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#1 5 years ago

Lets tally up any interest in this as the soon to be Stern title.

Probable next title up in September 2014

#2 5 years ago

As much as I love The Walking Dead, I think Resident Evil would be a much better license for a pin.

#3 5 years ago

If it has to be zombies, why not make it more current? World War Z is coming up with Brad Pitt, and the ladies love him, so they will love the pinball.. right?!?

#4 5 years ago

I like the idea of an original zombie themed pin. Don't get me wrong, I like the Walking Dead, just don't see it as a great theme, the show is a bit too serious to be a theme for a machine that should make you laugh and feel good.

#5 5 years ago

That could possibly force me to purchase my first stern ever! vary cool.

#6 5 years ago

i can't wait for season 3 of walking dead this sunday!

so glad that the whole FARM saga is over. lookin' forward to the prison scenario.

a pin wouldn't be too shabby either

#7 5 years ago

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYYYYYY! I'd pre-order 2, one to keep in the box and one to play!

#8 5 years ago

I can see it now. Woo SHOOT MY ZOMBIE FRIENDS MODE!! I'd love that. ALL MY FAMILY IS DEAD Multiball, hell yes... Smell the Rotting Flesh bonus multiplier... My Kid Is Missing In The Forest Full Of Zombies Hurry-up. Wait, no, all that sounds like it would suck.

Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, Rob Zombie, Resident Evil, all those make a little more sense thematically.


#9 5 years ago

Enthusiasm is split between TWD and other zombie titles. How about the Romero or 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead?

#10 5 years ago

Zombieland 30 rules multiball. Twinkie multiball!
Get truck back from girls multiball.

#11 5 years ago


But I could do Zombieland.

#12 5 years ago

I'd love a Zombie themed pin!!!


#13 5 years ago

we've just been watching this show and it's pretty awesome. If the machine is done right i'd be interested, but if it's boring typical layouts we've seen a million times, with same old everything..then no.

#14 5 years ago

Hm - Walking Dead was excellent stuff and I caught every episode religiously, I just don't think it would translate too well to pinball.

#15 5 years ago

I would be into it. I thought STTNG was a great game and hated the show with a passion so, since I am into the whole zombie apocolypse I would vote on TWD.

#16 5 years ago


#17 5 years ago

I would be stoked on a Walking Dead pin but if I had a choice I'd easily choose an overall Night/Dawn/Day Romero trilogy themed pin. For me Pinball always seems more ideal for classic property and no so much contemporary licenses, even though manufacturers always want the current popular license.

#18 5 years ago

Walking Dead would be great; but Return of the Living Dead would be beyond awesome! Braaaaaaiiiiiiinssssss!!!!!!!!!

#19 5 years ago

Get in line... If it is The Walking Dead, I will quit pinball and GIVE my games to charity! We watch the show, but it seems like it would be a VERY weak title.

#20 5 years ago

Leave it a generic title, just Zombie Attacks, and they can put corn cobs in their chests.

#21 5 years ago

Zombie Good one!

Return of the living Dead! My all time favorite! Had to get carded in the movie theater in 1984! SERIOUS R rating on that one!

"Oh no. Trash is taking her clothes off again!"


#22 5 years ago

I'll be bumpin' this thread for awhile to garner Stern's interest.

#23 5 years ago

Make your own theme pin and call it "Zombie Apocalypse" you cant go wrong. Everyone around the world can figure out that theme.

#24 5 years ago

black and white walking dead pin based on the comic ala Centaur would be sweet, but I'd pass on one based on the show. Same with Resident Evil - I'd buy one based on the video games in a second, but have zero interest in one based on the awful movies.

#25 5 years ago

Resident Evil would make a great LCD based game thanks to all the movies. Perhas release it with the next one as that white house battle looks like it will rap up the series nicely and earn it a pin.

#26 5 years ago

Am I the only one that's tired of zombies?

#27 5 years ago

No thanks... Zombies are overrated.

#28 5 years ago

Undead bump.

#29 5 years ago

I think Jpop hit the nail on the head with Zombie Adventureland for a non serious take on Zombies, which seems to work. I like the Walking Dead series, but it's a very serious show with pretty much no light moments, and I can't see it translating well to a pin. Humorous Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead might work though.

#30 5 years ago

I am all for a zombie title just not sure I want it to be walking dead.

Make it and make it good.. I will buy it.

#31 5 years ago

I wouldn't want a trans with Brad on it though, that would raise the cheese factor a little.

#32 5 years ago

I love the walking dead show, but it would seriously make for a bad pinball.

Now resident evil, or custom zombie themed pin would rock. Good luck to Jpop and his team for BHZA!!!

#33 5 years ago

I can see it already - Where's Carl? Mode.

#34 5 years ago
Quoted from Mateui:

I can see it already - Where's Carl? Mode.

<Me> shoots himself in the HEAD! (So I won't regenerate.)

#35 5 years ago

If its done from the comics sure, but the show is trash.

#36 5 years ago
Quoted from AkumaZeto:

the show is trash.

Wow! Thats harsh, haha I have a feeling you are in the minority on that one though.

#37 5 years ago

Almost all of my coworkers and friends watch the show and discuss on Monday. Then there's THAT guy; all by himself.

I can't ask 'Who doesn't dig zombies' anymore. It's THAT guy! (Pointing to my right.)

#38 5 years ago

Saturday night bump.

#39 5 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Zombie Good one!
Return of the living Dead! My all time favorite! Had to get carded in the movie theater in 1984! SERIOUS R rating on that one!
"Oh no. Trash is taking her clothes off again!"

Rabid... weasels.

#40 5 years ago

Gotstsa bump dis thread yo!

#41 5 years ago
Quoted from Blakesell:

If it has to be zombies, why not make it more current? World War Z is coming up with Brad Pitt, and the ladies love him, so they will love the pinball.. right?!?

The Walking Dead is already proven to be a hit, and its still running. Thats fairly current, I would say.

#42 5 years ago

New season about to start bump.


#43 5 years ago


#44 5 years ago


#45 5 years ago

You mean the movie lied?!

#46 5 years ago

Anyone that wants brad pitt on a pinball is a goofball

#47 5 years ago

If anyone has any doubts on how cool the Zombie theme could translate into pin then check out Blindmankinds "Dead Hunters". One of my favorite Future Pin Tables.

tumblr_ln00e8DuUt1qfpn1do1_400.gif the-walkin-dead.gif

#48 5 years ago

I'm waiting for BHZA.

#49 5 years ago
Quoted from ralfonso:

Am I the only one that's tired of zombies?

No, I was going to say the exact same thing.

#50 5 years ago

'Walking Dead' premiere gets fall's biggest rating

(EW) -- The third season premiere of a basic cable zombie drama just delivered a bigger rating in the adult demo than any entertainment series this fall — including all broadcast shows.

Sunday night's third season premiere of "The Walking Dead" delivered a huge 10.9 million viewers for its first telecast. But what's really impressive is the show's adults 18-49 demo rating of a 5.8.

That's stunning.

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