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TMNT impressions?

By AlexSMendes

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

So... an opportunity was presented to me to get a TMNT project but I'm kinda concerned...

1) Is the game itself fun?
2) Is it worthy to embark on a restoration project?
3) How hard is it to get specific parts for this pin?

Further appreciate all the input I can get!

#2 3 years ago

Show pics if you decide to go through with it. I'd love to watch.

#3 3 years ago

It survives in a large collection but its shallow, great for kiddos. Id pass though even the kids get bored of it its mostly targets.

#4 3 years ago

I had one for 6 months. Its not a bad game, but is very shallow. Also it has a dmd that is harder to find if its bad. Dmd was only used in a handfull of data east games. I ended up selling it in the end because it can be boring after a few plays.

#5 3 years ago

It was my least favorite data east DMD game. Got old really quickly

#6 3 years ago

One of my least favorite games.

#7 3 years ago

Had to own it since I have both tmnt arcades. But, moved it down the road quickly. Not much of a pin. Too bad, really.

#8 3 years ago

I actually like it, but it is simple

#9 3 years ago

Ramp is not available anywhere, I looked for several years

#10 3 years ago

Own it enjoy it and yes it's a simple Dateast game of the 90s clear all the targets nail the man hole you have multiball but for theme hits the target audience at the time. The dmd was an issue but now for 300$ get new led one no more issues. So for you it comes down to it's current shape and what you have in it. 2016 price shows $1400 now can get you one for 1400 mint no. You play 3 games in a row probably get multiball 1 time not trying hard. good player get nermous multiball per ball. Current issues you typically find blown out ramps no new repros so have to hunt down old used or nos if can still be found. Back glass new see mayfair amusements. Stickers marco has good number of them. Think there is cabinet art out there seen post or was told it was. Usual power supply problem connectors, etc these game were run hard back in the 90s so nice shape is a plus. Total restore only if you were a turtles fan and wouldn't sell it otherwise don't blow a whole bunch pass it on to someone that will love it. Played it then when it was new found project one cheap got it working wouldn't part with it easy. Mine needs the ramps also has usable one on it now. Converted the auto kick to stern style. Seeing your current collection this will be a easy play pin no rule depth.

#11 3 years ago

I owned and restored one. The ramp is always broke, but I managed to make a decent three peice entrance protector. Didn't care for the game in general, shallow, and the ramp shot seemed wrong, just not a natural shot. Has some people who like the theme, if you can get it cheap enough may be a restore and resell. I had also touched up all the cabinet paint, easy colors to match. Green was practically an off the shelf color.
Xpin has been saying they are developing a replacement display but still not cheap. Also those have a tendency to have the paint flake off the glass on the bottom and below the display. I had to use triple thick to glue the paint back on and protect.


#12 3 years ago

So i bought one about at the beginning of September for $1300. It wasn't mint but it was in pretty good condition. Bought it and literally the first game played at my house the sewer shot burnt out. The game is super easy and has nothing for it all ramp. I'm a humongous ninja turtle fan and i felt disappointed by it. It was my first pinball and when i went to york show and got to play other pinballs i thought wow none of these have the issues the tmnt pin have and its much more fun. If you do plan to buy it realize this. A lot of the pieces on that pinball are extremely hard to replace. The clear ramp is notorious for breaking and replacements arent made so if that ramp breaks the only way to salvage it is to vampire it off another playfield. A lot of tmnt pins that clear ramp is being held together by tape, glue you name it, mines particularity was held by metal that was covering a giant hole. Another thing to watch out is the shooter rod is a unique length and for a lot of the machines its not powerful enough to shoot the ball into the playfield. Mines had that as well. I put a stronger spring on and it still couldn't get it in the field properly. I had it about a month, sunk a lot of time and a bit of money into it and the game refused to work so i sold it, broke even and am putting that money towards a MM. I'm not trying to sink your bubble I wanted more than anything to get that pin working but you need to know unless your getting it pristine and barely used your going to be spending a lot of time fixing it. Only data east game i recommend is Star wars

#13 3 years ago

I forgot about the shooter issue. Tmnt has a one off auto launch setup. Marco is now selling new replacements. Or action pinball. I replaced mine with new and a new pivot. Then since there was a slingshot arm I there I repaired over all the holes and carefully positioned the arm to get max movement and center the ball. And not touching the rod. I also installed the strongest shooter spring. The rod doesn't get a rubber tip. It hits the back of the metal auto launch arm that hits the ball. Quite a different noise. I beleive I have a thread I posted about the shooter. It did work reliabilly in the end. Took a lot of tweaking.

#14 3 years ago

Hey everyone - thanks for all the input.... I also read the reviews here on pinside and unfortunately I'll pass on this opportunity.... Turns out that about US$ 500.00 for a "not so good" DE game, coming without the display and the main-board, in need of an extensive cabinet restore besides the usual restoration project (rebuild flipper kits, rubbers, switches, etc...), ain't worthy!

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