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The Walking Dead Pro - Rules

By e4mafia

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

UPDATE - The community is working on updating this for 1.24.
Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XNUs8fgLOB2hVBBzcsgxDvdEuBbGhRuwSJdkkeo1Xv4/edit

Bugs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kr6oy2ruBvpvqxhegjuOH-9aIQTl6ZHxdEa3yTaYGb4/edit
Feel free to contribute what you know. Its a public document for all of us.
Stand by, and don't get bit!!! It might take a while, but we've collectively done a pretty good job so far. I have continued faith!

LE Features added to end of document

UPDATED for 1.19 Code.
As always, feel free to contribute! Thanks for everyone's help so far.

UPDATED - New Doc going up for 1.11 - Will start with the 1.05 doc as a base. Feel free to update, as usual!
Thanks to everyone who has assisted so far. You all rule. You are survivors!

Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aOmSE1l5xGgxbyH0AbRypnnkzIF3GU9bseulZbJc8wM/edit?usp=sharing

Bugs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kr6oy2ruBvpvqxhegjuOH-9aIQTl6ZHxdEa3yTaYGb4/edit?usp=sharing

#2 6 years ago

Seems like the general consensus is "multi-kill wtf?"

#3 6 years ago

Thats where Im at with it so far. No friggin idea how it gets started, or which weapon you're going to have, or what the difference is.

#4 6 years ago


#5 6 years ago

Nice. Thank you.

#6 6 years ago

Work in progress. Looks great so far.

#7 6 years ago

Looks good so far.

I'll have to play around tonight but some other things I believe I noticed:

-Pop bumper jackpot for multiple pops.
-Fish tank heads added for shots on the right ramp.
-Super jackpot during prison multiball for hitting a red arrow shot then the center face target with that process repeated multiple times.
-Bit Outlane lit changes off the slingshot hits

I could be wrong on some of these I only played for a little while.

#8 6 years ago

You're right on the Bit Outlane change.
I didn't add anything about the fish tank because I haven't figured out what lights it yet. First right ramp shot is a fish tank freebie I think.

#9 6 years ago

Yeah I noticed everyone that was playing was frantically trying to flip the bit outlane to the other side only to realize it changes on the slings

#10 6 years ago

It looks like the points in this game are in stacking a mode with a multiball. Would that be a correct assessment? It seems that the multiballs by themselves (especially well walker) are pretty weak in terms of point values. I wouldn't be surprised if code upgrades fill this gap in the future, since it seems like a grind to me to make points other than that one approach (multiball(s) with mode stack). Any other approaches I am missing? The drops are dangerous shots, so I am trying to approach this with a tournament frame of mind and see if there are other lucrative approaches with less risk.

#11 6 years ago

Absolutely right on the drops. The left -right action off of them into the slings is lethal. Those outlanes feel like the Grand Canyon. However, getting a location mode started can be big points. Arena mode starts at 1,000,000 per shot, and looks like there may be other scoring on it too, but I haven't figured it out.

Well walker is pretty weak on its own, but that extra ball you get for starting it gives you more room for other things, and a nice ball saver, which is precious in this game.

#12 6 years ago

I added a few things on 2x playfield and the 2x inlane shot

#13 6 years ago

I added some info on the initial skill shot. Thanks for putting this together!

#14 6 years ago

Setting up the group editable document is the easy part. Finding guinea pigs to figure out the rules is a different matter altogether. Seems like the way to go, though, IMHO.

1 week later
#15 6 years ago

OK, so this could be a bug or it could be what I would call the BSD rule. I have noticed several times that if you nudge and get a danger just as the ball is going out a lit "Bit" outlane, there is no Bit animation and possibly no Bit score awarded!

#16 6 years ago

Did you put that up on the bug list?

#17 6 years ago

No, I need to watch some others play the game and see if it might just be the animation getting stepped on and the score is actually earned. Too hard to tell when I'm the one playing! We will learn a lot at the launch party tonight.

#18 6 years ago

Can modes be qualified and started inside a mulitball?

#19 6 years ago

Im about 90% sure on it. Fairly certain I've done it. Its a great way to earn points, get a mode going in the meltable and get some 2x scoring going too.

Im starting to figure out the multi kill - for each mode or feature you complete, you earn an activated mutlikill, which will give bonus points for the lit multi kill shot. Each completed shot will increase the points, with closely timed together shots earning more. It will max out at 250k per shot. If you earn another multi kill, it will light another one. I think the points add together - whatever your previous multi kill was at for points will add to the new multi kill number, - its like it halts your previous multi kill scoring where it was, and starts a new one, but adds together. Again, I THINK this is what its doing.

It seems like many things will score more points when they are scored within a few seconds of a previous score. A lot going on here to figure out. So much more than "just do a mode"

I am also going to coin a new law of probability here based on the game - The likelihood of draining a ball is directly proportional to the number of zombie kills I have racked up since last collecting the inland multiplier
Its complementary law is the probability of hitting a high scoring shot is inversely proportional to the size of the shot multiplier I just activated!

#20 6 years ago

The multikill mechanics as they are at the moment are described pretty well in Keith Elwin's video- linked below.

The weapons are also spotted off of super jackpots and possibly off of the bit outlane bonus. They appear to reset after all six are earned and the ball is drained - wizard mode qualified at six shots perhaps?

I also think the inlane multiplier is a really fascinating mechanic that will end up determining a lot in competitive play, particularly due to the table layout. Say you've got a 4-5x inlane multiplier set up and a prison super jackpot ready. Do you go for the easier left ramp back to the right flipper for a harder shot to the prison door, or try and hit that right ramp for an easy shot from the left flipper?

#21 6 years ago

The best use of shot multiplier is on the left orbit while super pops/ pop jackpot is lit as it adds 500k to the pop jackpot. So if you stack a 5x shot multiplier with 2x playfield it will add 5mil to the pop jackpot which can then still be collected at 2x for over 10 mil. Or if you get brave try to build up and collect with the shot multiplier as well!

#22 6 years ago

Keith, thanks for the tutorial. Hey, last night at the Launch Party, I drained with 2x playfield through a lit BIT outlane and scored 7M points! Also, someone else at the launch party suggested there may be additional points for doing the skill shot "hands free" but from your video I do not think that is the case.

#24 6 years ago

Mine shows up Monday, I can't wait!

1 month later
#25 6 years ago

Are there plans to update the guide to reflect the significant changes in 1.19?

#26 6 years ago

I plan on it when I finish traveling for work for a bit. Also - its an open Google doc, so anyone can contribute. The power of crowdsourcing!

#27 6 years ago

I added a bunch of 1.19 changes that I've observed.

1 week later
#28 6 years ago

Snailman, for the CDC mode are you locked out of increasing the base value from shooting the left ramp once you shoot something other than the left ramp, or can you return to the left ramp to build it up some more ? From your 1.19 edit, it seems like you need to hold off shooting other shots beside the left ramp until you've built up a big value that you are comfortable with.

Also it seems like the 1.19 software revision changes what is most useful to go for during 2x playfield (I haven't played 1.19 yet). Keith's recommendation of shooting the left orbit during 2x playfield with the pop jackpot lit was the best at the time for the older software, but now it seems like with the changes, the 2x playfield is best combined with Arena or CDC even if the pop jackpot is lit. Toggling the shot multiplier away and then saving it for your final Arena or CDC shot is also probably the way to go.

Thanks for the edits.

Quoted from Snailman:

I added a bunch of 1.19 changes that I've observed.

#29 6 years ago

Document title updated, and code changes merged into document. Thanks for the assist everyone!

#30 6 years ago
Quoted from SolarRide:

but now it seems like with the changes, the 2x playfield is best combined with Arena or CDC even if the pop jackpot is lit.


Quoted from SolarRide:

Toggling the shot multiplier away and then saving it for your final Arena or CDC shot is also probably the way to go.


Quoted from SolarRide:

for the CDC mode are you locked out of increasing the base value from shooting the left ramp once you shoot something other than the left ramp, or can you return to the left ramp to build it up some more ?

I thought so initially, but I'm not positive. It's also unclear to me on how many "final" CDC shots you can take.

#31 6 years ago

Similar to AC/DC Song Jackpot, whatever inlane X you've built up in TWD, you lose it if you drain. Ah, the cruel mistress of risk/reward.

#32 6 years ago

2x playfield combined with the new tunnel is the most lucrative I've seen so far. From what I've been able to gather, the new tunnel mode involves hitting the tunnel, then the other four major shots (if you can), then the tunnel again to finish the mode. I don't believe every other shot is required for the completion, but each one hit is worth either double whatever the last one was or the sum of all of the shots you've hit so far, starting at one million or so for the first tunnel. I witnessed someone pull in ~90 million for that with six shots and they only started the playfield doubler on the third shot.

I've not had enough time on a machine with the new code to iron out the details, so forgive me if there are some inaccuracies above.

#33 6 years ago

thanks Snailman, I'm looking forward to playing the new revision.

Quoted from Snailman:



I thought so initially, but I'm not positive. It's also unclear to me on how many "final" CDC shots you can take.

#34 6 years ago
Quoted from Law:

then the tunnel again to finish the mode.

Only problem is that, I believe, Tunnel mode finishes prematurely (even if there is time left) when you trigger the Tunnel switch above the pops. So similar to the Pops Jackpot, you often get your final Tunnel shot unintentionally from pops action that sends ball up the R orbit. And two of four other major shots feed... the pops.

Good, if you're wanting to finish the mode. Bad, if you're wanting to extend the mode and maximize points.

#35 6 years ago

It seems like it gets more difficult to start Prison multiball in the new version. I think on the 3rd Prison multiball, I had to hit the stab targets in order to start advancing the prison letters (think whitewater mb). If you do not do this, hitting the doors does nothing.

#36 6 years ago

Is it me or does prison multiball seem to give the drained balls back for a long time?

#37 6 years ago

Stern doesnt post an official rules guide?

#38 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Stern doesnt post an official rules guide?

Just the instruction card.

1 week later
#39 6 years ago

Looks like Mark's posted the current contents of the google doc on PAPA.org:


#40 6 years ago

Yes, I sent him the link the other day. Doing another Google Doc up for X-Men as well. I like this community approach, it lets us keep current and reduces the workload by crowd-sourcing.

4 months later
#41 5 years ago

Working on the update. Everyone feel free to contribute. Will begin with 1.19 as a baseline.
Link for you all:

Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XNUs8fgLOB2hVBBzcsgxDvdEuBbGhRuwSJdkkeo1Xv4/edit

Bugs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Kr6oy2ruBvpvqxhegjuOH-9aIQTl6ZHxdEa3yTaYGb4/edit

#42 5 years ago

1st link requires permission. 2nd link works.

#43 5 years ago

fixed, sorry!

#44 5 years ago

Bah - permissions were still messed up. Should be all set now.

#45 5 years ago

Good work, I'm locked in thread now

#46 5 years ago

I like what you are doing here and it seems very structured with black being things that are confirmed. But would it be possible to also mark confirmed changes from the previous version (1.19) with a different color too? I understand we may newly discover something that was in 1.19, and that's okay to be in black, but might be nice to document confirmed changes too. Maybe Green (or anything) for changes?

#47 5 years ago

Are the rule Sheets you guys are creating only for the Pro? Or are you doing an LE one at the same time? Thanks.

#48 5 years ago

I have the pro, so that's where my vested interest goes. I dont think it would hurt to add in things for the LE as long as they are marked LE only. Has anyone found any differences between them on features that are the same?

Interesting idea, RavagedUnicorn, on the new things that first appeared in older code. I'd say we should leave it be since the rules sheet for 1.19 is still up and active as well, for those who want to stay. What I don't want to do is have us trying to track continuing versions in a single sheet. If we do that it would eventually look like an assembled readme from the code updates, which would eventually become impossible to understand from a rules point of view.

As always, I truly appreciate the pinball wizards to contribute to the rules project. You guys and gals ROCK!

#49 5 years ago

Right from the README for LE

A lot of rules can be basically copied from this file.

Added walker bombs (Premium/LE only). Prison walker bombs can be
applied during prison yard/prison multiball/siege and are earned by
collecting first aid during prison yard/prison multiball/siege. Well
walker bombs can be applied during well/well multiball and are earned
by collecting food during well/well multiball. Horde walker bombs
can be applied during horde and are earned by collecting weapons during
horde. To apply a bomb, hit the fire button.

1 month later
#50 5 years ago

More rules were introduced with the 1.28 code update announced 7/2/15!

- Woodbury Skill Shot is now completely different. Completing multiple Fish Tanks allows you to stack Woodbury Skill Shots. They are still activated by shooting the Woodbury shot. Along with this change, one rollover may award a different feature. These awards are:
-- Light Outlane: Lights either outlane to collect the Bit value. If one is already lit, the other outlane will be lit to score the value of the lit one.
-- Double Outlane Value: If both outlanes are already lit, both outlanes are doubled in value.
-- Light Inlane Multiplier: Lights either inlane for a temporary shot multiplier. If one is already lit, the other inlane will be lit for a shot multiplier. Not sure what happens if both are lit or if it's even possible.
-- Light Crossbow: Lights the Crossbow feature at the right ramp.
-- Collect Bonus: Instantly awards your current bonus. If 2x Playfield is running, you'll be able to double your Bonus!
-- Start Multi-Kill: Instantly lights a multi-kill feature at a random shot.
-- Light Extra Ball: Self-explanatory.
- ARENA mode has been changed. Now, instead of shooting the right ramp 3 times in succession twice to win the mode, you can end the mode by shooting the right ramp at least once, then shooting the Woodbury shot to complete.

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