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The Who's TOMMY Club - Can you hear me? Members Only!

By ChadH

4 years ago

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#87 4 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:


Thanks a lot for these, I always wondered what exactly the combos are.

There's also a bonus which is called "Race to Wizard" or something, for reaching Wizard Mode on the first ball.

I wish there was an easier way to P-ROC (or similar) Tommy. I'd definitely do a rewrite of the software if the hardware part was easier.

#111 4 years ago

My Tommy has the exact same piece in the shooter lane.
Maybe it's a regional thing? My machine is from France.

#119 4 years ago

I actually like that it gives you an easy multiball because multiball is a great thing for anyone that doesn't play pinball, so when I have people over they get really excited.

What I don't like is how it stops giving you letters after multiball.
Getting multiball on ball 1 should give you more chances to get into another multiball later into the game, but with the game not rewarding you letters any longer, it's very unlikely.
What this means is it doesn't really matter when you activate multiball. Ball 1 or ball 3, it hardly makes a difference. The only reason to get that mirror hit on ball 1 (in order to lower the mirror on ball 2) is in case you quickly drain while trying to start it.

I think the game should still spot you 1 letter per ball after the first multiball.

3 weeks later
#138 3 years ago

Let's talk about that right spinner.

Imagine you have the ball trapped on the left flipper, union jack is not lit.
What do you shoot? Silver ball? Bumpers? VUK? Holiday Camp? All kind of pointless and risky.
The obvious choice would be right orbit to relight the union jack and get a feed to your right flipper (parachute hole) or loop all the way to the upper left flipper for a shot at the mirror/right ramp.

But with the right spinner, the chances of that shot making it even up to the parachute hole are about 5% (on my machine). What I get is the ball rolling back down, often onto the slingshot and out of control.
I was wondering why I only ever saw one 3-way-combo, and the answer is because every other combo requires a full right orbit.

And what use are the spinners anyway? 100k/spin during captain walker? Whatever lousy value they are when in normal play?

So my question is: Do you think the right spinner should be removed? Can it be "fixed" to not stop the ball as much? Would removing the right spinner make the game easier in a bad way?

1 month later
#223 3 years ago

Quick question, anyone know what's up with the tilt warning setting?
Available options (4.0U) are 0, 1 and 3. Isn't 2 warnings the most common? The Manual does mention that 1 is normal, so does the tilt work slightly differently on DE's?

1 month later
#268 3 years ago

Just wanna give a heads-up to anyone with missing blinders on their Tommy:
A little over a week ago I got a reproduction set from Bakerman and it's working perfectly fine so far.
I haven't had a single problem with the mechanism, the material quality, or the setup, and the price is unbeatable in the current market.

He's still making sets on request. You can find the thread here, including a few pictures and videos of my Tommy:

(I'm not associated with Bakerman in any way beyond the purchase, I just think that this is a really good deal)

#271 3 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

If you are at MGC this weekend and you are familiar with the Tommy ruleset... check out the Tommy in the game hall. You may notice a few things with the gameplay.

I don't have much to say about this currently as you haven't revealed much, but I'd just like to say that I appreciate you doing your stuff. As a single-machine owner, it's incredibly cool to have you improve upon it.
I'd love to give feedback on a few things in the future if possible.

3 weeks later
#310 3 years ago

Silver Ball Max
Update: The silver ball is lit for 20M for remainder of ball. Renamed to “Silver Ball Max”.

It stays lit?

#325 3 years ago

New code arrived, here's some thoughts after a few games:

Absolutely love how the spinners activate the flashers!
Got 47M on my first Video Mode try, which seems a tad high. But I suppose everything is a little higher scoring so I'll have to see. At least it isn't "do nothing and 13M - try and maybe ~18M" anymore.
Is the relatively long delay between ball launches on Smash the Mirror intended?
The longer timer on Fiddle About causes the music to go into the fast repeating part which can be a bit annoying.
The timing adjustment on the multiball start is great.
I'm terrible at shooting Holiday Camp because I never had a reason to before, but that 50M is tempting.

I'm not sure how mystery awards are selected.
I always thought it had the usual 5 at the start and if they were collected they'd be replaced by either Extra Ball or Special Lit for the next mystery collect.

#337 3 years ago

Two things could be improved in the code update, but I'm sure both of these are rather hard to hack into the rom:

Grace periods - Everyone loves grace periods[citation required]. Especially when the add-a-ball rescues the multiball.
Smarter mirror - Starts lowering as soon as the previous ball is drained so you don't have to wait for it anymore.

2 months later
#432 3 years ago

Anyone know what's up with the "Highest score to date" message before ball 3?
The only times I've seen it (it's called "World Record") is when I tilt ball 2.

Is it a bug? Am I simply skipping the bonus countdown every time which causes it to skip that screen as well?

4 months later
#494 3 years ago

It may be worth noting that you can also get a custom-designed blinder replacement from user Bakerman for ~190 € which includes everything (bracket, arm, spring, blinders, motor, screws) except for the driver board.

With it being a custom design, no original parts can be used to fix it if it breaks though, and the long term durability has not been proven yet.
I haven't had any problems with mine for half a year now.


2 months later
#529 2 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

I'm also looking for someone to burn me the upgraded rom for the game.

What I did was just ask a pinball store (pinball.center in my case) if they could burn a rom I'd send them by email. They did it for the the same price as a normal v4.00 set, so I think it's worth asking.

2 months later
#595 2 years ago
Quoted from kilmarnock1350:

What is the right configuration for the wire form ball guide on the inside just past the right spinner?
The spinner bracket has been bent and the wire form doesn't fit in the grey post cut out.
This area always slows the ball down so I assume the spacing should be a tad wider with the wire form guide riding in the post cutout.

The wireguard on my machine looks almost exactly the same. (Not in the grey post, bent slightly towards the orbit and touching the spinner leg)

1 month later
#616 2 years ago
Quoted from tomh52722:

Thanks for responding. The start button tests the first option (mirror up), but I can't figure out how to test the second option (mirror down).

To expand on what RJW said:
The 3 lines (Mirror up, Mirror down, Mirror Target) are the 3 switches that make up the Mirror.
It simply shows you if the switches are working correctly in the correct mirror position. The up/down switches are used by the machine to know when the motor has to stop when moving the mirror, the target spots TOMMY letters.

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