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Theme importance??

By jints56

11 months ago

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    #51 10 months ago

    I'll play games on location with themes I don't like, but it does matter if I will own them or not. For example, I would never own a Gorgar....don't care for the creepy art, but it sure is fun to play. I have fun playing South Park at a friends, but would never own one. Never watch the show and don't care for it.

    #52 10 months ago

    Theme is 99% percent of the game. Without it there's no interest to play. I've tried MET a couple times and couldn't get into it and no hurry to try IMDN. I owned an RBION, played great but didn't last long due to theme. Theme is especially important with guests, StarWars and IM get nice reactions when guests first play them but Road Show and Whirlwind get left out by guests.

    #53 10 months ago

    Theme matters. It matters for appearance, gameplay integration, longevity, and resale value. A bad theme would not stop me from making a purchase, but it certainly affects what I'm willing to pay and the way I perceive the game. WCS with the stupid cartoon dog on the translate bugs me every time I see it. great game but damn that backglass is ugly and lucky for me the dog is nowhere else on the machine so I would swap that out with a home brew alternate in a heartbeat.

    #54 10 months ago

    Theme and gameplay both have to be good for me to consider buying a pin. Metallica is the best game out there for me. I like the music, and the gameplay is great. Aerosmith is just as good for theme for me, and the art is just as good, but I didn't feel the need to buy it after playing a few times. Dialed in is not a great theme for me, but I also don't care for the gameplay (I actually don't care to play any of Lawlor's games). IMDN was kinda fun, but I only played a couple of games. I probably like enough of their songs that I would enjoy the music. The first couple of games didn't make me want to buy it though. The Hobbit is an OK theme, although the first movie was slow enough that I haven't bothered to watch the others yet. The gameplay intrigued me though, so I am thinking about getting one of those.

    Medieval themes are usually a win for me. Music themes are great too.

    #55 10 months ago

    I'm a casual player, not a competition player. I'm still amused with things like AFM, MM. I can appreciate a deeper pin, but I'll never come close to beating any of them. So, yeah, I'm one of the people who suck at this hobby. And, as a buyer:

    Theme: Ideally great, but will cope with "neutral" if the game itself is good. If the theme grates against me, no way, no matter how it plays.

    I do get into a game more if the theme, the art, the light, and the sound all come together to draw me in. I want the game to draw me in, and make me *want* to spend time with it. Repetitive callouts, bad voice actors (TWD), etc can really deter me. Music I find abrasive means even a great layout is no fun (IMDN).

    I really wanted to like IMDN; and I would have bought in if it were something else. The layout *is* interesting. But, the only way I'd play this pin is with the sound turned all the way down. Translation: I'll pump $10 in at the bar where I can't hear it anyways, but I won't bring it home with me.

    #56 10 months ago

    I own a baywatch

    That is all I have to say

    #57 10 months ago

    Great theme is a bonus. Gameplay and code is a must, otherwise you’ll get bored of it really quick.
    Dialed In theme didn’t click for me, but gameplay is great. I wasn’t going to buy it, but when I played it a few times, I had to have it. Same thing with IMDN. I don’t like the music, but what a fantastic pin.

    Then there’s TWD, great gameplay, rules and layout. The game is really challenging and puts a smile on your face.

    #58 10 months ago
    Quoted from mtdouble:

    Theme was #1 to me, then I played DI.

    DI is still a theme.

    #59 10 months ago

    My pins mostly center around Rock N Roll, Science fiction/fantasy, action/adventure.
    Ill pretty much play anything thats fun, but themes like Baywatch or World Cup Soccer I just wouldn't look to ad to my collection.
    Nothing against these kind of themes if that what your into, it's just not for me.
    I could care less about sports and I never cared for Baywatch.

    I figure why buy a pin where I don't like the theme when I can get an equally fun pin that I totally dig the theme for basically the same money.
    Theres so many titles out there, that finding a pin where I like both the theme and the gameplay isn't really an issue.

    #60 10 months ago

    A pin that I would own for the long term theme is #1, on location not so important yet still relevant when it comes to frequency, I would drop a few dollars to try it out but without a good theme the desire to replay wouldn't last to long at all. I really like playing DI but I'll never own it. As for IronM if you hate the music how the hell can u drop 5 to 10K on it because it shoots well? that makes zero sense to me. If Stern releases let say a Bon Jovi pin and its the best shooting pin ever made theres still no chance of me owning one so its all relative to the individual.

    #61 10 months ago
    Quoted from Hazoff:

    As for IronM if you hate the music how the hell can u drop 5 to 10K on it because it shoots well? that makes zero sense to me.

    Because we have more monies than you.

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