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The White Rose Gameroom/York Show - 2016 Edition

By djreddog

2 years ago

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    #22 2 years ago

    Looking forward to all the games and vendors and NO RAIN!

    #23 2 years ago
    Quoted from Coyote:

    I'll be there. Gonna bring my newly-restored PF Twilight Zone, and have it sporting the blue powerball. Good luck, ya'll. Muhaha.

    I got to play this and had playfield ENVY when I saw it. Smooth as GLASS!

    1 month later
    #329 2 years ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    I just picked up another model touchscreen kiosk, so I can spare one of my black cabinets with a keyboard/trackball shown in this pic. 19" touchscreen LCD monitor installed, no computer. Use it to make your own touchscreen game system and/or jukebox.
    $250 and can deliver to York on Saturday if paid ahead of time.

    A bump for Rick. Does quality work and great to deal with!

    #366 2 years ago
    Quoted from PinballSTAR:

    PinballSTAR will be at York again !

    I always appreciate you guys bringing the latest games to the show for people to play. For those of us that will probably never own a JJ or PP or NIB Stern, to always have them at the York show is the best!

    #390 2 years ago

    I will be bringing my friends RESTORED TAF that my Brother and I completed this summer. I will be there Friday only and it will be in the Freeplay area. He is making it available for sale but would only do so in the 9k Range. I am not looking for price police but if you are looking for an all original Restored Addams with a beautiful playfield, lots of mods, shopped out with new plastics, Titan competition Rings, Cointaker and Comet LEDS, pingraffix side art, Color DMD etc. you are more than welcome to contact me for more details. Mostly we just want to give everyone a chance to play a NICE TAF and of course showcase a little of the work we do.

    20160803_194636 (resized).jpg

    #398 2 years ago

    I have a TRI-ZONE Backglass some flaking not the best shape but if anyone wants its for $20 I can bring to the show. I also have a used Judge Dredd translite $20 it seems to be fine not sure why someone took some markers to darken certain spots on the back. If you want or need either let me know.

    20160926_145725 (resized).jpg20160926_145751 (resized).jpg
    20160926_145822 (resized).jpg20160926_145836 (resized).jpg

    #402 2 years ago
    Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

    I have a TRI-ZONE Backglass some flaking not the best shape but if anyone wants its for $20 I can bring to the show. I also have a used Judge Dredd translite $20 it seems to be fine not sure why someone took some markers to darken certain spots on the back. If you want or need either let me know.

    Dredd Translite is sold! Tri-Zone still up for grabs!

    #477 2 years ago

    I still have this Tri-Zone back glass for $20 if anyone wants it...
    20160926_145725 (resized).jpg

    #483 2 years ago
    Quoted from Jesterfunhouse:

    I still have this Tri-Zone back glass for $20 if anyone wants it...


    #514 2 years ago

    Hey Everyone my brother and I will be there early Fri morning and will be setting up a TAF. If you need any help bringing in a machine and/or setting up feel free to stop by the Vorhauer Brothers "GLOWING" TAF or text me my number will be on the machine. We are happy to help especially with the RAIN!

    #667 2 years ago
    Quoted from PinballSTAR:

    PinballSTAR is HERE ! Took us 7, yes 7 hours to set up our 30 plus game booth ! Come play with us ; )

    Joe THANKS THANKS THANKS for bringing all the games you did for everyone to play. Your booth and games are always the highlight for me. I could have spent the whole show playing Hobbit SE!!!! Also having had a child spend several days in a Childrens Hospital GOD BLESS YOU for what you are doing with the CHARITY!!!!

    Everyone be sure to shake Joe's hand and thank him...IT IS NO SMALL THING what he is doing for these shows at his own expense!!!!!

    #668 2 years ago
    Quoted from rkahr:

    -visit http://www.kahr.us to get my daughterboard that helps fix WPC pinball resets or for Williams system 3-7 sound board potentiometer solutions

    Rob great to see you again and thanks for your help Friday morning you were an answer to my prayers!

    Speaking of prayers everyone at the show be sure to stop by Robs Booth. What many don't know is that he contributes without any fan fare many of his profits to supporting good Christian Charities. No matter what your faith be sure pick up one of his daughterboards even just to have one on hand you WILL not regret it!!!!

    #669 2 years ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    I have an HUO Simpsons Pinball Party at my booth behind Cointaker.

    Hey everyone rick IS THE NICEST GUY on the planet and SUPER knowledgeable about fixing and restoring pins and this is his first time having a booth at a show. If you get a chance stop by and buy something but at least shake his hand and talk pinball. He is my neighbor and friend and good guy to know in this hobby!!!!

    #695 2 years ago

    Here are a bunch pictures from my brother and I Friday Adventures at the Show. ENJOY!!!!
    w18 (resized).jpgw19 (resized).jpg
    I LOVED this Grand LIZARD!!!!
    w17 (resized).jpgw16 (resized).jpgw14 (resized).jpgw15 (resized).jpgw13 (resized).jpgw12 (resized).jpgw11 (resized).jpgw10 (resized).jpgw9 (resized).jpgw7 (resized).jpgw6 (resized).jpgw5 (resized).jpgw4 (resized).jpgw2 (resized).jpgw1 (resized).jpgw20 (resized).jpg

    w3 (resized).jpg

    #700 2 years ago
    Quoted from Agent57:

    Besides several games which weren't anywhere near level like last year, I only had one other gripe: the volume levels were set way too low on most of the games. If I had my way, it would be deafening in there. That Black Night by the back doors was cranked so loud you could hear it outside - that's what I'm talkin' about.

    I agree every time I bring a game I turn the volume up enough so you can hear it when you are playing and then some (If anyone remembers my Royal Rumble a few years ago... )

    Sorry I was only able to have my TAF there on Friday. People seemed to enjoy it and I had the sound up good and loud!

    w24 (resized).jpg

    #715 2 years ago
    Quoted from hank527:

    I noticed a new trend. Hobbits seemed to be a massive hit and several were purchased, while Stern games were not selling.
    Cointaker and Pinball Star had fantastic setups.

    I agree this is the first time I got to play a completed Hobbit instead of a Proto-Type. The more I played the more shots and depth I discovered.

    #735 2 years ago

    I have thought a lot about some of the critisim of the show as far as the selection and quality of games that people bring. I get it because it is no small task to bring one of your nicer games (I had the restored TAF) to the show. You have to package it up very well to avoid ANY damage or scrapes to a machine you have a lot invested into. You also worry about the unknown of how people will treat your machine or accidently damage something cosmetic on it. IF i could give offer one suggestion to avoid those fears but still have people bring awesome machines from their collections would be the following.

    1. Instead of door prizes have a best in show competition.
    2. This should be a specific row or designated area for the these machines.
    3. All Machines in this area have to be pre-registered and sit for the full two days of the show.
    4. The show would commit to having volunteer staff monitor this row of machines to look for any idiots not treating the machines with respect.
    5. Need to be set to free play so all can enjoy but maybe have a way to line up so people can enter that area and play each machine.
    6. Have a judging system (maybe invite some top restorers to critique and/or Vendors like Chris from Cointaker, Joe from Pinball Star, Dan at "THE BARN", Todd Tuckey!!!!!!) that also involves the feedback from show attendees ("for best in show" you put your raffle ticket in the bottle of the machine you like best and if it wins you get a small door prize along with the winner).

    #741 2 years ago
    Quoted from burningman:

    For myself, I like to share my games, and what I enjoy most is guys seeing something I have done and getting the enthusiasm to put some time into one of their games to make it nice.

    Don.. EVERYONE loved your BofP2.0!!!!!!!!!!! So many people were blown away by it!!! Thanks for bringing it and being so nice to everyone at the show. Great to see you!!!

    #768 2 years ago
    Quoted from Otaku:

    It was hell fitting that all into my minivan and unloading it and setting it up both all by myself, but I did it to contribute to the show. I hope some people who got the chance to play them enjoyed them! During the winter I'll be going over them completely and legitimately shopping them out even more. Can't wait to do it again next year. It's so worth the backache.

    Don't worry the majority of the people here and attending totally understand and are VERY appreciative of the time and effort you put into the show and this great hobby. As one who has been there just like you by myself setting up a game and hoping it works through the show I can applaud you for every effort you made and I will be sure to meet you and shake your hand next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #772 2 years ago
    Quoted from toddtuckey:

    Here is my one hour plus WHITEROSE GAME ROOM SHOW video!! Enjoy it! Todd
    » YouTube video

    Here is my Collector card signed by the man himself. I for one appreciate all the videos he has done. In restoring/buying/selling machines over the years I come across a lot of people who are new to the Hobby. They all have one thing in common. Almost all of them tell me that they decided what machine to buy first by watching TNT's videos to understand the gameplay and features and if it was right for them. Todd you make me smile and laugh every time I see you thanks for all you do not just in the Pinball business but to keep the Hobby fresh and alive for so many newcomers like "OTAKU" THAT GUY IS AWESOME!!!!!

    Tuck (resized).jpg

    tt2016.2 (resized).jpg

    #780 2 years ago

    Nice Stripper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #789 2 years ago
    Quoted from Pinball_Nate:

    Just watched Todd's video

    As silly as it sounds it would be funny to have Throne set up for Todd Tuckey that he could sit in at the show and talk pinball with anyone that wanted to...

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