Ticker Tape 6 Card Bingo Operation

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#1 1 year ago

Note this machine has had the machine coin proportioning removed by a previous owner. All money drops into a single box. It has been idle and stored for same time.

I am slowing bringing Ticker Tape back to operation.

1. When playing off credits, that machine will not accept more than 6 button pushes. Is this standard or is there adjustment somewhere? It lights up the six cards with random features. But additional button pushes are denied.

2. What is the advantage to searching for wins after the fourth ball, but before the fifth ball?

I can collect the credits, but the double button isn't working. Something I have to work on along with a number of other problems.

#2 1 year ago

I answered my own question by a visit to ipdb.org. It is indicated that it is a 6 coin max machine -- lighting up all six bingo cards. So correct operation will deny additional button pushes beyond 6.

#3 1 year ago

I have Ticker Tape mostly sorted. Next are some cosmetics, assembling the missing parts on the playfield from a spare, and fixing non-working lights.

Machine seems to be working without faults. I checked each card with various super line and four corner options for correct payout and all is in order. The tilts/slams are working.

I am not familiar with six card bingos and previously had a wood rail Show Time that worked flawlessly for 8 years. There's a big difference in the complexity between the two machines.

I believe the reason Ticker Tape failed on the street was the number 4 was not registering because of a broken solder
joint -- cold solder joint from the factory. Storage wasn't kind to this machine.

#4 1 year ago

I also have a Ticker Tape and had several issues with the #2 search disc wiper assembly and the sequence unit had a cold solder joint that prevented card #5 from scoring. The 1970s six card bingos are pretty reliable, but if someone poked around the search area, it can cause a problem. My randomizer disc had the traces cut in a few areas, to make it less likely to give you the corners and super lines. I stitched in a little wire to bridge the gaps, and that has held up well. The operator did a very nice job.

If your machine is paying correctly, you're all good. Bally made up to a 40 coin max (or unlimited, like your Show Time), but for the six cards, Dixieland, the final EM six card, maxes out at 11 coins. It takes more due to additional features not present in Ticker Tape.

My family and I love that game - it's so fast and easy to learn.

In answer to your question on searching before fifth ball, there's not as big of an advantage as on a magic screen game - the reflex will tighten, but this prevents Double from paying out, and lighting of the corners and super lines, along with the randomizer. There's no extra balls. Basically, it gives you the option to collect before plunging your fifth in case you tilt and lose it all (or see if you need to dump the game if you press the D button and get nothing in return).

#5 1 year ago

I checked my randomizer disc and found two cut areas. Seems to be a common operator action to reduce corner and super line features.

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