy one when they go on sale.
    We'll be getting 2, one for the coffee table, and the other for the back of the toilet

    You may need a third one perhaps, to level a shuffle alley! (The video is linked up to this moment)

    #520 1 year ago
    Quoted from stpcore:

    Special When Lit Pinball Podcast will be interviewing Todd Tuckey on Tuesday, November 20th. We will be covering the start of Todd's career all the way up to current affairs. The interview will air within a week after recording. I'll happily post a link here when it's available if that won't bother anyone that I'm linking to my own personal podcast.

    We will try to cover as much as I can.....

    1 week later
    #547 1 year ago

    Stay Tuned for my 18 page response! It's coming!

    4 weeks later
    #596 1 year ago

    I never got my corrected copy or was asked to help with all the errors. I am not part of any future volumes either.

    #599 1 year ago

    Andrew sent me a box today...have not opened it yet, but I am sure he sent a few of the revised editions. I will compare it with the original version and see if he caught all the errors I had noted (I only got through perhaps 65% of the book and stopped). Todd

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