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The TWIPY Pinball Awards: a celebration of the hobby - Detailed Results

By pin2d

10 months ago

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#173 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Stern really "showed up" btw - this guy Mike seems to be their representation for Texas....not a good look for them as it seems as if they don't care which they prob dont

You have no idea as usual.

Mike is a long term industry vet... was also a prime figure of stern at TPF and other shows last year... and said in their session yesterday he will be doing 10(iirc) shoes this year. He's a nice guy and real easy to talk to.

#174 6 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

Kind of interesting that the back to back twipy award winning pinball podcaster is banned from the twipy award wining pinball website

Because life has consequences... no matter how many people click on your links.

If it came out tommorrow that he was a child molester.... people would turn on him in a heart beat. But instead people turn a blind eye to his atrocious behavior that was hateful and destructive because he he's a shock jock they enjoy. It's pretty sad actually and the state of our world.

#178 6 months ago
Quoted from phoenixpin:

Not sad at all. You can disapprove of someone’s behavior and still appreciate their podcast. I guarantee you this: every entertainment industry whether it’s film, music, art or even podcasts has tons of people who sometimes do really sh#%ty things. If you want to eliminate content from people whose actions you find deplorable, you’re going to have a lot fewer paintings, movies, songs, podcasts and even pinball machines...

You miss the part where his content and actions are the same thing here... not talking about his life outside his work etc. and the people were all directly involved and impacted.

People need to do their homework on what they believe is a credible pundit to follow. Like news these days... people seem to be following what makes their juices flow instead of actual credible or meaningful work.

#198 6 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

One more thing, there should be a TWIPY for "Biggest WTF Moment" and Chris Franchi can win after smashing / throwing ZombieYetis best artwork award. That was weird.

Google kayne Taylor Swift Grammys

#200 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Oh flynnibus - thank you for enlightening me and the pinside community!
Please - don't even get me started.
I heard the snoozefest on Friday. I have no issue with the guy at all, seemed very nice. Open you ears though and maybe your eyes and you'll realize Mike isn't Keith. I remember Eric accepted for pirates - you know the guy who ACTUALLY DESIGNED the game! Did you know that Flynnbus? Or maybe you're too focused on lecturing everyone.
Sorry I'm not such a sucker like you and take whatever Stern gives us.

Who goes to the shows has ALWAYS been shaped by the work schedule going on. They have a job to do.

You seriously think everyone mentioned by a podcasters self driven thing in just its second year should change their real world priorities to bend to it?

You are in fantasy land as usual. Instead of making up stuff to fill in what you don't know, just accept you don't know and maybe try to get informed

#235 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Stern should have shown like they give a damn about these awards. You don't think jjp is busy? Credit to them for going and representing along with the others like AP and Spooky

This coming from the guy who watched it online... verse the people that were actually there and saw it. I was sitting right behind the biggest name in pinball (who works for stern) and was chatting with Jon borg walking in the door... and the head artist and sound designers were there... Dwight was there...as well as their primary show representative. What the hell did you want? Butt hurt that Elwin wasn't there?

30 pins in Marcos booth trumps not having Elwin there to pickup a pointless fan vote contest award.

#250 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Fitting you would use the word butt hurt. Says everything about you.

Embarrassing you can't come up with anything but complaining about how you think should be and can't acknowledge anything else that actually happened.

Seriously - answer what you think stern should have done to "take this seriously"

I think their staff were well prepped and handled themselves very well on stage.

#251 6 months ago

Guy wasn't loaded and was making a point.

Just like there were other people being rowdy and loud in support of who they were supporting.

What sucks for some is... the guy has some serious dobblegangers in the hobby so mistaken identity I'm sure went on a lot today.

#257 6 months ago
Quoted from Beechwood:

My personal opinion, Maybe stern should send a big name or two to and accept awards, talk to the common man, and just make an appearance at such shows.

I guess you missed where I listed the large list of people that were at the show and the twipy seminar?

Maybe people are getting too big into idolizing people and forgetting there is more than one or two people at the company that make a difference?

Stern had a huge presence at the show. And like usual.. they were very approachable. Heck, at breakfast this AM one guy was talking about how he was hanging with Steve Richie in a suite till 2am.

#259 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

So you think their staff were well prepped and handled themselves very well on stage?

Yes, they were classy, respectful, appreciative, on point, organized. That clearly was addressed and they handled themselves well. This is the first time anyone has tried to pull one of these shows off and frankly you didn't know what quite to expect. And right off the top, Jerry Thompson got up there and was genuine and professional.

And for the most part.. other people followed in that good example. Sans Franchi - but that was bad humor that apparently most people aren't familiar with. For those who don't know what he was mimic'ing...

Quoted from delt31:

you talking to yourself about how much you love stern and how they did everything right?

Such brainless drivel may work in your 'which fanboi is best' religion wars about vendors with others... but that kind of baseless, and frankly ignorant of reality type of crap just exposes you for what you are. Someone who just has to talk and try to label people instead of actually sticking to the points of the discussion. You clearly have no idea of who I 'love' or not.

But I see you still can't answer the question... only rant on. Do you have a suggestion of what would have made Stern's presence creditable? Gary Stern must be hanging on your super informed POV...

#307 6 months ago
Quoted from Hollywoodbone:

Thank you to every one who watched! We were truly happy with how every thing turned out. We had super small budget to work with and we all made it work. We knew we didn’t want just a seminar, it had to feel like an awards show and I feel it was achieved. With that I Have to thank all the people who volunteered to help run the show. Richard and Howard for running cameras, William Oetting for running all the videos, Joel Reeves for DJing the music as people walk up to accept, David Tiel for the awesome music that was used, Cary Hardy for helping set up, Ryan White for helping set up lights, Nicole Meny, Priscilla and Jason for getting the red carpet down, Jeff for all the work put it together and working like crazy back stage,and most importantly Zach for the countless hours and days spent on the videos! That’s what truly made the production. Also thank you to to all the presenters for taking time out of there night to help make this such a great evening as well as Marco Specialities and Flip N Out for sponsoring the show! I know there are more people so I’m sorry if I missed you! This list is not even including the TWIPY Committee Jeff formed but I’ll leave those to Jeff.
We knew things weren’t going to be perfect and went into this as a learning experience and we did just that! This show will most certainly get better and more polished! Thanks again for every one who attended and watched from home. One last note. The guy booing was most certainly a dick and really was disrespectful to the show and all the people I mentioned.

You guys certainly exceeded expectations! Roping in the celebrities was a great coup as well! You both did a great job carrying the event as hosts.

#308 6 months ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Nobody considering the possibility that the booing guy was a plant? With the whole confrontation afterwords being planned too? Seems like a Kaneda thing to do.

The conversation with the police officer was no plant from what I saw Cop was really ready to intervene and it was clearly not a comfortable situation. Nor was the 'white knight' who jumped up to try to confront the heckler who I thought was gonna explode (prior to the cop making his way over there).

1 week later
#424 6 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

I get that this is just a popularity contest and is extremely limited by the fact that most people voting will have never seen many of these games in person (or maybe at all)

Yup - pretty much why it's a popularity contest in an echo chamber... like most social media these days. Not nearly as bad as the pinside rankings.. but just as credible.. aka not much.

I do like the idea of celebrating the hobby and the new faces certainly know how to do it better than the expo dinosaurs... but what people actually yearn for is kinda scary at times.

#432 6 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

everyone knows that the TWIPYs are fans' choice awards, and aren't guaranteed to reflect the views of the pinball cognoscenti.

I think many are wound up into this way more than that..

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