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The TWIPY Pinball Awards: a celebration of the hobby - Live show at TPF!

By pin2d

76 days ago

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    #12 45 days ago

    Some of these options to vote on are ridiculous. Who came up with this stuff?

    Favorite Pinball Location? Favorite Pinball League?

    The people who live in that city are voting for that cities league or location. Someone in St Louis isn't voting for a place in San Antonio. Let me put it to you another way, if you have a location in Chicago and another in Memphis clearly Chicago is going to win because the market has 6 million people living there vs 1 million.

    Pinball is fun but you seriously don't have someone from Kansas City going to a league in New York, no they're playing local. These are simply ridiculous categories because every city in America has a league or spot where people play. C'mon! These are local events and will be voted on by locals. Cities with the most players will win! Dumb category.

    I also think there should have been an award for best of the Decade considering we transitioned from 2019 to 2020

    Best game of the decade should be added right now! Best New Mod of the Decade! Ect... someone should have thought of that.

    This has been a big decade for pinball, one that btw might never be repeated so it should be honored rather than what city has the most voters for a local league.

    Just saying.

    Best Pinball Company 2010 - 2019
    Best Pinball Game 2010 - 2019
    Best Pinball Designer 2010 - 2019
    Best Mod of the Decade

    Lets put more thought into honoring those who've done the most during the single more transformative decade in the history of pinball.

    Oh and yes Best Local League of the Decade lets not forget that one. LOL

    #24 44 days ago
    Quoted from pin2d:

    Some that seem silly to you are the biggest categories to others, so we're trying to include all things pinball

    I've found on pinside that some of the overall inconsequential things will get some so fired up its guns a ablaze. There are a lot of different opinions, views, old school, new school, no tech, high tech, collectors, players, stern army, JJP haters, its so all over the place bringing this group together would be harder than getting Nancy and Trump to agree on anything. The fact is none of that has to do with all that matters is results. You may love this new game and your opinion matters because it's your money. But overall 50 people buying a pinball won't keep a company in business, meaning the majority doesn't agree.

    So when you say silly to me but important to other I scratch my head there. We already know that. What does that have to do with the point made. You can't have best league or best location, because people on pinside live around the WORLD! I'd bet only 1% of people on pinside has even played in any of the locations you mentioned or leagues you nominated. How can someone judge a league they've never attended? You can't!

    However you can judge whether you like the new Stranger Things, because you can go somewhere LOCAL and play it. You should only give out awards on things ALL pinsiders can feel, touch, or experience. Otherwise the person, event, company, location has just won a FALSE award. It would be one thing if you said what locations in America has the best website, digital marketing commercial, you could submit those, review and watch them. What location has the best pinball atmosphere, or the best collection. Those things can be judged because those people trying to win those awards can showcase thru the internet via photos and video. Interesting categories that could actually inspire other leagues, locations to learn from their peers, and inspire them to do better. I think these categories and honestly some of the others make no sense and just can't honestly be voted on.

    Quoted from pin2d:

    As far as best of the decade - that would be an awesome awards show!! The TWIPYs is designed as a yearly awards show though.

    So lastly, as far as this comment. Again this makes no sense. It doesn't matter what TWIPY was set up for, because look at the Olympics, they've changed now they have snowboarding, and this summer they'll offer skateboard. Look at the Academy Awards that has drastically evolved over the years, as categories are added to accomodate how things change. Now they have 8 films nominated instead of 5, new categories have been added like animation films... and I hope one day they add Best Horror/Sci Fi movie.

    The point is it doesn't matter what it was originally intended to do but how its used to recognize great things that happen within the industry and to hopefully inspire better things into the future. Each year it should be evaluated, expanded, improved, and if need be totally evolve.

    I don't think its a matter of how it was intended originally, I think honestly you just didn't think about it.

    How many more decades will any of us last? For many this will be the last decade flip we ever see! We should celebrate the best decade in pinball's history and beg pinball companies to top themselves over the coming decade.

    Just my two cents.

    #25 44 days ago

    So the real question is what is the best company this past decade? What is the best pinball that changed the landscape? What one mod changed how we play and experience pinball? Is there one defining thing that changed the pinball landscape between 2010 and 2019?

    Those are things we should be handing out awards to because those answers gave us everything we have today! To ignore that is a massive mistake.

    You take Wizard of Oz... I think everyone would have to agree that game is the biggest game changer in pinball history. Massive color screen, movie clips, two upper playfields, first led pinball game, no color inserts, two upper playfields, radcal artwork, operated by computer with the most sophisticated backend we've ever seen! Amazing artwork, with a rail system under the game, wide body, that probably no one could have ever imagined could get built. Stern saved pinball but JJP kicked in the door and showed a blueprint for other pinball start ups. During this decade we went from 1 pinball company to several... would there ever have been an Aliens or Big Lebowski if it wasn't for Wizard of Oz? That game changed everything even if you don't like the game itself. I remember listening to Jack tell a story about how they went to a supply house to buy inserts, and they got screamed at and run out of the store because they only wanted clear inserts. Man that is history right there.

    To ignore those accomplishments is simply WRONG!


    Who would want to vote on that in 2021? Ahh a year late and a dollar short.

    We can do it NOW!

    #44 40 days ago
    Quoted from Yelobird:

    Sorry none of this makes Any sense? Maybe (1) category for best game of the decade but otherwise no sense at all. Be like going to the Olympics and awards are given to the best 50 yard dash runner for the last 3 Olympics or the Movie Oscars to compete over movies 10 years ago? It’s a Simple celebration and Acknowledgment of the efforts, individuals, accomplishments over the year. Would Stranger Things beat MMr for the decade? Hmmm... based on 20k owners of MMr my guess is no and of little value to know. The show and work they have Voluntarily put into it is Great as is and I am Certain they will continue to refine it for many Decades to come.

    I don't make sense I think you don't make sense. Actually you make no sense. I'm not saying there should be a category for best pinball of the decade every year... yeah that makes no sense. in case you haven't noticed this is now 2020, which means when TPF happens in March, it will be three months after the clock turned midnight and ended the decade of 2010-2019. Since this is the TPF directly after the clock switching us to a new decade it only makes sense to have best of the decade award.

    Furthermore what manufacturer would work super hard to win the game of the decade? What Pinball company wouldn't want to be the company of the decade? MM that wouldn't count its a remake... there should be an award THIS YEAR for Game of the Decade and it can be added now. Why wait 10 years to add it in 2030? Who knows if there will even be a twippy in 2030. Who knows where pinball will be if it even is popular then... who knows. Many things happen over 10 years so we should honor the people who changed the game over the last 10 years. I'm seriously scratching my head why you think that makes no sense. It doesn't.

    Fact is you love JJP, and I'm nearly positive they would win hands down.

    As for the show being done by a volunteer group... huh? If you're going to say this awards mean something then you need to do a better job. Adding best league or best location that is just worthless. Totally and anyone who wins that award should accept with a grain of salt. Seriously!

    I guess all I'm saying is add something that would inspire discussion, and people's passion for pinball!

    #60 40 days ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    Thanks Dr. Frightener for continuing to reinforce that stellar reputation you have built. We try to do a good job and we are proud of the outcome.

    Thanks Zach! However I think you totally misunderstood what I was saying. If I was standing in front of you and we discussed this rather than talking over a forum you'd probably go oh I see what you're saying. In no way am I saying if people who donate their time are worthless unless they do something 110% correctly or the way I want it to be... no that isn't what I'm saying. But here is what I'm saying, it seems from listening to you, Kaneda, and others this awards means something. I think the award means something first and foremost to the people doing podcasts, please don't tell me you don't want to win it! LOL.

    Anyway the point I was making was or is that someone said its all volunteer and I'm saying that doesn't have anything to do with it. Just because its volunteer doesn't mean you don't try and do something better. I'm not saying anything bad I think its great they did all this free, awesome, but that doesn't change wanting to make the show better right? That doesn't change wanting the awards to mean more to the people who win them right? You want this to really be the oscars of pinball so companies will work harder to win them. I personally think its AWESOME these people work for free I'm not saying thats bad because its great! I just want to use the award to make pinball companies work harder and want to win them. If these awards mean something, in other words if as its been described the oscars of pinball, then lets get the categories right every year to represent and promote pinball for today and into the future. If awards and more specifically this award means you've accomplished something, that's a good thing if it makes ANY pinball company work harder the following year, push the limits to promote pinball. Correct?

    I'm not in anyway diminishing people's effort. A person, company, group whatever can and will go to extraordinary lengths to win an award. If that is the case everyone benefits because they did something that benefits all! Having categories that no one can honestly judge doesn't promote pinball! If you disagree explain!

    Quoted from Chuckwebster:

    I beg to differ regarding Location and Leagues- If you're going to honor the best in pinball than you need to have locations and leagues on the ballot. If it wasn't for them the vast majority of people would never get to experience pinball. Big thanks to TWIP for shinning a light on the people that make pinball great

    There are probably 1000 plus places that have pinballs, hundreds who have leagues, and they're regional around the world. No way anyone can vote on that. That's like saying vote on the best Walmart location in America... how would I know do you honestly want me to visit ever Walmart to determine that? Someone just posted why isn't Gallop Ghost on the list. I visited that place pretty cool.

    Quoted from Yelobird:

    Do you ever Read what you reply to or simple bury it in words? I Said I agree there should be (1) ONE category for game of the decade??? Not asking you to conform but Consider this hobby and the efforts of others might Not be just about what you want. Lol. As for the categories you claim as worthless, if they mean nothing to you simply don’t vote for them! Seems they made that option simple enough no? I value your input but don’t see why you have to crap on the effort they made to help us celebrate pinball? It’s not the Golden Globes, it’s simply a look back at those that contributed to our hobby enjoyment. The Silver Ball ceremony.

    If you're saying you agreed, I didn't read that anywhere in your post. Your whole post started with something like I confuse you or something. So somehow I missed that point and I did read it. Again that is the problem with message boards.

    Sorry in advance if that is what you're saying.

    #63 40 days ago
    Quoted from Yelobird:

    I would BET that is Not what he would be thinking or saying lol. Just having fun Dr.... lol

    I'll bet he would 110% he does... I'll do his podcast or meet with him in person. If he doesn't agree with my point, I'll donate $500 to project pinball!

    How does that sound?

    I think you and Zach are missing my broader point, an award show should really inspire the industry to do BETTER! To make an excuse and say well because they're all do this for free doesn't matter. I think its great they're putting in their time and effort keep it going!!! But lets make this really work to push people to greatness. Awards should be given for things that make the industry/hobby better, that everyone can actually vote on because they have experienced it.

    Pirates from JJP was going for greatness, not sure why that never won game of the year because its game of the lifetime!!!! I doubt anyone will ever attempt something like that again! Too expensive. But why not demand it! If we as an industry are going to pay $9 10 or 15k for pinball game shouldn't we push the envelope and give awards to those who do?

    The people who buy games should have a lot more influence over this industry we do by making these awards really matter. Who was the best pinball company this past decade? What company pushed every single door open to make a pinball game? I saw the voting on another thread... Wizard and Pirates from JJP are #1 and #2.

    Stern you want that award then do something special! JJP you want that award again, go further than before ever before!

    Deep Root don't just be a corporate raider, buying talent, do something so special we're crawling all over ourselves to hand you the award of all awards.

    I'm saying take this very serious and make these awards mean something to everyone who puts their foot in the sand... volunteer or not!

    But I guess to Zach that is a bad thing I don't know! LOL

    #64 40 days ago
    Quoted from Goronic:

    The system is vote for whoever is on the ballet. If people boo, then so be it. Others have the right to boo the booer.

    It actually shows real class not to boo any winner. Personally I think its classless to boo a winner. Someone wins because the majority not the minority voted for the winner.

    I'm sure you're speaking of Kaneda, people take these podcasts way to serious. They don't influence ANYTHING! Clearly Kaneda doesn't like Stranger Things, I personally think Stranger Things is a disaster. But the next guy loves the game. Kaneda blasted JJP Pirates into the ground for months, I totally disagree with him and the proof is in the pudding. I like Kaneda personally I think he's an awesome person if you get to know him personally. However his opinion of Willy Wonka or POTC didn't influence me... I bought and own both! He can buy a Rick and Morty good for him, I can buy a Stranger Things LE if I want even though I think the game sucks. Did I buy one ... GULP! Yeah I did why? I have this haunted house and at the exit I have this massive game room gift store, and its filled with horror themed games. I think the game SUCKS... however 99% of people who play pinball don't care they just hit the balls. They will love it because they love the show. Do I think I will lose my ass on a Stranger Things LE if I decide to sell it to a fellow pinsider... YES! I think I will lose at least $2000 but here is the deal I AM NOT GOING TO SELL IT! I bought Munsters LE I hate the game, but it looks amazing some of the best art yet. I DON'T CARE if I lose money, I didn't buy it for that reason. The people who struggle to pay their bills shouldn't buy a Stranger Things LE because you will lose money! Just my opinion! The point is people do things for different reasons.

    A Pirates game just sold the other day for $14,000.00 I think that is the only proof you need that Kaneda was DEAD WRONG about that game. The game is the best pinball game ever created, if not Wizard of Oz. No one has ever put so much effort into those two games. Wizard of Oz isn't ranked the number 1 game on pinside, and yet its by far the most collected game in history. Don't tell me Adams Family, that is a different time. WOZ was made when no one was buying pinball. People buy it they never sell it! Downvotes don't matter, upvotes don't matter, Kaneda opinion doesn't matter, Zach's podcast doesn't matter, twippy doesn't matter... there is only one thing that matters a checkbook! The rest of this stuff is for entertainment or information. The final decision rests in your checkbook.

    Do you write a check or not!

    Do you like something or not. Its your money, your time, your opinion nothing else matters. You live to make yourself happy, those around you, your family and friends. I buy something because I like it or need it! I bought a Dodge Challenger Redeye because I liked it, the guys who buy Vetts they like Vetts. Its okay!

    And as I've heard around here many times... ITS JUST PINBALL CALM DOWN! LOL

    #78 39 days ago
    Quoted from Yelobird:

    I do agree JJPPOTC is an Incredible game but as less then a thousand were made how can you Possibly expect it to earn the prestige or accolades as Best game ever if Few have/will even have the opportunity to play it? If truly a GOAT it would be competing with numbers like AF and rightfully Earn that title.

    See we would disagree here. It doesn't matter how many are sold to vote on something as best ever or best of a decade. Everyone on this site visits places that have pinball to play. Some people on this site don't own a single game, but have played them all. I have a friend who's one of the best players in the World he doesn't own anything. You play the games to decide and everyone who votes will vote for the games they played. There is a lot of people who want to own a POTC but can't afford it, or just can't find one for sale. That doesn't mean they can't vote on that game? Lastly, you can't compare Adams Family back when pinball went into every single bowling or skating rink to today. That is a different era.

    In pinball its a totally mixed bag some of the highest priced games are the rarest right, while others like Adams Family are totally not rare.

    Circus Voltaire. POTC, Cactus Canyon, TBL, Aliens, Big Bang Bar, and others and others are worth the most right... doesn't mean people haven't played them.

    Even a SUPER RARE game like Krull was played. I heard that game is worth 40k or something. It was at Chicago so people can technically vote on it because they played it.

    Even we're going to talk about what game is the most successful from the point of view of sales... well you have modern and 90's and back. You'd have to get Stern to release sales numbers which they would never do so that is out of the question.

    #79 39 days ago
    Quoted from ZMeny:

    List some ideas here so we can discuss how they would enhance and increase objectivity of the TWIPYs. We work diligently to improve upon them every year.


    Can you explain a bit better what you mean. Again this is the problem with forums people can take things totally different than typed. Because I again want to tell you THANK YOU for helping put something like that together. I'm only wanting to see these awards push everyone in the industry to achieve greatness which in that case all win!

    But I am honestly not sure exactly what you mean when you say 'list some ideas'.

    What specifically?

    BTW I think you guys have more passion for pinball than anyone and its shows. So all the respect however just because two people don't exactly agree doesn't mean its a cheap shot. Hopefully you can differentiate.

    BTW I'll pay $500 to project pinball if you go on Kaneda show as a guest. That would be interesting and some real entertainment! I'd grab the popcorn to listen to that show! Just because you two come from a different perspective doesn't mean you can agree to disagree. I love Kaneda but I do NOT agree with everything he says and I've told him that. I like him because he talks honest and shares his own opinion even if I don't agree with it I respect it.

    #102 36 days ago

    Here are some suggestions if we go by awards shows already out there...

    Best Picture (Best Overall Pinball)

    Best Director (Best Designer)

    League MVP (Most Valuable Person to Pinball) (That year)

    Best Original Screenplay (Best Original Game)

    Best Adapted Screenplay (Pinball based on a licensed game)

    Best Animated Feature (Best Animations on Screen)

    Best Cinematography (Best Playfield Layout)

    Best Original Score (Best Music Pinball)

    Best Editing (Best Coding/Rule Set)

    Sound Editing (Best Sound FX)

    Production Design (Best Art Package on a Pinball)

    Best Visual Effects (Same as before Best visual fx on screen)

    Other categories I would keep or consider...

    Best Original Toy
    Best Toy Set
    Best Mod of the Year
    Best Stream
    Best Podcast
    Manufacturer of the Year
    Comeback of the Year (could be a mod company, pinball supplier, designer, etc.)

    All the rest I would drop! All categories should be focused strictly on highlighting and promoting the advancement of pinball.

    Keith Elwin might get all the credit for his game, but he had a team just like a director of a movie. Breaking it out like this promotes all those people and advancements.

    #112 34 days ago
    Quoted from toddtuckey:

    To help you with a decision, please watch my video why I should be voted for!

    I voted for you! Your videos are the best!

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