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Todd N Tuckey Book Deal - 1 and Done!

By chippe01

1 year ago

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    Post #537 Podcast with Todd. Posted by stpcore (1 year ago)

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    #91 1 year ago

    I paid the $250 through PayPal to advertise in his book, but some how it was never put on the web page as stated in the email. I called Todd about 3 weeks later, he called the publisher, they said it will happen, don't worry about it, so I didn't until the book came out and my ad was not in the book or on the web page.
    I emailed Todd and told him I was not a happy customer, he replied;

    Hi John...I had forwarded your email to Andrew last night after you sent it...I had no answers for you...I did not do any of the publishing or layouts...I simply wrote the pages...as a matter of fact, I JUST got my copy in the mail today...never saw the finished book. The first printing was 300 books so we could correct any issues...next run of books next week will be lots more...it gives them a chance to fix any mistakes--apparently your ad was missed for instance. We are hoping for a ten thousand book run once we get this out into the marketplace. The initial book run there are always things I am told, in the publishing world.
    Andrew said he did refund your money...sorry...

    After reading the book, I'm sure glad the publisher lost my ad, and I received my $250 back.

    Here is the email I received from Todd to advertise in his book.

    Hello from TNT AMUSEMENTS INC. in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania! Please take a moment to read this important letter regarding new book, “PINBALL ADVENTURES” & how you can be a part of this project (Deadline is July 25TH)!

    Because you deal in Pinball Machines - parts, sales and/or service - this will be of MUCH interest for you, your future customers and company recognition. I am Todd N. Tuckey, owner of TNT Amusements Inc. for almost 40+ years now. Like you, I have established a business around Arcade Video Games & Pinball Machines and am still going strong.

    I have a YouTube Channel dedicated to these machines and now have over 1,400+ episodes, with hundreds of hours of clean, edited material that I share with over 23,000 subscribers of the channel. Not only that, but my channel’s videos have been watched for over 40 MILLION minutes!

    A few months ago, I was approached by a company (a big fan of our YouTube channel), who thought the time was right for me to write and publish a book unlike any other pinball book currently on the market. This book would not only feature the history of various pinball machines, but also my own adventures in the Pinball Industry from over the 40+ years - from operating in locations to finding, reconditioning and eventual selling these machines. I have acquired so much intimate knowledge of each machine that I have ever had at my shop, but have never actually detailed it in such a way that the reader could apply the knowledge and tips to his own machine.

    The layout of the book will include a brief history of pinball, the actual stories of the individual machines I talk about (approximately 30 machines for this first volume), some "Guess the Machine" pictures showing super close-ups of games, and the technical information for each electronic pinball system from 1977 & on for all major manufacturers. Also, each volume will feature a couple of collector’s home game rooms and pictures. There will also be pages that will contain QR Codes that will link directly to my YouTube videos about specific machines.

    Now, the part that applies to YOU! We will also feature pages with same-size ads listing for all our suppliers. These box ads will have your logo, some key information about what you offer, website, email, phone number & other key information about your company. The ads are all priced the same at $250.

    This price gets you an ad in every printed issue of Volume One, including any reprints we subsequently do. You will be a part of this book and also get the same listing for free on our website at www.pinballbuzz.com, where we hope to attract thousands of Pinball Enthusiasts year-round.

    We would love to have you advertise with us! Our pre-sales have been surprisingly strong with our first book run almost selling out in the first few days.

    Here are some of the reasons that you might want to advertise with us:

    - Pinball adventures will be advertised in almost every pinball trade show website worldwide.

    - 10 volume Pinball Adventures series with a few spin off arcade and repair books in 2019.

    - Countless personal stories of well-known designers, Internet YouTubers, suppliers and collectors that will contribute their tips and stories to the pages or Pinball Adventures

    - Hitting the pinball and arcade target market with Todd Tuckey’s YouTube videos, attending tradeshows with book signings and promoting suppliers on YouTube.

    - Other large YouTubers with over 10 million subscribers combined that will spotlight the book.

    - Celebrities in the works or that have been interviewed will be spotlighted in the book and sharing us on their personal website to their viewers. (Penn & Teller, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Gene Simmons, Tom Hanks, Mike Jordan & Dolly Parton, just to name a few!)

    - Life time advertising on the website with any paid Pinball Adventures issue advertising.

    - Will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and many other well know book websites.

    - Extensive SEO (search engine optimization) and advertising, will land us in the top searches for pinball and arcade related words.

    We plan for this website to become a destination for our viewers and customers. Here, they can find dealers to buy the games from and suppliers that sell LED kits, rubber rings, flipper coils, displays, and cabinet parts.

    Do you FIX machines? There is a page just for service and repair work for these machines in the home or business. These listings will be easy to access and read, and not overwhelming, as the ads will all be consistent and the same size.

    The website also features a "Collectors Corner" section that will feature any collector’s Game Room setup of their machines. These pages will constantly grow, as traffic will increase for others to see different collections displayed in one place.

    My love for Pinball & Arcade Industry, including its future, is clearly present in all the things I say publicly. I am constantly promoting this website on all our new YouTube videos, while also planning additional interviews about this book and future volumes through blogs, press releases, YouTube shows and podcasts.

    I want this book to appeal to people of all ages: men & women, young & old, to those new into pinball, the casual reader, and the enthusiast. At 200 pages, and printed on full color, high gloss paper stock, it will look great on the coffee table and be useful in the workplace. People are always looking for gifts for the pinball enthusiast in their lives and this will be a perfect surprise.

    After appearing at many Pinball shows over the years, I see new, formed interest in this fun hobby. I have lectured and given various seminars about these machines and see such a following behind the back stories, too. This is one of the few industries in the world that was originally created to simply make money in the cash box for the operator who bought the machine, and then to be retired or junked. Now, it seems that 85% of all machines sold, both new and used, are going directly into private collections. The remaining machines are mostly seen in new retro arcades springing up around the globe. YOU, dear supplier, are part of the resurgence into this terrific hobby!

    The deadline for ads is July 25th, 2018, as the publishing date is September 1st, 2018). AND, it's simple to do!

    Please visit www.pinballbuzz.com/become-a-sponsorand fill in your company’s details or email us directly at sales@pinballbuzz.com.

    If you do not have an ad, we can create one for you using your logo. It will not take long to complete the form, and you will be a part of something new & exciting in the Pinball Industry’s grand future!

    Sincerely yours,

    Todd N Tuckey
    President, TNT Amusements Inc.


    P: 215-953-1188, ext. 0

    #103 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinballBuzz:

    Elkhart Pinball.
    I will address this issue.
    Unfortunately the email did get lost or went to spam, yes a mistake was made and I’m very sorry for that.
    We did contact the company apologize offered to refund the money and give them not just one but two issues free of charge.
    Mr. Elkhart told me to F off, jump in the lake and shove it up my you know what. I decided to end the conversation hung up and refunded his money with an apology again.
    That’s all that happened nothing more.
    Pinball Adventures

    First thing Andrew, how can you lose my ad to spam, when I use your form, from your email you sent me to, to fill out and then when finished filling it out, it sent me to pay through PayPal for the ad I was placing with you?????

    Yes I did get a call from Andrew.
    Yes he did give me a apology.
    Yes he did offer the free ad in a reprint of the first book and in next issue, but no refund was offered with that deal.
    He told me I didn't have to make a decision right away, I could wait a couple of days to decide.

    I did not use the words he said I used in the above post!!
    Anybody that knows me, I do not talk that way.

    I told him I didn't need a couple of days to decide, I wanted a refund now, he tried to convince me I didn't want a refund, that everything was going to be fixed, and better next issue.
    I told Andrew that the way my ad was handled, even after Todd called him about my ad was not on the web site, and he told Todd that he did have the ad and it will happen.
    I told Andrew how bad the editing was in his book, after just reading the first 10 pinball machines stories, I didn't see any profession quality or future in his book, and the way he runs a business, (no checks and balance on money received for ads, and number of ads placed in his book), and I didn't want to do any more business with him, and I just wanted a refund now, and YES, he then hung up on me as he said.

    John Freel
    Elkhart Pinball Inc.

    #392 1 year ago

    According to a email I received from Pinball Adventures they did do a (final quality check and proofing a couple weeks prior to our release date. During this process, there were some minor technical errors for us to fix, which caused a small delay as it had to be proofed again.)

    Her is a copy of the email I received on 9-19-18

    View this email in your browser

    Hello Pinballers!

    First off, we'd like to apologize for the delay in getting Volume #1 out and offer you a discount on the next volume of Pinball Adventures.

    As you know, we had planned to release the book by September 1, but due to unforeseen circumstances with the company who prints our books, we've had some delays, but are back on track.

    Read on to learn more...

    Thanks from everyone on the Pinball Adventures Team!

    What happened?

    We submitted our book to a book printing company for a final quality check and proofing a couple weeks prior to our release date. During this process, there were some minor technical errors for us to fix, which caused a small delay as it had to be proofed again.

    After this, we were told our book was good to go and we submitted our order for the books. During this time, the printing company lost our file for the book, when it came time to print our book, they found this out and notified us. We resubmitted these files as quickly as we could, but it still created an unavoidable delay.

    Could this delay have been avoided?

    To our knowledge, no. Since we are content creators and not a print shop, we have to hire an outside company to bring our books into the real world. If these print shops have delays, it affects us without warning.

    What happens now?

    We are in the qeue for printing and have paid for the two day express printing and shipping.
    All this happened on Monday, so best guess the books will be ready for shipping on Friday.

    Once we receive the physical books in-hand, we'll notify everyone who has ordered a book as they are sent out. You can always inquire about your order using the online contact form on the website at: https://www.pinballbuzz.com/contact/

    Copyright © 2018 Pinball Adventures, All rights reserved.
    You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website.

    Our mailing address is:

    Pinball Adventures

    301 - 17665 66A Avenue
    Surrey, British Columbia V3S 2A7

    Add us to your address book

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    By the way Andrew I did buy this book, do I get a corrected version?
    John Freel
    Elkhart Pinball INC.

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