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#2821 7 months ago

Just ordered the pinbits self-adjusting eddy boards and working on an order with Chris at pinball plating. I'm going to hot rod the TOM I found a few months back. Has anyone installed the illuminated apron from Pinball Dreams?

#2825 7 months ago
Quoted from 2pupPinz:

I’ve been waiting on these to get back in stock...thanks for posting and reminding me to check!

I just sent them an email. They show none in stock.

#2826 7 months ago
Quoted from 2pupPinz:

I’ve been waiting on these to get back in stock...thanks for posting and reminding me to check!

Someone responded to me and acted like they likely won't be making anymore. I told them there were at least a couple of us wanting them.So maybe if other shoot them a message.

#2827 7 months ago

I'm looking for a for an exterior trunk replacement. The one currently on the machine I found is pretty chewed up in a couple spots. I'm looking for a good replacement, and I've seen several things about "indestructible" trunks. Looking for recommendations.

#2830 7 months ago
Quoted from 2pupPinz:

Thanks JE! They had some listed in stock when I checked and I ordered 2 and they’ve shipped. I needed the outlane eddy boards, the trunk one might be out, but mine is working fine so I’m leaving that alone.

If you need some let me know. I just swapped out the originals for the Pinbits board, so I have some extras laying around. It was worth the $200 for me to not have to ever mess with adjusting them, but if you want the boards that you manually adjust I have 5 I would sell you cheap.

#2831 7 months ago

Anyone interested in the lit apron, please add your email to this list. Hopefully they will get enough interest to build another batch.

4 months later
#2874 85 days ago

I joined the club in the middle of 2019 when I found a Theatre of Magic hidden under a pile of empty cardboard boxes in a basement. The owner had been telling me for some time he had a “magic” pinball, but wasn’t sure of the exact name. I made him and offer and picked it up the next day.

It’s been a crazy year that forced me to focus more on getting a home ready to sell and buying another, so the game sat in a partially functioning state. It played with some trunk errors and really mostly needed a shop job. I also decided to give it the full brass upgrade from Hot Rod Arcade. Over the last couple weeks I’ve been able to put a little time into the restore, so I thought I would post some progress pics.

Here’s what I’ve done so far: full topside tear down and cleaning, installed a new leg bracket (one hole was stripped on a rear bracket when I found it), new rubbers, Comet LEDs (all the GI and backbox swapped, still have to do the inserts), Ingo trunk board upgrade, Pinbits self adjusting eddy boards, all the brass installed except the side rails.

I still plan on adding a color DMD and maybe the illuminated apron that Pinball Dreams made. I’ll post more pics when everything is finished up.
32584DA4-2715-4C51-AE43-94D7ED1A5CBC (resized).jpeg0FB2E6D0-C774-4289-8729-70BFB61F048B (resized).jpeg37F16471-DFB8-4464-8119-D6CDB3E4BC41 (resized).jpeg49F72C49-27DB-45D2-8CB8-61F248EEE8FA (resized).jpeg62079674-DC57-4421-93DB-B0176CD4E1C8 (resized).jpeg8814C965-B2AF-41A7-813A-B5933E722248 (resized).jpegB1577B67-C8EE-48F5-85E0-170774153CC0 (resized).jpegD3CB7C38-67A6-46A9-9863-CD50755A289A (resized).jpegF597BA97-1D77-4B7B-A6CE-7B384A223ED3 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#2885 74 days ago
Quoted from mulder2010:

What is the best way to stop the trunk from moving too much from a off-center hit?
The plastic opto interrupter isn't broken, seems newer actually. How tight should I adjust the set screw? Thanks!

Get Ingo’s trunk board

#2889 69 days ago
Quoted from 2Fun:

Hey everyone. New owner! Love the game, but discovered it is missing the gate at the top of the playfield. I believe it goes in front of the vanish kickout. I think this is the one:
First, is this the right one? Second, are they available anywhere?
Also, I don't see anywhere in the menu to turn off the continue function after the game ends.
Any helo would be appreciated!

The part number matches, but it's odd Marcos doesn't list it as used on TOM. I looked up all the TOM gates Marcos carries, and I think this one is correct. That said, I'll look at my machine tonight to confirm.

#2891 69 days ago
Quoted from monkfe:

Just looked at mine, yes definitely angled like the above Marco's number depicts as compared to the straight one.

Thanks for confirming. After browsing through the Marcos TOM gates, I thought that was right. I just finished the topside reassembly of my game after an extensive shop job, and it seemed correct. But I couldn't find a clear picture of the wire shape on the gate. It's odd that that part number doesn't show up in the manual anywhere.

4 weeks later
#2916 39 days ago
Quoted from Roveer:

Well... I found the problem. Both eddie boards were unplugged. Plugged them back in. Set the pot so the led is just off and placed the ball by the drain on each side and the LED came on. Looks like I've got it. That was my last issue, everything else is working great.

I'd highly recommend the Pinbits self adjusting eddy boards. I swapped all mine and haven't had any issues. It does look like they are currently out of stock, but just keep checking.

#2918 39 days ago
Quoted from Roveer:

I've noticed something strange with the trunk. First thing is it's still using the plastic opto disk and it is cracked but currently on tight. If I don't sell it this afternoon I'll order the metal disk. So the problem is, the trunk starts out perfectly perpendicular when the game starts. When it rotates it is not perpendicular. Besides it not looking quite right when the magnet grabs the ball and then releases at this slightly strange angle it can often times result in an immediate drain. Is this likely the cracked opto disk or are there adjustments for this? This really is my last problem. Oh, as if I don't keep finding things, I was watching a YouTube video and noticed that then the trap door was opened there was a light underneath. Mine was blown, but now it's working again! So many things to look at and fix...

Sounds like a misalignment of the opto interrupter. Also you should look into the Ingo Trunk board upgrade. It fixes a lot of issues with the trunk.

#2919 39 days ago

I finally caved and bought the Pinball Dreams custom illuminated apron. These were commissioned by Pinball Decals and made by Pinball Dreams in Germany. When I talked to Joey at the end of November 2019 he said they only had 2 left in stock. So they could be sold out or down to just 1. I also ordered the gold mirror blades.

theatre-of-magic-impress00a (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2928 28 days ago

A friend and I installed a color DMD and the Pinball Dreams lit apron last night. It’s great to see all the hard work coming together. I still need to fix a wiring issue related to the backbox GIs and install the gold mirror blades I picked up from Pinball decals, but other than that and some minor stuff, his baby is nearing completion.

F72225C5-9433-4F13-97DA-5BD58B1FCC9E (resized).jpeg42CD3838-40BF-4F82-B9D3-C0CCC79CB50F (resized).jpeg
#2930 27 days ago
Quoted from 2pupPinz:

Love the lit apron! How did it install (easy/moderate) and how is it powered? Thanks!

Very easy install. I was a little concerned as both the color DMD and lit apron power of J116 on the power board, but I think with the LED swap there's probably less power being pulled anyway. So far there haven't been any issues blowing the powerboard fuse, so I think it's going to be fine. For me the toughest part of the install was the apron guard (as absurd as that sounds). The loops for the apron were slightly misaligned with the apron, so it took some slight tweaking to line them up.

Last thought, we I spoke to Joey at Pinball Decals, he said there were only two lit aprons left. Their site still shows in stock on the apron, so they could be down to the last one. I've spoke to him and the guy at Pinball Dreams who built the lit aprons, and there will not be any more made. So if you are interested, I'd suggest picking it up soon.

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