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Post #4322 Alternate Shadow Translite and Speaker Panel Posted by Aurich (2 years ago)

Post #4328 Shadow Manual Rubber Ring Chart link Posted by vireland (2 years ago)

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#2832 3 years ago

In case you missed it, Aurich is doing another run of his translite/speaker panel/instruction card package:

Get 'em while they're hot!

1 week later
#2872 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Anyone know what these loose cables are for? They look like they are for the speaker but other wires are hooked up to it.

Those look very "lamp cord aftermarket". Maybe an external speaker at some point?
Where does the other end connect?

2 months later
#2998 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

'm sending the wireforms to be re-plated.

Do you mind sharing who are you sending them to for plating and what is the cost?

1 week later
#3026 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Who has the best price for backbox decals? I'd like to replace mine if I can find a set for well under $100.

PPS at $99 was the best price I could find.

2 months later
#3249 3 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

Also does anyone have info on that city scape plastic for the backboard? Mine has a dragon and while I like it it's a sticker?

I think they are both stickers, sold by the same guy on Ebay. Search "Shadow pinball" on Ebay and it should show up. He also sells a brick pattern decal.
I put a sheet of model plastic brickwork there. Looks better than the black wood, but probably more work than it was worth to cut and fit it, and one of the decals would probably look just as good.

1 week later
#3297 3 years ago
Quoted from Tsskinne:

Okay so, just going the route of rebuilding everything for my battlefield underneath. I was able to find the motor, the slide shafts, the copper flanges, but I'm having trouble locating the pinion piece as well the teeth part as well. Are these just common things I could get at an ace hardware? I can't find them on marco or labeled as part numbers in the manual.

Tommy - Part numbers are in the repair kit instructions which is up on IPDB.org


3 weeks later
#3342 3 years ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Does anyone have the diagram?

Not shown in the game manual since it is used in several games and is in the general parts manual.
This should help:

#3344 3 years ago

Might have put you on the facing page, Page 5-10. Page 5-10a is the one you want. Page 5-10a is on the right if it comes up with two pages shown. Might have to flip to the next page if only 5-10 is shown.
Check and see if it's the spring shown as part 17 in the diagram, connecting to the target and the bracket.
Edit: Also check the other spring shown as part 23d, on the knock down assembly.

#3351 3 years ago
Quoted from patrickvc:

Does anyone know if the arm that attaches to the phirba divertor with the Allen screws that ratches back and forth on the coil plunger available?

Not really available. I ended up needing one when drilling out a stripped Allen screw went badly. I found one come up on Ebay by chance. They appear now and again, but I could not find them in stock at a retailer. Good luck, I hate those things now!

You are looking for this:

#3379 3 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

How many people are interested in this? Are you willing to build your own boards? Or does it have to be plug and play?

I'd be in at a reasonable cost. I'd prefer plug and play, since I solder like a moron. Maybe consider a finished version and a kit version.

1 week later
#3406 3 years ago
Quoted from Hougie:

Which parts should I be concerned about that are unobtainable

The wireform habitrails also. Better than new metal ramps are available, but not the wireforms.
There were repo plastics available, but seem to be maybe sold out now.

Also, the crank arms and mechanisms below the playfield that make the phurba diverters work.

#3412 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

in the bottom right behind the lamp

Did you mean left instead of right?

#3422 3 years ago
Quoted from matt_adams:

I have mine mounted on the backbox

I really like the way it looks as though Mr. Baldwin is being stabbed in the head!

1 month later
#3479 3 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

I also need to get an idea of how many I need to build so I can order parts.

I'm in.

#3508 3 years ago
Quoted from cavalier88z24:

Damn, where all these shadow owners come from?

The Shadow knows!

#3518 3 years ago
Quoted from KingDaddy:

Anyone have a set of head decals (or know where to get them)? Thanks!

Yes, as bballfan says, Planetary Pinball and Bay Area have them. Don't buy them off Ebay, it's about a $50 mark up.

1 month later
#3666 3 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

This is what comes in the kit.

Installed my Grumpy light mod today. Super easy and just as described.
I used a purple light strip on the metal deflector behind the drop targets for the added GI. There is some reflection of the mini-playfield, but I can live with it. If I decide to change that to something else, it should be easy.
Used another purple light strip on the back of the plastic enclosure in front of the kicker for the activated light.
I like it. You really notice when the extra light comes on and the mini-playfield is very lit up. Also, since the GI turns off at certain points, you really notice that.

Grumpy also packed the extra $2 that I accidentally sent him in with the mod. What a nice guy, he doesn't seem Grumpy at all!

1 month later
#3798 2 years ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

he had 25 other callers and offers of up to $1250! Thank God he believed in karma... so I gave him an extra $150 on top

That is great both ways!
Nice pickup!

#3805 2 years ago
Quoted from Maken:

Battlefield kicker seems to have issues firing when moved over to the right side of the upper PF only. Fires without issue when in the center/left area. Opto tests out great in switch test mode. Any thoughts?

Loose wire on the coil making contact in some positions, but not all?

#3809 2 years ago
Quoted from t2:

Can the plastic on the front of the mini play field be found anywhere?

That piece was included in the replacement plastic sets, so there should be some new or used/good ones out there.

1 week later
#3853 2 years ago
Quoted from GoChiefs70:

Only place I could find any was Mantis.

Seems like Mantis is it. Haven't dealt with him, but his reputation is very good.
You could try this guy for repairs: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/welding-service-for-broken-scoops-guides-ramps-etc

2 months later
#4034 2 years ago
Quoted from RyKatEm:

I also can't seem to get the lockdown bar back on. The lever seems to be working properly and I know how that works. I just can't push it down the last 1/2 inch or so. So frustrating!!!!

Make sure the glass is slid all the way up while you are putting the lockdown bar in place. Sometimes it will slide down just a tiny bit and keep the lockdown bar from seating all the way down.
Yikes! Those batteries are scary. The small daughter board that the battery holder is mounted on is standard. Good thing it was there!

1 month later
#4169 2 years ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

Has anyone order the clear plexiglass backboard from pinballdecals.com ?

$285 for the backboard, and another $75 or $145 to light it?

4 months later
#4435 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

Can someone post the link for the side art. Thanks.

Here's the backbox decals. Not sure the full cabinet decals are available.

1 week later
#4448 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballjames:

Has anyone made new Playfields for Shadow yet? I would think this would be a great game to do. Really play fast!

Currently number 3 on the CPR repro list.
Go sign up.

#4450 2 years ago
Quoted from yellowghost:

"CPR" is doing a run. I think its sold out already.

Not really. They will produce more if they get more sign ups. from the website:

"Sometimes we still accept candidates onto waiting lists because we have extra material to extend the run on the fly. If so, a "Full, but Open" email link is provided. If you see a playfield marked "Full, Closed" it means we have a full preorder AND a full waiting list and no ability to extend the run."

Shadow is shown as "Full, but Open".

1 month later
#4502 2 years ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

They're not quite the same as the inlane/outlanes. It's a smaller wireform with a totally different shape. I don't care if it's an exact replacement, I just want the physical switch body to fit into the metal bracket under the playfield, and the wireform to work.
I guess I could just get a generic wire, and bend it how I want?

Usually you can move the wire from the old switch to the new one. Is yours missing or damaged?

2 weeks later
#4560 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

What is the current going price on a Shadow anyway?

onemillion (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#4570 1 year ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Best thing to do here is to use one or two of the washers on one or two of the screws to tilt the angle of the vertical wireform so it works properly.

Mine has a washer or two under one side also. Works fine.

8 months later
#5212 1 year ago
Quoted from pacman11:

I think my ring lights are out, does someone sell those little lights anywhere?

I think this is it:

2 months later
#5467 1 year ago
Quoted from RockBass14:

I finally got around to attempting to adjust my diverters, but from the looks of it, there will be more work involved. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's a matter of loosening the hex screw and adjusting the arm assembly. Everything looks warn out and the left diverter is actually hitting the coil. Check out these videos and let me know what you think I need to do, and if parts are needed the best place to get them. Also, the one hitting the coil is the left diverter and the other one is the right diverter.

That looks like the set screw collar on the diverter arm is moving independently from the crank arm. The collar and arm should be one solid piece. It used to be hard to find, but Marco now has them in stock. It might just need this piece: https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/A-18983

#5469 1 year ago
Quoted from RockBass14:

Thanks, I'll start with that. Hopefully, that's all that it needs! Is there something I should just swap out while I'm down there and do a overhaul of the diverter assemblies?

If you didn't take the spring off to make it easier to see, you're missing the tension spring.
You probaby want to replace the roll pin that connects the crank arm to the armature.
Maybe replace the coil sleeves while you have things apart.
Nice diagrams with part numbers in the manual, which is available on IPDB as PDF if you don't already have it.

#5472 1 year ago
Quoted from RockBass14:

Are the parts you mentioned all available on Marco?

Should be. Those are pretty standard, inexpensive parts.
If the tension springs are missing, that's probably a lot of the looseness in your diverters, since they keep tension on the assembly. If that exact spring is not available, it seems like any generally similar size spring would work. The collar on the crank arm in the lower video does look broken though.
yg is probably right about the plunger armature not being available. It would be surprising if that needs to be replaced though. Just clean that up and make sure the plunger ends are smooth when you have it apart. The broken collar on the crank arm might be weldable, but it is now available as a replacement part.

2 weeks later
#5514 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Thanks for the leads I will email them much appreciated

How is it broken?
One of the screw tabs on mine is broken. It has been "repaired" by having a half-moon shaped metal piece fit around the outside to hold it in place. Less than ideal, but really not noticeable and works fine. Haven't seen that piece for sale.

#5518 1 year ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Can you post a pic of the repair that would be great thanks

Yea. It's the right tab on mine. I'll get a pic in here later.

#5519 1 year ago
Quoted from bsbdmd83:

Sorry I wasn't more clear. It's the decorative plastic that's in the front of the Playfield that hides the mini kicker. The little yellow sliding thing

Are you looking for the yellow kicker head? or the large flat red/orange/yellow plastic piece? Or the huge black plastic piece that wraps all the way around the whole assembly?

Kicker head: https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/03-9225

#5570 1 year ago
Quoted from RCA1:

Yea. It's the right tab on mine. I'll get a pic in here later.

Seems I didn't remember that correctly. It's the left tab that's broken.
Here's how it looks.
Hard to notice when you are playing, and basically invisible when the drops are up.

mpf2 (resized).jpgmpf3 (resized).jpg
2 months later
#6005 9 months ago
Quoted from woody76:

you will not need pop bumper LEDs

Ha! That went right past me.

2 weeks later
#6118 8 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

As the fuse blew, do you think there is a sort somewhere causing it to blow or is the best approach to swap it out and see if the game responds?

Could be either a problem, or just one of those things.
Try swapping in a new fuse and see if it blows quickly.
If you have 5 Amp on hand try one of those while you get some 7s. Don't put anything bigger in there (obviously).

1 month later
#6259 7 months ago
Quoted from joelbob:

Sorry I forgot to update. I'm an idiot and it turns out that every single playfield flasher was burnt out...

You're not an idiot, since you figured it out.
Easy problems are sometimes the most difficult to diagnose.
Glad you're fixed up.

1 month later
#6355 5 months ago

Seems like it should be easy to find buttheads around here.

3 weeks later
#6403 4 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Looks nice. Where does it go?

It's to mount the ramp switch in the extended position, as discussed previously in this thread.
Eliminates the issue of the ball blowing past the switch without registering.
Not really what I think of as an airball protector, but not sure what else you would call it.

1 month later
#6579 3 months ago
Quoted from Navystan:

Anything else you all recommend I do?

Swap games with me before you do all that work.

On a serious note, see if Grumpy is still selling his mini-playfield light mod. It's cool and useful.

1 month later
#6735 51 days ago
Quoted from mikeflan:

Looking for help rebuilding the battlefield. I've purchased a new motor, bracket, and the pinion gear. Have no idea as far as the steps involved in getting it all together. Any help or input would be appreciated.

Download the repair kit instructions PDF from IPDB.org. That should show most, if not all, of what you need.
Full manual is also on there if you don't already have it.

1 week later
#6764 44 days ago
Quoted from Elicash:

I found the back box decals on Pinball Decals Inc. Anyone have experience with these guys? Good quality?

Ordered from there several times no problems.
Never bought cabinet decals, but the things I bought were good quality.
They are usually more expensive when other suppliers also have the same part.
Price on those doesn't look bad though.

1 week later
#6814 32 days ago
Quoted from Phesson:

Must have mods/upgrades?

You already have the Aurich translite. That was the biggest one for me. The factory translite is awful.
I really like the Grumpy light mod that lights up the battlefield when the ball is up there.

#6818 32 days ago
Quoted from Bwilson:

PinStadium is kind of a must on Shadow I think because the game is pretty dark.

I disagree with this, but different folks will have different opinions.
I think that "The Shadow" should have some shadow to it.

1 week later
#6852 25 days ago
Quoted from Digduglus:

My question is if there is any way to get an aurich translite set at this point. Cant find them for sale anywhere. Hit me up if you have a lead (or want to trade) thanks for your time

Send a PM to Aurich. He has been keeping a list of folks who want it and periodically making a batch.

#6873 20 days ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Is there suppose to be two ramp covers like that? I think mine are both missing.

Yes. Slightly different for each ramp. See the pics between your post and this one.

#6876 20 days ago
Quoted from pacman11:

Okay I was just looking at that other guys picture posts above and just noticed the other one. Thanks! During gameplay the ball doesn’t seem to jump off the ramp or anything so maybe I don’t need them. I do have some plastic laying around I could probably make a set if I needed too.

Seems like those plastics also restrain the sides of the ramps and help keep the welds from breaking, which is a common issue.

#6893 15 days ago
Quoted from Flystoyer:

runs through all the balls

Not sure what you mean by that. Do the ball trough switches register correctly in switch test?
Game will not start if it thinks any balls are missing, and you can have them not seated correctly in the trough after doing work where you lift the playfield.

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