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#1 10 months ago

I couldn't make it to Allentown but made a pickup locally. Thought the game looked interesting and had to save it. BG is almost perfect, PF is a 9, cab is a 6.5.


#2 10 months ago

PF a 9...nice score!

#3 10 months ago

Ooh, nice. Beat the clock has been on my want list for years. I like the art and am intrigued by the 4 flippers and multi-ball.

Had to save it? Was it headed for a sad end or just for sale and not getting the love it needed?

#4 10 months ago

A local school sold plants as a fund raiser. They used an empty warehouse as the location where you picked up the plants you had purchased. I went to get the plants my wife had purchased and this pin was setting in the corner dirty and covered with junk. Found the person who owned the building and ended up buying the game. It's fate wasn't sealed but it wasn't being cared for either. To my wife's surprise when I brought home her plants AND a pinball machine. I left an old Wurlitzer juke that wasn't worth saving. The PF is really good, one little spot in the middle where the ball is ejected out of the star hole has been touched up. No wear between the bumpers where you would expect to find it. All the plastics look good. Right flipper coil is melted down, probably what caused it to stop working.

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