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The Super Awesome Pinball Show Is Finally Here!!

By BubbaBeast

3 years ago

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    #51 2 years ago

    THE NEW HALLOWEEN EPISODE IS LIVE!!! Join us and special guests Charlie Emery of Spooky Pinball and Pinball Streamer and Stern fashion model Jack Danger. Also rumors, news and a cool contest for great prizes! Check it out! Franchi and Dr. Pin are waiting for you. https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/16592447

    BD44679B-B046-4DF5-9E8C-5D4C2E51F315 (resized).jpegBD44679B-B046-4DF5-9E8C-5D4C2E51F315 (resized).jpeg043D4D70-635D-407A-8319-04F01F5DF4F9 (resized).jpeg043D4D70-635D-407A-8319-04F01F5DF4F9 (resized).jpegB478FAE1-F438-479E-A260-99410141A9E9 (resized).jpegB478FAE1-F438-479E-A260-99410141A9E9 (resized).jpeg
    3 weeks later
    #52 2 years ago

    Join pinball artist Christopher Franchi, "Dr Pin" Christian Line, and Josh and Zach Sharpe, the President and Vice President of IFPA, as they discuss what happened and the events leading up to the demise of PAPA/RePlay FX/Pinburgh. Also find out if there's light at the end of the tunnel, in this special bonus episode.


    02AC4C2F-2D41-4497-A3F2-11799D7EC183 (resized).jpeg02AC4C2F-2D41-4497-A3F2-11799D7EC183 (resized).jpeg06A8ABEF-DE1B-41FE-BFBC-838B0305CC02 (resized).jpeg06A8ABEF-DE1B-41FE-BFBC-838B0305CC02 (resized).jpegAE08623A-8456-4A20-8447-3346C170D528 (resized).pngAE08623A-8456-4A20-8447-3346C170D528 (resized).png

    A0DB18D7-1295-43E0-A103-653B0602C8A5 (resized).jpegA0DB18D7-1295-43E0-A103-653B0602C8A5 (resized).jpeg639CC136-4508-46E2-8541-3A339F410D9C (resized).jpeg639CC136-4508-46E2-8541-3A339F410D9C (resized).jpeg
    #53 2 years ago

    HOT NEW EPISODE!! An exclusive interview with the authors of the new STERN 30th Anniversary book, Joe and Dameon of PaperFlock, as well as special co-host Matt Riesterer, master sculptor from Back Alley Creations. News, Rumors and lots of fun! Check it out!! https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/16901783

    CD6DEB23-5597-437C-9624-15B108B0BC97 (resized).jpegCD6DEB23-5597-437C-9624-15B108B0BC97 (resized).jpegE1BF7AF4-8FAE-46C3-A028-58FD2327E5AC (resized).jpegE1BF7AF4-8FAE-46C3-A028-58FD2327E5AC (resized).jpeg18E0566E-E8D0-41C2-A829-EB66B4D0DD13 (resized).png18E0566E-E8D0-41C2-A829-EB66B4D0DD13 (resized).png0E947518-DD73-4745-ACFB-33CE5597C2F8 (resized).jpeg0E947518-DD73-4745-ACFB-33CE5597C2F8 (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #54 2 years ago

    Celebrate The Super Awesome Pinball Show's 1st anniversary in style!! Franchi and Dr. Pin are joined by the Pope of Pinball, Gary Stern, and Franchi and Gary mend their fractured relationship. Also, the original 3rd host is back, Mr Ed VanderVeen! Enter for a chance to with a rare signed Stern 30th book and much much more!

    FD1B0E77-D21A-48BF-BFA1-01A557D9E9D5 (resized).jpegFD1B0E77-D21A-48BF-BFA1-01A557D9E9D5 (resized).jpeg1DF30401-14DE-47A8-B01D-53A940D3CF9C (resized).jpeg1DF30401-14DE-47A8-B01D-53A940D3CF9C (resized).jpegF5FC3EB1-E4F2-44AB-9779-1E429024397B (resized).jpegF5FC3EB1-E4F2-44AB-9779-1E429024397B (resized).jpeg Added over 3 years ago:

    Forgot the link! https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/17058698

    1 week later
    #55 2 years ago

    Ok Franchi, release Episode 21.
    Dont worry about editing, I'll take a 4 hour show if we get good news on Alien.

    #56 2 years ago

    It's LIVE and it's our Holiday Special! Franchi & Dr. Pin are joined by The Pinball Brothers for a very candid important interview about their new Alien pin. We're also joined by Gary Stern, George Gomez, Joe Kaminkow, John Borg, Eric Meunier and more, for some Holiday fun. Win a team-signed Stern Led Zeppelin translite and much much more! Happy Holidays to everyone on Pinside! https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/17248715
    AlienPinballBros (resized).pngAlienPinballBros (resized).pngSAPSXmas (resized).pngSAPSXmas (resized).png

    2 weeks later
    #57 2 years ago

    Hey everybody - now that the secrets out, we’re posting our next episode a little early. Enjoy our interview with David and Dennis from AP!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Franchi & Dr. Pin are joined by David Fix and Dennis Nordman from American Pinball to reveal their exclusive plans to turn around the pin makers fortunes. Many exciting bombs are dropped! Also we discuss the latest news, rumors, and the additions to our pinball families over the holidays! YAY, NEW PINBALLL! So tune in to the hottest podcast in the world!!


    565521EC-05D4-4A2E-A840-4A4A6FBB5A53 (resized).jpeg565521EC-05D4-4A2E-A840-4A4A6FBB5A53 (resized).jpeg
    2 weeks later
    #58 2 years ago

    NEW EPISODE ALERT!!! Episode 23!! We are honored to have the Man Who Saved Pinball on our show. Not only do we have a 2-part interview, but we also have a 2-part game show to boot. Roger plays for dog food to go to a Military k-9 Dog Shelter by answering questions supplied by some of pinball greatest stars! Also, news, rumors, and an apology from American Pinball's David Fix. Also, a new bit called GET OFF MY LAWN!, info on our new subscription t-shirt club and a NEW CONTEST!! Join Franchi and Dr. Pin for a hell of a show, won't you?


    232792B2-F004-4424-AB02-0111B240A3AD (resized).jpeg232792B2-F004-4424-AB02-0111B240A3AD (resized).jpeg94D0EE4E-A398-4E8A-9FC0-68F6C7E894DA (resized).jpeg94D0EE4E-A398-4E8A-9FC0-68F6C7E894DA (resized).jpeg
    #59 2 years ago

    BONUS EPISODE: Join Franchi, Dr Pin and special co-host Mrs. Pin as we welcome the new Senior Mechanical Engineer of American Pinball, Zofia Ryan, along with David Fix for a celebration of women in pinball. News, rumors and other junk too! It's shorter than usual but that may make some of you cheer!


    052CB113-0504-4E07-A806-67E87B17CB3D (resized).jpeg052CB113-0504-4E07-A806-67E87B17CB3D (resized).jpeg602F0AD2-13FB-41DF-8CD5-C9FB149BC059 (resized).jpeg602F0AD2-13FB-41DF-8CD5-C9FB149BC059 (resized).jpeg
    2 weeks later
    #60 2 years ago

    Episode 25!! (The Final One??) We are honored to wrap up our in-depth interview with the Man Who Saved Pinball and wrap up the game show Stump the 'Stache with him too. Find out Rogers thoughts on the future of pinball as well as the bio pic about his life, in production new. Also, news, rumors and other pin junk too! Join Franchi and Dr. Pin for a hell of a show. won't you?


    322635CA-6827-4B7C-BA2E-D0DC3FCE2963 (resized).jpeg322635CA-6827-4B7C-BA2E-D0DC3FCE2963 (resized).jpegE5CCF2CD-0074-40E6-AC54-3940CA026F67 (resized).jpegE5CCF2CD-0074-40E6-AC54-3940CA026F67 (resized).jpeg
    1 month later
    #61 2 years ago


    D45EB6D7-3EE2-43FA-B57D-285FFBE751F4 (resized).jpegD45EB6D7-3EE2-43FA-B57D-285FFBE751F4 (resized).jpeg
    #62 2 years ago
    Quoted from MachoPinball:

    [quoted image]

    Sure hope not!!

    1 week later
    #63 2 years ago

    A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has reached out to us with kind words and shout outs! It means a lot to know that we were able to entertain, and create something of value for a hobby that we love. It has been an absolute blast doing The Super Awesome Pinball Show over the last few years. Getting to interview the biggest names in the pinball industry, and doing it with one of my best friends, has been an honor and one of the highlights of my life.

    I’m sad to see it end, but time away from the show will give us both the chance to focus on work and family, and enjoy the hobby without the stress of a schedule. The amount of time that Chris spent finding guests, thinking of segments, and editing (wow the editing) to make the show sound as good as it did can’t really be quantified.

    Thank you to all of our guests for bringing us some really great interviews. Thanks to Ed Vanderveen for being our partner in crime in the early days, and my wife for being amazing when the show took me away from family time. Thanks to our sponsors, and the CoinTaker pinball crew who have become family. Thanks Franchi for rolling the dice on me as a podcast co-host, and for your friendship over the years. And most importantly thanks to all the amazing pinheads who have listened and supported us throughout the shows run.

    Stay Super Awesome,


    ^ This is from their Facebook post. ^

    Pretty sad. Was easily my most looked forward to Podcast.

    But if the scheduling of interviews and all the editing was taking up that much time. I wouldn't want to have that looming overhead constantly.
    Franchi recently announced all sorts of projects he was involved with so I'm sure his time was limited already. And how obsessive he is with the editing, that doesn't leave much time for other life things.

    Hope to see it return and hopefully with some outside help so it doesn't turn into a job for them. It's supposed to be fun after all.

    1 month later
    #66 2 years ago

    Sit down with pinball artist Christopher Franchi, for a rare, personal chat with Stern Pinball's Chief Creative Officer, George Gomez, as he recants tales of his pinball career, both funny and emotional. Also hear his take on playfield issues, Wood prices cutting into B.O.M.'s and more. Also hear George turn the tables on Franchi for the Fast Franchi 5, where George gets to drill Franchi with 5 questions. Don't miss this unique show.


    6DBA9EF3-9E43-4952-8680-0814F764957A (resized).jpeg6DBA9EF3-9E43-4952-8680-0814F764957A (resized).jpeg

    #67 2 years ago

    That was a great interview.

    #68 2 years ago

    Christopher Franchi and Christian Line welcome Brian Eddy and Dwight Sullivan to the show, to discuss the making of Stern's Mandalorian pinball. Plus a chance to win a team signed Mandalorian translight!!


    C60737EF-9947-4C5C-B62D-F738B75E6F1F (resized).jpegC60737EF-9947-4C5C-B62D-F738B75E6F1F (resized).jpeg
    #69 2 years ago

    The Gomez interview was good. He’s one of my favorite pinball podcast guests.

    #70 2 years ago

    Still making my way through the Gomez interview, but it is really fascinating to hear his career trajectory. I admire what he has done in games & toys. Once again, Mr. Franchi did a fantastic job.

    Thanks for the super awesome content! Please keep it coming.

    1 month later
    #71 1 year ago

    Join Franchi and Dr. Pin as they speak exclusively with Spooky Pinball's Charlie Emery, Bug and artist Jason Edmiston about their new game Halloween, as well as Ultraman! Learn about the making of both games, and all the inside information.


    7072B13C-279A-4501-B635-9E7185A51FD5 (resized).jpeg7072B13C-279A-4501-B635-9E7185A51FD5 (resized).jpeg37F5016E-7FDD-4F31-8F68-C458CC0ECC94 (resized).jpeg37F5016E-7FDD-4F31-8F68-C458CC0ECC94 (resized).jpegA8AF6405-7E3D-4D3F-8840-6E9C41E3AFCB (resized).jpegA8AF6405-7E3D-4D3F-8840-6E9C41E3AFCB (resized).jpeg
    1 month later
    #72 1 year ago

    Franchi and Dr. Pin are back with a throwback to our old format. We catch up on what’s been happening in our lives and cover some pinball news. Plus Eric Meunier and John Borg join us to talk all about the biggest party of the year - The Super Awesome Tailgate Party!


    Ep 27.5 (resized).jpegEp 27.5 (resized).jpeg0E14A9B6-37C3-42F3-B59B-09832E766021 (resized).jpeg0E14A9B6-37C3-42F3-B59B-09832E766021 (resized).jpegA8AF1AED-DE6D-4336-B496-A7B24CEC334F (resized).jpegA8AF1AED-DE6D-4336-B496-A7B24CEC334F (resized).jpeg
    #73 1 year ago

    !!! Sweet!

    2 weeks later
    #74 1 year ago

    mispost... sorry.

    7 months later
    #76 1 year ago

    Franchi, Christian, and Jeff Parsons pay tribute to Lyman Sheats Jr., and air his final interview. We'll miss you Lyman.


    Lyman & Sharpe (resized).pngLyman & Sharpe (resized).png
    2 weeks later
    #77 1 year ago

    HERE IT IS!!!! Episode 30 with the super awesome GEORGE GOMEZ!!! Part 1 of our mega interview with the creative genius behind Stern Pinball. Lots of secrets revealed and good times and laughs. Check out the best pinball podcast around, with your hosts Christopher Franchi, Christian Line and Jeff Parsons


    FD121208-176A-42AE-B523-065E5EB0F531 (resized).jpegFD121208-176A-42AE-B523-065E5EB0F531 (resized).jpeg
    #78 1 year ago

    So happy to see more TSAPS!

    #79 1 year ago

    Jump into the second half of our annual Gomez Interview Marathon Session. Episode 31. No frills, no extras, ALL INTERVIEW. Enjoy!


    C2AB5636-E531-4EE5-A8D9-775B2E41854B (resized).jpegC2AB5636-E531-4EE5-A8D9-775B2E41854B (resized).jpeg
    #80 1 year ago

    Just gotta say that the last three episodes have been great!! Missed you guys. Hope to hear from you more frequently!

    1 month later
    #81 10 months ago

    NEW EPISODE ALERT!!! Join Franchi, Dr. Pin and Jeff Parsons as they chat with Jack Guarnieri of Jersey Jack Pinball. Find out the deep secrets of making Toy Story 4 and more. Plus get a pro review of Toy Story 4 from none other than king pin Steve Bowden. All this and much more, so dig in!!


    34 Jersey Jack 1400x1400 (resized).jpg34 Jersey Jack 1400x1400 (resized).jpgComic Book Icon (resized).jpgComic Book Icon (resized).jpg
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