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The TWIPY Pinball Awards: a celebration of the hobby - Live show at TPF!

By pin2d

88 days ago

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    #1 88 days ago

    EDIT: The TWIPY Pinball Awards: A CELEBRATION OF THE HOBBY! Voting now OPEN!

    Vote here! https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/quiz/twipy-2019-ballot/


    Hi all, the TWIPYs are back again!

    The TWIPYs are a “People’s Choice” type awards, where the public votes for their favorites in the pinball world. Like last year, we'll LIVE have a show at the Texas Pinball Festival hosted by Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle. We'll have guests presenters, acceptance speeches, a cash bar, and all of it will be streamed live on Twitch.

    The TWIPY Committee returns, this year it is comprised of Lloyd Olsen, Steve Bowden, Joel Reeves, William Oetting, Zach Meny, Greg Bone, and Jeff Patterson. The Committee will be responsible for determining game eligibility and categories, show and schedule coordination, and most importantly, maintaining the integrity of the voting process through our online secure voting process, and helping review and validate votes and results.

    CHANGE FOR THIS YEAR: This year instead of doing write-in votes for categories such as favorite streamers, podcasters, mods, etc., we are going to have options in a dropdown for voters to choose from. This will provide voters with a better voting experience and save time in February for the Committee as we are getting the show planned and scheduled.

    Official voting will still run during the month of January. This year we will be opening PRE-VOTING for the TWIPYs starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3rd and running through Thursday, December 12th. These will be write-in votes, and they will determine the drop down selections for the January voting. The number of drop down selections will vary by category and determined by the TWIPY Committee.

    The pre-voting opens at midnight tonight - I'll post a link tomorrow here morning if no one else has by then.

    This Week in Pinball
    71397787_391315805145655_4961062323553828864_n (resized).jpg

    #9 86 days ago
    Quoted from Lermods:

    If I understand this new voting system, everyone is basically going to have to vote twice? I’d guess some people could get confused and vote just this first time and think that’s all they need to do.
    A suggestion for next year is to have a selection committee choose what they think are the top contestants to form the drop downs and then have a write-in category.

    Great suggestion and we (the committee) definitely discussed that. For this year we put it up to the community to decide in spite of needing to vote twice.

    I’m sure we’ll tweak things going forward to make the process smoother each year as we learn what works best.

    4 weeks later
    #10 58 days ago

    The TWIPY Pinball Awards: A CELEBRATION OF THE HOBBY! Voting now OPEN!

    Vote here! https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/quiz/twipy-2019-ballot/

    #16 57 days ago
    Quoted from drfrightner:

    Some of these options to vote on are ridiculous. Who came up with this stuff?
    Favorite Pinball Location? Favorite Pinball League?
    The people who live in that city are voting for that cities league or location. Someone in St Louis isn't voting for a place in San Antonio. Let me put it to you another way, if you have a location in Chicago and another in Memphis clearly Chicago is going to win because the market has 6 million people living there vs 1 million.
    Pinball is fun but you seriously don't have someone from Kansas City going to a league in New York, no they're playing local. These are simply ridiculous categories because every city in America has a league or spot where people play. C'mon! These are local events and will be voted on by locals. Cities with the most players will win! Dumb category.
    I also think there should have been an award for best of the Decade considering we transitioned from 2019 to 2020
    Best game of the decade should be added right now! Best New Mod of the Decade! Ect... someone should have thought of that.
    This has been a big decade for pinball, one that btw might never be repeated so it should be honored rather than what city has the most voters for a local league.
    Just saying.
    Best Pinball Company 2010 - 2019
    Best Pinball Game 2010 - 2019
    Best Pinball Designer 2010 - 2019
    Best Mod of the Decade
    Lets put more thought into honoring those who've done the most during the single more transformative decade in the history of pinball.
    Oh and yes Best Local League of the Decade lets not forget that one. LOL

    Great thoughts and thanks for the feedback man. There is a lot of feedback on the different categories and we will use that to make it better each year. Some that seem silly to you are the biggest categories to others, so we're trying to include all things pinball. The committee and myself listen to all the feedback and I have a list for next year to discuss and make improvements, as we did last year too.

    As far as best of the decade - that would be an awesome awards show!! The TWIPYs is designed as a yearly awards show though. Tons of accolades would be deserved this last decade because it has been a crazy and awesome decade for pinball!

    #19 57 days ago
    Quoted from rai:

    Yes, I couldn't even vote on the 2019 candidates (too soon) but the decade is a big bad time of great pinball.
    Best code/rules (?) of the decade?
    Best toy of the decade?
    Best new feature?
    Best newcomer?
    Lifetime achievement award?

    It is a yearly awards like I mentioned...

    #20 57 days ago
    Quoted from Yoko2una:

    I have to agree with this. Some of the categories I had to leave blank, not because I wanted to, but because there wasn’t an option for anyone in the northeast (unless they’re a “pinball traveler”).
    NEPL was an option for best league, and obviously only people in New England will be voting for that. But in said league there are a half dozen collectors with un-freggin-real collections that don’t make this list, and then we also have a handful of kickass public locations with killer collections. Not one makes it. So the league makes it, but this hotspot region for pinball that makes this category possible gets no love for locations.
    Also, it killed me to see F’ing Cosmic Carnival listed so many times in so many categories. That should only have a spot under artwork and NO other mentions. FFS, they had to redo the PF layout when people thousands of miles away like me took 1 quick look of the PF and reminded those geniuses that there’s no reason to have top rollovers if there’s no way to get up there after plunge! They had to introduce a drop bank with nothing behind to allow a ball to get back up top, and the resulting “orbit” shot just went back into the shooter lane to get up there. That company was dead on arrival. Their ramps, toys, MSRP, and YouTube streams should be in their own category for “biggest laugh of the year”. My local bowling alley with 1 pin has more of a case to be in the “best location” category than Cosmic Carnival has a case to be in the “best layout” category.
    ...Just so everyone knows how I really feel.

    You can definitely leave any fields you want blank! And people will definitely vote for the league they're familiar with in their area. My favorite location is in Indianapolis (and the best in the world in my opinion) and that is not in the dropdown.

    As far as excluding Cosmic Carnival, it was an original game and original design that came out this year. We won't exclude games from some categories just because we don't like them, we include anything that is eligible.

    Also should mention, feel free to PM me any criticisms (or share them here), we listen to all feedback to try to make this better each year.

    #22 57 days ago
    Quoted from Yoko2una:

    Thanks for the reply, Jeff.
    The league thing sort of proves my point. It’s not the best league that wins. It will probably end up being the league with the most players. That’s more of a “regional headcount” poll vs. other categories for things like commonly available pins that one can order regardless of location.
    Also as it pertains to the best location category, I looked at the first two as I’ve never heard of them. The one in TX with 50 games according to Pinside looks sweet. The next one in TN, may be a great location for TN, but as I mentioned above is at least on par, if not even inferior (IMHO) to some of the private collections and public locations in the northeast. Heck the below photo is a ridiculous location in a local amusement park and these location games are stacked with ColorDMDs and toppers. I’m sure many would consider this a Mecca and yet it’s basically an afterthought up here which again makes me question the selection process.
    [quoted image]
    I don’t know the selection process from the committee, nor do I really care to learn. I voted within the options selected. I just think a “best of” should truly be a “best of” competition and I sincerely question if the best of each category is listed. That’s all.

    The dropdowns were determined by the community vote in early December. Locations don’t include private collections, though I wish all of them were my neighbors

    It is a people’s choice awards, so like you said, the league with the most votes may not be the “best” league per say.

    Thanks as always for the feedback, we 100% listen to all of it to try to make the show better each year.

    #28 56 days ago
    Quoted from Yoko2una:

    The league thing sort of proves my point. It’s not the best league that wins. It will probably end up being the league with the most players. That’s more of a “regional headcount” poll vs. other categories for things like commonly available pins that one can order regardless of location.

    Quoted from drfrightner:

    So when you say silly to me but important to other I scratch my head there. We already know that. What does that have to do with the point made. You can't have best league or best location, because people on pinside live around the WORLD! I'd bet only 1% of people on pinside has even played in any of the locations you mentioned or leagues you nominated. How can someone judge a league they've never attended? You can't!

    These are good points and no matter how this is done there isn't a perfect way to do it. For each category there are likely one or more options that someone is not familiar with, especially with the region based ones like location, league, convention, tournament.

    Quoted from rai:

    Also one year like 2019 has what 6-7 pins most with incomplete code. Or perhaps many have not got a chance to play at all. I just left the whole vote blank because there is not enough information about the games of 2019 yet. Stranger Things came out a minute ago and I’ve never played it or SW home pin or Cosmic Carnival.

    It is also the case with the game specific selections - most people that vote have likely not played every single machine on the list extensively, like you said. More people have played Stern machines than any others because Stern produces so many more machines than any other manufacturer. Like I said, it isn't perfect. (BTW, Stranger Things isn't one of the options.)

    Quoted from swinks:

    I partially did the ballot and though I commend you (and team) in arranging and running it, I thought some of it wasn't balanced. I must of missed the community vote thing and disappointed in some of the options in this ballot and sad to see no This Flippin Podcast as well as other things in the options. For example best homebrew personally should a list of games finished in the year of 2019 like the commercial options - you see a game like Dead Flip's as cool as it is looking is not playable, no art etc so odd choice to put in and then where rotordave custom game Led Zeppelin was not included.

    Homebrew ended up being the most complicated category, we (the TWIPY Committee) spent hours discussing homebrew. I also reached out to the homebrew builders to get more information on the status of the machines. The criteria for homebrew eligibility that the committee ended up voting for was that it has to be flippable, it has to have had a public showing, and has to be an original design. The original design stipulation excluded Led Zeppelin, Wonder Woman, Zelda, Motor City Taxi, etc. Perhaps we should add a best retheme category in future years.

    For the dropdowns (like podcast), I was surprised by some of the results too - I couldn't believe the Spooky Podcast, Slap Save, Eclectic Gamers, etc., weren't in the top 10 (plus ties). But those were the results of the pre-voting at the beginning of December that determined the dropdowns.

    Quoted from twenty84:

    I voted early and realized when I listed to a podcast that what I voted for for best mod has now been removed as an option. Does this mean my vote won't count?

    I addressed this on Facebook but not here:

    "UPDATE: The Elvira Couch has been removed from the list of favorite mods as it comes with the machine and by definition is not a modification. This was included in error and an oversight on the final edit - I apologize for the error! If anyone wants to change their vote to a different mod, please just submit a new vote (filling in all selections again) and we’ll delete your initial vote. - Jeff"

    Quoted from drfrightner:

    So lastly, as far as this comment. Again this makes no sense. It doesn't matter what TWIPY was set up for, because look at the Olympics, they've changed now they have snowboarding, and this summer they'll offer skateboard. Look at the Academy Awards that has drastically evolved over the years, as categories are added to accomodate how things change. Now they have 8 films nominated instead of 5, new categories have been added like animation films... and I hope one day they add Best Horror/Sci Fi movie.
    The point is it doesn't matter what it was originally intended to do but how its used to recognize great things that happen within the industry and to hopefully inspire better things into the future. Each year it should be evaluated, expanded, improved, and if need be totally evolve.
    I don't think its a matter of how it was intended originally, I think honestly you just didn't think about it.
    How many more decades will any of us last? For many this will be the last decade flip we ever see! We should celebrate the best decade in pinball's history and beg pinball companies to top themselves over the coming decade.

    A decade awards show would be very cool, would be cool for someone to do that.

    We are evolving and have spent hundreds of hours making changes every year to try to improve the process and the awards show. We don't even have a sliver of a sliver of the resources that the Olympics or Academy Awards have though. Those events are not perfect and have flaws, and the TWIPY awards are no different. Like I said, it isn't an exact science or a perfect system!

    #31 56 days ago
    Quoted from DennisK:

    Does the ballot not result in an email upon submission? I got one during the write-in phase but didn't get an email when I submitted a final ballot.

    We exceeded our limit of email sends we were allowed - we just bumped it up so those should start coming through again, sorry about that.

    #42 55 days ago
    Quoted from Hypercoaster:

    Jeff - Thank you for all you do. I can't believe how much blowback you get over this, it is a wonder you guys keep putting it on! Seriously, someone doesn't want to vote because the code on games is incomplete? Stern can charge 9k for a pin but we shouldn't pick a favorite at the end of the year because they ship them with incomplete code? Ridiculous.
    Lastly a suggestion. There is definitely a need for a "Walter Payton Man of the Year" type of award for community service. The acts of kindness that are generated in this community need to be celebrated!

    All good! Thank you for the feedback. As far as blowback, any awards type show should definitely be held under scrutiny (same with ANY info really).

    A Person of the Year is a great suggestion and we've talked about that a bunch, amazing how awesome the community has been this year with everything raised for charities (like Project Pinball) - incredible.

    As far as continuing putting it on, thank you haha. It is definitely year by year, it is a labor of love for the hobby, whew.

    #58 52 days ago
    Quoted from machoman3209:

    So... I have heard it said the Jeff does not want the Twipys to be something that will discourage podcasters from podcasting. Is there a plan in place this year for how they will silence or remove People that want to Heckle or Boo Award winners as they are accepting their award?

    New forum member, first post about Kaneda, how original

    #67 52 days ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    Never saw pre-vote.
    Didn't know that was a thing this year.

    Tough to reach everyone. I announced it everywhere I could think of, pinball podcasts and streamers and such talked about it, we got over 1k votes so it was a pretty good sample size to narrow things down to 10 or so dropdown selections.

    #101 49 days ago

    Someone needs to ping me when waiting on a response!

    Very good questions. The Committee basically evaluates as a group the original content being broadcast and in what form. Content that is released initially as a stream can then be uploaded onto YouTube or as a podcast, however the primary choice of medium is still streaming. We also evaluate if any intention was to market the stream content as something else. For example, Buffalo Pinball does a monthly “podcast” stream which we consider a podcast instead of a stream because the intent was presented formally from the start and streaming video was not the primary use of the media. In other words, it was intended for an audio podcast even if it was initially recorded using stream broadcasting. In addition, the committee also takes into consideration original content that was created for the YouTube channel, outside of streaming/uploading from a different medium. Some on the drop down list are stream uploads, but some have a significant percentage of original content/videos solely created and/or aired on YouTube. If we deemed the original stand-alone content significant and substantial then they were deemed eligible vs. ineligible.

    It’s not an exact science or a perfect system. The TWIPY Committee is comprised of respected individuals in the community and we try to make the awards as fair and objective as possible, and take into account some common sense as well.

    #104 48 days ago
    Quoted from drfrightner:

    Here are some suggestions if we go by awards shows already out there...
    Best Picture (Best Overall Pinball)
    Best Director (Best Designer)
    League MVP (Most Valuable Person to Pinball) (That year)
    Best Original Screenplay (Best Original Game)
    Best Adapted Screenplay (Pinball based on a licensed game)
    Best Animated Feature (Best Animations on Screen)
    Best Cinematography (Best Playfield Layout)
    Best Original Score (Best Music Pinball)
    Best Editing (Best Coding/Rule Set)
    Sound Editing (Best Sound FX)
    Production Design (Best Art Package on a Pinball)
    Best Visual Effects (Same as before Best visual fx on screen)
    Other categories I would keep or consider...
    Best Original Toy
    Best Toy Set
    Best Mod of the Year
    Best Stream
    Best Podcast
    Manufacturer of the Year
    Comeback of the Year (could be a mod company, pinball supplier, designer, etc.)
    All the rest I would drop! All categories should be focused strictly on highlighting and promoting the advancement of pinball.
    Keith Elwin might get all the credit for his game, but he had a team just like a director of a movie. Breaking it out like this promotes all those people and advancements.

    2 weeks later
    #118 29 days ago

    LAST CHANCE to vote in The TWIPY Pinball Awards: A CELEBRATION OF THE HOBBY!

    Voting Ends tomorrow (1/31) at midnight EST - vote now if you haven't yet!


    71397787_391315805145655_4961062323553828864_n (1) (resized).png
    1 week later
    #119 18 days ago


    "After thoughtful considerations to all parties a mutual decision has been made regarding the TWIPYs award show. Greg Bone and Zach Meny will not be hosting the award show this year. TWIP wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavors and thanks them for the co-creation of this celebration of pinball."

    #122 18 days ago
    Quoted from Dkjimbo:

    Well that escalated quickly!!
    So who is going to host? More fallout from the TPN I guess? Its a shame, they did a fantastic job last year.

    They've done an incredible job, I couldn't agree more.

    Not sure yet on who is hosting, hoping to figure something out this week.

    #129 18 days ago

    In response to the messages and emails I've received about the statement I shared from Zach and Greg about the TWIPYs, please let me clarify - I wanted Zach and Greg to continue on as hosts. I did not "kick them out" from hosting the TWIPYs. They did a fantastic job hosting last year and the show will not be the same without them.

    That said, the TWIPY Committee and I are committed to making this year's show bigger and better than ever. Stay tuned!

    #131 16 days ago
    Quoted from DugFreez:

    I'm hoping the part about being streamed on Twitch is still planned. Along with it being archived by someone afterwards on YouTube.
    I have enjoyed the Twipy awards the past 2 years via SDTM and I just hope the production and presentation is not a step back from last years awards show.

    It will definitely be streamed live and archived on YouTube.

    Can't understate how much SDTM meant to the TWIPYs and what a great job they did.

    Working hard to make it another great show, had a call last night with the TPF Audio/Visual people, 44 days to get everything ready, the show must go on!

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