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#834 5 years ago

New Member too...Finally...14 years!!! Last game on my list!

Excited to take all the great ideas and mix them up on mine....

Has anyone done Green Rails?

#838 5 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Congrats! Now here's hoping this inspires you to design LEDs for The Shadow rings ...

Of course I will look into a better solution!

Black looks sweet....a No Fear was posted once finished that way that caught my eye.....

#840 5 years ago

Help me out Aurich, some posts had issues of bulbs burning out repeatedly.
Is this an issue with just their specific game...an anomaly?
Are they running those at 6.3V, in the ring?

1 year later
#1800 4 years ago

The cityscape backsplash is on Ebay.
Its from John, who is a fellow pinsider

#1807 4 years ago

John may have pulled the ad...just had a baby....well, his wife did! Public Congrats!

I am sending you his email via PM.


1 week later
#1848 4 years ago

Congrats, Jonesjb!

All here to help! Ask away! Great Game to start the addiction!

3 weeks later
#1948 4 years ago

How does one get Secret Laugh Mode?

I havent seen it. Could it be because I am on Double Secret Probation?

1 week later
#2037 4 years ago

We may have a board that would work coming out, to add a shaker....Ill look into this.

1 month later
#2136 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

where can I get the little bullseye target over the sanctum wear area?

I dont remember the thread, but theres one here..maybe early in this thread, with a fellow pinsiders info.

#2147 4 years ago
Quoted from swampfire:

Great write-up of the Rules and Easter Eggs here: http://pinball.org/rules/shadow.html
Sorry if this is a re-post.

Thanks, I needed that!

Some Pics...Almost finished.....Sneek peek at Matrix....Post lights, 20 SMD High Density Apron Strips, Full Back strip, and
1/2 Purple, 1/2 White, Backstrip, with white brightness dialed down.

All plug into Bulbs themselves, 6.3V takes only minutes......Waiting on 1 more shipment to launch!








#2149 4 years ago

Christmas Present from my Wife, I hope!

#2154 4 years ago

I am working on diffusion methods...Silicone Paper works fine, but I am testing more. Ill have other solutions, DIY soon, and if needed, add in production.
I was also able to lessen the reflection by lowering the brightness.
I have gotten use to it after about a dozen games, and it isnt focused on...

#2156 4 years ago

We will be announcing the Release of our Matrix products, hopefully this week....awaiting one more shipment.

Comet Pinball

1 week later
#2175 4 years ago

If I make it through this week. likely Wednesday....

#2181 4 years ago

Pinsider Trident has the green circle stickers....a little hard to peel, needed an exacto, but
the perfect solution.

#2184 4 years ago

It took a week for my response on the decals.....

Quoted from Beeper:

Love my Shadow. Just need to sort some battlefield lighting out.

Plenty of colors and lengths in 6.3V strips coming out next week....

#2187 4 years ago

I tried a long 20" white, but settled on Purple above the playfield, and a lower brightness on the white for the right...(2- 10" strips)
All personal. They peel and stick to the plastic glass holder trim, and plug into bulbs in the GI.
there is a reflection on the mini playfield of the strip...seen in pics above, so I am working on a way to diffuse.....I am sure others
will come up with ideas, but after a week of play, I dont notice it....

Took about 5 minutes, about $10-$14, depending on method.

I am awaiting one freaking box of splitters that didnt show up yesterday to release......
I am told, they are shipping tomorrow......


2 weeks later
#2291 4 years ago
Quoted from balboarules:

I just did my Shadow with Full Non ghosting LED's, and turned off the GI dimming, no flickers or problems at all.

Doesnt hurt, but Shadow does fine with regular bulbs too.....

#2295 4 years ago

None in mine Aurich....Sometimes a flaky resistor that looks like ghosting can be fixed with a NG...one reason I hear from people of same game, different light ghosting...maybe Im wrong, but no issues here....

#2300 4 years ago
Quoted from jwo825:

Do you have controlled lamp onlykits for these two titles?

So Sorry that we dont do game specific kits...gosh, so busy now.

We recommend you turn on all lamps, and simply count the colors that you can match with a frosted Twin 2835. If you want Purple, and I love Purple in the inserts, Purple Passion is a great touch.
Look at a bunch of the pictures, as the center modes can be lit many ways, and this is one reason we
dont offer a kit....so many great ways to light!
Wen you finish totaling those, pop the hood, and only note 44/47....there may be/should be a few.

Now you can use 1 SMD frosted, but youd use Warm white for yellow and orange, as they are not bright enough.

About $39 +/- total for Inserts.

If you do wish a kit, the 1 SMD 5050 Insert Kits are available at Cointaker, and Pinball Bulbs...
Both offer the same brightness with same diode, but different color choices likely in some areas.

I just love the Glow of the frosted Twins...

Hope this helps.

2 weeks later
#2359 4 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I put some SMD strips in and like an idiot, I think I had too many going to one part of the GI. Not my back right corner GI won't turn on. Did I blow a fuse or something worse? Any advice? Also I can't remove the fuse, it's very tight... Any advice on removing it?

Yup, It takes alot to overload a line with strips, as long as that line already has LEDs...It can definitely blow a fuse, if left incandescent.
Sounds like a quick short, and hopefully a fast fuse replacement.
If that blows, start a visual inspection, or removal to try to find the issue. On rare occasions, it can be a bad strip itself.

2 weeks later
#2389 4 years ago

Outstanding! I really appreciate that you took the time to create the look you wanted with lighting, and shared
the comparisons....Its one reason, I am not fond of kits, because we all see it differently, and with a little work, games take on a life of their own with creative lighting, plating, resto, and bless Aurichs hard work.
I have more people that visit that rate Shadow as the best looking game I have....better then WOZ, TWD, on appearance only, as I too tinker with it and use as a proto test.
What a Great Game, and made better when we share as you graciously have done!
Thanks for sharing.....!!! Oh, and may i share some of these pics on my site?



#2394 4 years ago
Quoted from salfab:

Hi, Shadow-Clubbers, I'm joining the club.
I bought a broken The Shadow a while back in order to try and fix it (with very limited knowledge of pinball restauration, but one has to start somewhere, right ?) and decided to get back to work today. I already took it apart a while back and cleaned all parts, and now is the time to put it all back together. Needless to say, I'm very excited about all this, but I might need some of your help in case I forgot to take enough pictures when taking it apart. can I count on you guys if the need arises ?
Cheers, and glad to be part of the club

Sure, but we usually help make it worse, before it gets better!!

3 weeks later
#2449 4 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I was having a pretty good game on Shadow tonight and thought I'd let my 25 mo old son take over and play Final Battle for me. As you can see he loves Pinball!
» YouTube video

I am in awe of your sons skill! Please tell him a pinhead playing for 50 years, thinks hes amazing!

Thanks for sharing!

2 weeks later
#2499 3 years ago

Nice Photo! How did you shoot it?

3 months later
#2751 3 years ago

Currently, I light my battlefield with a frosted 20 smd strip found in our Matrix
Product line, with a brightness adjuster, and Matrix bulb. I do the same to the other side. I dim them both to the brightness I want to achieve.
Looks fantastic, IMO.
To get longer wire lengths as asked earlier, Matrix has multiple wire lengths, that plug right in. I am sorry that this was not noticed. Clean the underside of the plastic trim and press and stick facing down. This stays on all the time, but when dimmed, it's sweet.
45 degree micro strips....just passed first inspection, and are insane at what can be done. As this sample arrived 2 days ago, we have tested on a ramp, only by hand, and I'm thrilled. Production is happening, these and much more will be tripling the stuff in Matrix.
Regarding other methods, such as Only
when the ball is in the battlefield....
Well first. I have seen people put the strip
on the metal bar, facing forward.
When I get the strength, I'll do this and take pics, but I have been working on 6
Different, new, and not seen before spotlights. I can't say more, but enough that they will fill lots of demands for many games, including Shadow.
These are all in CAD, and pre proto.
I may have something to share in a couple weeks. Currently, these are
always on.
To create an on only when in use,
I do have a board, not in proto yet, that
Might do the job. It's again a universal use, for many games.
The short answer, is yes, someone could or should make a custom board, charge like $100 for it, sell maybe 50, and then
trickled in orders.
I suppose it may not have happened, as the work/reward, may not be desirable.

I hear weekly in emails, great ideas, things to make, it just takes more time and money, then those that say, "make it"
Some products I have now in testing started over a year ago.
How to do it faster? Work more or pay more.
Some products, I sneek into sample production, rather then throwing 5k at.
This keeps prices down, and I sometimes
feel a GB pin is better then another product. Sorry about that.
Whether it's Matrix Strips, or new spots,
Both are designed to be plug and play, minutes to install, under $20, and can be
used in any game.
That's my goal at least, and no harm in
trying out.
A $100 mod that isn't perfect,
with a couple negative posts, would be so detrimental, I error on the side of caution.
Even a post that states the wires aren't long enough, created a few emails, and all that happened, was a product was not seen.
So plenty ways to light right now, and see
if it's the look you want.
There are pictures in the Matrix section of Shadow lit by nom frosted strip.


#2776 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this with Everyone!

We get so busy, we dont get time to let others know all the cool stuff one can do!

In addition, I imagine our new 12V could grab the flasher, and give a second color on battle hits,
on the playfield, backbox, or anywhere else!

I had been meaning to do this myself, but need help even lifting a playfield these days.

Love the look you created!

An Imagination and Matrix.....Endless Lighting Possibilities!

1 week later
#2798 3 years ago

Is the voltage to these lights 6.3V? If so, I have a proto Im working on coming in
shortly that may be perfect.

#2816 3 years ago

Thanks for Sharing!

I appreciate your creative thinking!

12V Matrix proto types are scheduled in next week, to help expand the possibilities like this well thought
out one shown here!

Please shoot me a PM to remind me, and to thank you, and Ill send you some goodies to test out!

Very much appreciate it!


#2819 3 years ago

Yes!!! Matrix in 12V will be released soon with 2 headed interchangeable Flasher heads!
One for the Standard 8 SMD flasher, and the other a Power tap to wires, splitters, boxes, controls,
COB Panels, Pads, and Strips.

Or...any two colors on the same socket pointing in different directions!!!

Clips are always there, this will be a safer, inexpensive way, to extend!

Lots More Coming Soon!

2 months later
#2964 3 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

If you like "The Shadow" listen to go the Radio Show from the 1950s. Makes the Alec Baldwin movie even more embarassing. Available via free podcast for listening while you work or drive.

Your right! Some of the best in Radio was the Shadow!

1 week later
#2979 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Borrowed some ideas from earlier in this thread and replaced all my star posts with purple ones lit with blue leds, even the one by the plunger. They are very bright so hard to get a good pic. I also added a spotlight with a purple bulb to the mini playfield. I wanted to mount it up front pointing back but there is just no room with the glass on. With it in the back on the left, there is too much glare. On the right it is better but still not completely happy with it. Plan on adding a few more spotlights to brighten up the game more.

Try a frosted purple 6.3V strip with a Matrix bulb and wire from Comet, and in minutes in installs behind the battlefield
sign shining backwards.

If you want to control the brightness, and a brightness control.

Truly kicks ass!

Quoted from billsfanmd:

Looks good. Not sure I like blue and purple on bottom Outlane. I would choose one color
Where is best place to buy that many star post LED sets?

Comet has the best price, and they can handle 6.3V or 12v.
They are plug and play in a wide vaiety to your GI, Inserts or Flashers in minutes!
Slings and close posts are a must, a found some games dont need every post lit, especially towards the back,
but thats personal.

Ive done all 3 ...purple post with purple, white, and blue....all different all cool!



#2983 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Did Comet ever release that LED strip with frosted white and with a 45 degree angle pitch?

They arrived, but they forgot to add the connection at the end, and are being redone for release soon I hope.
I grabbed a bunch and installed a few..
I'm very happy.

I'm out of town and can't post it until official release, but will try to send you pic or video when I return next week.

I am still toying with other applications as it lights inside ramps, outside ramps sides, back etc in a unique and different way

#2985 3 years ago

This Strip..still unnamed, runs on either 6.3 or 12v.
In the best plug and play method, only always on, or flashing with paddle currently.
The board that has been made
by another pinsider, its in the Jp thread,
might be adaptable to this need.
Or something like a miniature broad range
Motion sensor, or a connection to the logic.
Ultimately, I haven't seen an easy answer
But I think someone who builds a plug and play
answer for on only when active, would do well.

The 45 degree strip is 20 inches, and puts a nice segmented light in one direction, and at 45 degrees, full white bright!

So like on the back of an NBA
Fastbreak, it looks like Stadium
Lighting with the crowd backsplash,
and lights the whole back.

In the Shadow, back lighting shows
As a reflection on the mini playfield

This bothers some people, so putting it on the
Battlefield sign, fixed this.
Other strips come frosted, colors, and can be dimmed.

One can put one color on the battlefield and another on the right.....i like this way best.

#2989 3 years ago

Or one could do both.....one on all the time, with any color or brightness and one flashing also any color.
Currently I left mine with purple and white and have switched those back and forth

Nothing but great ideas from everypne!

1 week later
#3008 3 years ago

Of all the games Ive had, if I had to keep only one game for doing everything in a way that provides endless challenge and entertainment, it would be, The Shadow!

#3012 3 years ago

You are right jawjaw, its a tough game....a couple years in, and I still havent completed all the modes, or can cradle the ball and land a shot all the time.....I think thats why I love it!

I can have a good game, a great game, and 2 weeks of crappy games.
Its a beast, that I dont have to depend on gimmicks or heavy code...(Which I love as well)

It gets played more than TZ, RS, WH20, because its always a challenge for me.

I had a friend over yesterday, played one game, and kicked its ass, game 2, same....So maybe its me too,
I cant get the game to roll, as others do.

Yet, this same player, is having a tougher time with Star Trek, which I find easier.....weird, huh?

How a game can be easy or hard in the shots, depending on the player.

but Shadow......man, I know its right, when I start playing the game in my dreams.....

2 weeks later
#3084 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Here are photos of my restored Shadow. I used Comet LED's and highly recommend. In my opinion, you can go for a golden age Shadow (with warm whites) or use more cool whites, and go for more of a sleek Matrix-y shadow, giving it more of a sleek modern hue. You can go for lots of colors in the GI, but I think that washes out the art and darkens the playfield.
Since my Shadow is based on the radio show a la the tranlite (thanks Aurich). I've opted for using warm white throughout for 90% of the GI (most of the purple is coming from the flashers and the lit star posts). The golden hue of the white, is a perfect fit for the golden art deco look. The only color I have is under the battlefield, I was going for an eerie mysterious green to compliment the mist.

Well said, and nicely done!

Shadow is as easy as white choice, and color match inserts.

Variations are done for the mode insert colors, lighting the back, and battlefield.

Quoted from jawjaw:

Here is mine that I finished not long ago. 2smd cool white in gi. 1smd for inserts. Added dual flex purple spotlight for mini playfield. Two cool white spotlights above slings. All blue lit purple star posts. Got that idea from earlier in the thread.

Clean and Bright! Sweet!, jawjaw!

This game is pure art, and pure joy!

#3087 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Thank you. I want the radio theme too. How many purple star post flashers?

One doesnt need to do them all, many may not be visible to an extant.

Just count up the ones you wish.

With Matrix, they respond to both GI Quick Connect as well as Flasher.
So whether you wish to Alligator clip, solder, or use a plug and play 2 headed connector,
you can achieve this pretty fast, and at a very affordable cost.

#3093 3 years ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

Do you know if Comet will be releasing the 45 degree frosted strips to use on the battlefield?
One recommendation I recommend is to use a warm white SMD strip above the flippers under the apron for a nice glow. You can see an example in my last image.

They were ready, other than a connector, when I left.
Id send them an email.....they may be ready, but they havent listed yet.

#3101 3 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Thx. If I go with the warm theme guess I should get the wArm white and buy purple posts
Is there enough wire length to tie into other GI close by?

In general, yes.

One can connect via a Matrix bulb, with the wires above the playfield, or from below, with extensions. and clips.
You can also solder.

Because of the myriad of ways, I cant tell you how many splitters or wire length you need....
You can even trip the post lights to react with an insert!

Pickup a few extras....maybe spend an extra $5 or so....easier than trying to figure an exact

1 week later
#3159 3 years ago

Youll want Comets Purple Passion for the dark Purple Insert color.

4 weeks later
#3231 3 years ago
Quoted from BobC:

luckily I've only used it on chrome

It turns Chrome, Brass! Ha!

Quoted from ramegoom:

Has anyone tried bead-blasting the rails, then using automotive clear-coat on the base metal? I have done this on several antique slot machine parts (as opposed to Cadmium plating which is outlawed) and it turns out incredibly good.
The automotive spec clear coat is very rugged and can take some serious abuse, as you would expect with the ball rolling over it.
Just a thought.

I have done this, paint, gold paint, chrome paint, and several coats of clear, and had them last fine for many years in Home use.
I saw one recently I did around 14 years ago looking almost as good as the day I finished.

1 week later
#3248 3 years ago

I have green dots in que to be made.

It may take till the end of the year, as others are in front.

1 month later
#3345 3 years ago

"Nice. Where did you get that green circle sanctum decal?"

I should be having decals soon!

#3391 3 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Payment sent. I sure think The Shadow is going to be a keeper. Can someone point me in the direction of the recommended LED layout with the new translight? I thought I remembered seeing something posted earlier. Thank you.

I chose to add color for the Red Scarf, and Green in "The Shadow".
What I did different, is I added 2 Headed Color Changing Flux bulbs in the city line area on either side.
It gives the illusion of Chaos and activity in the background, and the flex heads allow for the positioning and brightness.

#3392 3 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

This is what I'm going to do, build a board that can be connected in between J-1 and the motor control board A-16120 with a Z connector. The board will get its 12 volt power and ground and the TIP signal to activate all from J-1. I was going to have an opto isolator input and a adjustable delay relay output. This way any lighting voltage can be used such as 6.3 ac GI or 12volt dc. I was thinking of installing Comet matrix cables to the relay input and output so that it would be a plug and play setup for any type of lighting that anyone wanted to use. If there are any other ideas that need to be added let me know.

Should work fine. I might suggest testing a Frosted Strip on the Metal Bracket facing backward, or ask Ryan in an email about the 45 degree or Stadium Lighting strip....this can look amazing in the right usage...micro thin, and 2 brightness of light in 2 directions....

2 months later
#3565 2 years ago

It appears to me that the reverse faceting on the "gem" in the ring, is not present,
or different then original.

Still, a long time coming, and in lieu of none, its a welcome option sorely needed.

1 week later
#3607 2 years ago

Thanks for using my Matrix products!

Do reach out to Ryan and Janet.

I might recommend the frosted strip mounted
Behind the paddle on the metal bar.
Id like to order one, and I can test out brightness, as well as 45 degree lighting.

Lmk best way to order....pm???

Truly love and appreciate you making this!!!

#3610 2 years ago
Quoted from GRUMPY:

I think they are prefect for something like this.

I sent you a PM, thanks.

Thank you! Ill take care of and share back! Much appreciate it!

Quoted from jonesjb:

Art, are you still involved with Comet.

Happily retired.....but I miss creating new stuff!!

#3615 2 years ago
Quoted from ryandimx:

They have frosted LED strips now too. I'm gonna orders few colors to see what they do.

add a dimming screw to your order to tweak it......

#3639 2 years ago

What type of gun is used as the model for this.....???

#3646 2 years ago
Quoted from someoneelse:

You mean the gun handle shooter? It's a customized .45 Win Mag LAR Grizzly.

Thank you!

I have these sanctum dot decals in production finally...I trust.....I hope to post them available shortly.

#3650 2 years ago
Quoted from lpeters82:

Do you have them available without the dot? How do you apply them? Is it basically just sticking them on and being done with it?

Yes, basically....Im testing a tweak to make them a bit better.

If someone has the color code for the grey, Id love to also offer Grey Framing of the circle.

One would still need to level the play field, if it has a divot.

#3668 2 years ago

I just received mine, and will dive in this week.

2 weeks later
#3689 2 years ago


Purple Passion for the Only way to get a Darker Purple Insert.

Grab a few Op Max, for the GI in the Back.

Everything else, LED, wise your favorite vendor.
Just stay frosted in GI on this game.

(Hope to get to Battlefield MOD help this week)

#3691 2 years ago

Same brightness.....Just color temperature.

One would match the rest of the GI, so either Cool White, or Sunlight for a Game.

(I personally only use Sunlight, unless its a black game like TZ, so this title is either white)

Id grab 6 bulbs, and know if I used 4, I had spares....Any Dark GI area, especially the back, where
a Manufacture usually only put one to 2 bulbs, will glow like there is 4-6 bulbs.

Twin 2835, Cointaker or Comet, Frosted, are still best for GI.
Strips for the back or Apron, cant hurt, but not needed, unless you play in the dark.

New Mod from earlier to light playfield, only when active, or strips placed there for a couple dollars, also
will light on all the time.
Frosted strips, and if in the back, get a dimmer switch....some reflection possible, or mount by paddle.

I hope to get some pics, and this up after GB MODS...just busy.

Just look at everyone elses pics, and decide the colors you want for main insert modes....its pretty straight forward color match lighting.

Biggest diff is the flashers....I went all Purple above the playfield in domes, but whatever the taste, go bright with a 10 SMD in the back ones, and its amazing!

1 month later
#3861 2 years ago

Life will be settling down for me shortly, and Ill get some time to take new pics.

Lighting the Shadow.

The lower Playfield, flipper, sling, I have illuminated with either Reg or Opmax bulbs, but two frosted Matrix white strips,
on the Apron, (or 1 above the Drain), dimming switch, quick connect to GI.

Reason I went this way.....Lower cost, No blocking vision with spots, not too "bright" or "spotty" works with GI Fade and features tied in.

I have done the same on the Back. I preferred a 10" Purple above the Right side, but have done white, and 45 degree strip lighting, which might need a PM to Ryan to get.

Any of these light the right rear to taste, ties into GI, affordable, reversible, takes a couple minutes.

Above the battlefield, I have Grumpys Product, which I need to install, and move my strip/lighting to the front to share.
(I dont mind the reflection on the battlefield, as again, I am using frosted, and dimmed to my taste.)

The issue for many is not diffusing the strip, or no brightness controlled.

In testing Ive put 20" down the side for "Stadium" like lighting, or a poor mans version I have yet to share, and need to check with the Boss first.

In any direction, Shadow is a great example for creative lighting solutions.

As always, Id recommend it tied to GI, diffused, and brightness adjusted for the balance of the experience.

#3864 2 years ago
Quoted from yellowghost:

Thanks oldpinballguy. I will try those frosted strips. Never knew they existed. Also how does a dimmer work?

Its a small adjustment screw in the matrix section.

Having 2-10" Frosted strips, a brightness screw, one can decide to alligator clip, solder, or a Matrix bulb in GI.

With that, an Apron, or a Back Strip, or Drain, and centered, etc, can a game come alive in the flipper area and back, which is notably where its needed, and one can play in the dark, with appropriate mood and shadows, or a product like Stadium Lighting to light the whole table.

Personal Taste, and $$$, are the differences.

3 weeks later
#3895 2 years ago

Ill take them! PM Sent.

1 month later
#3964 2 years ago

Find a good one and keep her!

It is hard, it is easy, it is fun, I love it, I hate it, I play it often, it will not leave my home unless Im buried in it!

Best all around game in so many ways! My Top 5!

#3966 2 years ago

I didnt give a deposit because I only buy HUO or NIB, after the dust settles from any mfg. (GB was the last)

No room, and 6 new titles, all older, and Im busy for some time fixing those up.

I do hope to, sometime..... I havent kept up for the last couple weeks, but I hope things are moving forward for you guys.

It is a thorough challenge of a Game!

Funny you mention here, there are some similar game vibes between Shadow and Alien..do you think?

#3968 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I'll be honest. I feel like throwing my Shadow out the front door now and then. Gameplay can be extremely frustrating. Hitting the start mode shot is really tough. The frustrating part is that when you finally do make a clean shot, the ball often bounces out of the saucer. Same for the battle field. Maybe it's just my game but you really got to fight to accomplish anything in the game. Yet, I keep hitting that start button - probably more than my other games. You feel pretty good when you can just finish a mode or do anything in the game. It really helps to play with the settings to make things a little easier. The best thing is getting dialed in on the ramp shots. So good hitting the diverters and banging ramps to get vengeance points. It's a good pin but wouldn't recommend it if it was your only pin.

Yup, it calls me in my sleep.....one more game.....one more game.....Bitch.

#3984 2 years ago
Quoted from jimjim66:

I would like to see some guns/gun handles that were redone to get some ideas. Different color handles, materials, black nickel coating, regular chrome, etc....I plan on getting my done next year after I do some other projects.

Working on some......

#3986 2 years ago

Working on several in exotic wood, or you can adapt existing grips with some work.

Nothing else has been made, that I am aware of, that fits "off the shelf"....

2 weeks later
#4049 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

So just a quick FYI. I was getting really annoyed with airballs from the two targets on either side of the left ramp. A while back, I had put a black rubber for a post on the metal bracket behind the target on my RZ to settle down airballs, so I decided to try that on my Shadow.
Amazing. The airballs just went away. The ball will kick back really fast from those targets still, but at least it's not jumping over the slingshot and into the outlane.
I don't have a pic, but essentially just remove the foam and push a black rubber for a post onto the bracket, then cut off the top part. This gives a nice firm rubber so the target doesn't bend back as much and launch the balls.

New or replaced Targets?

Nice Idea...might help some people on GB?

1 week later
#4073 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Strange since it seems like people are always asking for them. I sold an extra set I had a while back and got a lot of interest. Asked what I paid and it sold it quick. I bought it before getting a Shadow to make sure I would not miss out. Ended up getting a Shadow with it so didn't need it. I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting a Shadow to get a set. Looks awesome lit up with the right leds. I recommend removing some of the middle lights to get the right contrast. Speaker panel looks very sharp as well. Even if you never get a Shadow, you could flip the set for a few bucks extra down the road when they are no longer available.

One of the best Translites ever! I have more fun rearranging the look behind Aurichs Shadow!
(I think its the high quality thick print)
I think my favorite has been slow blinking and multiphase color changing behind the buildings to make them look like there is a "battle" with explosions behind him, and then bringing the Shadow himself, brighter to the front.
Hard to tell in a Pic, but I think ive done 4-5 different lightings, and have been happy with all.

3 weeks later
#4109 2 years ago

Rings on there too!

1 week later
#4132 2 years ago

Samples of wood gun grips are being finally crafted.

I hope to share sample pics, and get feedback in a couple weeks.

Testing some inlay, and laser engraving as well.

1 month later
#4229 2 years ago

Have a Surprise coming next week.................

grips6 003 (resized).JPG

#4252 2 years ago

Handmade Artisan Wood Grips are now available!!


grip5 (resized).jpg

grip2 Red Heartood (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#4288 2 years ago

.....Also dimensional brick walls in Train and model hobby looks good too!

I have not bought the one in this link, so I cant confirm but its like this:

ebay.com link » Dollhouse Modern Brick Wall Material Sheet 34977 World Model Miniatures

pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#4308 2 years ago

The LEDs under the rings are fixed....Its a bit of work to customize them differently.

For me Personally....as there are many different ways.....

The game looks brilliant in 2 SMD Frosted Sunlight....Likely on sale at Comet now. around 30 GI 44/47 bulbs, just order 50/

If you do any of the inserts Purple, check out Purple Passion. Otherwise color match with the
same, and choose your color for the center modes....your choice, but usually white, Ice Blue, Cyan, or Purple Passion.

#4310 2 years ago

To my memory, no, no #555 on playfield, but If I missed one, youll have extra.

The ring LED is mentioned in this thread, (also modding it) but I think PBL, or Marco has them....
Someone perhaps whose just purchased can comment.

2 weeks later
#4355 2 years ago

I ended up with 3...Purple Passion, Cyan, and Ice Blue!

I couldnt decide!

pasted_image (resized).png

3 weeks later
#4387 2 years ago

I have one pair pearl handle grips Im finishing up, and 2 sets left with Mercury Dimes.
Ill try to get to pics...The pearl grips will be $69, likely, maybe a little less, and the Inlaid dimes are $129 and $149....with inlay...

came out stunning!


2 months later
#4481 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballology:

I'm just going to leave this right here......
Grips by oldpinguy / Art's Arcade. (excellent quality, fast shipping, perfect packaging)

Thank you very much!

4 weeks later
#4537 1 year ago

When I get my house back, I'll try to print some green dots up.......

1 month later
#4597 1 year ago

Sweet! I just love seeing pictures of Well Lit and restored Shadows!

I will be having a rebirth. Shadow, and most of my pins have been in storage for a year.....I look forward to playing again!
Still no where close to beating this Beast!!!

#4616 1 year ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Couldn't resist those wood grips!

Thanks!, ill pick out the best pair!

#4620 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Those wooden grips are cool! I wish someone made a faux-ivory set to mimic the guns from the movie...

Took me a while to sell the only pearl set I had. There simply isnt enough demand to make 100, and its costly to only make a few.....nasty resin to sand and grind......but if you buy a resin billet, you can make a set...just wear a mask 100% of the time.

Quoted from Kneissl:

I'm just a sucker for wood grips on a pistol. I tried to resist.. didn't last long.

Ill confess, I own guns, but dont shoot much, but I love the feel when I grip the wood and pull the trigger on Shadow....its an interesting difference, I guess those more familiar...

#4622 1 year ago

I see what you did there!

#4625 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Makes sense. Do you have pics of it installed? What do you mean by "resin billet?"

If my memory holds, its a 1911 Colt. This model determines the shape and holes of the grip.
You can order blank rectangles, or shaped pieces of resin poured mother of Pearl from $15-$40 depending on company.
Grinding, sanding, and polishing tools, and outdoors with a mask.

Pearl Grip (resized).jpg
#4628 1 year ago
Quoted from SeaLawyer:

Those look awesome! Are those the ones you made? Someone mentioned modifying existing 1911 grips, which sounds much more reasonable than carving them from scratch from a block of simulated MOP...

Unfortunately the Blanks for that year have holes drilled in a different spot.
You would need to identify and match the resin, and know how to pour, shape, and re-drill....
Must start with undrilled blanks.

Sorry guys, Ive spent over 100 hours on trying to make Pearl Handles for $50-$70 retail.
Only Quantity will achieve that, or 2-5 hours, tools, and blanks. Whats 3 hours worth these days?

I made blonde whiteish maple to go with dark handles....dont know if they cleared from selling out...Ill have to check stock and update shop here.

Maple Grip2 (resized).png
#4635 1 year ago
Quoted from Kneissl:

Oh boy. These wood grips are fantastic! It's like that Chuck Mangione song "feels so good"

Thanks, Ill pass that on to Robert. There is a difference when an expert in wood produces even objects like this...

BTW.....Love the Train Tracks under the Pin!

2 weeks later
#4663 1 year ago

Damn, those Grips look Great! That was my last, Best pair of those!


#4665 1 year ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

You did those? Yeah, looks awesome.

A Good friend and Artist did the work.....we enjoy the reward!
I found myself just walking by the game, and grabbing the gun...feels great!

#4668 1 year ago
Quoted from Demoman1:

Hello Group, Just picked up my first SHADOW and am loving it. Thinking of installing an LED kit. Which kits do you think works best in it. Or do I purchase individual LEDS, if so, does anyone have a list of bulbs and locations? Appreciate any thoughts on the subject from Pinsiders who have LED their Shadow. Thanks, Brad

Look around at pics, and get some ideas what you like.
Youll have 3 shades of white for the GI...Personal Taste.
If you want to play with any other colors in GI, why not try.
Best bet is Comet Twin 2835 in Frosted Sunlight, IMO.
Same for the inserts, color match, but the color you use for the Modes, people vary the most.
Thats it....easy, done and fast....not a hard game to LED at all.

1 week later
#4713 1 year ago
Quoted from stef34:

i agree butstill it s a very challenging pin

I was thinking about this, and I find that I like the time and progression to achieve things.

The game "builds well" to a multiball.....each Lock an achievement, a seemingly easy goal.

On Multiball, the Game is less chaotic, and hints at achievability, even for the average player.
Some games, for me, have multi-balls that feel more like "survival" than it should, but thats because
of my lack of talent. AC/DC does this, as does games like TSPP, and Aerosmith.
I dont get that on IM, as an example.

I know we have threads on "Best multiball" but for different reasons, sometimes.

The Shadow lets me play with Joy and Frustration in that delicate balance that says,
"I challenge you..." and I reply,
"F-You,Im going to play another game and beat you!!!"

For me, thats why The Shadow, is a Keeper!

(and I get to enjoy my lighting, Aurichs Translight, and some cool wood grips!)

1 week later
#4721 1 year ago
Quoted from BobC:

Looking to LED the back box with the OEM translate.
Do I need to use non-ghosting?
Has anybody color matched it / have bulb info?

Hi Bob!

Regular bulbs are fine....No need for Non ghosting,
Id recommend 2smd 2835 Frosted in Sunlight.
Id use them everywhere.
However, if you want some color, try a few and see if you like.....
(Caveat, if you try to light a small area with color, and not have light bleed, youll need a variety of color in different brightness.)
Most people are happy with lighting the colors as printed.

You can add some blinking bulbs for affect, if you wish.

3 weeks later
#4776 1 year ago
Quoted from Scoot:

Is it ok that I join he club? My first wishlist pin!
Thanks to fellow pinsider ScottinSGFNY for the sale!
[quoted image]

My Favorite Playing Stance! Enjoy!

1 month later
#4865 1 year ago
Quoted from hawk370:

Hey guys, I bought my shadow a little over a year ago as a project and after a lot of hard work repairing the sanctum and clearing both playfields I'm finally beginning to assemble the playfield. Now I am to the point that I need to start installing bulbs, I want to go with Coin taker premium non-ghosting. but I would like to see what the kit they offer looks like. so does anyone have photos of the kit that they offer installed on their game?

Personally, I feel you would be better not to use a kit.
Look at the Pictures in the Gallery section of this thread.
Youll see tons of examples. Decide, based on your eyes, taste, other games, and room lighting,
whether you want White, Sunlight, or Warm White for GI.
Do all your GI in a frosted Bulb, either 1 SMD or Brighter 2 SMD...what is in new games.

Color match your inserts.

Now in looking at games, youll see color in some GI, different colors to light modes, and variations on Shadow battlefield. Pick what you like, grab some extra to experiment....

You should be able to complete the game for between $90-$120, depending on choices and extras.

3 weeks later
#4892 1 year ago

Ive finally added a few new gun Grips in exotic wood my store.
Black Walnut, in Hand rubbed....Ill be adding a shiny one soon....
Blonde Maple....At a lower price, $49 inc shipping.
These can get a light sand and stain, if one wishes to go with any other colors.....

and one pair of Mercury Dime inlay in Walnut....

Thanks for all the support!

Leopard Wood inlaid with (resized).jpgMaple Grip2 (resized).pngWalnut Grip Mercury Dimes Inlay (resized).jpgWalnut Grip2 (resized).jpggrip2 Red Heartood (resized).jpggrips walnutinlay (resized).jpg
1 month later
#4998 1 year ago

I stock bulk clear for all my games....Makes the cost drop, and am happy on all my games....
I gave up on color coordinating games....just too much to stock.

1 week later
#5031 1 year ago
Quoted from yellowghost:

The only one I've seen installed began to fall appart after a few months. The best way to use this product would be to route a groove into the sides of the cabinet and place them there. I did not buy because I did not need another thing to remove before liffing the playfield up.

I have bugged Stern for 5 years to cut a channel and mount angle LEDs in the Cabinet.....

#5039 1 year ago

I will be having my only sale on Custom Wood Gun Grips for your Shadow Pinball!

Each set will be $10 off with Free Shipping!

Once they are Gone....Thats it! No more to be made!

Maple Grip2 (resized).pngWalnut Grip Mercury Dimes Inlay (resized).jpgWalnut Grip2 (resized).jpggrip1 Leopard wood (resized).jpggrip2 Red Heartood (resized).jpg
1 month later
#5172 1 year ago

The only game I have that I felt Purple Flashers were Perfect On!

1 month later
#5363 11 months ago

I added color changing flex heads by the buildings in the background.
The Sunlight frosted 2835 wash enough of it out, so that it looks like explosions, or gunfire
far in the background. A White blinking bulb will do same, but I like the subtle affect.

Oh, and a self frosted top only flat top in warm for the street light, or a blinking bulb....

One can add green for the letters, or red for the scarf, but its not a huge difference.

IMG_0402 (resized).jpg
3 months later
#5831 7 months ago
Quoted from dudah:

The above, plus switching out the orange flasher domes for purple ones (and purple LED flashers) makes a huge difference.

The only game I found that I really love Purple Dome Flashers on!! Great Light Show!

#5850 7 months ago
Quoted from Johncare07:

Does anyone have a lead on where to get the gun grip replacements? Is there a way you can use a real gun grip as a substitute?[quoted image]

I have a few custom wood grips left.....theres a link, next to my avatar.

#5855 7 months ago

Thank you!
Shipped out today!

I have about 9 sets left, and thats it!

Robs been busy doing designs for celebrity custom desks and boxes...ill have to get a link for the last one....made for a host of a tv knife/blade weapon show, I think.

1 week later
#5903 7 months ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

Looks like I’m in the club. Game gets delivered next week. I’ve played / owned a lot of pinballs but never a single game of The Shadow. I made the purchase solely on game recommendations from fellow Pinsiders. Looks like something I’d like. I hope you guys know what you’re talking about.

Oh yeah!...It is one mean, fun ball buster!
Every "success" is a well earned one, any many..."I almost had it" moments.
A great Journey in a Game....

#5916 7 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

You guys seen these? Would actually be pretty nice if it werent for the scantly clad ladies for no reason.
ebay.com link

Thats Johns...He is here on pinside occasionally.
He has a large collection of Alt Translites......

#5920 7 months ago

Hi Aurich! You know yours IS THE BEST there is!

#5933 7 months ago
Quoted from MeNaCeFiRe:

Thanks for the awesome gun grips Art![quoted image]

My Pleasure!, My friend!

Ill Post some pics later, I believe I have 4-5 pairs left in total....Thats it, No more!!

#5935 7 months ago

Yes, Flat 8 SMD Purples....from everywhere.

#5938 6 months ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

LED eh? I was thinking I would stay incandescent for my flashers. That seems to be all the rage now. LED inserts and incandescent GI and flashers. Im a fan, did my last pin like that.

I use incandescent flashers in backboxes. If I want color, I run Strips or Pads,
Light from a Flat 8, the most common doesnt always work.

On the playfield, Red LED on Red Dome is darker, it can vary in brightness, but doesnt matter Much.
Purple in Purple is a Big difference.

#5990 6 months ago

Thank you for the kind words! , Jim

I enjoyed this project very much.

I love the feel of grabbing the gun and how the wood feels.

I have 3-4 pairs of Walnut Left, and thats all folks!

#6015 6 months ago

Can anyone share a video of Both, on a Shadow? I cant say Ive seen them side by side.....

2 months later
#6270 4 months ago
Quoted from woody76:

best target decals for shadow? who has them?

These are on Ebay.

pasted_image (resized).png
#6275 4 months ago
Quoted from jonesjb:

I bought these, and was disappointed to see they looked different from the pictures. I was really hoping to see "TOP-NOTCH TARGETSHIELDS" written on the artwork, but sadly it was missing from the product

I woudnt disagree with your experience on these, mine, for maybe 20 different games over the years, this vendor out performed the others.

In any case, choice is good.

4 weeks later
4 weeks later
#6394 75 days ago

What everyone needs to go with their shadow!
Coming up for Auction, expecting around $100K

pasted_image (resized).png
2 weeks later
#6472 58 days ago

All Gone!

Enjoy this Wonderful Holiday Weekend!

#6474 58 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

That looks sharp! Very nice.

Thank you. It was a fun Project! 2 Pairs Left!

2 weeks later
#6559 38 days ago

I use clear on all my games....keeps inventory holding costs down....No need to buy 1 orange when it breaks, or stock multiple color replacements.
2 SMD Sunlight, Purple Passion.....Crappy pics I took up there as well....Run the topic photo gallery link.

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