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This is the Way - Stern Mandalorian Pinball is Here!!

By zpinman370

5 months ago

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Post #2976 Super Awesome Pinball Show interview with Brian Eddy. Posted by jellikit (5 months ago)

Post #3298 First look and initial impressions. Posted by ZMeny (5 months ago)

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#470 5 months ago

I paid a deposit this week on a premium before they actually announced it was Mando today lol. Up here in Canada, our distributors have been getting the short end of the Stern inventory stick, so titles are hard to come by. I just went in and said, give me the next premium please. Anything. Ill take it even if it only for a few months until something i genuinely want is available. Mando as a theme doesn't do it for me but im still very excited to see whats in store and have a new game to play over the summer. I sold our Shadow this year so a little nod to that layout would feel great.

#505 5 months ago
Quoted from MasterBlaster:

I noticed that the artwork on the Mando page in Disney+ is now a hand-drawn piece. To me it looks very pinball artwork-ish. Could they be showing a bit of the actual artwork from the machine? That would be some deep marketing integration, for sure!

The artists names are attached to those pics so no

#538 5 months ago
Quoted from Mando:

Is this the style of art everyone is hoping for ? Not sure we get that with Randy Martinez .. seems like you want Doug Chiang

Beautiful work but not all artist can integrate their art with the designer layout. This art (Doug Chaing) seems like the kind where it would just be on the playfield as art and nothing more. The kind of art package that relies heavily on the inserts for player guidance. I like when the art ties into what I should be doing a bit more. ZY nails this imo bur we need more variety for different tastes.
I think Randy Martinez art could lend itself well if he has worked closely with Brian Eddy and the coder for layout input.

#540 5 months ago
Quoted from roar:

The lead characters are entirely void of any sort of depth, one wears a mask all the time and offers very little in terms of range or even dialogue and the other is an animated baby, a baby that can't talk, can barely communicate and every couple of episodes does something interesting.

(Original Star Wars Movies)
Bobba Fett only has a few minutes of screen time, always wears a helmet and "dies" but he is one of the most popular Star Wars characters.
Yoda is a muppet who sound like Fozzy Bear and has a speech impediment. People love him.
R2D2 is hugely popular and he is jist a guy in a trash can who only communicates in bleeps and bloops.
You cant try to explain Star Wars fan logic.

#609 5 months ago
Quoted from Mando:

You guys like my new name?
Formerly Mandelbloom my last name but this just makes sense

Hey! How'd youd change names? Didnt think you could.

#663 5 months ago

Try getting an LE in Canada (of anyrhing)
I was told that if i were to buy every Stern premium and Kapow title for at least one year that then and only then would name even be put on the waiting list. "Legacy" customers have had all the LE's monopolized.
Its a bad set up. My favorite theme in the world could come out and i wouldn't be able to get an LE period.
I walked in to my distributor with 10k cash on hand last week for a deposit on the next LE and was basically laughed at.

#665 5 months ago

Its less a case of FOMO this year i think though. I had cash on hand for a specific title. Most existing titles arent going to be in stock until anytime between Aug2021-Spring2022.
Ordering the next Stern sight unseen was more of a case of "just give me a new game" and "ill sell it once my game is actually in stock"

#691 5 months ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

Serious question-
If you were running a business, would you sell first to your loyal customers or the guy that walked in stating that he wants it more?

You assume im not a loyal customer. Ive bought a nib game from my distributor every year for 3 years now. Im just not rich enough to buy 4 every year. I didnt say i dont get it. Im just saying how it is up here. We have 2 distributors for all of Canada.

#737 5 months ago
Quoted from Hammerhead:

Likely because you can't get an LE for $10K in Canada

I said I had a 10k cash DEPOSIT on me. Im aware of P1 and Stern pricing thanks

#820 5 months ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

Well then you should know that P1 cannot accept a deposit on a game that isn't released yet. Yes they can put you on a waiting list. They can't collect a dime.
You may want to try again once it's announced for real.

Not entirely correct. I left my deposit on Monday morning and spoke to P1 again today thanks.

#1129 5 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

I said the show was lame, but still like the Star War univers.
I could agree with you regarding your percentage but for a keeper game, not just buying.
And i was happy to have owned Met.
I buy an LE or pro or nothing.
Maintenant tu fais ce que tu veux, et je fais ce que je veux

Just for those out there who dont speak any French. This guy makes as little sense in either language.

#1131 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

We may all be in for a rude awakening when Beskar armor turns out to be flat grey paint.

Im guessing LE gets green trim

#1170 5 months ago
Quoted from RaoulJuke:

LOL, don't they? They put the GnR's up $1000AUD inbetween shipments over here. And the build issues ive seen on the GNR's has been pretty bad too - I think all the who-Har about how great JJ are is beginning to look very overrated

Im in Canada and im seeing the miscommunication from here

#1232 5 months ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

This is the most disturbing thing posted on Pinside... If you don't agree I need only say Adams Family.

Its Addams Family and that's Wednesday

#1256 5 months ago
Quoted from nogoodnames222:

If Carl Weathers is doing call outs someone's gotta replace a line with "baby, you got a stew going"

Coincidentally, this is the exact example i used this morning to remind my gf who Carl Weathers is lol

#1379 5 months ago
Quoted from BlackTiePinhead:

I captured it before it went down, can I re post it?


#1388 5 months ago

So does the Mando helmet playfield fold back during play? Hmm

#1390 5 months ago

Baby Yoda's (yeah yeah) has an odd spot on it. Hopefully he grabs the ball off the ramp or something fun

#1401 5 months ago
Screenshot_20210510-215829_Chrome (resized).jpg
#1506 5 months ago
Quoted from turbo20lbs:

Looking forward to the awkward callouts from Carl Weathers, although he may have a good voice for "jackpot". Seriously, was Pedro Pascal too expensive?
Temuera Morrison would have been nice, or even Rosario Dawson.

"Its all in the hips" "just tap it in" oh wait, wrong Carl Weathers movie

#1512 5 months ago
Quoted from Dan1733:

No t molding in the photo

Probably chrome t molding and lighting

#1707 5 months ago
Quoted from thewool:

Maybe there is a magnet which grabs the ball and Grogu moves his hand to give a illusion of the force? I would be happy with that.

Something like Dracula Mist magnet would be really cool actually

#1739 5 months ago

Im glad i watched that because it seems to be down now

#1792 5 months ago

Looks like the Grogu magnet acts as the pops for the C-H-I-L-D rollovers.

Screenshot_20210511-100431_Messenger (resized).jpg
#1834 5 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

what is under the MINI PF in both Pre and LE?


#1839 5 months ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

There are a couple of pops right below that. Videos show them.

My speculation was before the better images but yes, you are correct. Magnet still acts as i suggested though

#1848 5 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

I was in for an LE to be honest because I really enjoy the show and I think this would make a great addition to my small collection, but.... I am not sure it is worth it.
The mini pf sounds like another Stern nightmare that will require hours of tuning - maybe? - and the diverter and magnet, well...underwhelming.

Always captain positivity, eh?

#1865 5 months ago
Quoted from Pin_Fandango:

have you owned any NIB games that required hours of 'tuning' and recalls, parts replacement, and countless hours of comms with Stern to make them work... ?
Because I did.

Yes. Full Metallica pf swap actually and more. Shit happens. Still excited for this release.
Edit: you've had ONE new game. So what? You're disc needed a new kit? Mine as well.

Screenshot_20210511-105314_Chrome (resized).jpg

#1876 5 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

You can get a Mando and Godzilla prem for the price of the LE.That is the way .

2 pros and 3k left for a vacation post covid

#1880 5 months ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Anyone have an LE available? Willing to pay a premium

Become an insider. Im in Canada so no luck.

Screenshot_20210511-101704_Chrome (resized).jpg

Screenshot_20210511-110531_Gmail (resized).jpg
#2544 5 months ago
Quoted from SpaceGhost:

Anyone know what the estimated ship date is for the machine?

Just going off previous releases i would wager
Pros start hitting distributors immediately after the first Deadflip stream in 9days and keep arriving for the next month.
LE's likely start arriving mid June and and Premium owners will start seeing ours in July sometime

#2554 5 months ago
Quoted from medic7000:

The only thing I don’t like about their raffle is that they don’t live stream their results. I’m not saying they are doing anything fishy but their results are posted in a video later. Who is to say they don’t do multiple takes to pick a desired winner? I asked them before why they don’t live stream and they said It’s due to poor video quality. I feel hesitant in any raffle when results can be edited.

Even then they could just have all the same numbers on the balls or something. There is always a way to be sneaky if thats who you are but Project Pinball has proven time and time again to be a wonderful organization. I buy tickets to all their raffles and dont feel bad ive yet to win anything. Sure there is a little trust involved but they have never given anyone reason to question their integrity. Good luck to all who enter. Looks like a likely double drawing this weekend.

#2566 5 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I am not telling anyone if I will get it or not and which version I get if I do. ITS MY SECRET.

Is it really though?

Screenshot_20210512-104833_Chrome (resized).jpg
#2569 5 months ago

This guy needs a hug

Screenshot_20210512-103025_Chrome (resized).jpg
#2718 5 months ago

For anyone that missed the first raffles before they sold out. Project Pinball has started another raffle for a Pro.

#2845 5 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Upper playfields that don't have at least a loop, a ball lock, or something that reveals another shot seem worthless in my opinion (at least at these crazy prices). Hitting 6 standup targets from 3" away is going to get old really fast. h

Idk, I love Swords of Fury and this (especially the pro) reminds me of that

#2884 5 months ago
Quoted from Bellystyle:

Yeah. I heard the LE's are first this time from a distributor. I was just wondering if they have ever run LE's before the Pro's.

It just makes more sense to run
because LE and premium have the same components and would hardly requires any change to the production line.

#3052 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

This is why all upper playfield flippers are wired to the main flippers, or have their own buttons.

Hmm, a game where the mini playfield is cotrolled only when in use, other than Family Guy, Shrek and Munsters are there any others?.....who knows?
Who knows? The Shadow Knows!

#3060 5 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Family guy/shriek/minsters/Acdc are self contained Playfields - the main ball is not passing up/down there from the main pf - they’re just like a separate mode.

Fair. I just wanted an excuse to quote the Shadow

#3096 5 months ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Full size flipper mini play fields have some bad history. None of them have been good. They feel terrible.

Black Knight (OG) would like a word

#3209 5 months ago
Quoted from honkbahh:

Shaker, HD Glass, side armor, art blades, back glass, speakers, etc is way more than $500. That will only cover the glass and side armor.

You've misread. Try again

#3303 5 months ago
Quoted from NashtyFunk:

Nah, home collection
[quoted image]

My first thought was that those toppers cost as much as another game. Id have sold them/not bought them for another nib game in my collection. Whatever makes you happiest though.

#3394 5 months ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I think it's more like a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western meets Star Wars, than anything from the 80's.

So 70s Eastwood flicks plus 70s/80s StarWars dont equal 80s feel?

#3397 5 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

That’s not “Baby Yoda” It’s Grogu, it’s an entirely different character. Make sure your kids know they before they get schooled by some huge playground nerd haha.

Thanks playground nerd

Edit: Hahaha. Pinside moderators are power tripping again. Just calling out the irony in this statement. I love how the moderatfeedback link goes nowhere. Wouldnt want to get any criticism i guess. Ridiculously funny shit

#3404 5 months ago

So was mine obviously

#3428 5 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

The mini playfield does not rotate, the mechanism under the playfield rotates *technically. It’s semantics. Describing the the mini playfield as “rotating” is misleading.

By this logic, the flippers dont actually flip and the pops dont actually pop.
Come on man. We get it. You're unhappy with Sterns phrasing. Its really not a big deal to anyone but you. Move on. Get a pro. Whatever.

#3432 5 months ago

It 'rotates 65° if you are looking at it from the side

Screenshot_20210517-232233_Chrome (resized).jpg
#3572 5 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

- was hoping for some Darth action but I'm sure season 3 will be good.

Darth is dead.
Mandalorian takes place after the original trilogy.

#3574 5 months ago

You had your 40yrs to watch Jedi

#3575 5 months ago
Quoted from Waxx:

[quoted image]
Edit: to be clear I think (I'm not an SW expert anymore) darth maul is dead at this point in the timeline but darth is just a title.

We know from the sequel trilogy that there werent any sith around post emperor "death". I wish Mando were allowed to dismiss the sequel trilogy continuity but you know.....Disney

#3576 5 months ago

Just for anyone talking Child rollovers. Incase you hadnt noticed, the C lane is actuwlly just the left orbit switch. If the D is not a lane then this game has the fairly standard 3 lane setup?

#3634 5 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

If the pro didn’t have plastic ramps, that would be the one to get. The plastic ramps just reminds me of mid to late 1980’s Williams pins. One of the better pros offered by Stern, if had wire formed ramps would rank as one of the best. Well looks wise and option wise compared to the Pre/LE.

I find the "big" changes between many pro-premiums models arent what i would miss most.
Jurassic Park. The moving TREX is supposed to be the big draw but its the Raptor pen i miss most on the pro.
Avengers. The Rising portal and subway should be the big draw but it was the Antman vuc and Captain Marvel shots that were my deciding factors.
Led Zeppelin. Rising magnetic spinner...meh. Upper flipper to upramp wireform? Much more fun imo.
I know that the Mini playfield should be the big draw for Mando but its that horseshoe/upramp shot im excited for.

#3647 5 months ago
Quoted from Sparky:

I think I've only seen Yaddle mentioned once in this thread. So who thinks she will make an appearance in the series? Grogu's mom? Aunt? Grandma?[quoted image]

Im leaning toward Tridactyls (Yodas species) being born through some kind of immaculate force conception Anakin style

#4462 4 months ago
Quoted from Squizz:

One was $6,500 the other was $14,000
In Llyman I trust and know 100% it will be the best it can be ( even in his OWN time!)

I know you're in Australia but nobody else had to pay 14k for Munsters. The price gap between the two wasnt as large as you are thinking and im not really clear why that should matter. Many of the highest rated games cost a fraction of todays game prices. 1 part inflation meets 2 parts increased interest and demand for pinball is all that happened there.

#4645 4 months ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

3d printed Mandalorian helmet flasher covers.
[quoted image]

Not at all meant as a criticism. Very cool idea. The red however has me only seeing Cylons lol.

#4782 4 months ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

Didn't anyone notice the fricking MIRACLE that occurred at the flippers at the 1:25:45 mark? Because DeadFlip sure didn't.
What are the odds?

It would help to use the right time stamp. The is nothing even near the flippers at this time.
You are a minute early for the center blocking balls

1 month later
#6219 3 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

So what is the actual game acronymn for this, Mando?


#6409 3 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Having all 4 leg levelers at the same height gets about 6.5 and bubble in the middle. !

In your house maybe. Wood warps, cement can be poured...poorly. There isnt a universal measurement for everyones game. Thats why levels are used. It nice to hear so much enthusiasm but nobody here needs advice on how to adjust a game and your way is just wrong.

#6410 3 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Ok, bubble might not be accurate I guess but all leg levelers are the same in your case and that passes the test, as an acceptable 6.5, which is Stern's recommendation. Thanks!

Stern designers usually suggests 6.7-7 depending on the title. Could you please link a reference to Brian Eddy stating 6.5 is how the game was designed to be played?

#6411 3 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

all you have to do is measure the thread gap between the top of the leveler foot and the bottom of the adjusting nut when the nut is tight upside against the leg flange. Just measuring exposed thread in other words, it's an accurate measurement.

No. Its really not.

#6413 3 months ago

KozMckPinball dont be petty because i disagree with your inaccurate leveling methods. Spamming revenge downvotes is a schoolyard move and makes baby Yoda cry.

#6415 3 months ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

6.5 is universally what all newer Sterns use i believe. Anything more causes the ball to fall in a straighter line which according to some is cheating. I set all JJPs to 7 though myself and some games like Williams Indy I had at 7.2 but I never set any games under 6.5 but Ive never owned anything older then mid 90s games.

I know at least Keith Elwin games are designed at 6.8+ but every designer has their own preference. I was genuinely asking for a link but got downvotes instead lol

#6417 3 months ago

I was not disagreeing with your statement of 6.5° btw
I just disagree with your "leveling" method (or that you thought anyone here would need leveling tips in the first place).
Carry on

#6418 3 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Recieved with my Mando LE. No offense but I've only leveled one other game my MMR. I just wnated to give my experience that all leg levelers from Stern were dialed the same and that was pretty close to level as-is, with a little adjustment. That's all. I also wanted to show the tool I made to "stool" up my pins for leg work. here it is again.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Your pin lifting tool IS probably better than mine though...my back lol. I crouch under and lift it with my back while I turn the legs :p

#6442 3 months ago
Quoted from MartyMcfly:

Just showed up to pickup at terminal. Mandó is damaged! . Has anyone dealt with something like this?
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I want to downvote these pics
Who would handle a CHILD like this?!?! Monsters!!

#6494 3 months ago

I got an email that Premiums are hitting Ontario "later this week or early next"

#6564 3 months ago

I played a Pro today. It still plays quite well imo but i have one complaint that may have just been the way this particular game was set up.
Several times when the ball dropped to the mini playfield, it would drop straight out without even touching the flipper once.
That was annoying but I enjoyed the game and still put up the current #1 High Score (and Something else)

#6579 3 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

1) might be time to start double boxing ur machines
2) please stop taping the certificate to the back glass it keeps leaving tape residue
3) please add some adjustment in menu to lower the strength of the shaker motor

1) Blame the shippers. Two pieces of cardboard won't stop a forklift and a guy who doesn't give a crap about your stuff
2) This. This all day Stern
3) There is. Skaker Use: Off, Minimal, Moderate or Maximum. If you mean the actual strength it shakes the game and not the frequency then you have to manually adjust the swing arms on the shaker with an allen key.

#6612 88 days ago
Quoted from P1nhead:

I made a set a little more true to Damascus/beskar detail. They are three dimensional as well.[quoted image]

I curious too see someone hydro dip their flippers.

#6614 88 days ago
Quoted from dinot:

Here are some initial pics. I'll got more once I move this into my gameroom. Right now it is in my modding staging area (which is outside my gameroom) which is a total mess when I work on machines.
So far I've installed
- powder coated parts
- orange t-moulding
- upgraded 5 1/4" speakers
- speaker light kit
- subwoofer Klipsch 12"
- Lighted buttons
- Most of the rubber with superbands
- Flipper toppers.
- Invisiglass (Not on yet, I leave that for last)
I have the Wizard mods sideblades, but those have been stuck in customs in Miami for over 3 weeks, which also means I can't install my pinstadiums yet.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Normally orange is my least favorite colour but that looks pretty sharp

#6726 83 days ago
Quoted from Izzy24:

I put a deposit on my premium on the morning of May 12th and am being told October. Anybody else in that boat?

Deposit down May 3rd. Premium is supposed to arrive at my distributor any day.

#6745 83 days ago

Picking up Mando (and JP) this afternoon.

#6767 82 days ago
20210730_092419 (resized).jpg
#6769 82 days ago

Im setting mine up tonight. What is the consensus on pitch for this one? I keep most of mine around 6.8 unless otherwise recommended.

#6773 81 days ago

Holy crap. You guys weren't kidding about the mini playfield diverter bouncing the ball back. Its like 80% of the time ffs.

#6774 81 days ago

I removed the chrome trim from my Metallica because i thought it looked crappy but i dug it out of the basement tonight and put one side up. I think it goes pretty dang good with Mando.

20210730_230216 (resized).jpg

20210730_231603 (resized).jpg
#6776 81 days ago
Quoted from jeffgoldstein2:

I have had 0 rejects in 50 games on my premium.

We are getting 3/4 clean shots coming right back down the ramp

#6780 81 days ago
Quoted from chickenscratch:

Eh, I got in last spot at my distributor and while I’m stoked it shipped yesterday, I wonder if second run wouldn’t be better… maybe they inline fix some of these obvious issues.

I just fixed mine in 10sec with a small piece of weather stripping. All good. Minor tweaks are normal.

#6785 81 days ago
Quoted from chickenscratch:

Well, that’s great, but that’s not everyone’s story, judging by this thread. I have 3 NIB pins from last 75 days and no matter how often I fix, no matter the angle of approach, none still work flawlessly like they should, especially for the amount of money we spend. Anyone can rationalize and make excuses all they want, it’s really bs we need to do these things oob. But all the power to ya brother; would be glad to be in your shoes.

Are you new to pinball? Its a box of moving parts. Maintenance and tweaking will always be necessary. Any actual problem ive ever had with a (nib) game was remedied by the manufacturer. You sound like someone who likes to play but doesnt want to do (or understand) the behind the scenes work that keeps these things playing properly. If you arent enjoying your games sell them and play at a bar. Pinball ownership is fun and laborious.

#6786 81 days ago

I really just came here to show off my chrome tmolding. I think it looks sharp on Mando.

20210731_084329 (resized).jpg20210731_084340 (resized).jpg
#6811 79 days ago
Quoted from dri:

Dial down the flipper strength and ensure you have the right pitch. You'll break that diverter in the next few games otherwise.

6.7 degrees. I put a small piece of foam there. I still get rejects but only maybe 1 of 20 now.

#6813 79 days ago
Quoted from Code_Blue:

Finally was able to play this for the first time the other day. I don't think I've ever instantly viscerally disliked a playfield layout/shots more. It was like all the bad parts of Ghostbusters made even worse, with a really lame mini pf thrown in for good measure. I played about a dozen games and 90% of the shots it wanted me to take were just the one straight up the middle. Really unfun ramps layout too. Am I alone here or is this a polarizing game?

To each there own. I feel the opposite. From the get go i have really enjoyed this layout. Gives me a little nostalgia for my SoF.
We got JP and Mando on Friday and Mando is getting all the play. We are not a Star Wars family but its a hit. JP just sits there watching us have fun on Mando so far

Edit: if you choose to spam the Razor Crest shot thats your decision. It is too easy to repeat but it only accounts for 3 of the 11 main modes. Shoot other shots and get into the actual game.

#6826 79 days ago

How is the pro the only version with enough reviews to show up on the Top100? Only 8 reviews of the premium? The LE and Premium owners need to post their opinions. I enjoy this game more than expected so far.

#6831 79 days ago
Quoted from KSP1138:

The run was at least 10 days, 7/8 - 7/21, using dates posted here, and I've heard they can produce 50-100 a day when everything is running perfect. What is a typical first run of premiums?

Mine is July 8th

#6837 78 days ago
Quoted from 0geist0:

Set it up the way you like it, it's your pin.

Certain games are designed to be played at specific pitches. I preferred to play a game as it was intended to play.

#6904 74 days ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Question for Shadow owners or guys that know the rules on that machine. Does the upper playfield have modes? Is it easy to master that playfield or does it take some time to get use to how it plays. Im just wondering out loud and havent gotten to play Shadow more then once but I would love to own one someday. Im thinking Eddy put the mini on Mando to sorta have alittle of the Shadows good points along with the diverter.
Just not sure I get the issue with Encounters? I can personally get through them but I also can hit the left ramp after leaving the upper mini pretty easy to start the encounters again which helps alot. Also the bonus stages I personally like, i just try to get the highest accuracy possible and collect millions of points until it times out. With no bonus stage if the game went to the next encounter level you wouldnt see the sweet scenes between encounters when the ball is resting on the up post.

Shadow's breakout playfield is SOOO much more fun than Mando. Much easier as well though

#6928 72 days ago

My right orbit pop up post rejects back down the right krbit on most shots. Anyone have a fix for this?

#6966 69 days ago

Regarding upper playfield.
I spent about 20 games focusing on the upper playfield. I can now make it to the third set almost every game. Dont mess with the flipper power. Just practice playing up there. Its actually easy for me to hit the targets accurately until the playfield is at its max pitch now. That left most target causes me some grief.
I love playing the encounters and shocking people by the scores you can get up there.
I try to have the first set of encounters done before I start my first mode or mb.

20210811_144955 (resized).jpg

#6970 69 days ago
Quoted from ABE_FLIPS:

Thats a crazy score, and i thought multipliers are unbalanced
Whats your guys Grand Champion right now? I just got 1 Billion, not playing for points and I feel like it could be much more

That was my Encounter score after playimg the mini wizard mode. I havent learned the rules for multipliers or hunter etc. Just focusing on the rules for the playfield objectives for now. I prefer progress over points.

#6971 69 days ago

Also im loving the add a ball option. Its hella useful. Combine it with armour and its ridiculous. I slap the lockdown button when im about to drain a mb down to one then boom, 3 balls are back in play with a ball save timer going all over again.

If played right I can get an add a ball for all 3 razorcrest mb. It is also available to use in mini wizard mbs but i imagine that may get removed?
Also, also...how fun is it have multiple balls all up in the upper playfield at once? Freaking crazy.

#6976 69 days ago
Quoted from rrath03:

Maybe add a post to it?

I dont follow.

#6978 69 days ago
Quoted from rrath03:

A metal post with a rubber. Right between the flippers. Although it was a joke. I seem to recall seeing machines with this at some point but not finding any off hand.

Maybe youve misread my post but i dont have a problem with the upper playfield. Getting 643k as an encounters score seemed pretty solid to me.

#6991 68 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Did you actually get tgat in your total? There is a bug in how it counts encounter champion score btw. It’s possible for thst leaderboard to be higher than your actual game score

I didnt know that but it should be about right still. This was my 3 mini wizards games. Drained out before i could start the wizard mode. Best game ive put up.

#7002 67 days ago
Quoted from Hawks:

Any topper news?

Yeah, itll be too expensive

#7003 67 days ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Looks like that guy who plays mythrol on the show being charged with sexual assault. Well maybe that’ll bump up the collectibility of our machines like depp did for potc hehe


#7041 62 days ago
Quoted from Munsters:

Cant find anything about the little design flaw when an fast speed ball start jumping through the lock shot it hits the plastic and slow down the ball.
There is no fix for this yet? There should be an mod with an target there on the plastic

Ive reread this multiple times and im still not sure what you are talking about...

#7068 60 days ago
Quoted from sirocket:

Mine supposedly shipped last Thursday. Still haven't seen or heard anything. Paid in full mid May.
The gameroom guys example of a july purchase and august delivery, coming before others earlier in line, shows what's wrong with this industry

A distributor is already contracted to buy a fixed amount of each new title on release (including how many LE's they get). Its the size of the distributor and how many games they allot for each new title. The market is just crazy right now but these same distributors would have also been stuck sitting on WWE, Beatles and other hard sales. At least you have a choice of distributors. In Canada there are two. One for out West and one for the rest of Canada. You cant get a NIB LE up here unless you've been buying every one for the last decade already.

#7074 60 days ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Please don't downvote if you hate playfield protectors.

What if I also hate rainbow rings?

I tease. I tease.

#7076 59 days ago

Clearly Stern has an issue on their hands

20210821_114548 (resized).jpg
#7078 59 days ago
Quoted from Waxx:

That sucks, how many plays?

100 tops

1 week later
#7219 48 days ago
Quoted from big-c66:


Disagree. I brought my gf to a pinball bar recently. She is a novice player and really enjoyed her first ball playing Munsters...however, by ball three she was so sick of playing the mini playfield she walked away without finishing. If i want to play a game with minimal objectives, there are plenty of great SS games at a fraction of the price of Munsters.

#7232 48 days ago
Quoted from KnockerPTSD:

Disagree. I brought my gf to a pinball bar recently. She is a novice player and really enjoyed her first ball playing Munsters...however, by ball three she was so sick of playing the mini playfield she walked away without finishing. If i want to play a game with minimal objectives, there are plenty of great SS games at a fraction of the price of Munsters.

I kind of love that this got a downvote from a butthurt Munsters owner lol. All I said was that my gf did not enjoy it. Too funny

#7243 47 days ago
Quoted from big-c66:

U missed the whole point I was trying to make. I’m not butt hurt about anything so try not to be a dick .I’m saying if every game is so deep coded that young people coming up don’t take interest or likening to it because of rules n codes then we don’t grow the interest in pinball. If you have games like Munster n others that are simple in codes n rules that people just enjoy n have fun on them we attract more of the younger generation to pinball n keep it growing n alive . This is my point.

I wasnt even talking about you pal. Reread the post. We're good Not need for language. It upsets Captain America.

#7248 44 days ago

I got my replacement ramp on Saturday. Decals as well.

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