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    #97 3 years ago

    Sunioj LEs?

    #136 3 years ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    1. Reign in Blood (naturally)
    2. Seasons in the Abyss
    3. Undisputed Attitude. The only CD that hasn't been taken out of my upstairs deck in 3 years. Freakin masterpiece.

    1. Seasons
    2. Hell Awaits
    3. Reign In Blood

    #155 3 years ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Like I said, they appeal to a certain crowd. The last 3 albums are terrible money grabs though right?
    "Repentless". These old dudes are done.

    You can say that about any band past the fifth album...

    #161 3 years ago

    I like Slayer. But I like Death Metal more. I prefer to separate myself as far away from the mainstream sheep as possible.

    #162 3 years ago
    Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

    Been listening to to much Slayer, probably couldn't hear it over the speed guitars that are ringing in your ears from the concert you went to years ago.

    I go to, on average 3 death metal shows a month. I get my hearing tested by work every year, and my hearing is above average. But hey man, way to let mainstream media tell you what you should like! Cheers!

    #175 3 years ago
    Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

    Actually I listen to almost everything, minus techno/house or what ever you would like to call it. I don't listen to the media when it comes to my choices, but thanks. There are far more than those that have put out more than 5 good albums but I just went the easy route.
    Also lighten up a bit I was only kidding about the hearing thing. It was a Death Metal concert joke, we all know those concerts are loud as hell.

    That's funny. I always laugh when people say "I like all kinds of music". It lets me know that they have to have their opinions fed to them from someone/somewhere else.

    Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

    You can shoot me down and call me main stream again but my vote for a Death/Speed Metal pin would be Megadeth. Vic in the artwork and Mustaine on guitar and vocals. However, it would be another pin that probably won't sell to the biggest of crowds.

    Megadeth is Death Metal? Man you're on roll! You really have no clue. In case you were wondering... Slayer isn't Death Metal either. And Megadeth is closer to the mainstream end of metal...

    As far as "shooting you down"... You kind of deserve it coming into a Slayer thread to shoot Slayer down. You don't see me going over to an Almond Brothers or whatever thread shitting on the band. You don't like Slayer? Great! Move along.

    #188 3 years ago
    Quoted from paulywalnuts23:

    Hey bud that is Allman not Almond, they aren't a candy bar.
    Also I didn't shoot Slayer, the band, down. I said the pin wouldn't sell very well. You were the one defending their album history, which I said nothing about, just said there was bands that had better than 5 good albums. I don't remember ever saying I didn't like Slayer.
    Did you forget this is a forum where people express opinions. Didn't know we all had to agree on every single topic.
    You are right I should have figured this was the response would get, sorry I hurt your feelings.

    Allman, Almond, that was the joke... I didn't defend their album history. I said "the same could be said for any band past the fifth album". This is due to everyone's differing opinions. At some point EVERY band does something different. Most original fans don't like the change, but luckily there's always new fans that like the new music. That's why you always hear "I like so-and-so up to this album, but not really into much after" or "I like all their stuff after so-and-so left the band". I never asked you to agree. My feelings aren't hurt, we have a difference of opinion, quit assuming what I think/feel. Educate yourself on a topic before you go spewing misinformed bullspit like "Megadeth is Death/Speed Metal". How hard is it to google something? Literally the first sentence from Wikipedia... "Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California." Read over this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_metal_genres I wouldn't say it's 100% correct, but it's close enough for people to learn something about metal.

    You claiming to listen to anything except EDM is ridiculous. I like death metal. I don't like all death metal. There are many bands in the genre and subgenres that I can't stand, but there are many that I can't get enough of. Nobody can claim to like all music, because nobody has ever heard all of the music that's out there.

    Never apologize. But if you say something, that you know will create a reaction from someone, you shouldn't be surprised when that happens. You started in with the personal shit... Respect begets respect. I never went into a WWE thread to put down the franchise or the pin. I let the WWE fans enjoy their moment with a new pin. I don't like it, I moved on. That's what I suggested to you. Things don't have to be all unicorns, rainbows, and friendship. But no one has to shit all over something they don't agree with when no harm has been done.

    #194 3 years ago
    Quoted from Schusler:

    Neph, would you agree Megadeth went through different classifications on their albums? I'll throw out the Death Metal category but speed/thrash I can see it on Killing is my Business and the subsequent albums. I'll put technical as a category w/ Rust in Peace. But definitely I would just use 'metal' on their latter releases.
    As you can tell... Megadeth is my favorite band.

    Absolutely. These days I would just call Megadeth a Heavy Metal band. Same with Metallica and Anthrax. They were thrash in the early days, but not anymore. Exodus though... They're still thrashing and I love me some Exodus, old and new.

    #196 3 years ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    Good question though Schusler. My pick of the last couple decades would be God Hates Us All.

    This would be mine as well, but mainly due to the time in my life that it was released. I have many memories tied to that album.

    #201 3 years ago

    Children of the Grave is probably my favorite bass song of all time.

    #217 3 years ago

    Nothing wrong with variety. Impossible to like ALL. Reading comprehension problem?

    #237 3 years ago
    Quoted from Pickle:

    A Pantera pin would be my choice over Slayer. Better music in my opinion. I can't imagine Stern wanting to be associated with any band with a controversy over Satanism......people talk about bands selling out.....Slayer did that at both ends.....in the beginning when they never denied being satanists and pretty much said they were and fast forward 30 years and now they say they are not.....they played it up and used it to their advantage like any other band would to become big. Simple as that. They had some good songs but I don't see this pin happening.......would be cool if it did. If Ozzy can get banned from San Antonio for pissing on the Alamo and then invited to the White House by the president then anything is possible.
    Motorhead would be a great choice and I would probably buy it....RIP Lemmy.....and eventually when I get TWD pin I am gonna add Fast and Loose with pinball browser.

    And Pantera stayed true to their roots? Pfft... Ha!


    #242 3 years ago
    Quoted from Pickle:

    LOL!!! Ok....lets pull up pictures of every band from the 80's......early Crue, GnR, etc.....they all had the glam thing going for a while...hell Steven Tyler invented glam and his pin is coming so yeah glam rock still lives on......

    Slayer in '84 looks quite a bit different...


    ...no duck lips.

    #245 3 years ago

    No. I saw Stern/Nuclear Blast banners several months ago.

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