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This is the Way - Stern Mandalorian Pinball is Here!!

By zpinman370

9 months ago

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Post #2976 Super Awesome Pinball Show interview with Brian Eddy. Posted by jellikit (8 months ago)

Post #3298 First look and initial impressions. Posted by ZMeny (8 months ago)

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#304 8 months ago

come on Stern!!!

#310 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Just finished season 2. My wife and I binged both season this past week. Incredible.
The mandalorins and boba fett were always something I wanted more of when watching the movies as a kid. This series did such a good job of giving us that and a whole lot more. Even the minor characters on this show were great.
Can’t wait for season three and future spin offs.

Jon Favreau is the mastermind behind all of this and of course the directors that worked on the show - each episode had a different one - were great too...

I am probably going to get an LE... this pin gotta be amazing.

#336 8 months ago

Was not Walt frozen in carbonite?

It all make sense now!!!

#501 8 months ago
Quoted from MasterBlaster:

We were hooked from the very first episode. The music, the story, the characters…it’s everything SW should be. I particularly wanted to watch the last episode today to get me hyped up for this pin release. I feel that The Force is strong with Stern now…this will be a modern-day T2 and set records for them.

it is funny you said that because I literally just thought the same thing. no other pin did that since T2 and I think this is it because it is a pin for everybody!!!

#503 8 months ago
Quoted from PinKopf:

I'm looking forward to more details. I'm also hoping it turns out not to be Dwight on code - not for the normal hater reasons, but just so we get something completely different code-wise than the existing SW. Not that he isn't capable of variety, and I've come to really like SW now owning one, but... I hope Eddy has an exciting fresh design, excited to see what they've done.

^ yes x 1000

#565 8 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

And people will still be asking if there are pictures.
Also, who is on code?! And who is designing this one?!

So who is the designer? Lol
Kidding kidding!!

#1051 8 months ago

to save us time I made a list of the crappy games Brian Eddy ever made:

You are welcome.

#1140 8 months ago
Quoted from spidey:

Joining the club

the non owners FOMO club?

#1163 8 months ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

I agree with the above statement, but these two need to get back together and then we’d really have some compelling story boards similar to “A New Hope” and “Empire Strikes Back.”
[quoted image]

today in this episode of ... 'how to touch a woman'

geeeee, George can't be more awkward here.... lol, that hand around her hip... CRINGE

#1342 8 months ago

Sorry I got lost...

What is the next game again? Ah, no, that is the other thread...


Also 3 Ottawa/Gatineau posts in a row.

The force is strong in this region

#1406 8 months ago

Pf looks packed, art on the backglass is horrible

#1786 8 months ago

so a magnet under Grogu, an extra diverter on one ramp that probably feeds balls into the back of the bigger razor crest (that has a coil in it that probably makes it flip to release balls?) and a mini PF that looks like... crap... I am typically all over premiums but it does not seem 'this is the way' for this game...

#1812 8 months ago

what is under the MINI PF in both Pre and LE?

#1844 8 months ago

I was in for an LE to be honest because I really enjoy the show and I think this would make a great addition to my small collection, but.... I am not sure it is worth it.
The mini pf sounds like another Stern nightmare that will require hours of tuning - maybe? - and the diverter and magnet, well...underwhelming.

#1852 8 months ago
Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

Always captain positivity, eh?

have you owned any NIB games that required hours of 'tuning' and recalls, parts replacement, and countless hours of comms with Stern to make them work... ?

Because I have.

#1893 8 months ago
Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

Yes. Full Metallica pf swap actually and more. Shit happens. Still excited for this release.
Edit: you've had ONE new game. So what? You're disc needed a new kit? Mine as well.
[quoted image]

I did not know I had followers on Pinside, thanks. And you are wrong.
Feel free to reach out, I have sent you a PM.

#1904 8 months ago

this means nothing other than a small quantity reserved by Stern was sold through their website at MSRP, the rest has to be sold by distributors.
The LE looks like shit anyways so I do not care. lol

#1917 8 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:There is so much hype for this and I still do not get it. There is just something about this whole show that I do not get. To me the guy in this suit was the one dude in the whole universe that gave Darth Vader attitude. Vader literally after he gave orders points his finger at him and is like I am talking to you do not fuck with me while everyone else just shits their pants. They reduced that character to a Nanny pushing a Star Wars stroller to sell stuffies and people are wild for it?! The pin and its weird unfun mini playfield and useless baby Yoda make even less sense to me.

do you realize these are not the same characters? I mean... they are not the same person, it is a different Mandalorian.

#1937 8 months ago
Quoted from Indypin:

Boba Fett took the order because Vader is paying him. Just like at work if you're boss tells you to do something in a rude way, you grit your teeth and do it for the money.
They tried to humanize a bounty hunter. He's all guts and glory and anything for the money and the order he serves, until he finds out one of the bounties involves a small child. He grows attached to it and will do anything to protect the child and get him to a rightful caretaker no matter what the costs. All of this set up in a Star Wars universe.

that is not exactly a fair description of the character.
He happens to be an orphan saved by the mandalorians, and he feels identifies by the kid and feels the need to save him.

#1968 8 months ago
Quoted from scooter75:

it doesnt matter what your leanings are. She was a huge part of the show. Now non existent.

welcome to 'cancel culture' where if you fart the wrong way you are automatically discarded from society.

#2180 8 months ago
Quoted from Saltimbanco:

I wish I could double upvote this, totally on point. As for that Grogu toy, it's a modder's dream come true. There is going to be loads of different offerings to replace that one.
I swear, they must have had this discussion over at Stern:
- It looks a bit like a toy stuck in a claw machine..
- Don't worry, modders will make something out of it!

I would disagree to be honest, I have not seen any toys from any mod company that has the definition or quality that you see in the OEM toys of a Jersey Jack for example.
For the most part mods are just terribly cheap looking... I really doubt somebody will make something better than what is already there.

#2189 8 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I wonder why they didn’t use mini flippers for the PF. Seems like a bit of overkill for such a small PF.

that mini PF is pure cringe, I am honestly thinking on passing on this game altogether due to this. It just looks dumb and the helmet makes absolutely no sense. That and the gigantic Grogu in the corner.... yikes, I am disappointed.

#2425 8 months ago

I had originally saw the LE on the leaked photoshopped image and did not like it but then saw a real picture and it looks really nice.
The art is actually really good in most models, I think I still prefer the Premium overall.

#2547 8 months ago

ok, I think I am coming to terms with this layout using my own logic to convince myself to take the leap of faith and trust that the designers' criteria on what a fun is all about.

Judging by one the layouts of one of the most famous pinball games of the last 30 years (AF), where to me the layout always felt 'meh', one can say that the actual pinball experience comes alive with a combination of music, sounds and callouts...
If you did not know how/what AF sound like, what would you say about this layout at first sight:

flipperautomat-the-addams-family-bally_0280 (resized).JPG

To me it looks bare and the hand mech (always though it was lame) but the worst part of this game to me what THE HUGE bookcase mech that looks like a bag of shit in the middle of the PF, nothing more than an ugly bash toy that only rotates to revel a scoop, wow... Nonetheless, this game is still one of the most sought after games 30 years after it was made...

Sooooo, when I a compare this layout to Mando, I think Mando is going to be a home run in comparison.

#2551 8 months ago
Quoted from Vino:

Can anyone confirm if mini pf gradually tilts steeper as you as you keep the ball alive or random?

it has 3 levels, each level has a different degree/angle.

#2598 8 months ago

Mmmm interesting. In the matrix for AIQ, does the gauntlet have any particular details to it?

#2633 8 months ago
Quoted from GoodOmens:

From the Star Wars reveal site, although I take it to be more about the code and game features.


Source: https://www.starwars.com/news/the-mandalorian-stern-pinball

if Grogu's little hand moves, it will be pretty awesome.

#2637 8 months ago
Quoted from roffels:

R2D2 was bigger than the Death Star in the Data East Star Wars. Maybe it's just tradition.

so the only logical explanation to this is that he does move and they are saving it as a surprise... I am being optimistic... don't roast me, lol

#2711 8 months ago

Typo or did someone just spill the beans ...?

7F8BB360-F943-412D-B1EE-A31C13BCADC1 (resized).jpeg

#2743 8 months ago
Quoted from ArcadeBar:

That’s what Phasma said

That would be worse than static. Lol

#3014 8 months ago

who cares if it moves or not really, I am not buying the game based on that. I want to see how it shoots!!!

#3028 8 months ago

the artwork in the nicest I have seen in a Stern after Deadpool and AIQ - I know it is a different artist - and his style fits Star Wars and Mando well.
I really like it, have no complaints about the art. The doll at the back it bothers me a bit.

I recommend listening to the interview that was posted earlier if you have the time. I think this is going to be a great game.
The shots are all really fun and seem to be a fast table. The mini PF in the Prem/Le might be a good gimmick after all, it is pretty well described in the interview and it sort of sold me on the game now.

#3067 8 months ago

as per the podcast with Brian and Dwight's interview, there is a mention about the mini PF.
It has a multi ball feature, 2 balls in the mini pf, for this to happen one ball is continuously cradled by one flipper in the mini pf,(the game does this automatically) then another ball is launched and you play until you get a second ball in the mini PF, then, 2 ball mini PF multi ball...

If the upper pf flipper can be locked up with software, why can't the same software disable them until you start a mode the mini pf? the modes start only when the balls are diverted so there is an opto or something up there to trigger this.

I don't think it is going to be active all the time, it would be lazy coding?

#3069 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I don’t want it to be disabled all the time as I want to be able to involve that area during certain modes and multiballs.
If that is not going to happen, then yes it’s possible to code it to be off until you’re up there. Just have to hold the ball in the diverter long enough to get it turned on before dropping in.

the mini Pf is used only in certain modes and it is only used then, according to the interview. There are 3 missions or whatever they are called, and that is what is the PF is used for. nothing else.

#3075 8 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Lazy is harsh. It’s a low priority luxury that could cause more gameplay issues than fixing a minor esthetic issue.
People would be a lot more upset if it didn’t flip when they think it should than getting them flipping when they maybe don’t need to.
I don’t disagree that they should stay static when the playfield isn’t in use, but I recognize how much additional testing and issues could arise.
That’s why most separate playfield flippers are always live. People point out the cabinet leaf switches for flippers. But what about the switches that are supposed to help track where the ball is? It’s not the end of the world if the switch before entering the playfield is misadjusted if the flippers are always live.

as stated before, a ball is continuously cradled in the mini PF by software. There is a diverter at the top already that triggers everything else. It captures the ball first and then diverts it I think. So the interaction with the 'switch' should happen there and then.

If the flipper can be held up by software, why not disabling it too? The same way the mini PF movement is disabled or active when needed...

There is also a FULL mode that controls power to the flippers, so there is extensive code done for this in the sense that it can truly be controlled by software. The mode is called impossible something, I don't care to remember...

Anyway... I would like them to be disabled, we can do it now... this is not the 90s anymore.

#3079 8 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

It’s irrelevant that the game can hold the flipper up. The issue is player frustration when the flipper doesn’t flip up when they expect it to.
The limited flipper hold meter game mode may apply to the upper playfield as well as the lower. (Or heck, the base game may have some no holds up there too for some modes)

Unless it can be proven that it is an issue, this argument really does not hold water:
I think the PF stays up in an unplayable angle and not aligned with the diverter (so you can see the helmet) until the 'encounter' is started, once the ball is captured the PF adjusts itself to receive the ball. Following your argument, the mini PF should always be in a playable angle or it otherwise might not be ready to receive the ball in time.
All that to say, if the PF angle is coded so it is visible... flippers could be disabled too?

#3118 8 months ago
Quoted from kvan99:

Actually it is an issue, it's distracting

that is why I insist that the flippers should be disabled unless you are about to go into the mini PF, it has to move up to receive the ball anyway...
The mini pf position is merely on what I have seen on the video, and it seems like the helmet is somewhat perpendicular to the main pf so you can see the helmet better...
It then moves when you are about to start that mode.

#3126 8 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Look all I know is I paid all that money, I'd want as many things moving as possible as often as possible.
This whole "kill the flippers" movement is beyond dumb. Upper playfield flippers are too "distracting" for you to enjoy your game?
We've reached new levels of whining. This is pinball. The upper flippers - the vast majority of the time - are always on, for reasons that have been explained many times.
I'm thinking some of you people need to find a new hobby. One you can enjoy.

My favourite hobby is spending time on pinside reading comments from asshats. It's a blast.

#3269 8 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

I work a lot and when I get home I’ll have time for a few games maybe 4-5 nights a week .I wish I had more but that’s where I am right now .I would call this a casual player and to casual players this is a whole lotta “face palms” dead smack in the middle of the playfield right next to the 7 main shits in the game .Literally everything is mid PF.There no depth with shots .I wanted to order sight unseen and I’m glad I didn’t as I need to play it first to see if it’s for me n my boys .Looks great but we’ll see next week how it shoots but even then that’s top players streaming so on this one I need to flip it first .
[quoted image]

Typical Eddy layout in my opinion. Lots of orbit type shots, really fast gameplay and a blast to shoot.

Stranger things is like this and it is my actual favorite pin. Really fun! All shots are mid pf and not all return to the flippers as quick as in mando.

I can tell mando is going to be a lot of fun to shoot!
I am excited to see some gameplay.

#3420 8 months ago

lol, moving flippers on mini pf are distracting, non moving Yoda, and now, rotation!
welcome to pinside.

#3463 8 months ago

lots of pilots in this forum, as such, I have very important questions:

Are you guys putting the auto pilot on to play pinball?

Are XXX films good at representing a day in the job?

Thank you

#3703 8 months ago
Quoted from Gambeno:

Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet but I pretty sure the Grogu starts to move his head downward at the 1:34 mark in the reveal video. you have to slow the video down all the way to see it because it happens right when the camera cuts.

you are absolute right it does move and it is cut out in editing...

#3731 8 months ago
Quoted from koops:

From the down votes I wasn't sure if you were serious or trolling etc so I had a look myself.
*flame suit on*
I can see what you were referring to. It is so small and seems to only exist for a single frame.
So I present this gif which should help demonstrate what you saw a little better.
I'm not sure if its a camera movement or as other have said its just shaking from the machine itself but its a TINY movement.
More impressed you actually saw this!
The light reflecting off the right eye makes it appear that its probably moving more than it is.
Whiplash in my imve probably moves just as much
This feels like im trying to debunk a ufo sighting lol!
"I want to believe but its just internal camera refection!"
edit: ahha! inline gifs work.
[quoted image]
hmm. that camera shake tho, locked to the ramp.
[quoted image]

Yup that is it, and it is edited just before it continues moving, that... also Jack Danger did not confirm or deny this little guy moves either...

I am pretty sure it does!

#3745 8 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

1/16" of head wiggle, I'm back in, baby!

the rumour is that the child also gives you the finger instead of the 'hand thing' when you drain.

#3752 8 months ago

I hope it moves, then....also me:

tmpo7M5Dp (resized).jpg

#3795 8 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

The majority of the gameplay modes appears to revolve around that mini pf...so...

no they do not.

#3905 8 months ago

I am actually not impressed... the premium seems meh, and the upper pf is underwhelming at best.

I am on the fence for a pro, but I hate the plastic ramps... I might just wait for next cgc or spooky I think...

#3915 8 months ago

I did not hear the stream, had it muted...kids.

Is there audio from the show with Mando’s voice? Or just video clips with Car W callouts voice over?

#3921 8 months ago

Not even I can bring you in warm or....

Like wtf

**Disappointment increases**

#3930 8 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

You say this like you just saw everything the game has to offer or will offer.

I guess you are right... Is it normal to have audio clips missing at launch?

I thought the code improvements wereonly for light shows and added rules.

#3958 8 months ago

Well... the premium features are not very interesting... only thing I care are the metal ramps...

Wondering if these will be available in the aftermarket world???

#4094 8 months ago

Mini pf is lame, affects gameplay and it looks silly. not to mention that it is probably a maintenance headache as well.
Magnet is lame, the static GIGANTIC grogu doll is an eye sore.

Pro is underwhelming and plastic ramps, no go for me, mini PF, waste of real estate and the modes in it look boring in all models.


Animations are great, sounds are ok for the most part, call outs are terrible sorry, shots seem fun.

Lots of time to decide on this one, not gonna get one for at least a few years until the code is finished and bugs are ironed out. I might have the chance to play elsewhere between now and then and make an appropriate decision at that time.
sadly, I am not impressed.

Pass for now.

#4100 8 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

George Gomez modeled the Razor Crest ship in the Manadalorian pin.

Surprisingly it is the best toy in the game.
Gomez is an awesome designer.

#4101 8 months ago
Quoted from RobT:

The price of STh LE's have gone up in price for a reason. The market disagrees with you. The pin is fun as hell to play.
And my TK lock works great, and required very little tweaking.

Agreed. I own Stth premium and it is fun!!

#4118 8 months ago

It is the way it is because they clearly have no idea what they are doing.

Everything is a trial an error, the whole pinball streaming things is relatively new and it started by accident and serendipity just like Jack told the story of the very first stream. He was at the right place at the right time and there was nobody else that is both a good player and has somewhat of a personality like Jack.

From there forward everything is improvised. They just got lapelle mics for the first time yesterday, there is no script, there is no budget, there is nothing... other than the usual stream, with a bunch of people asking random questions that never get answered.
It is chaotic, unscripted and unorganized.

I expected that... no complaints there.

Maybe we are expecting ‘apple’ type of marketing... there is no budget for that, clearly, nor there is interest.

Just a thought...

#4194 8 months ago
Quoted from ChrisLIX:

There's no other option than playerOne I think here. Am I right?

For Eastern Canada, no there is not.

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