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X-Files Pinball fan club-

By shacklersrevenge

6 years ago

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#38 6 years ago

Nice to see some fellow X-Files fans here. Just curious to see what you guys have your leveling legs set at?? Currently my are all the way up in back and all down in front....thought I saw somewhere that was recommendation just wondering.

6 months later
#99 6 years ago

First off great to see X-Files getting some deserved attention!!!

Quoted from stretch2:

Picked up an Huo X Files(yup really) which is gorgeous and a rare find indeed. Just enjoying the heck out of it.

glad to see you got another one, because we are loving your old one--thanks again!

Quoted from PoMC:

Try a normal incandescent bulb for Flukeman. To me that was the creepiest and allowed the detail to come through.

So there is actually a bulb somewhere inside of the Flukeman???? Mine might be out because I never noticed it....what size bulb???

Quoted from Edenecho:

I wired the led ring to the 555 bulb inside the flask, I think it will take away from the effect if the flask is lit all the time. Now, it REALLY pops (pun..) when you get super pops. A shame the super pops is only lasting for a short time, I initially thought it would be on for the rest of the ball.

So can you just remove the flask by itself or do you need to remove anything else. I tried with the screws on top first but no luck...to nervous to proceed without further researching.

These machines all look great guys keep up the good work!

1 year later
#302 5 years ago

Love the speaker lights and would love to add either a green or purple to My X-Files. Who sells a kit for Sega's and is it plug-n-play?

BTW: Those toppers are amazing!!! Nice Job

11 months later
#525 4 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

When I used to play Truth MB, I could shoot a ball to the cabinet and have the magnet hold it while I continued to play with the other balls. However, I just replaced the metal Cliffy magnet protector with a brand new one from Cliffy. Now, the magnet seems too weak to hold the ball. If I hit it there, the ball is not captured by the magnet. If I gently place it there with my hand, it is captured. The magnet seems to work in all other modes and can still throw the ball around. I read somewhere that some people have the ability to have the magnet hold the ball in Truth MB and for some, this doesn't seem to work. Could there be something about the new Cliffy that is more shielding to magnetism than the old?

I'm embarrassed to say this but never realized the magnet was meant to hold the ball....interestingly enough when multi-ball is activated it is almost as if the magnet polarity is backwards because the ball almost like shakes and repels away from the cabinet if ball is not traveling at high speed...( I know that doesn't make sense) but I wonder if it is just the magnet trying to hold the ball. Were your optos passing tests??

Bigger problem for me at the moment, we just moved and I can't find cabinet keys

#527 4 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

No, the first opto (closest to the player) was misaligned and not working. That was causing the problem. When I got it aligned again, the magnet would hold the ball during Truth MB. That is likely your problem.

so only with TRUTH MB the magnet is suppose to suspend/hold the ball correct??? Now I need to get to drilling out these locks to test and make sure opto's are aligned.

#538 4 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Yes, I believe so. There are other modes where the magnet is active, but Truth MB is the only one that holds the ball.
Good luck with the locks. That sucks.

Good News!!! Found the keys thank god. Now on to test opto's. One other question....for the ball launch button, does anyone have a part number for the micro-switch behind it....It takes like two or three strong presses on the button to launch ball.

4 weeks later
#554 4 years ago

Wondering if anyone has part number for switch behind ball launch button.

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