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X-Files Pinball fan club-

By shacklersrevenge

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

I've read some pretty bad things and some pretty good things in regard to this title. I like hard games, and many of the complaints seem to be the lack of flow at times ( because of the narrow left ramp) and the difficulty in general of the game.

I do not like games like Iron Man and Gilligans Island with unbalanced scoring, where a 30-50 million point score gets dumped on you for completing something while the rest of the shots score peanuts.
Is X-Files scoring balanced?

Being a Sega doesn't bother me and the difficulty doesn't scare me. What are some other concerns or thoughts?



#4 6 years ago
Quoted from mikeatsparkys:

I just picked up a nice X-files yesterday

Me too lol,
Did some tweaks, everything seems to be playing well. So far I'm really digging it, I like the challenge of getting the modes, the ramps are super tight and feel great to hit and are easy to miss.

I'm trying to figure out what builds your bonus. I got the 8x max at the top lanes, the next completion of the rollovers lit extra ball at the right ramp. When I drained my ball I only had 400,000 with 8x bonus!? I know an earlier game I had maybe a 2x bonus and a million or so, so I'm curious to know what builds it. I know the f-b-i targets on each side build jackpot and truth shots value.

''Manhole'' shot is neat, little touches like the magnet in front of the cabinet and the alien that lights during super pops.

The scoring is spot on, you earn it. The first multiball is easy, the second not so much, and neither are getting the super jackpots.

I don't know, I think it's a very cool, fun pin and I don't see that opinion changing. It's been dogged down so bad, it made me curious. It's a real shooters game. Sure, you can bang off a lot of posts, but that's because of poor shooting. I can see many players with a lower skill set having a very difficult, frustrating time with this one but personally I enjoy the challenge

#6 6 years ago

The game does a good job of making you feel like you're playing poorly because those ramps are tough to hit and the gameplay scores low. Combine that with timed modes, it becomes frustrating for many I'm sure.

#10 6 years ago

My friend came over today to play, as he's a big fan of the show. He said it really does justice to the show, and liked the episodes for modes. Again, we both noted and agreed/understood why so many have dumped on this game, because there are a lot of dink and donk shots off the posts if you're not accurate, and to many this is a huge turn off. There really is no room for error with these ramps. We look at it like ''shoot better'' and when we did, it felt rewarding and great to nail the tough ramps.

Got to the wizard mode BLOOD today....was pretty rad I say, prettyyyy rad

dumped out a bunch of balls with ball saver for around 45 seconds/minute, every shot built the super Jackpot, which I cashed out at the cabinet for 5 million and change...not bad. DMD read KILL KILL KILL>>>>>

#16 6 years ago

can an owner scan me their fbi badge plastics? mine are missing

#18 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

heard good things? From where? The sales flyer at Sega?

sorry, it doesn't have a center ramp for kids like mousin' around

#20 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

doesn't have mouse traps, good call outs, good layout either. or good anything. Artwork, sounds and overall design is horrible. It's the ONLY time i've played a game on route and wanted to stop playing in the middle of ball 2. Luckily a bulb fell out from somewhere and was rolling around on the field. If it wasn't for that to entertain me hitting with the ball, I would have walked away. But the dedication I had to try and get that bulb jammed up somewhere in the machine, made it worth while to play all 3 balls. dont' worry, xfiles is not alone. It's tied with SF2 as the worst DMD ever made in the history of pinball.

Mousin' might have a decent layout with some fun shots, but it's a painfully easy and boring game.

SF2? bleh...no interest.

X-files has cool modes with a very fun wizard mode, the shots are fast, most of the music/sounds are also superb.
I truly believe this game gets a bad rap because people just can't flow and shoot it like other pins. It's a true shooters pin, the average player will feel like they're banging their head against a wall. One on route with weak flippers or something not working wouldn't be fun either.

I enjoy trying to chip away the modes while throwing in a truth multiball/cabinet multiball, the challenge of getting to blood...good stuff imho.

#27 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Easy? How many jackpots have you gotten during multiball? It's insanely hard to score that jackpot. In fact, during league, not one person got the jackpot in practice or league. I only do it about 5% of the time.

That Jackpot is not that difficult, and not worth going for imho. People ranked in the top 200 I've played with cringe at having to play a Mousin' Around, because all the points come from that center ramp. A gentlemans agreement is sometimes asked before hand, ''exploit ramp or no?''

At papa, they put monster rubber at that ramp to stop this exploit. Not saying Mousin' is a bad game at all, but I'd personally rather play X-files 99 out of a 100 times if given the chance in an everyday type setting, based on the toughness, modes and wizard mode it offers.
In a tournament, I would personally choose Mousin' if everything was game on, because I destroy that game.

#40 6 years ago
Quoted from captainadam_21:

They game is hard as hell. OP are you sure you have it steep enough?

oh yeah, she's steep enough. Been to ''Blood'' twice, it's hard for sure.

I can understand it growing stale or whatever, but so can any system 11. You just have to approach X-files for what it is, and not expect it to be like a Williams/Bally from this era

#49 6 years ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

I'm a fan. Had mine about 5 yrs. like the theme and gm is fun. I agree someone said people focus to much on the file cab. That's not the whole gm! Fun!

I do not focus at all on the cabinet, but it's usually there for the taking, if I want some multiball points with little effort.

Quoted from captainadam_21:

What is Blood mode like? I was never able to get there.

Blood mode is a multiball that lasts about 45 seconds or so, where it keeps feeding balls to the playfield. Everything scores, the dmd says ''kill'' all over it,
I think it builds up all your shots and then you cash them at the cabinet, but I'm not 100% on that. The first time I got there, I seemed to have cashed out a 5 million plus jackpot, the second time I did not see this, though I thought I had done similar.

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