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3 years ago

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#93 3 years ago

They say that the highest compliment a designer receives for his/hers work is paid by copying their designs.... Just saying....! So@chuckwurt... maybe I will take them off for you
Thanks for all your unconditional support and constructive criticism. We take it all in.

#127 3 years ago

A completely new Judge Dredd Gameblade™ in the works also...


#155 3 years ago

Guys. This is a great idea for WWF, but from a desigers point if view, a massive headache dealing with licensors. We would have to get a license from the maker of the pinball and most likely an approval or license agreement for every wrestler we would show.
I like the crowd idea, maybe there is something there to be done.
Thanks for your input guys, it really helps us understand where and how to begin.
I will add this request to the list of pins to do.

#159 3 years ago
Quoted from phillymadison:

Royal Rumble has a crowd in the back cabinet wall that if it was extended to the sides would look fantastic imo. Kind of like how you guys have the back decal for JD that matches the sides. It's generic so licensing wouldn't be an issue. Here's a pic I grabed from ipdb of it. I personally like when the side decals match seamlessly with the rest of the pin. Like how you have JD, Mario, Johnny etc.


I get what you are pointing out and I do agree with your point, but the issue remains that even the "crowd" art is subject to license and I cannot just extent that specific art without permission. On the otherhand, I could and I probably will, create my own original "crowd art" that could include the side and the back as a set for this machine.

1 week later
#169 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Just found The Hobbit back on page 1. Will you have these at TPF? My Smaug Edition is being delivered next week.

Yes we will have them with us at TPF.

#171 3 years ago

Alright guys. We are at the airport and about to board the plane bound for Texas Pinball Fest. If you are going to the show, stop by our booth and say hi. Love to see you guys there.

#180 3 years ago

So I have finally finished the Freddy:A Nightmare on Elm Street GameBlades™. I need to print a copy to make sure they look good and then they will be up for sale guys!


#188 3 years ago
Quoted from dar8dar:

Just want to say thanks jGraffix for the revised versions of game blades.
Scared stiff & wcs 94 they look great.

We are glad that you like them my friend.

1 week later
#214 3 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Would like to see you come up with a design for bride of pinbot 2.0 ... Before someone else does

We have been asked for those before, and I will do my best to have them ready for Allentown Show! Maybe we can have the entire Series available by Allentown.... how about them apples?

#215 3 years ago

JURASSIC PARK Gameblades™ work in progress.... or maybe they are good to go?


#218 3 years ago

And the long awaited SPIDERMAN GameBlades™ and MirrorBlades™ will now be available at our store soon.


#220 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Could you add any dinosaurs into the design? Couple on each side would be nice.

I updated both sides with dinosaurs last night. You should be able to see the final on our website www.tiltgraphinsinc.com

#227 3 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Are these available in clear laminate?

Are you referring to the Spiderman Blades? We could do that.

#229 3 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

any of them...ive seen where other companys are doing them in stronger laminate but they have a dull apperance.

This is the "Luster" laminate and we use that also on all of our Gameblades™ Only because it is so much stronger and more durable than the clear glossy one. The clear glossy one is very fragile and can easily scratch and damage.
If you want us to do this laminate on Gameblades™ that you order from us, we can certainly accommodate.

#230 3 years ago

Attack from Mars Gameblades™ will be available soon....!


#232 3 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

I'd love to see some designs for Tales from the Crypt, please & thank you.

I have been playing with the idea now for a while. I have been looking for images and have some ideas, so you will soon see something here in the forum.

#237 3 years ago

Fresh off the press and in the store today "Attack Fro Mars".


1 week later
#263 3 years ago
Quoted from DanTheGlassMan:

Joe still waiting (patiently) for the big dungeons and dragons reveal.....must be saving it for a dramatic opening

Sounds like you are in the wrong thread....?

#266 3 years ago

Some of you have been waiting for these GameBlades™ for MUSTANG....!


#268 3 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Please show what you have for Getaway. How close are you guys to having the apron mag and inner cabinet art for sale?

It's being worked on my friend.... As soon as we have something to show, we will.

#272 3 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Hahaha, me too! It's gonna be a tough one to pull off I think - I've tried it myself before and I've pulled off quite a bit graphically speaking over the years.

I did start something, but have nothing yet that I want to share. It really is a tough one.

1 week later
#276 3 years ago

So these bad guys will be available soon at http://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com


1 week later
#280 3 years ago

@frankmac they look awesome.

#288 3 years ago

See you there!!!


2 weeks later
#314 3 years ago

So we designed those triangles for X-Men the other day and now we have a photo to share.
Enjoy guys.


#316 3 years ago
Quoted from Billy16:

Any progress on TFTC? This one should be fun and needs to be done!

Yes we are working on something for this. Unfortunately we had some issues with our website over the last 24 hours that has taken all our extra time to fix, but we will post here as soon as we have something worth sharing guys.

#318 3 years ago
Quoted from Donnyman:

Those are pretty cool but, if you had Deadpool on those instead of Wolverine's claws it would make more sense. Don't get me wrong Im happy you guys came up with the idea but those triangles don't light up until you completed some combos and it activates Deadpool to help you out with the next villian. If you can do Deadpool you got my $$.

There is no reason why we can't have multiple different designs for these triangles for the same machine. Not everybody likes the same and we love coming up with new stuff.

It just so happens that somebody asked for this specifically and it goes well with our Gameblades™ .

#320 3 years ago
Quoted from jrockne:

Are you thinking about doing any white water designs? I know there are a couple options from others, but I'm all for more options!

Possibly, down the line. We have a long list of pins to do and I can gladly add this to the growing list.

#353 3 years ago

Guys... thank you all for the kind words here on Inside. We really appreciate that and like Jose said before, it is so great to see when you post photos of you rains with the art installed. This is what would be great (I leave it totally up to you), is if you send us or post your photos here of the installed GameBlades, we will post that on our Facebook page and create a separate section on our website, a Gambled Gallery if you like, with Gameblades installed. This does help people make a decision when they are thinking of buying for their own.

And for all of you.... Happy Memorial-Day with a coupon from TILT GRAPHICS: MEMO2016


1 week later
#355 3 years ago

Elvis.... Work in progress...!


#357 3 years ago
Quoted from Grinder901:

Have you tried adding that smokey black effect to the edges?

I did on the speaker grill like here on the Gameblades™ And it looks pretty good. Just make sure that template fits. If everything fits nicely then I will send you a new One.

#360 3 years ago

Yes we do... If you go back to page 6 of this thread you will find them around mid page https://images.pinside.com/c/f3/cf3a62e1dd30564905d8fffaf4fca9ec40288624/resized/large/cf3a62e1dd30564905d8fffaf4fca9ec40288624.jpg - Unfortunately we had a major issue with our provider and had to rebuild our store. Jose has the images on his computer, but he is out of town on personal business. He will be back this coming weekend I think and will update the missing images in the store. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rey H.

#361 3 years ago
Quoted from wierdeer:

Probably a long shot but Independence Day please

We will add this to the list of pins do work on. Hopefully sooner than later.

Rey H.

#366 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I wonder if they can do one for TSPP

I may try to have something ready for Pintastic in July. Looking to re-design the blades and design a grill to go with it. This will probably be a show special and not sold in the store.

#368 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Okay...I'll try again: Will the AFM apron be back in stock soon? I can pick it up at Pintastic if it will. Thanks!

Let me find out from Jose about that... He will be back this weekend.

#370 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

But what if can't make it to the show...are we just out'a luck?

We do not have a license to use their art, so unless we create something generic then it seems that way. Sorry.

#372 3 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

I don't quite understand....
If selling via mail order is in violation...then how is selling at the show NOT in violation?

You got me there... I guess I will have to seize any production on them then. I need to see if I can get a license for this pin, unless I can figure out a generic design.

1 week later
#381 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I have GOT to start taking vacations like you do, dude. You must've had a birthday pass, you've been gone so long.

Uh. Thank you for bringing that up.... These 3-4 weeks were not easy!

#384 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveD:

Really digging the concept of Speakers for AC/DC. Does anyone have a pic of these installed and maybe the POTC ones as well? Also any plans on doing the avengers? I have blue LE and if I put them on two POTC and AC/DC the Avengers would get jealous.

Oh. We can't make the Avenger jealous. Going to put in a good word for that Gameblade design at the next board meeting.

1 week later
#440 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Sunday evening or Monday evening?

Sale ends Monday night at 12 am Eastern.

#474 3 years ago

All set up at Pintastic, so if you are in town for the show come by the booth and say hi. We have about 10 new design additions since Allentown and the all new LegWraps™ on display too!
Couple of pins in the booth for free play also.

#477 3 years ago

We have these two as free play at the booth now!



#489 3 years ago

Alright guys... You have been asking and you have waited patiently for this new addition to the TILT COLLECTION!
So here you go. Creature From The Black Lagoon GameBlades™ by Tilt Graphics Inc.


#496 3 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

Not showing up on your website!

We will be adding it this week, no worries.

#501 3 years ago

Thank you for your support man!

#502 3 years ago
Quoted from zerbam:

what we need is a nice apron for Whirlwind........the black apron just does not look right with the rest of the blue game.

I have added this to the list my friend!

#504 3 years ago
Quoted from davebart5:

Yes, TFTC please! Blade decals and/or leg wraps. My money is ready and waiting...

We have been looking at this one for a while, so yes it is on the list for sure!

3 weeks later
#570 3 years ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

Still no TOM apron...

We have two blades for TOM. And I think Jose has an apron in the works.

#572 3 years ago

I will add that to the list my friend.

#587 3 years ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

Nice! Love it!
I just looked on your site and noticed that the pre-order for AFM is $170
Is this just for the decal or is an apron included?

The apron is included.

4 weeks later
#646 3 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Can you do pinblades in clear laminate???

Yes we can. But why would you want that?

#651 3 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

I've purchased the tougher laminate versions elsewhere and they have a dull finsh compared to the clear. The clear finsh is so much more vibrant! How do your versions compare?

We usually use the thicker version because how strong it is, so if you want to order a blade with the clear laminate we can certainly do that for you. But like @stpcore points out it is very easily damaged. This is why we do not use the clear laminate on the blades. You pay good money for them and you want them to last. We will accommodate you and make a set with clear if that is what you want.

1 week later
#677 3 years ago

Hey guys.... It's been a while since I have posted anything of interest. Just been crazy busy at my "regular" job during the summer. But today we went down to JerseyJacks Pinball me and Jose and looked around a bit. It was very interesting to see these machines from "concept to final" as you can see the entire assembly line there.
So that being said, I felt the urge to create a new WOZ Gameblade™ that will be available on the website very soon.

As always, thanks for all your support guys!

WOZ-for-web (resized).jpg

#695 3 years ago

Guys. We really want to do all you ask for, and the best way to speed up specific design processes like aprons is with your help. In many cases we do not have acces to these pins and therefore we have a hard time getting or making templates. If you have a machine you would like something done for, be proactive and send us templates. We would really appreciate the help. It cuts down on the hunt and we can get straight to work on designing.
We have been very fortunate and received lots of help from pinsiders and we continue need your help.
As always, thanks for the support you show us by following this thread.
- Rey H.

#701 3 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

For templates I have access to Twilight Zone, Scared Stiff, Pinbot, High Speed 2, Dr Who, and Grand Lizard. If you need any of these let me know and I'll send over templates. Any tips for making accurate templates to decrease inaccuracies on my end? I can create the templates in CorelDraw and send over as an eps file if that works?

If you could measure up those aprons and make a template in EPS format would be great.
I think the best and most accurate way to do this is to take a photo of each and then measure and place measurements over the photo in the places you made measurements. We can then clean that up make a cut and send you to overlay and see if it needs tweaking.
We really appreciate your help with this.

#704 3 years ago
Quoted from jGraffix:

I'm tempted to buy a box of these and for everyone who eats one of these they get a free T-Shirt at the next show. I'll video tape people eating them and it might make for a funny YouTube video. I know I won't be eating any of these.

No Jose.... we are not feeding this to our customers....!

3 weeks later
#723 3 years ago
Quoted from jGraffix:

Hanging with friends at the Stern after hours party at Pinball Expo

Whish I was there....!

#724 3 years ago

Anyone looking for some Carbon Fiber blades for their MUSTANG?

Mustang-Gameblades-Carbon (resized).jpg

1 week later
#734 2 years ago
Quoted from zutton1:

Thought you had Shrek blades for sale? Didn't see them on your site

I will be looking at Shrek over the weekend and hopefully I can come up with something for it.

#737 2 years ago

So would you guys like to buy some translite graphics on 8x8 wood frame? Thinking about making some of these. This one is not finished yet but almost there. Great to hang on your walls.

IMG_1127 (resized).JPG

#741 2 years ago
Quoted from phillymadison:

Pretty sure Tilt has an active agreement with planetary pinball to sell licensed Bally/Williams creative merchandise. I apologize if I'm wrong.

So to answer your questions, yes we do have an active agreement from Rick. That said, we still need to send this to him and get an official OK before we release this. Ones we get the OK we will be making a series of these.

#742 2 years ago

And finally for all you Rob Zombie owners.... The all new Rob Zombie Gameblades™ will be available this week in our store.

Rob-Zombie-for-web (resized).jpg

#745 2 years ago
Quoted from Icelandr:

And finally for all you Rob Zombie owners.... The all new Rob Zombie Gameblades™ will be available this week in our store.

Available now in our store at http://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com/rob-zombie

#747 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Any update on whirlwind apron?

Let me see if we even have the template. If we do I will look at it this week.

#750 2 years ago
Quoted from zerbam:

I offered to bring to bring my whirlwind apron to expo and was told that he already had a template. then talked to him at expo and was told it would be on his list to work on when he gat back

Then i will look at this during the week gentlemen.

#757 2 years ago

Rob Zombie Gameblades™ installed guys!

IMG_1158 (resized).JPG

IMG_1157 (resized).JPG

IMG_1156 (resized).JPG

#767 2 years ago
Quoted from zutton1:

just checking if you had a chance to look Shrek for blades...thanks

I am gathering images for that one. It's a tough one so give me some time. It will get done.

#777 2 years ago

Hey guys....

Let me start by saying thank you for all your support. Without you guys we would not be able to do what we do for the Pinball community.
That being said, let me clear up some misunderstanding about discounts and sales.

This whole SALES issue and that Tilt Graphics will no longer have sales may be bit of an over exaggeration.
There was a communication between us and a customer via emails that spurred this and I just want to set things straight.

We get many many emails a week where people are asking for discounts. People even tell us, they are referred to us to ask for discounts. By simply handing out coupons and discounts when asked is not great business. That is not how a business should be run. And this also makes the SALES we will have, less exiting for you guys.

What we do is very specialized, and for everyone to under stand, time-consuming. there is no automation in the process of making and designing these Gameblades or Speaker-Grills we offer. Jose and I love doing what we do, and over the past year, we have given lots of coupons and discounts in order to promote the business. Note what I said.... BUSINESS. We are in the business to make money. We are not charity. I for instance, have a full time job where my week is way over 50 hours, before I even look at doing anything here at Tilt, and I do not run over to the studio away from my family to just break even on what we do for this community. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, and many sleepless nights in order to bring you the vast selection of products we carry on our website. We spend hours trying to come up with new ideas or even just packaging for the products we currently have, to look more professional.

With all the promotions we have had over the past year, other mod-stores have picked up our products to re-sell along with their own. From a business stand point, it is not very smart to undercut those resellers by constantly having sales and hand out coupons or discounts. We would simply be shooting ourselves in the foot.

So please understand, that we will have sales in the future, but we will announce them either here, on our Facebook page, website or via Instagram. We will also have to coordinate with our re-sellers, about those sales.

And to inform you all once more, we have a mailing list everyone can sign up for on our website, for NEW PRODUCT ALERTS. When we send off those emails (and we do not bog you down with junk-mail) we include either a coupon code or discounts on those products.

I hope you guys all understand that we really appreciate your business and your support.

Patience is a virtue - be patient.

Rey H.

#782 2 years ago
Quoted from Multiball1:

You guys are really doing some great work. I'm always amazed how your products not only look fabulous, but integrate seamlessly as well, making it seem as if these were meant to be on the machines from day one. Please keep it up!

Thank you Multiball1.... we really appreciate the kind words!

#792 2 years ago
Quoted from louknees:

Any chance you might make MSF game blades? I just picked one up and would love them.

Those have actually been on my list for a while to design.

#793 2 years ago
Quoted from louknees:

Any chance you might make MSF game blades? I just picked one up and would love them.

Those have actually been on my list for a while to design.

1 month later
#817 2 years ago

Sorry for the abcense over the past few days. My partner is away and things have been a bit busy. But I just finished my Junkyard blades.

JUNKYARD-for-web (resized).jpg

#818 2 years ago

And for the Big Hurt...

IMG_1266 (resized).JPG

#820 2 years ago

On my list... Working on getting material for that one. Not as simple as I hoped for.

2 weeks later
#825 2 years ago

And for the owners of Family Guy...

IMG_1324 (resized).JPG

#826 2 years ago

Western Theme the twill work with both Cactus Canyon and Back To The Future.

Back-To-The-Future---GameBlades (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#834 2 years ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Any plans for a Bram stokers Dracula apron / cover ???

We can certainly look into that!

#840 2 years ago

We got stickers....

IMG_1370 (resized).JPG

3 weeks later
#859 2 years ago
Quoted from zutton1:

Any luck with Shrek?

Going to work on Shrek over the weekend.

#878 2 years ago

Shrek Gameblades™

SHREK-for-web (resized).jpg

#879 2 years ago

Does this work for you?

BAYWATCH-for-web (resized).jpg

1 week later
#901 2 years ago
Quoted from PinRob:

When will they be available?

Sorry but I have been away and just got back... they will be available this week in the store.

3 weeks later
#916 2 years ago
Quoted from 82Trooper:

Do you have any items available for Avengers pro?? I bought the set for BM66...and it makes Avengers look unfinished sitting next to BM.

We do not at the moment - we are busy prepping for Texas Pinball Show this weekend.

When we get back from that we will for sure look at all your requests.

Please keep them requests coming as it helps us a great deal to determine our priority list.

#932 2 years ago

Hey everyone in Dallas area!
We are traveling now to TPF in Dallas and will have a booth there with lots of products for show and sale, so swing by the booth if only to say hi and take a selfie with us!

1 month later
#944 2 years ago

At Pinfest today... thank you to all you Pinsiders that came by and said hi. If any of you will be at the show tomorrow please come by. We'd love to see you guys and chat.

IMG_1742 (resized).JPG

2 months later
#1031 2 years ago

IMG_2415 (resized).JPG
Watch the interview with Icelandr at Pintastic 2017.

3 weeks later
#1040 2 years ago
Quoted from MacJedi:

Hey Tilt! Love your products! Are you working on some blades for Star Wars?

We will. Lots of stuff in the works now... and also some vacation time being taken out.

1 month later
#1060 2 years ago

Guys... looking for pinball related t-shirts. Well Tilt Graphics has it's own brand called "The Two Fools" and we have a dedicated store for our tees. Go take a look and spread the word if you would please!


yellow-banner (resized).jpg

#1062 2 years ago
Quoted from dracula40:

Any update on the Gorgar magnetic apron ?

Not yet.... we are working in it tho.

1 week later
#1064 2 years ago

As we will not have a booth at the WHITE ROSE show in York this year, we will extend this offer to everyone instead!

whiterose-coupon (resized).png

1 week later
#1073 2 years ago

Hey all.... go get your play apparel on at http://thetwofools.storenvy.com

35209DDB-95F6-4ADE-936E-67E2758A6A2F (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1084 2 years ago

Frankly t-shirt at http://thetwofools.storenvy.com/products/21832769-franky

C46E7B92-241C-4BA9-B9AA-33BDB306ADCD (resized).jpeg

#1095 1 year ago

DIALED IN Gameblades™ guys....

Dialed-In-GameBlades (resized).jpg

#1097 1 year ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Thank you Tilt

You are welcome....!

#1099 1 year ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

When will these be available on the website to order?

They should be available today or tomorrow. We are just testing them, that they fit so there may be a slight delay on delivery.

2 weeks later
#1113 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

I don't think they have been Dialed in yet.

They are available in the store now guys!


Dialed-In---GameBlades (resized).jpg

#1118 1 year ago

Custom designed Guardians of the Galaxy GameBlades.

GOTG-Asteroids-GameBlades---Stern-New (resized).png

GOTG-Planets-GameBlades---Stern-New (resized).png

#1124 1 year ago

Ok guys. Promise I will Work on something over the weekend.

#1125 1 year ago


#1129 1 year ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

So a pin that hasn't been released yet has new blades available but Star Wars has been out 5 months and still nothing.....sigh.....

We do have some blades for Star Wars. We will work on more designs for the new Star Wars in the future.


#1134 1 year ago

I will come up with a design even though it’s not directly Star Wars themed. We have to be very careful. Just be a little patient.

1 week later
#1135 1 year ago

Gorgar Magnet Apron installed.... Available at https://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com/product-page/gorgar-magnetic-apron

gorgarinstalled (resized).jpg

#1137 1 year ago
Quoted from leckylove:

That apron is SOOOO HOT. I will be ordering one. I live in New York can I pick up?


1 week later
#1139 1 year ago

Pirates of the Caribbean available for Jersey Jack Pinball now at https://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com/pirates-of-the-caribbean

4F3B6068-06BC-4D2F-9361-6BC8D92F89DC (resized).jpeg

#1141 1 year ago
Quoted from Crispin:

Love these POTC blades on my game, I get a lot of compliments.

That makes me happy!

#1144 1 year ago
Quoted from Jenniebear:

Can you make some type of speaker sticker for monopoly? Even if you recycle most of design from the game blades. Thanks

Yes we can. We do have two Monopoly Gameblade designs. Which would you prefer?

#1145 1 year ago
Quoted from jbovenzi:

Any update on when the AFM tshirts will be back in stock?
Christmas gift to be given!
Thank you!

You can find it here my friend.


#1146 1 year ago

So we got a request to convert our Mustang Gameblades to fit Full Throttle. Here are the results. Special thanks to Eric for the awesome photos.

81D6E357-E8C7-44F1-8CB0-FFED2FE4751F (resized).jpeg
D3F4638E-73E4-449B-AA38-CAB9D6D00BDC (resized).jpeg
A49ED590-9E19-43DD-BEF8-FDA5E5EAD79B (resized).jpeg
EF7F0DA9-884E-4E72-B75B-91521FE6BF22 (resized).jpeg
1FAA8904-7E4E-4D9F-A924-23CA4B0E7CB7 (resized).jpeg
1C8EB198-4976-40A0-AB2B-048A7B2A5841 (resized).jpeg

3 weeks later
#1149 1 year ago

New t-shirt designs available at www.thetwofools.com now!

BATMAN-BLACK (resized).jpg

FUNHOUSE-BLACK (resized).jpg


1 week later
#1156 1 year ago
Quoted from MJW:

Can you make a decal of this lightning bolt?

Yes. That should not be an issue.

#1157 1 year ago
Quoted from MJW:

Can you make a decal of this lightning bolt?

Like these?

Flipper-sticker-LIGHTNING-RED (resized).png

Flipper-sticker-LIGHTNING-BLACK (resized).png

#1170 1 year ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

How about blades for Batman Forever? I know normal mirror blades are too small

We will work on it....

#1171 1 year ago
Quoted from MJW:

If you can't make the top of bolt flat or curved the first prototype would work!!! Thanks for your efforts.

Here we go then.... pick your shade....

Flipper-sticker-LIGHTNING-RED (resized).png

Flipper-sticker-LIGHTNING-BLACK (resized).png

#1173 1 year ago
Quoted from MJW:

I'll go with the red ones. How can I order them? Thanks

We will put them onnour store at www.tiltgraphicsinc.com and let you know when they are ready.

1 week later
#1188 1 year ago

Two new items now available at www.thetwofools.com

D131D650-DAE3-4101-88B6-BFB8B6BDF015 (resized).jpeg
99957809-237B-4547-B12A-88C84A4E3180 (resized).jpeg

#1195 1 year ago
Quoted from Kas24:

Tilt: any chance you make make the back graphics for my Dirty Harry? Love the side blades but the back needs something...

If you can make us a template of the backboard we can make you the decal.

1 month later
#1238 1 year ago

Go get your “CAVE ART” from www.tiltgraphicsinc.com
Comes in 8”x8” or 4”x4” woodblocks.

CCC1B3E3-3C63-440B-8DA1-F799F2605C36 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#1253 1 year ago

Coming soon.... Houdini Back Alley gameblades.
Watch the making of video on our Facebook page.

F80B2AFB-1C37-4634-A401-82DAC6A6ED93 (resized).jpeg

#1255 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

That looks great. Wondering if the other side is different? I like it when both sides are different.

It is similar, but different.
Here is the final design

019D93E2-E72D-41B0-A5D7-B4703AEEE9F2 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#1258 1 year ago

Woodblock art available at Tilt Graphics website in two sizes. You can get 4x4 or 8x8 - easy to hang and looks great on the wall in your room, the hallway or the cave.


69EDE80A-8975-458D-BBD6-9EF60EF3D9F3 (resized).jpeg

83308BBD-DBA0-4D74-AB06-BDE5C5B7BB0C (resized).jpeg

5DB31B67-6D8D-4CC4-81D7-C1BEA5F8EA4A (resized).jpeg

2ABFAD67-6F86-4408-91F2-9D2254171875 (resized).jpeg

7F58D98D-B8AA-4BE6-B266-122EF31F4388 (resized).jpeg

2AE2F19D-AB57-4977-8266-D64951F7BD00 (resized).jpeg

58869507-35D1-43EC-8271-E8C80BE6BF4E (resized).jpeg

08CB5B73-9F78-403F-BA49-6158AA4E7BF0 (resized).jpeg

99D35B91-0E7F-46FE-8D54-B61D61289DEC (resized).jpeg

E206A7BC-92BD-4F40-8C7E-753CC26FA49E (resized).jpeg

CB33908D-3DB8-416B-9ADD-0FFA2CD5E496 (resized).jpeg

049FE955-DF7C-421D-AC5C-0B5D0C9471F3 (resized).jpeg

6666A3AD-F7DA-4D80-8905-7FE5001CBCB8 (resized).jpeg

C4002DA5-D99A-4608-B729-EAAA612B1F5A (resized).jpeg

A5265C2A-EABA-4013-8E59-C365B54387EE (resized).jpeg

F28B80F6-D58A-4140-A747-E266929E4BC8 (resized).jpeg

A4358B66-4933-4719-9E86-12F476878942 (resized).jpeg

F20F53DD-5BC7-4ACE-B23C-E61255415D45 (resized).jpeg

2 weeks later
#1267 1 year ago

IRON MAIDEN Gameblades - our latest design to be available this week in the store.

for-web (resized).png

IM-mockup (resized).png

1 week later
#1273 1 year ago

First round work in progress

5F1EF2E2-A427-48FF-BC6D-64A5DA82791F (resized).jpeg

#1274 1 year ago

You ask - we try.... BARB WIRE....!
Soon to be available on http://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com

BarbWire---Gottlieb (resized).jpg

#1277 1 year ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Barb Wire before RCT, you're killing me!

Sorry... I will try to do something for RCT next....

#1280 1 year ago

Here you go.... Roller Coaster Tycoon! Will be available later in the week on http://www.tiltgraphicsinc.com

RCT-sellsheet (resized).jpg

#1281 1 year ago
Quoted from phillymadison:

Requests?!? How about Super Mario Mushroom World? Remember it's a small cabinet

Make me a template and you are on!

#1285 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

jgraffix icelandr do you guys do custom blades? I would love a set for my TRON LE but just cant find a set I like, curious if you could do customs/one offs?

We can do. Right now we are getting ready for Allentown, but after that is not a problem. Send me a PM with what you are looking for.

3 weeks later
#1309 1 year ago

Custom KISS METAL APRONS Limited Edition. Only 15 Made. www.tiltgraphicsinc.com

86E93670-8180-4A12-B7E2-528970B485EE (resized).jpeg

#1317 1 year ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

hope you plan on making more of the apron skins for newer games, love these, but..........don't have any of the games you make, and I have 25 plus games. ughhh...... just my luck

We have AFM custom Metal Apron and will soon have a new design for that one also. And Mirrorblades to go with.

#1318 1 year ago

Sneak peak at what’s in the works. CHROMEBLADES....

433839E4-206F-4B13-851D-4988EAD88B39 (resized).jpeg
61A4A37D-4B6A-4B1C-B47E-DB65481F3EFB (resized).jpeg

#1322 1 year ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Those blades just came out. Well it sucks for the people like me that just bought the non chrome ones

Nothing has been made yet. This was and still is in test stages. There are still some issues that need to be resolved.

#1325 1 year ago
Quoted from libtech:

Any plans for a more Egyptian-y style blade that ties into the art and transitions in the playfield?

We have those too.... go to the site www.tiltgraphicsinc.com and take a look.

8AF99859-6A8E-4E7A-AAB1-FBD77DCF59FF (resized).jpeg

EC5F77CD-2A58-4289-B600-88110565154F (resized).jpeg

E34DA57B-C31F-4FD7-A8F9-A5D4FA59697A (resized).jpeg

#1327 1 year ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Any thoughts on doing a original eight ball apron?

We have this one.

CEC43D9B-73ED-4144-A0C5-376D277FEB77 (resized).png
1 month later
#1335 1 year ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

They say I'm going to order a set!

Hahaha..... they actually say “You should buy a set”.

2 months later
#1352 1 year ago

So you guys have one or 20 or even more pinball machines and you are looking for mods for a specific title...?

There is nothing simpler than to log onto http://tiltgraphicsinc.com and click the button on the homepage “SHOP BY TITLE” and look for the pin you have. Select the link and you wil see all the mods we currently carry for that title.

Just go and look for yourself.

7855C6CF-84F3-48A9-9FAB-CB64D5A7B34A (resized).jpeg
#1353 1 year ago

Sneak peak....

A8EB8BD4-8337-47F1-8403-BF761BB653E4 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#1354 1 year ago

First Prototype... Now we wait for this to be approved...!

drdude (resized).jpg
4 weeks later
#1355 11 months ago

Some have been waiting patiently for this one.
FRANKENSTEIN Gameblades™ from Tilt Graphics coming soon...

#1361 11 months ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

These might look good on BSD

You can use them on BSD also, but I have a new version for BSD in the works also.... Similar but different.

#1362 11 months ago

Bram Stoker Dracula: Graveyard coming soon...

dracula (resized).jpg
#1364 11 months ago
Quoted from MJW:

Any thoughts on side blades on goldeneye? Tired of doing mirror blades. Not even sure what would look right.... hmmm. Better target decals would be a nice option.

We will look at that...

#1372 11 months ago
Quoted from Supersquid:

Well, with all this cool stuff coming out, how about some Iron Maiden flipper decals?

I'll work something up....

#1375 11 months ago
Quoted from Genjuro:

This would be great! Might as well do POTC at the same time.

Already exists...

1 week later
#1388 10 months ago

If you want your purchase to reach you in timefor the holidays, we cannot guarantee any ordersnplaced after December 15th within the United States. International orders are almost impossible to guarantee if placed after December 5th.
The Tilt Team.
Happy holidays everyone.

1 week later
#1394 10 months ago

Some of our shooterrods...

21F4706C-ED6D-47E4-B8E5-1F0F77CD7A58 (resized).jpeg
#1398 10 months ago

PINBALL TEES FOR THE HOLIDAYS. available at www.thetwofools.com #tshirt #design by @thetwofools Pinball #pinballart #pinballlove #pinballlife #pinballwizard #pinballgraphics #pinballers

BA72EB4F-1179-467F-B3D0-2409ED477FDB (resized).jpeg
#1400 10 months ago
Quoted from Kronlar:

Thanks for the wicked fast shipping.
Ordered Saturday, delivered today. I’ve gotten used to vendors taking days to even ship an order... This one took just over 48hrs to hit my doorstep from time of order...

We try our best to ship as quickly as possible. It may sometimes take longer because we need to manufacture blades or if we are waiting for materials. Our mission is to ship same day, which is just not possible all the time.

It is very rewarding to hear from happy and satisfied customers like yourself, and makes us want to do even better.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience, when orders are delayed. Hopefully that is not a constant situation.

The Tilt Team!

3 weeks later
#1409 9 months ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Which pin would occupy the wolf shooter rod? The rest I recognize...

Game of Thrones is the pin, but you can put this on Star Trek if you want. Just saying.

2 weeks later
#1416 9 months ago

Tilt Graphics new flippertoppers available soon at www.tiltgraphicsinc.com - www.laseriffic.com - www.cointaker.com all individually packaged and labeled.

01B6D1C3-612A-4D36-8476-2D1CCA6A2A05 (resized).jpeg509A4CA0-4329-4043-8071-4A75BA009CA7 (resized).jpeg5F261871-8CA8-4BD0-A2EF-840299BF7BA3 (resized).jpeg17BCED69-15F3-4917-A1F6-A25339AEC8FC (resized).jpeg9D94B64C-5DFE-4A81-A6DE-40A625BF2688 (resized).jpeg9E70E250-A304-4836-9D0C-36F05B59B98A (resized).jpegAE1C0EFA-4A2E-4F71-8097-670A302A761C (resized).jpegB22AE637-C3A5-49BE-9A5C-2F39441D6F49 (resized).jpegC11B474F-FD33-46D0-BF21-432837A5EECA (resized).jpegC4BE413B-DCCC-417A-B836-63CA6E1617C1 (resized).jpegCAE5F0D4-0E29-4BFE-8DAB-79AEE2C96F8D (resized).jpegCBE46D7F-0AEF-46B5-B510-35B9A3F8C5FB (resized).jpegD528949C-31A0-4C2C-BEE8-424303865B96 (resized).jpegDF8C6E1B-F513-4ED7-9F69-95AF0AC9ACDF (resized).jpegE1C27F79-5C39-4517-86DA-660805998B94 (resized).jpegF45BE265-2E8F-49CE-9748-C4141A786118 (resized).jpeg
#1422 9 months ago

Coming soon....

27A97FD2-E1CA-4D3E-917A-D86F42F41587 (resized).jpeg
#1423 9 months ago

Dr. Dude....

A1D6C39C-8E17-49C1-B304-23E805B1BEF4 (resized).jpeg