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The Shadow - New original translite

By Aurich

6 years ago

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#264 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I honestly have no idea. I'm not opposed to re-running it, but I'm also just a hobbyist who did a personal project that kind of snowballed. I can't stock inventory or order one at a time etc, it's just too much for me to handle. I'm gonna basically spend a weekend just contacting everyone to finalize the order process, and then at least that much time packaging everything up to send out. It's super important to me to provide good communication and service and I gotta block that out to do it, free time isn't something I have a ton of between work and kids and soccer blah blah.
If there was enough interest in a second run I'd do it, there's no artificial "this is the only time!" restriction, just being honest about my time and abilities.
I'll say this, the reaction to this has caught me off guard, and orders are still trickling in even now, so it seems totally reasonable to think a second run could happen, but no promises.

Hey guy - nice work and please add me as a maybe/probably/most darn likely. I was going to finally sell my Shadow as it seems to take pleasure in kicking my ass and hurting my frail ego but maybe this will make it warm & cuddly Naaaah

#272 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I cannot promise that my translite will make the game stop kicking your ass.

Well gosh darn then buddy... NO DEAL!!

1 week later
#395 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Also, I can't believe this thread is a month old! Thanks for all the patience everyone, hope to get these to you all soon!

Aurich will you be able to at least "eyeball" each of these as you pack them for obvious printing defects like streaks, etc?

That might be a good reason to have some extras - defects and possible shipping disasters. You could take it up with the printer later but at least you'd have some good ones ready to ship.

Btw are you planning on having at least some insurance on these for potential shipping accidents?
I always cringe when thinking of delicate items handled by the USPS

#404 6 years ago

Sad - but they are probably taking their cues from the way the govt behaves... all medical offices must be fully wired in to the govt network by late 2014 or be fined out of existence. They will have every bit of your medical info and the private company they hired to run the database is already selling blocks of "customer" data to the pharma companies so they can pester/try to sell you more product.

No wonder these private companies think they can be more aggressive about your private data... they see how it's apparently legal to spy/monitor your every move.

But on a happier note... when do I get to give Baldwin the boot?

#407 6 years ago

When I use them to buy something I always change the payment to come off my CC. Not only do you get a little more buyer protection but it makes PP eat a 2% fee... they desperately want to simply take it directly out of your bank account. It at least makes me feel better about using PP

#410 6 years ago

Well my bank account is tied in - but it never gets touched because I re-set the payment to come off my CC. Each... friggin'...time.... grrr. Because you're right - they try to make you use your bank account to save them CC fees.

It's a pain to do but I get at least some satisfaction in it Or maybe I don't understand what you're saying exactly?

If a seller issues you a refund it goes right back on your CC... so that at least works painlessly.

#412 6 years ago

Have a safe trip. Baldwin's days are numbered... we've all waited for this forever so what's another week or so?

#414 6 years ago

I'm just repeating what the Dr's office told me... and for the record I have already received some "helpful mail" from a pharma co that related to an old prescription so your info IS fully identifiable.

Look the govt used to say they only collected cell phone and internet info "when absolutely needed and justified".
What's funny is a lot us believed it... or wanted to believe

#416 6 years ago

Of course is transmitted securely. And the law *allows* blocks of info to be sold to the pharma companies. They are not "unintended recipients". That's what's so distressing. Read up about it - it's all considered "legal". Just like warrantless wiretaps are now also considered legal.

#419 6 years ago

Yeah I didn't want a discussion either - only mentioned it because you complained about PPal's information demands.
And as you later stated... they claim "federal regulations".

My bad I guess

2 weeks later
#548 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Oh yeah, I think so. I was thinking about how to box that today, just got sidetracked by this Shadow shipping. I'll PM you.

Got mine today - near Wash DC - no pics but no damage and they look great. I was worried my postman would add his own distinctive signature to the package... crunch

Thanks - really nice job! Finally... Baldwin gets his much-deserved boot

1 week later
#621 6 years ago

Maybe that texture is dried-out glue ??

#646 6 years ago
Quoted from Carl_694:

Not sure yet about the green, but...

1384566831700.jpg 2 MB

Try purple around the edges and dark areas and consider dumping all the middle ones to darken his outfit. You can
also try to get rid of the led halo's by putting a small piece of tape over the top of the white bulbs. I didn't like seeing all the led's making circles in the translight so I have used as few as possible.

Just some ideas...

#647 6 years ago

This shows how few bulbs I tried to use to avoid the "hotspots"... note to self: cameras don't like taking pics of leds



1 month later
#788 5 years ago

Lotta scammers involved in customs also. I remember getting a synthesizer from Germany (to near Wash DC). All fees were supposedly paid but all of a sudden I get a call from some joker with a thick NY accent telling me I needed to wire $130 or it would get "held up" in customs.

I told him to forget it and the keyboard indeed showed up at my door on schedule. Wonder how many people this guy gets to pay up?

1 week later
#826 5 years ago

Yeah if it wasn't for Aurich's efforts I probably wouldn't even still have my Shadow. I was tired of it kicking my ass, painfully hip-checking me with the gun when I walked by, etc... He'll tell you I initially waffled about buying his kit when he first finished it.
But I did and it inspired me to finish up the lighting on it... I think the translight really works well with the PF.

#829 5 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

What did you use for led on the pf?

It's pretty straightforward: Blue led strip at the back of the cab for the rear PF, small 2-seg purple strip up behind the flippers (that turns the yellow dragon down there red... interestingly), a 2-segment blue strip hidden behind the left ramp and 3 spotlights added to the PF with purple led's.

You can go with double spotlights in each of the 3 locations to make the lighting more even but I didn't want the game to be *too* bright... it's the Shadow after all

I tried different color combinations with all the strips but this seemed to go with the theme decently.

The GI bulbs are all from PinballBulbs.com and are a mix of blue,purple and white. The insert bulbs came from the same source. Good stuff as you can simply pop off the frosted dome to get a more intense "super" led if needed.
Makes ordering easy.

#830 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Wow, looking really sweet, nice job with the lighting. Really nice tonal matching between PF and translite, agreed!

Yeah the translite inspiration leaked down onto the PF for sure... I like the matching myself

#832 5 years ago
Quoted from RonB:

Looks really good! Pretty much how I want mine to look when I'm done with it and have Aurich's trans installed. Hope you don't mind, but I used pic #2 as my desktop screensaver, so I can easily reference the look I want.

mind? ...don't make me blush

#837 5 years ago
Quoted from RonB:

Quick question; What did you use for backbox lighting? I just got in a bunch of frosted single led's and hope these will do the trick. Any colored ones in yours?

I actually posted a pic of mine in the thread earlier with the backglass off. It was more to show how few bulbs you really need so you don't get circular "hotspots" showing under the the trans... for example I didn't put any under his black outfit so it would be as black as possible but put cool whites up at the face. I did use purple in a few spots around the edges as his scarf seemed too bright on the lower right. I think I tried blue and green also but it started getting out of hand so I backed off

I found the pic... I remember I even put little dabs of masking tape over the tops of some of the cool whites to help stop any light circles from happening. There's sure a lot of ways to do it - I've seen some very cool examples in this thread.

1 month later
#995 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Looking close to putting in The Shadow order. One bit of good news, and everyone who's already gotten theirs will know what I mean, the protective film over the translite is now way easier to peel off. That was pretty much the only complaint I ever got about these, it was pretty damn tough, so really happy that's been addressed for all my projects moving forward. It's one of the reasons AC/DC got slightly delayed, but totally worth it.
Sorry to everyone who had to struggle with that stuff!

Yeah when I think back about it my hands start to hurt That was something all right... lol

2 months later
#1085 5 years ago
Quoted from DMC:

I've been wanting to do this for a while to give people an idea of where the lights are behind the translight. For the best results, the trick is to use a combination of light types, including the flex types as Aurich has pointed out. Hope it helps someone.

The Shadow Translite.jpg 150 KB

The Shadow Fused.jpg 133 KB

The Shadow Back Box.jpg 104 KB

Hey that is a pretty creative take on it. I like it - very different.

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