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This is the Way - Stern Mandalorian Pinball is Here!!

By zpinman370

8 months ago

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Post #2976 Super Awesome Pinball Show interview with Brian Eddy. Posted by jellikit (8 months ago)

Post #3298 First look and initial impressions. Posted by ZMeny (8 months ago)

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#242 8 months ago

BB863C83-0FEC-4BE7-8D4C-14425CDD2AE2 (resized).jpeg

#701 8 months ago

I’m curious (hope) there will be some character selection like we’ve seen before SW, GoT etc.

I know this is somewhat gimmicky and probably tournament players don’t like it but it’s kind of fun to me.

#783 8 months ago
Quoted from NashtyFunk:

Im just curious how much distro's are going to try and sell the LE for. You know it's only going for MSRP to certain folks.

Doubt it’s price known until it’s officially released.

#800 8 months ago

I believe Dwight came in at the end to fix it up.

#810 8 months ago
Quoted from aingide:

It is legitimately great!
And in hindsight we’re absolutely blessed that they centered the rules around House battles instead of following the horrible direction the story ended up going in.

I’m just sad it didn’t have a LCD like BM66 and on. So it had all the Spike problems without the biggest benefit.

#812 8 months ago

SW great code

#858 8 months ago

ST LE was 799 iirc and I was able to snag one a few months after it was released.

#870 8 months ago
Quoted from Defil8de:

HUGE SW fan (the Sideshow replica of Grogu is sitting here in my office along with an autographed Celebration Luke X-Wing and a family picture with Grandpa Sidious) but I'm passing on this one. With all the hype (not undeserved, mind you!) that is all things Grogu and the HOT rush to milk that blue milk cash cow I can't help but think that this pin is going to be like that overpriced restaurant RIGHT on the beach we've all been to. You know, the one that has a great view, but really lousy service and even crappier food. Because they know the tourists are going to come for that great view, so they can phone in everything else. Even if you go back to that beach every year thereafter, you never go back to that restaurant because fool me once shame on me...fool me twice - well you know the rest.
IF they don't make either a special floating magnetic pinball or Newton ball that looks like the gearshift knob from the Razor Crest, they really missed an excellent theme integration opportunity. AND if all the mod companies aren't already making a ball shooter knob like this, I'm sure they will be after reading this post.
BUT I'll wait to hear the reviews after the hype dies down and pick up a Premium and put it next to my SW Premium if it's any good. I'm not usually cynical but I'm just reading the terrain here. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised. Stern?

Could be great or just good, hard to see it being bad.

Stern knows what works and Eddie knows how to design a great pinball machine. The artist knows how to draw SW and the theme (maybe not my favorite) is solid. It’s going to have video assets and sound and custom callouts etc.

#953 8 months ago
Quoted from kvan99:

750 units is not limited in my book.

Everything ever made is limited.

#1110 8 months ago
Quoted from Wolfanoz:

RIP Nick Nolte (yes, it was his voice)

He’s not dead.

Nick Nolte Death Hoax Dismissed Since Actor Is ‘Alive And Well’

On Friday (May 07) the actor's reps officially confirmed that Nick Nolte is not dead. “He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. He's still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet,” they said.

Some fans have expressed anger at the fake report saying it was reckless, distressing and hurtful to fans of the much loved actor. Others say this shows his extreme popularity across the globe.

#1156 8 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

How many Stern LE’s have been over 700? Just Star Wars and Star Trek? Both have never held up very well in terms of resale value - I mean in comparison other games. They’re always available if you want one.
I personally don’t care and this is a unique market situation…..especially for us down here. I put my name down mostly because I want a new game. If you want a new Stern game from our distributor at the moment, of any title in any flavor, you have to wait until early 2022 for availability. At least buying an LE you get it in 2-3 months.

STLE cost $7700 do you see them selling for less? I’ve sold two with mods for $8200

#1352 8 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

4) it’s Disney. Disney sucks and you know they are limiting the creative freedom of the team big time

Not necessarily, Stern SW had about as much assets as I've seen on any pin, 400+ film clips from three of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time with appropriate audio clips from the movies. I believe GotG (also Disney has a lot of film clips too).

Just because JJP PotC had poor assets from Disney just means JJP couldn't negotiate the correct assets (I believe someone from JJP said the PotC asset deal was blown).

I'm not saying that it is or isn't gonna be like The Shadow but that doesn't bother me (I don't own TS) and likely it'll be different enough, I own Iron Man and Metallica pro both are look alike but I love them both and play them both and don't plan on selling either, I own AFM but I could buy MM or Stranger Things they are different enough.

#1621 8 months ago

I’m not the biggest fan of the artwork. Hard to say anything about the layout from that angle.

#1643 8 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

JPops RAZA ramp was sold to Stern ? Mmmmm now It’s all making sense .
[quoted image]

I’m not sure but as physics would say that it’s the hight of a ramp that’s all that counts. In other words you need enough energy to reach a certain hight doesn’t matter if it’s a long shallow ramp or short steep ramp if they are the same height it would take the same energy.

#1690 8 months ago

Thanks for posting. Looks a lot better than the first picture for sure. It looks f-loaded way to go Stern. Hope the code lives up to the art.

How many times can he say Spaghetti Western without getting redundant?

#1695 8 months ago
Quoted from DerezzedKnight:

Dwight on code, according to the article starwars.com.

I’m in!

#1736 8 months ago

I love Dwight he’s always trying something new.


Dwight Sullivan on some of the game’s hidden surprises.

“We don’t want to spoil all of the surprises, but we have added an entirely new gameplay mode and option called Impossible Play. If you enable this option before you start your game, it will instantly set your game to Very Hard and your flippers will only allow you to flip for a couple of seconds before needing to be recharged. Good luck.”

#2067 8 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Mando just doesn't have that world under glass feeling in my opinion. First off there's the giant Baby Yoda doll that does nothing and seems just placed to say "HEY HERE'S BABY YODA" to sell games. Baby Yoda is supposed to be small but is larger then the ship and Mando's helmet on the playfield? Second there's the drop down target from the ship which honestly looks ugly and almost as large as the ship. Third, the upper mini playfield represents what from the show? Mando himself doesn't have a bunch of LED's lit on his helmet. Also, just hitting standup targets is going to get old very quick in that mini playfield.
Look at Ghostbusters. There's a subway track that drops into an subway, the Ecto Goggles toy, and slimer moving. With TMNT there's a spinning disk that looks like a pizza, a van that drops ball outs, a divertor molded like a glider. In JP there's the whole raptor pen area and the t-rex that eats the pinball. Mando has nothing like those items, no feature really stands out as an interactive toy representing something from the theme. The razer crest is an awesome ship but it doesn't have an awkward large target hanging off of it.

Ok then, it’s pinball not a size appropriate diorama. If baby Yoda was size appropriate to the spaceship he’d be the size of an ant. You have to realize this is a pinball machine.

#2107 8 months ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Besides Lyman being number 1 Dwight is my favorite coder easily. Starting with Junkyard for me hes been great. GOT is my all time favorite coded game hes done followed by GB and SW closely. TMNT is really good to. Munsters he did what he was told to do so if he was told to make a simple game he did that great to cause that is a simple code. He is the master of moments. I dont fear DW on code ever!

Same. He did the code for Stern Potc that was a simpler time but it’s good to me. I’d love to own GoT or GB, I love SW with the shot multipliers and the various character bonus. He’s really good imo. I’m glad it wasn’t Lonny.

#2187 8 months ago

I wonder why they didn’t use mini flippers for the PF. Seems like a bit of overkill for such a small PF.

#2313 8 months ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

Is it me or could they better use of space for the mini pf? Like put it under the pf like in AC/DC.
Then put something else in its place like a Krayt Dragon popping out of the pf to swallow the ball randomly. Or move the Razor Crest to 3 load balls, then fire them at the player randomly when all 3 locked.
[quoted image]

Heck yes, but it's too late to second guess. I'd like to think the current setup is great even though I'm not too much into mini PF in general.

#2363 8 months ago
Quoted from Our_Man_in_Oz:

Well my .2c so far.. I'm no longer stressed about being on the LE waitlist here locally to see if I even manage to get an LE allocation(thanks to all the FOMO'er, Noobs, wanna be collectors etc, dived in over a month ago according to the local Importer) after seeing the all the art packages and feature list(or lack thereof). The art and armor for the LE aren't making me want to blow the extra $$. The Premium art looks perfectly good to me, especially after many were nitpicking the LE art last night here saying how ordinary it looked. Now let's see how good Dwight's code is and we'll go from there

I was on a wait list for LE since last month when Kenada said it was a good idea to get on the list but just heard my dealer wasn't able to meet the demand so I didn't make the cut. I am fine with that, I do like the premium translight art much better anyway and the head art with the characters is nice (like my SW comic premium). I would have preferred the LE for the armor and the art blades but that could be added.

I am not mad about missing the LE, but I do think Stern took page from JJP and sold some direct to cut the dealers out of the action.

#2365 8 months ago

I do think because the modes/missions are not named on the PF inserts but just given numbers that it would be possible to have more than 5 and even possible to add some at a later date (like R&M which has added like 4-5 new modes since it was launched).

#2497 8 months ago

Didn’t think what she said was that bad but this is a day where you can’t say a peep unless you have a stand alone platform like Joe Rogen.

#2503 8 months ago

This is the Pinside I’m used to, some calling the game meh or possibly the top10 of all time depending on which side of the purchase you are on.

#2521 8 months ago

I was reading about Gina Careno, the article said Disney fired her after many SW fans had been calling for to be fired. As if that ever was the reason, if so KK would have been fired ages ago.

#2535 8 months ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

Thank you for this. Your post put a smile on my face.
I had the exact same experience with my grandson. Although I wanted a EHOH, I needed something family friendly that he could enjoy for years. I was debating between this and JP.
I asked him "Which machine should I buy? Mandalorian or Jurassic Pa..... He immediately smiled and shouted "Mandalorian!!!! I love Baby Yoda!"
Me: "But you also love dinosaurs."
Him: "Baby Yoda! Baby Yoda!"
Ordered the pin, went on line and had my enthusiasm mildly deflated by the usual handful of Pinsiders and K crapping on it while comparing it to...what else?...GnR. Happily, I've been here for 10 years so the angst didn't last long.
Also ordered the Pro (yeah...yeah..."Pros are for Ho's"...whatever.) because of the lack of upper playfield and the translite.
Can't wait for it to be delivered!

Great story. I’m likely getting a Premium.

#2630 8 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

I think people really over react to the criticism. There is no mob outside Stern, torches and pitchforks in hand. I don't think it is offside to say they could have done better on this one. I don't understand this need to defend and protect them and their hard work. They are a business and adults, it's not like they don't know they could have done better.

Everything could be better everything in the world.

However until you own a pinball company and are able to do everything exactly as you think it should be than just deal with what is. I remember on R&M people were saying why doesn’t it have this or that. Someone pointed out, you want R&M pinball take it or leave it, you are not likely to get a better one than what they made.

Same here.

#2746 8 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

I’m sure if her parents heard he bought an LE for 16k they probably questioned why are they paying for a wedding


Also if you can’t afford something expensive luxury item just don’t buy it.

#2825 8 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Upper playfields that don't have at least a loop, a ball lock, or something that reveals another shot seem worthless in my opinion (at least at these crazy prices). Hitting 6 standup targets from 3" away is going to get old really fast. Also, what the heck does the upper playfield represent? Mando doesn't have LED's all over his helmet or down the center of it. Just odd and feels like a waste of an area / mech.

AcDc mini PF was way better and with short flippers loops and stand up shots, I can't see how much fun this can be but only wait and see how it plays.

#2871 8 months ago

I missed on the LE was on list for 2 months but at the end of the day the distributor didn’t get enough. However that’s ok with me as I can wait to see the game and play it first which is a good policy. But not always able such as when I bought R&M which sold out in a few hours. But here with Stern it’s nice that the premium or pro can be got later.

#2879 8 months ago

I know a few locations near me had got LEs in past but don’t think will be happening at these prices.

#3262 8 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

I work a lot and when I get home I’ll have time for a few games maybe 4-5 nights a week .I wish I had more but that’s where I am right now .I would call this a casual player and to casual players this is a whole lotta “face palms” dead smack in the middle of the playfield right next to the 7 main shits in the game .Literally everything is mid PF.There no depth with shots .I wanted to order sight unseen and I’m glad I didn’t as I need to play it first to see if it’s for me n my boys .Looks great but we’ll see next week how it shoots but even then that’s top players streaming so on this one I need to flip it first .
[quoted image]

I’m concerned with the roll over area below baby Yoda, often times roll overs are just a chore to complete not something super exciting that seems to take up a good portion of the game.

1 week later
#4127 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

My word of advice to everyone considering this game:
Please please please play this first. Even though it’s .83 code. Let’s assume all the modes and multiballs are coded.
The only things I would expect from here on out are bug fixes, scoring balances and other tweaks to the game via light shows and possibly callouts.
And don’t even expect that. Please please please base your purchase on what the game is, not what you hope it will become.
I promise you’ll never be disappointed if you approach it this way.
I’m probably more stoked than anyone to get this game after last nights stream. That being said, if I buy this in the next six months I’ll be surprised.
These games will be available NIB for years. Take your time.

I agree!!

I’m very keen for this title with Dwight, Brian etc..... I’ve got SW comic would look great together.

I’m being very selective now as I don’t want to sell my current pins. Have to debate if Alien or Godzilla might be better possibly next Spooky or CGC as well.

I’m not really sold on the upper left (child) space yet.

#4130 7 months ago

I’ll admit it that I’m disappointed with the assets. I’m looking at SW with more movie clips and callouts from the films. Not hearing any callouts from Mandalorian.

#4296 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Does the rules change in the OG coop and team play on spooky games? I thought those merely shared progress and score?

Think the rules fairly much the same for TNA except no extra balls awards and if you destroy a reactor your score will have a 1 at the end or 2,3 and so on for each reactor you have destroyed.

#4366 7 months ago

I’m curious about the mini PF modes they said 3 modes with 3 levels per mode. I’m just curious how much difference they could be, I really didn’t watch too closely but do you think anything will feel unique about the upper PF modes?

I’m kind of intrigued about the upper PF think the tilting mechanism will make it stand out and make it play faster when the PF is more upright. Plus it looks cool to me, just not sure if it’s going to be fun for a long time or will the novelty wear off.

From what I’ve seen the players don’t keep the ball alive long on the upper PF so you will need to put the ball back up to finish the missions.

#4367 7 months ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I'll just share my thoughts from watching the stream last night. I'm a huge SW fan, yet after playing every SW title, I've never been compelled to purchase any them. I should also make it clear that I don't suffer from new tile FOMO either. If I really like a game, I'll consider getting the premium or the pro. I'm still searching for the right NIB releases that checks all the boxes for me. That said...
You can put me in the camp that the Grogu area & the Mini playefield appear to be a letdown in design choice. That mini playfield, rotating or not, just doesn't look that fun & it takes up alot of real estate. Same goes for Grogu, as that's alot of space for a static toy/rollovers/pops. And this type of licensed title puts the designers in a box & we've seen this all before. Straight forward use of video clips linked to modes & multiballs, one actor for custom callouts, etc. A fairly straight forward rule set & mode progression. Appealing to all ages & easy to understand. There is nothing wrong with that & this title will have great success. I'm sure. I'm looking forward to playing it.
But FOR ME, I prefer the way Elwin designs his games. Lots of crossshots, loops, & combos...while taking advantage of every inch of space on the playfield. Playfield design & coding rulesets are integrated from the beginning. He picks licences that give him lots of freedom to do what he wants. Iron Maiden integrated classic album covers & music into a complete package. Jurassic Park was based on the park itself & a unique your choose-your-own-path to escape the island. Comic Book Avengers wasn't stifled by incorporating actors voices & showing movie clips on loops. He uses massive bonus countdown calculations on all his games. He takes the money that would have gone to big licences & puts it to the game itself. Elwin won't be boxed in on Godzilla either. No big actors to deal with, just take big monsters fighting/destroying shit & let your imagination run wild.
THIS is what I prefer. If I want to watch the show/movie, I'll go sit on the couch. Take a licence, boil it down to its core elements & make something new with it. Lyman does this as well. Just look at what he's done on Elvira. Incorporate all the things people love about the older Elvira games, take her TV Host history & make something new. But it also feels like a 90's game on with modern integration. Extremely well done.
So yet another new release will come & go but my core principles remain the same.....only Elwin or Lyman games for me. And others can buy whatever floats their boat too. Plenty of pinball variety for all.

I was firmly on the buy this title but now I’m not sure. Mainly, upper roll overs just don’t do anything for me. I get it on Woz or AFM etc because they are out of the way don’t take up much room but this magnet/doll area might not be that exciting for the how prominent they are in the game it’s almost the focal point of the game.

The upper PF looks great to me but I’m worried if it’ll get old fast.

I’ll probably wait for next pin to be shown and play Mando before I buy.

#4374 7 months ago

I like the roll playing aspect, you can complete some missions more easily or buy an add-a-ball or even an EB.

#4391 7 months ago

Could we drop the Dwight/Munsters code discussion? This is the Mando and as coded now has a lot more to it.

#4466 7 months ago

Tron has fairly simple code not deep but it’s fun. Maybe the problem with Munsters isn’t the deepness of the code. People might want to compare it to BM66 because they both have many hours of TV show clips to draw from but Munsters don’t use a fraction of the possible.

#4642 7 months ago

My only worry is about the upper PF if it’ll be fun or something that’s just meh after a while.

1 week later
#4995 7 months ago

Watching Jack play the pro had a lot of balls dribble into the upper PF not sure how I feel about the upper PF if the pro or premium will play better or worse. Just looks like such an awful small space for full size flipping.

3 weeks later
#5931 6 months ago

Just played the pro (actually 3 different machines), great art and fun shooter, code may be too early to tell.

My 2c
-the upper PF was not that compelling (IMO) of course was also playing JJP PotC with two flippers and more shots by contrast to me Mando is not a great upper PF area. Might like the tilting version tho.
(I am not a great big proponent of upper PF anyway, but this one is not my cup of tea, prefer AcDc (lower PF) or Tspp or Woz even upper PF), but in general don't care for upper/lower PF. At least the ball doesn't spend all day up there.

-the upper left pop bumpers and roll over area to me are not great, not a huge deal since most pops and roll overs are kind of throw away area but just to me this is maybe worse than most others simply because of the area involved. I don't love roll over as a whole so then just giving me more is actually worse.

-the center ramp is entirely too wide, it's the most gimme shot ever in any pinball machine, it's also entirely too easy to spam the swinging shot to get the Multiballs. I understand that they require more shots but if I wanted to would be able to hit the swinging shot and center ramp all day.

I did love the Left ramp and the Right ramp and lower mini loop are great to shoot.

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