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This is the Way - Stern Mandalorian Pinball is Here!!

By zpinman370

6 months ago

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“This is the Way - Stern Mandalorian Pinball is Here!!”

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Post #2976 Super Awesome Pinball Show interview with Brian Eddy. Posted by jellikit (5 months ago)

Post #3298 First look and initial impressions. Posted by ZMeny (5 months ago)

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#49 6 months ago
Quoted from ThePinballCo-op:

I don't know what a Mandolorian is.
Then again I didn't know what Avengers was either, and I love that pin.
Movies ain't my thing.

Neither are movies lol

#123 5 months ago
Quoted from kvan99:

I guess so....look at rules below it's just like the movies.....epic!
Complete every blue standup target on the playfield once in about 30 seconds to advance your Jedi level....(Jedi level?)
Collect TIE Fighters by hitting the flashing red standup targets..Collecting enough TIE Fighters (35/110 to start the TIE Fighter Multiball. ( collecting Tie Fighters? )
Shot Multipliers: Shot multipliers start at 2x, a spread of three shots has the green “X” lit. Hitting any 3-bank target increases the shot multiplier by 1, up to a maximum of 20x, and the overall multiplier can be doubled (by collecting the fourth FORCE award), making a maximum shot multiplier of 40x. ( Hooray for 40x multiplier, it's all about the Parsecs)
Video Mode: Completing the 5-bank drop targets three times will light Video Mode at the right loop.
Mystery: Completing the 5-bank drop targets once will light Mystery at the right scoop......zzzzzz

Have you actually played the game for more than 3 balls? Seems like you just copy pasted some of the rule set... and totally ignored most of the actual code

#146 5 months ago

Wonder if the pro will have the upper play field, history says no chance

#197 5 months ago
Quoted from crujones4life:

Sounds expensive...who's ready for a real nice price increase?

Quoted from Thunderbird:

Rumors: Mando will have upper playfield that rotates, with 2 flippers and 6 drop targets according to Kman. Also, rumored to have 2 ships, one that will have a door that opens. Should be fun with Eddie on design.

Sounds like the shadow equivalent of stranger things

#233 5 months ago

The way people hype stuff here is ridiculous. “Gonna be a huge hit” without even knowing what the game actually is or looks like. 60% of people in the poll are out sight unseen and a bunch more could drop off if the game is a turd. Brian Eddys last game was based on an even more popular show and it completely bombed at release. I hope it’s a fantastic hit but blind hype is obnoxious.

#549 5 months ago

So is it official?

#556 5 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

yes and I strongly believe it may already be sold out!


#557 5 months ago


#584 5 months ago
Quoted from Indusguys:

That’s true, but if you don’t like waiting to play LE is the way to go.

first run pros come first, then LEs.

#622 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

It's just not the same.
I mean...how excited can Rick and Morty people possibly be about getting a game that's a year old already? Is it still gonna be a thrill when people are getting their Haggis Fathom in 2 years? That's like 6 Stern games from now.
That's why Stern will always be #1 with FOMO. You know you'll get your pro within a couple weeks or your LE shortly thereafter.

Face palm

#667 5 months ago

All this talk about LEs, FOMO, flipping games, etc is so obnoxious and such a turn off. Is that why you guys are in this hobby? Everyone that wants a Mando will be able to get one whether it’s pro or premium.

Also news flash : buying a stern LE to flip is a moronic investment. The last two stern titled AIQ (an Elwin and zombie yeti game) and led zep (the “ultimate” band theme) both bombed in LE value and are flipped at a slight loss today. Not to mention the other Star Wars LE title goes for like 8k. You’re much better off taking that 10k and buying some bitcoin.

#669 5 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

For me it’s not fomo and if you look at my sales I’m not flipping or making money. I get the LE because with covid There wasn’t anywhere to play them. Now you have to wear masks so rather just try it out and sell if it’s not a keeper. Even if you lose a small amount selling to me it’s worth it. If I was losing thousands then I wouldn’t buy one. Of the last 3, only tmnt has been a keeper

It’s fomo and impatience. You can wait until the game is released and, you know, look at it before buying it. If your goal is just to try instantaneously (irrational) buy a pro, or just a couple of months for a premium. There is no rationality to blindly ordering an LE outside of being a collector.

#676 5 months ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Serious question-
If you were running a business, would you sell first to your loyal customers or the guy that walked in stating that he wants it more?

I would run a business that treats customers fairly. Locking up inventory in the hopes of a “better” customer coming in is a great way to stop acquiring new customers.

#683 5 months ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Well that simply isn't what I asked. I mentioned loyal customers. Folks were talking about not being able to get an LE without having an established purchase history with a dealer.
If I was a dealer, I would certainly take care of the buyer that regularly purchases from me. Why would you bump that person down the list just because someone else really wants it?

Well yea if there is a waitlist of course you honor that, but holding games for customers even if there isn’t a list or automatically putting customers on a list without being asked is bad business IMO

#718 5 months ago

I hope the topper is a crappy piece of plastic so I can laugh at people for buying them

#748 5 months ago
Quoted from DerezzedKnight:

Luke Skywalker Wizard Mode from the S02 ending would be sweet!

lol thanks for spoiling the show dude, what the actual fuck

#878 5 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:At some point you need draw the line if something is really going to be "limited". Market is red hot right now but what happens in 3 years when things cool with 1000 LE models are changing hands all the time?

Nothing happens to stern the only people it affects are scalpers. They should make as many LEs as they can sell out of. If the market corrects itself then the next game will have fewer LEs to adjust.

#887 5 months ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

You guys do realize having a frenzy and creating panick to get in on LEs helps sales across the board. Why do you think it's there in the first place and limited? Getting rid of this would not be a smart idea for total sales across all three models. Just have to look at total sales of the three they did this on. (maybe more) Black Knight Star wars and Munsters. I know its not the only reason lol but loosing the frenzy is not what they should want.

No one is suggesting getting rid of LEs. But if stern could support 800 LEs with SWs 4 years ago than can easily support 1000 with this market and achieve the same effect. And I totally disagree that LE hype is what drives volume for pros and premiums, good games and good themes sell long term regardless of LE availability.

#889 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballcorpse:

I disagree. I think there are many people who would welcome back the days when there was only *one* version of the game to buy.
But those days are clearly done.

Well yea

#925 5 months ago
Quoted from Mando:

I hope I am wrong, but...
last 3 games to have over 500 LE took a while to sell out at the distro leve - Star Wars, Munsters, Black Knightt
Last 2 modern themes also did not sell well - Guardians and Stranger Things.
Yes things are crazy right now, yes Mando is popular but it fits both these bills.
750 is lot, loses the FOMO. I am in and hope I am wrong, ill check back with you all on this in a month

Buy it because you want it .... Jesus

#933 5 months ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

The distro we got in with said machine is $10,199 base. Scalped right off the bat for a drop ship from the factory?

Price is not changing according to distro folk on here

#960 5 months ago
Quoted from Saltimbanco:

It was my first time calling a distributor, a few days before the announcement. I asked for either the LE or Premium. I got a reply that my name was added to some list. I may just be on the very, very bottom of it (if at all) but I have no expectations whatsoever. This is a brand new pinball for a theme we all love at home! Fun stuff!
Wondering if both LE and Premium could actually become sold out, that is even before more information becomes available? Say, if a trailer hits next week, could all games be spoken for by the week after?
Then my name on that very bottom of the list could become useful when some people will change their mind..!

you're going to have to wait 2-3 months for a premium even if you are #1 on the list. If you want the game ASAP you need a pro or an LE (slightly longer wait). This game will be made for a long time unless it is a total flop.

#1010 5 months ago
Quoted from Gameroom-Goodies:

The show being lame is your opinion, I think the viewer numbers can prove you wrong, though. and based on my sales this morning, yes, the demand is extreme. I can agree with you on several points, yes the game has not been seen, agreed no one knows who the coder is, but there are people who want the LE no matter what, so wait until Tuesday when prices are inevitably higher?
This machine will sell out in LE even if the PF isn't great, and it WILL resell for well over MSRP on the 2nd hand market, whether we all like it or not.
But if none of that matters to you, pricing on LE shouldn't matter either, just grab a premium for $7,699 or $7,799

If the game blows LEs will not go for a premium in the secondary market. See AIQ and LZ for recent examples. If the game looks awesome? Maybe, though with 750+ I’ll believe it when I see it...

#1338 5 months ago

Seriously though My expectations should be tempered for the following reasons...

1) this is a brand new show meaning that it’s possible that the timeline for this game is rushed to coincide with the end of season 2

2) I’m assuming that Eddy was assigned to the game because they are just going to slap the mandalorian theme to his “shadow 2.0” layout that already existed

3) the last game by this crew was pretty awful at launch for a variety of reasons though It did improve greatly with time

4) it’s Disney. Disney sucks and you know they are limiting the creative freedom of the team big time

There, now I can be pleasantly surprised tomorrow

#1394 5 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Season 2 was over and done with 6 months ago.


Quoted from rai:

Not necessarily, Stern SW had about as much assets as I've seen on any pin, 400+ film clips from three of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time with appropriate audio clips from the movies. I believe GotG (also Disney has a lot of film clips too).
Just because JJP PotC had poor assets from Disney just means JJP couldn't negotiate the correct assets (I believe someone from JJP said the PotC asset deal was blown).
I'm not saying that it is or isn't gonna be like The Shadow but that doesn't bother me (I don't own TS) and likely it'll be different enough, I own Iron Man and Metallica pro both are look alike but I love them both and play them both and don't plan on selling either, I own AFM but I could buy MM or Stranger Things they are different enough.

I thought stern SW was lucasfilm?

#1402 5 months ago

That ramp looks crazy steep no? Art looks bad but layout looks pretty unique

#1434 5 months ago

I can’t tell wtf I’m looking at, is it a vertical mini PF? Is that a flipper on the bottom left of the helmet?

#1436 5 months ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Are these the six drop targets on the upper playfield?[quoted image]

I doubt it? How would a huge drop target mech fit there?

#1446 5 months ago

I feel like this could be the most packed pro ever or the absolute biggest downgrade from a pro ever

My guess:

- pro loses upper playfield but keeps the helmet in that spot
- replaces yoda sculpt with flat plastic
- loses the space ship

#1591 5 months ago

It definitely looks like that big clear center ramp drops down...

#1627 5 months ago
Quoted from jorant:

Okay slow down. Pros are a good value, and I don't see the need to go premium in some cases, but come on. Premium/LE is how the game was intended to play as.

Agreed though “intended to play as” is not 100% accurate imo. Both games are designed simultaneously with the intention of offering some unique features to the prem. They are both designed intentionally by the designer. Sometimes features are added for a premium and other times they are removed for the pro. In the JP making of video you hear Elwin say that he designed the game with a T. rex head in the back without knowing what it would do until someone else suggest it eat the ball- what was his design intention there? One could also argue that the way the game as “intended” to play is a pre bom cut proof of concept. Sorry for the rant

#1638 5 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Ramp is super steep. Perhaps Grogu helps the ball up the ramp?

Looks like ramp drops down

#1639 5 months ago

Is it just a doll or does it do anything?

#1653 5 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Or that is simply an airball preventer plastic.

Could be, looks like a metal ramp flap to my untrained eye tho

#1671 5 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Yeah. I'm pretty bummed about that coin door. Stern needs to step up their game a bit and start powder coating those. I have no idea why all the other armor would be powder coated and not the coin door. It makes no sense. Why take the time to powder coat the rails, legs, and hinges and then just say "Yeah fuck that coin door. We're done!". It's crazy.

because the doors come straight form china with all the wiring attached so they'd have to disassemble them and then powder coat them

#1673 5 months ago

the bumpers are probably hidden under yoda and the flasher goes off and he makes some sounds when they are popping off.

#1706 5 months ago

so it looks like the premium has a little drop ramp loop thing, is that a mini orbit on the pro or just a standup target? might be the deal breaker/maker to me.

#1719 5 months ago

1. space ship is on a spring - no coil
2. yoda doesn't do anything
3. mini playfield is just smashing a row of standups no actual shots in there


#1726 5 months ago

what is to the left of yoda?

#1740 5 months ago

stern had "expression lighting" on star trek LE year ago...

#1814 5 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

what is under the MINI PF in both Pre and LE?


#1836 5 months ago

does the spaceship target "stiffen" up at certain points to act as a stand up?

#2002 5 months ago

Center shot is a “ramp” that drops the ball to the left orbit

#2016 5 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Far left is just an orbit.

center shot drops the ball on the orbit form above.

#2034 5 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

So it is a ramp, isn’t it?


#2124 5 months ago

what did the chick do to get banned from the show?

#2184 5 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

Correct. It's a self contained playfield area but it is part of the main playfield.

would have been better to have that be the case for all models and add drops/some sort of exit shot

#2196 5 months ago

yoda toy

could have been a ball like the SW death star that opens up to reveal baby yoda inside. Could have been open in attract mode to achieve the same effect. whats done is done...

#2220 5 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

Baffles me why they didn't put the dynamic duo (Eddy/Sheets) together for this one considering the magic Lyman can works with these properties that have loads of video assets.
Putting the same guy that botched up the last Star Wars just makes no sense at all to me. At least my wallet is safe for now. Waiting to see what Elwin does next.
Maybe they'll pair up Elwin and Sheets!!!

SW code is awesome...

#2227 5 months ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

SW code is incredible to me. Only thing I dont love is the multiplier which really only matters for scoring if you care. But the actual modes/gameplay is great. Dwight is a good coder and I like his games. I also like that hell be around the game thread and answer questions

I love the multiplier, it adds so much risk/reward tension to certain modes. Nailing a hyperspace hurry up with 40x activated is a freaking thrill!

#2315 5 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

There is no mini-playfield on the Pro. It's just a flipper and 6 targets.

Lol it’s the same thing just in a different position, prem/le is two flippers and 6 targets

#2396 5 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I will play this on location...but seems like a redo of SW...with a couple different features. The mando head tilting upper playfield is cool, but the magnet infront of the Yoda is so far away, I find it hard to believe it will affect game play and is just a gimmick...too bad for such an important feature. The artwork is just a SW remake...seriously, hire a real artist...the last good one was dirty Donny with Metallica...IMHO.

I don’t think the layout of mando could be any more different than Star Wars

#2399 5 months ago

Shaker will be a must buy for that razor crest target

#2422 5 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Check out the main fan shots and the “missions and worlds” above the flippers. Yes, there are some differences, but especially the “missions and worlds” area...the same. To me, not a new game, just a redo with a little candy added...and SW and Mando are a grail theme.

Wtf yes there is a similarity in the way the inserts presenting the modes are laid out. Other than that I see no similarities at all. Like zero. I find your take baffling.

#2573 5 months ago

I don't get it lol. Why don't you just buy your kid a $45 animatronic baby yoda toy. How long after he realizes that the baby yoda in the game does nothing will he still give a crap about the pinball machine? Buying a 6k+ game because your kid likes baby yoda is pretty funny to me...

#2629 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Geez that sucks

A magnet that randomly drops the ball into lanes that were already random... the flip ramp is the feature I’d want on a pro

#2634 5 months ago

Does the target on the ship “stiffen up” to block the center path or does it always have the same tension?

#2687 5 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Two ramps are obviously visible, I think I see the third deep up the middle, where does that feed?

left orbit

#2699 5 months ago

still confused about that ship hanging target. I've watched every video and they haven't showed it actually block the shot... I think its just like a switch that registers the shot and slightly shakes the ship, it doesn't have a blocked/unblocked state....

#2780 5 months ago
Quoted from RikeIsland:So who is making the wire form mod for the pro? If someone makes them I wouldn’t second guess the pro.

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a crap about this? The most expensive stern (Elvira) has plastic ramps. Just about every recent pro has had wire forms. From a cost standpoint I find it hard to believe there is actually a real difference. I thought we were passed believing wire forms were somehow more “premium”... but I guess not. I’m sure there will be a mod for this lol

#2806 5 months ago

struggling between really wanting this game and thinking it’s a turd. I love the look of the game (minus yoda doll) and the layout feels unique and packed... but when I dissect it every shot is basic and the upper pf might have the fewest “shots” of any upper of I’ve ever seen, It feels like it’s missing that one super satisfying unique shot and is relying on a potentially bad mini pf too much.... seems like code and presentation is going to make or break this game

#2834 5 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

I know this is a crazy idea, but hear me out: play it first.

cool no one talk about the game until we play it *eye roll*

#2836 5 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Nope, very small pro run first. I know because I had one.

did you play it first?

#2840 5 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Nope, but I also didn't "struggle with thinking it's a turd." Sorry if I hurt your fee-fees.

sounds like I hit a nerve, keep dishing out the advice though

#3050 5 months ago

I agree that having the two huge mini pf flippers pointed at your face being active at all times is dumb. At least in the pro it feels more like a third flipper so no big deal. Isn’t this just an easy software fix though? I assume they are disabling the flippers with software for the impossible mode right?

#3056 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Family guy/shriek/minsters/Acdc are self contained Playfields - the main ball is not passing up/down there from the main pf - they’re just like a separate mode.

That’s exactly what mando is. If the center ramp diverter is disabled you can’t access it

1 week later
#3754 5 months ago

when will we see a stream of the pro?

#3868 5 months ago

Stream down?

#3944 5 months ago

Looks ok, glad I decided on stranger things instead. Might revisit when code is super mature.

1 week later
#4711 4 months ago

Pro is the way

#4969 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfanoz:

Anyone have any predictions where it lands in the Top 100?


1 week later
#5519 4 months ago

What games, other than music pins, have done justice to the theme in the history of pinball? Certainly no 90s game

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