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Thinking of getting another pin. Suggestions?

By LynxOne

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

So, I was gifted a Williams Laser Ball from my mother in law that was in the family for years. Got it fired up in my game room and I was immediately smitten. I haven't played pinball since the 80's and I forgot how much fun it is. I know it's not worth much as a collectors machine but after getting inside it, fixing a few lights and doing a flipper upgrade (thanks vid!) I'm really having fun with it. Now, if I could just figure out how to fix the non firing solenoid from right kicker.....but I digress.

All this has me thinking I need more. And so the journey begins, what should I get next?

I'm considering a newer machine like ac/dc premium or Metallica. I want a machine that's deep, fast and fun and that I won't tire of quickly. One of my favorites older machines is afm but prices on those have gotten a little crazy so....back to thinking about a new unit instead.

What are your opinions?

#2 6 years ago

Both Metallica and AC/DC are great games....AC/DC is tough to make all the way to the wizard mode, many have not done it. Metallica is beautiful and has made great shots...though code is not complete and many are having issue with sling shots being way too strong right now.

Don't believe you could go wrong either way

Good luck on getting that second pin...the addiction has begun

#3 6 years ago

My vote goes to ACDC Premium. Hands down, the best overall NIB pin available on the market today! Can't go wrong.

#4 6 years ago

+1 vote for ACDC Premium. For fast & deep, this game is hard to beat. So long as you don't hate their music, you can't go wrong.

#5 6 years ago
Quoted from LynxOne:

I want a machine that's deep, fast....

Wanting both of those in a single pin limits you pretty significantly. ACDC I wouldn't necessarily call deep. It's not mode based but there is a LOT of stuff going on. That's probably your best bet of the two you mentioned. You could also try ST (18 mini modes, a ton of multiballs, and fast flowing ramps). XM Pro is deep and fairly fast. Tron is fast fast fast. If you are new to pinball, you probably will grow frustrated with the tight shots and cheap drains of xmen, tron, and ACDC, while ST with wide open shots may be more forgiving.

I guess what I'm saying is, there's no right answer until you really get some game time on them and decide for yourself ..


#6 6 years ago

Go with AC/DC pro
More faster

#7 6 years ago

Met over acdc any day

#8 6 years ago

I would start out with Some older games. Like ST or NF. There are many B and C titles that are very good. Spend under 2k and trade in and out. Most people forget that this is how they got into the hobby and prob the best part of it.

#9 6 years ago

If you like the music, ACDC or MET might be good. I kinda like the look and feel of MET better, based on initial impressions. Would not recommend ST to be honest--the playfield and shots seem pretty limited and stripped-down, so I doubt it will ever have any significant depth.

Other (older) games to consider would be LOTR (great flow when tweaked, and superior depth and rule integration) or my favorite underrated pin, WPT (for around $2k!). Also a SR design, WPT has good fast flow combined with drop target shooting and incredible depth and rule integration, plus a playable, strategic mini-playfield. (You really need to do more here than just lock the AITH ball and get multiball!) TSPP has a lot of depth and stacking, but probably doesn't have the speed/flow you want.

#10 6 years ago

Sounds like I really need to get out and play a few titles first. I'm really not that much into theme so I'm pretty open there. Just want something I won't get bored of in a few months.

Also good advice on maybe getting an older machine or two and work my way up. I do enjoy working on my machine now so an older pin might give me more experience there.

What's the major difference in say the ac/dc pro versus premium? If I do decide on a new in box machine, is it worth the extra $ for the upgrade?

#11 6 years ago

congrats on the Laser Ball and welcome to the pinball hobby and community. I have an ACDC premium and I am happy with the purchase. Opinions differ on ACDC Prem vs Pro. I prefer the Premium. If I was going to get a Metalica, I would consider the pro based on what I've heard/read (owners should chime in, however).

If you go for an "older" game - definitely go out and play a bunch of different games to see if a title seduces you. For me, part of the enjoyment I get out of the hobby is buying older games (90's) and fixing minor problems.

Good luck!

#12 6 years ago

LOTR definitely meets your description, so much fun and very deep rule set

#13 6 years ago

plenty good titles under three G's dont see why you would start out with a high end game. get your feet wet first and when and if you get board move on to another. sell/ trade /keep. thats whats great about this hobby many options. find a local or near by place to try some pins and see if one of them meet your wants and needs. But if you want to spend the big bucks have at it. I am sure what ever pin you get will make you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside

#14 6 years ago

All seems like good advice. Now to find a place near Denver where I can get some pin time in. So, maybe a stupid question, but do you think virtual versions like pinball arcade give a close enough feel to the real thing just to narrow down my choices?

#15 6 years ago
Quoted from LynxOne:

All seems like good advice. Now to find a place near Denver where I can get some pin time in. So, maybe a stupid question, but do you think virtual versions like pinball arcade give a close enough feel to the real thing just to narrow down my choices?

That will give you a sense of what's in the game, including the basic shots and rules. (The tutorials are a highlight of this series.) But the feel and draw of the real game will be different. And some of the suggestions (like LOTR or WPT) aren't available on PA yet.

#17 6 years ago

Add a poll. Polls are fun.

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