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This or that... one and only pin

By phoenixpin

3 months ago

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    “Hey all, I'm about to buy my first pin. I only have room for one. I'm choosing between:”

    • X-Men LE 7 votes
    • JJP POTC LE 30 votes
    • Spider-Man VE 9 votes
    • Star Trek LE 17 votes
    • AC/DC Premium 19 votes
    • wait for (hopefully) JJP Willy Wonka or Toy Story 14 votes

    (96 votes)

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    #1 3 months ago

    Hey all, I'm about to buy my first pin. I only have room for one. I'm choosing between:
    - X-Men LE modded out. I think the code is great as I love mode-based games with more than one wizard mode.
    - JJP POTC LE (love the game, don't love the theme)
    - Spider-Man Vault (love the theme and art)
    - Star Trek LE
    - AC/DC Premium (love the music and gameplay)
    - wait for (hopefully) JJP Willy Wonka or Toy Story, both themes I love

    What do you think?

    #2 3 months ago

    Bang for your buck XMLE is a great game and likely cheapest of the bunch you have listed or even SMVE. If price is an issue I'd start there and work your way up. Can't go wrong with most those titles tho, ACDC is my favorite of that group but I'd go for a premium instead of an LE, same game with much more friendly price tag.

    #3 3 months ago

    Star Trek LE (premium is good too), then Spider-Man VE, then AC/DC (premium works too), then X-Men, then Pirates

    #4 3 months ago

    Go for Pirates...should keep you busy for a while.

    #5 3 months ago

    Out of this group, I’d pick AC/DC. Second would go to Pirates, and a close third would be Star Trek.

    AC/DC wins because even though it’s a bit older now, the game is just great. It has that great combination of simple and complex. You can have fun just hitting stuff, but the rules are simply awesome. The farther you dig, the harder the game gets as you search for those big song jackpots. And I always like risk vs reward types of games.

    #6 3 months ago

    That JJP game is probably the biggest bang for the buck. Good shot variety and tons of rules, if you're into that kind of thing...

    #7 3 months ago

    Good choice on themes you love. Theme and music are huge for me. If I don’t like them both, at least a little, it won’t stay.

    Forget games you can’t buy now or that are just coming out. (POTC or future). Let someone else work out the bugs and save the money). POTC looks like an amazing creation to be enjoyed for decades, no reason to pay the premium on year one of production. Also you mention you are so so on the theme.

    Best bank for buck on your list is X-Men LE. All the bugs are worked out on this game and may can be had for a nice price. I’d personally go for one that had been owned by a proactive owner and installed all the fixes etc.

    Of your list my two choices would be Star Trek LE and AC/DC Prem. I’ve owned STLE since it arrived NIB. It’s probably the best cabinet upgrade package Stern has produced to date. It’s a stunning game. I had a NIB AC/DC Prem and sold it to try other things. I have sellers remorse and will likely own one again. These are not bargains, I just love the game and Steve Richie games in general.

    I owned Spider-Man and loved it also. I prefer the Toby Maguire version and it’s cheaper!

    I could only vote pence so I chose STLE. That’s the only game on your list in my collection today. Best of luck!

    Edit (Spider-Man original has one thing I really love. JK Simmons call outs. It really makes the game funny. Very few games have actors of that talent level doing the voice work.)

    #8 3 months ago

    ST Pro and save the $3-4k for another pin. I'm sure you'll find some space.

    #9 3 months ago

    Based on owning 2 of these: ST Prem and AC/DC Prem

    I would put Star Trek with a slight edge first, then AC/DC. Can't go wrong with either.

    Star Trek because shooting to destroy something is fun for me - crashing the Vengeance on the PF is an awesome moment. Equally as cool when in VMB the Vengeance is shooting BACK at you. I love the speed of the game. Added the black out mod. Added the lighted visor. Added UV glow light strips. Love the laser show. Feels like your "in the game- out in space" a bit as you play. Warp ramp is a blast especially when hitting it multiple times in a row. Callouts are good and some are just great "Khaaaaaaan!"

    AC/DC because I too love the music. LOTS of toys in this one. More than ST. Swinging bell shot never gets old. Interesting enough the canon shot does get old for me but to each his own. Love the jukebox feature, love the ramps on this one. Lower PF is just OK. Cool dancing band. I added tons of mods and enjoy most of them: Pinstadiums are a must with UV glow, added drum set, added lit lightning bolts, added bell cover, added roof/led mod to dancing band. Added signed guitar pick from band, added signed translight and slings from Steve Ritchie and Lyman too. No ball lock on this game. No biggie but ...

    Both machines benefit tremendously from being played loud and with a sub!

    #10 3 months ago

    My advice is to buy the machine on your list that comes up as the best value. Play it for awhile then rotate it out for something new.

    #11 3 months ago

    STLE or Premium

    #12 3 months ago

    Ac DC premium.

    #13 3 months ago

    I would go for the Spider-Man Vault. The shots are make-able and smooth. It has masterpiece level code. Objectives are straightforward and acheivable with multiple levels and options. A mid way wizard mode. Theme works for everyone. Good light shows and music. Nice colorful playfield. Easy to learn, hard to master. An all-time great.i think it would be a great 1 pin collection.

    #14 3 months ago

    I'd go Star Trek. It's one of those machines people tend to customize// mod a lot. I can also see it as being approachable to newbs and seasoned pros alike (shoot at the lit shots). Pirates does look like fun, but seems like it might be a lot to master the rules.

    If money is no object and you will be the only one playing this, go for Pirates. If you plan on having others give it a shot, go for Star Trek.

    Another option is to buy a lightly used Star Trek, keep it for a year, then trade it +/- cash for the next one on your list... Pinball machines are surprisingly liquid.

    #15 3 months ago

    Best value in a fun flowing pin? XMen LE. I thought it was awesome.

    Best flowing pin ever with great rules and good for noobs and pinheads alike? Spider-Man. Rules are great, and not overly complex and it's about the smoothest flowing pin ever.

    Great flowing, beautiful pin with the most frustrating mode-start ever? Star Trek.

    JJPPOTC? Eh. I heard the disc is ridiculously noisy and it's a "dead horse" theme to me.

    AC/DC Premium? It is TOUGH. Tough as nails. When you get flowing, it's a rush and amazing, though. But until then, prepare to nudge your ass off and REALLY dig deep to play well.

    #16 3 months ago

    I would wait for the next JJP game because it will be a theme you love. JJP games are loaded with toys, and are extremely deep. Pirates is incredible, but if you want one and only one pin, I would wait for jjP to release a dream theme.

    I am new to the hobby, but I play on location a couple times per week, and the JJP games—particularly the Hobbit and Pirates—feel like a journey that would be perfect for an in-home pin, and have the depth to provide staying power.

    Star Trek is a great pin as well.

    I know this is not a popular opinion here, I would avoid Spiderman and X-Men at all costs in a home that can only house one pin.

    Either way, I imagine you will eventually sale or trade your first pin, or better yet, move things around to find space for another.

    #17 3 months ago

    If you are waiting for the next jjp game you will have to wait another year :-/

    #18 3 months ago

    How about a Multimorphic P3? One machine, many games. If you only have room for one, this is the one to have.

    2 weeks later
    #19 3 months ago

    To those who think these polls don’t mean anything, I listened to you guys! And I love it!

    0329291E-5A69-49B7-8A03-A799840FC292 (resized).jpeg
    #20 3 months ago

    If those were my choices I'd wait even longer to see what else there might be to choose from .........LOL.


    #21 3 months ago
    Quoted from phoenixpin:

    To those who think these polls don’t mean anything, I listened to you guys! And I love it!
    [quoted image]

    Nice, now install that tilt bob sugar

    #22 3 months ago

    Congratulations on your new game!

    #23 3 months ago

    Speed and intensity STLE

    Quoted from phoenixpin:

    To those who think these polls don’t mean anything, I listened to you guys! And I love it!

    What if you hated it?

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