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This is the Way - Stern Mandalorian Pinball is Here!!

By zpinman370

6 months ago

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Post #2976 Super Awesome Pinball Show interview with Brian Eddy. Posted by jellikit (5 months ago)

Post #3298 First look and initial impressions. Posted by ZMeny (5 months ago)

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#4179 5 months ago
Quoted from Saltimbanco:

Back to Mando, the Pro suddenly seems almost more interesting than the Premium, because of that upper playfield. Fair to assume this?
Edit: I'm actually starting to think I'd be happy with a Pro at this point!

Saltimbanco I agree 100%
I was minded to go with Premium then I watched the stream and now I think I will get equal fun with the Pro, so... I just preordered the pro, it will be my first NIB!
I can live without the magnet, I can live without the ramp return too as it will be managed in the software. For the mini-playfield, I even think it will be more fun with only 1 flipper. Ofc, it will be less attractive visually but in term of gameplay I am very optimistic.
The biggest cons is the plastic ramp that hide too much the PF but I will probably replace it by a metal one
Oh and the cool part is I am saving money so the next pin will come faster!

#4189 5 months ago
Quoted from Darth_Chris:

You are talking about player one ?

There's no other option than playerOne I think here. Am I right?

2 weeks later
#4948 4 months ago
Quoted from Tiki-Ed:

All the speculation about possible delays is based off of what? Has anyone actually been told their order is delayed?

I have been told a small quantity will arrive mid june, priority will go for operators then the next delivery will go in August for the PRO.
So I have a small chance to get mine in june or it will be in 2 months

#4952 4 months ago
Quoted from November:

Priority for the overseas !

#4970 4 months ago
Quoted from Wolfanoz:

Anyone have any predictions where it lands in the Top 100?

I would guess 6-10th. Because, this is the way!
the layout will cost some points, the useless grogu who take a lot of space and nothing wow on the playfield but a top theme integration, top game code I am sure and the athmosphere will be amazing! can't wait to get mine.

#4981 4 months ago
Quoted from mlenow:

Can someone save me a few minutes and let me know if Grogu moves

The video is only 1 minute so try it, you won't be disappointed!!

#5006 4 months ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

Tilt amusements received their pro. Video is on Facebook of the unboxing. They are coming! The pro looked great!

Yes, that's a cool news!! Thanks!

Here is the video : https://fb.watch/619FmbNZ8l/

#5058 4 months ago

I put my name on the list to get Cliffy shooter lane protector because I know this is the spot that shows wear quickly, but Cliff told me he is waiting someone contribution to give him the exact dimensions so he could start the production. I hope it will be soon

#5187 4 months ago

So, who will be the 1st canadian to get their hands on it? can't wait anymore!!!

#5189 4 months ago
Quoted from November:

Stern only provide for location in Canada. I'm sorry but you have to wait the 2nd run in november mate...

This is NOT the way!

#5343 4 months ago
Quoted from Parkshow30:

Multiball was way too easy and repetitive to get to. The razor crest shot is so close and open it was almost impossible to miss. I feel like they need to code in a qualifier shot like hit a mini loop or orbit first to qualify it and then shoot the razor crest instead of hitting the same shot over and over. First game I played the 3 razor crest multiballs without much difficulty.

Thanks for sharing your first impressions.
Based on the first reviews/comments I've read, it's becoming an evidence they will need to work on the difficulty to get the multiball because if we always get it in the first minute of each game, it will be boring.
I am confident they will listen the community and make us happy

#5355 4 months ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

beSeveral times our game would just randomly end with the ball still in play. It would just dim the GI, tally up the bonus, and game over, ignoring extra balls and....the fact that the ball was still in play. Oddly when it did this it always gave us a match and free game, as if to say sorry.

Was it running on V.0.96?

#5361 4 months ago

Always fun to see new pics for a game we are waiting
Here are some pictures of locations where The Mandalorian found a spot in the last hours/days and is now available to play :

Quarters Arcade (Bremerton, Washington)
quartersarcade (resized).jpg

On Tilt Pinball (West Hill, California)
ontiltpinball-westhill (resized).jpg

On Tilt Pinball (Van Nuys, California)
ontiltpinball-Van-Nuys (resized).jpg

Kid Force Collectibles (Berea, Ohio)
kidforce-collectibles (resized).jpg

RetroCade (Rowlett, Texas)
retroCade (resized).jpg

Old Town Pinball (South Saint Augustine, Florida)
oldtownpinball (resized).jpg

Vertigo Pinball (Blue Ridge, Georgia)
FB_IMG_1624027847145 (resized).jpg

The Double Bull (Peabody (Massachusetts)
The-Double-Bull (resized).jpg

My Parents' Basement (Avondale Estates, Georgia)
myparentsbasement (resized).jpg

Fort Wayne Pinball (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
FortWaynePinball (resized).jpg

Ocelot Brewing Company (Serling, Virginia)
OcelotBrewingCompany (resized).jpg

Crabtowne USA Inc. (Glen Burnie, Maryland)
FB_IMG_1623968546545 (resized).jpg

The Arcade (Brighton, Michigan)
FB_IMG_1623968739944 (resized).jpg

1984 Branson (Branson, Missouri)
FB_IMG_1623973427097 (resized).jpg

The Alley Santa Fe (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
FB_IMG_1623973452545 (resized).jpg

Jackbar (Brooklyn, New York)
FB_IMG_1624028102018 (resized).jpg

Internaute Pinball Bar (Tournai, Belgium)
FB_IMG_1624016748257 (resized).jpg

#5532 4 months ago

OMG!! Terrible, I feel mad for you You did the right thing to refuse the package

#5616 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-NJA:

Played the pro on location at my local distributor Player One.
Killer pin.
Everyone should be happy.
Lots going on,
I was upset I had to go to work.

Ohh you are lucky!! Weird, my distributor Player One Montreal told me Mando will arrive next week!! Crossing my fingers that not all operators will jump on it now, so I could get mine!! If they are all gone, I'll have to wait august/september

#5627 4 months ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Anybody no where to order shooter lane protectors yet? Cliffy I think is flooded im hearing so was wondering if anybody knows of a quick alternative?

I have ordered this : https://www.avery.com/industrial/products/sheetprotectors/73603
Bought mine on Staples Canada but you should find it easily on Amazon or other popular online shop.

Based on some comments found in forums, it makes a great job to protect the shooter lane and it's also easy to remove if needed.
I am also on the waiting list for the cliffy but if this Avery protector does the trick I'll just keep it as it

3 weeks later
#6428 3 months ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

#122 in the house . Got a banner to go with it.
[quoted image]

Where can we get this?

#6569 3 months ago
Quoted from bemmett:

What slope are people putting theirs at and finding good? My bubble must be busted or positioned incorrectly cause my level says I'm at 6.6 but the bubble is not even close to in the middle.

Dont trust the bubble.. it's not enough reliable.

#6662 3 months ago

Someone knows when Stern will start the next batch of Pro's exactly?

#6749 89 days ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

Just got notified my Pro will be shipping today!

omg!!! have to contact my distro now!

#6758 89 days ago
Quoted from dri:

I broke my back just by watching this picture.

Ahah I thought the same

2 weeks later
#7035 69 days ago

Ordered mine (Pro version) on May 25 with deposite... still no news

#7088 65 days ago

One of my friend just enlarged a little bit the hole in the metal and so far so good since. This modification avoid the metal braket to transfer all the pressure on the screw (and so around the plastic hole).

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