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By flynnibus

5 months ago

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Post #170 Steps to access ball guide under right ramp Posted by Lermods (5 months ago)

Post #260 Rulesheet published by Stern Posted by chuckwurt (5 months ago)

Post #2566 I turn guide washer fix Posted by J85M (23 days ago)

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#125 5 months ago

Played the pro and def not a fan of the plastic ramps. Was my biggest gripe. I’m very excited to have an LE coming but would consider metal ramps a must if I had it as home game.

Otherwise really amazing game so far, ball play was the right length for causal play IMO - which for stern games is not a given.

I played 6 games and never hit foundry, which was good to see. I was worried it would be this constant store experience but it must be a bit more deliberate.

My girlfriend normally doesn’t like themed games but really got into it. Or maybe that’s just cause she knows I’m getting one

353A1FBF-738C-426A-82BF-4083CC147D09 (resized).jpeg
4 weeks later
#678 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-NJA:

Anyone else have their upper flippers stop working?

Saw this on the prem I pl

Quoted from Tjohejsan:

Now we know your prem looks just like all other prem

You must not be waiting on yours. More pics pls.

3 weeks later
#1023 3 months ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

It would be cool if there was something in the code like a midnight madness, where all the balls drain and only lights shine on Grogu and your only ball leaves the shooter lane by itself to go directly to the Grogu magnet and then a crazy light show or something different that acts like
“the FORCE” happens. Just a suggestion if time permits on code.

Love this idea. The dark modes are always fun to highlight for ppl when the come over to play. Gives them something major to aim for.

#1065 3 months ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

Does anyone know of an LE/Premium on location in the Nashville area that I could get a few games on?

Download pinball map app and set the filter to mando

1 month later
#1710 77 days ago
Quoted from Kevin_LHeureux:

I just finished my bumper cap mod which required the design and manufacture of a replacement left ramp decal to cover the cut section of the rt. pop cap a'la STTNG.
I had to make a few extra's but it was worthwhile. The new decal looks much better than stock with or without the cap mod.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great! Nice work.

#1711 76 days ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Xaqery (Dwight)
For adding the concept art to Mandalorian.
Hope to see new code in the future.
Is there a topper to come?

Love the concept art in the attract mode. Would love to see an option where if only shows concept art. I think this would be a huge selling point for home owners and bar passer by’s as well.

#1741 75 days ago
Quoted from freddy:

Yes needs better code.
but I disagree with the shots beIng hard.
I believe they are tight and if you don’t nail them they brick but with time you should be able to nail them.
I had hard time at first with scope But now that I know it’s coming I set up for it.
Extra ball is a gimme
window.__mirage2 = {petok:"f6720befcd42dd8266674a7ebd42d92a91ba4747-1632331089-1800"};

Yeah. Just need to turn the flipper power down. I have mine 245 left 247 right right now. Both orbit and next shot in still take a light touch.

On the default power, the up/down shot was so strong it was making the ball jump over the left inlane and into a drain. Wow.

I’ve also completely removed the upper rubber between H and I. I was getting a crazy amount of SDTM and now basically none.

Right now playing with lowering the eject power on the left scoop to get more consistency. Anyone had luck with a setting?

#1752 74 days ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

I wouldn't be too worry about that. In an interview on the Flip N Out Pinball YT channel late june, Dwight said he had to finish Mando (for weeks, for months or forever), then switch to TMNT to produce a fix and then switch to Star Wars to update it.
The latest point on Star Wars is certainly in relation with the Insider Connected.
Aside from that, Dwight posted a little, but engaging, chunk of a new release note for Mando three weeks ago on Tilt Forums:

That’s encouraging. Hopefully there is an equally long list for the upper playfield coming.

Here are a few other things

- when you lose the ball early after activating the first of the 3 sequence skill shot (the up/down), it should not reset the sequence.

- you have to hit a shot to light the mission lights, but there is no light indication. This is just weird. There are a lot of times where the only shot lit is the left ramp but yet some of the shots do light the next sequence towards starting a mission.

#1756 74 days ago
Quoted from thewool:

Another bug/design issue. A right orbit short deflects into the back of the u-turn shot, rolls over the switch and drops the scoop. Ball is then stuck behind the scoop until it times out. Has happened to me quite a few times.
Altogether the right orbit is a bit of an abortion, with most shots hitting the upper post and floating back down. Reminds me of the upper left tardis shot in Dr Who, the difference being that is a dead-end by design. I'm hoping future code gives the option to have this post play a smaller part in the game, it's a nuisance.
Edit: Dwight if you're reading please consider this - leave the post down for the plunge by default, and actually for the whole game. The only time it should be up is when the CHILD lanes are all qualified. The CHILD lanes won't suffer as you'll gain letters from the plunge and the ball inevitably ends up in the CHILD lanes from some orbits.

I think you can turn off the post in settings. Not sure what side effects it might have tho.

#1781 72 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

I have only played the LE so with that in mind:
• Theme
• Full Audio/video assets
• RPG elements in the foundry
• Code implementation of the above 2 points
• shots as a whole are easy to shoot, Smooth and fun with special mentions to;
• Ambush up/down ramp both awesome and maybe my favourite shots!
• Ramps are both fast and fun to shoot
• Best Star Wars pinball machine!
• Upper playfield is repetitive and a little lacklustre to shoot
• Child lanes with magnet complete waste and make no sense although moving grogu mod makes that area feel less like a waste
• Razor crest swing target is abit meh a reverse drop target would have been interesting, or just a drop target.
Although it’s worth noting I wouldn’t call the worst parts bad, they are more like areas that should have a could have been better but what is there is still fun albeit repetitive, the child Lane and magnet is really the only WTF where you thinking part of the game, but the rest is so good you don’t really get hung up on it.

Agree with this. Child area could be fixed with some creative thinking. It needs to be worked into the strategy better.

#1854 68 days ago
Quoted from kempsuk:

Yep, so its hitting the back of this diverter and bouncing back round right?
[quoted image]

What is your right flipper power set at? 247 here.

#1926 66 days ago
Quoted from Vino:

I like it but hope the main focus now is placed on more polish. Simple fixes like upper diverter and toning down magnet pulse so it doesn’t auto score 2,5 mil and send ball SDTM seem like reasonable fixes. That area is just not very rewarding.
Happy to see some changes to scoring and the mini pf.

Remove the rubber below and to right of H and all your sdtm issues are gone.

#1988 64 days ago
Quoted from thewool:

Combos are a massive buzz for a player, an immediate reward by the game telling the player they are in the zone. They are cool.

I love the combos for an extra ball in JP, especially ability to set dna shots to 3, 4 or 5 to light extra ball. All these shots needs to add up to something. Hell, I even printed out a little cheat sheet for them.

Any way to make the child variable based on flipper like twighlight? One is power and one is release? Would make you feel like you are the force.

I love that Dwight is engaged here. Let’s make this bad boy rock.

F72F6C34-22A0-482D-8FC8-568AF9EC1368 (resized).jpeg
#2021 63 days ago
Quoted from kempsuk:

OK. Its just started happening (been fine up until today)... as the ball goes round the orbits (right to left), comes down the left orbit and SDTM. This has only just started happening... the Pin is level. Anyone??

I’ve seen it going around more (in a satisfying way) but never sdtm.

#2056 61 days ago
Quoted from Motorcitypinball:

Thank you. For those of you that missed it.
I Had a Unbelieveable Ball 1.
I ended up completing the modes and getting into This is the way Wizard mode by ball 3!
Final Score 2.1 Billion.
That is my Highest to date and yes it was with the new code (.98)!
I wanted to get my streaming gear warmed up. Hoping to Stream Godzilla Pro tonight!

Is that the Lermods grogu?

#2060 61 days ago

Has anyone seen the left spinner rack up bonus multipliers and how do you activate that? Today on .98 I hit it and racked up bonus to 11x.

Sadly did not capitalize.

#2067 60 days ago
Quoted from Waxx:

Pinside Top 100 ratings explained in two images…
[quoted image][quoted image]

10C445EE-C760-4B36-9F83-A9C3E8A4DB27 (resized).png
#2075 59 days ago

Just got a notice from my distro that the mando side armor from stern is ready for pickup.

#2089 58 days ago

These are sick.

2B1CECDB-B4C4-419B-81D5-C817CD9420DD (resized).jpeg43A3EF00-9115-46D8-A044-23C891C85548 (resized).jpegB3A08832-4269-47BC-BE3E-BF1AF5369339 (resized).jpeg
#2104 57 days ago
Quoted from PoopsMagee:

Just got that Dank Farrik multiball frenzy and it’s easily the silliest thing in this game. The callouts are amazing and weird and confusing and I loved it. Recommend everyone just hit the ? Every time until you get it at least once

This makes it all the better https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/mandalorian-what-does-dank-farrik-mean-47969617

#2119 54 days ago

Juniors high can’t buy nib.

Want is this stripping metal stuff - where did you read this?

Maybe both on Facebook?

The price is the price. Does everyone think the software on these screens going from Atari to Xbox is free? Whether you like it or not is besides the point.

Software engineers and software designers are extremely expensive. There is a trade off happening that everyone needs to acknowledge as a cost factor in these games.

2 weeks later
#2345 39 days ago
Quoted from thewool:

I would rather slide down a razor blade using my gonads as a hand brake.
Sorry, as you can tell I don't like Pinstadiums very much.

If you own 1-3 machines they are a no brainer. If you own six or ten? Worst product ever.

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