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The Shadow Club

By marsgnu

7 years ago

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Post #73 Insert LED bulbs and colors Posted by MnHotRod (7 years ago)

Post #4322 Alternate Shadow Translite and Speaker Panel Posted by Aurich (3 years ago)

Post #4328 Shadow Manual Rubber Ring Chart link Posted by vireland (2 years ago)

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#4987 2 years ago
Quoted from mab487:

Anyone have an Aurich package for sale? PM me.

Message Aurich. Hes doing another run

5 months later
#5640 1 year ago

Joining the club in a couple weeks. Adding this thread.
Best place to get flasher domes? Thinking of swapping some or maybe all to purple. Cheers.

#5642 1 year ago
Quoted from ReadyPO:

Got mine from Marco - all purple, looks good.

Thanks. I'll probably order enough to do them all just incase. It has the city scape back decal so I at least want to swap out those 3. (Unless I go with a brick background) We'll see once I actually have it in my house.

2 weeks later
#5655 1 year ago

Delivery seems to have been delayed by a day. Shadow was supposed to show up tomorrow but now it looks like Monday. Would have been nice to play it over the weekend though.

#5659 1 year ago

Its here!

Arrived around noon. Had to let some condensation disappear. All seems well so far except a ring snapped right off of its screw. Little glue and she will be good as new again.

20190513_125432 (resized).jpg20190513_132433 (resized).jpg20190513_175632 (resized).jpg20190513_133341 (resized).jpg
#5663 1 year ago

Does anyone have a spare one of the threaded pins that holds
down the battlefield or know where to buy one? Mine is missing

Also I'm trying to decide which titans to put on. I have some
spares around so I've been trying to see what works. I assumed
purple or light blue but a have an orange ring on the sling and it
compliments the orange trim. Has anyone used orange in their game?
If so can you send a pic please. It looks good with the one but I
could see mostly orange becoming too much. Open to other
suggestions if you have pics. So far I'm leaning toward purple
flippers rings with orange rings most of the rest of the game

#5664 1 year ago

I wonder why that post^^^ showed up so wierd

#5669 1 year ago

My gi and backglass lights have a slight flickering to them. Any advice is appreciated.
Also need to find a battlefield lockdown pin (I just have the one)

#5671 1 year ago
Quoted from Pingball:

Only uses one pin to lock down battlefield.
Check your plugs re flickering

I'm a dummy. I just noticed it was only the one while waxing. At first glance it looks like there is a hole for the right side but it's just a black dot lol.

#5677 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Check your settings. Dimming should be turned off for leds.

That seems to have done it. Thanks

#5679 1 year ago
Quoted from Djshakes:

Blue and Yellow bitches. And dump the playfield bulbs under the slings. Rock lit star posts only. Look at that lighting. No blaring shit.
[quoted image]

This makes me want to play xmen

#5681 1 year ago
Quoted from Djshakes:

No way stern is this innovative. In addition, I don't know why anyone would want to play one over a sweet b/w. I don't even look at sterns on location if one happens to be in the establishment that is lucky enough to have me patron. Fool, do you know what thread you're in?

The flipper colours are xmen looking. Settle down agro

#5683 1 year ago
Quoted from Djshakes:

That was sarcasm.

What part of it was supposed to seem sarcastic?

#5696 1 year ago

Where can one find these mantis ramps?

#5698 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

For Mantis stuff -
Mantis parts work great as factory replacments but I would ramps unless they are broken.

Thanks. My left ramp has some welds popping. Nothing major yet but I might buy a set of mantis ramps for the future.

#5706 1 year ago
Quoted from Stuieb84:

P.S as a newbie to this pin, does anyone here have any pro-tips on removing the upper playfield?

The left rubber (on the battlefield) has a black pin in the center that just needs to be taken out and then the whole thing flips up for access to the rest of it. (Marcos shipping is too expensive to ship to Canada as well btw)

#5707 1 year ago

Pinstadium is taste from person to person but I rarely enjoy them. They take away from the intended light show. I especially dislike them on games that have modes intended to be darkly lit. (First game I really noticed this was Metallica, Fade to Black mode)
Shadow just needs a spot light on the battlefield and shes good usually. My answer to "should I buy pinstadiums" usually comes down to "or turn your light up". Turning the light up is a really cheap mod and helps me see my games better lol

#5708 1 year ago

I'm a new owner. Just a couple gameplay q's. How am I lighting "shadow knows"? Is it always 10m or does it grow?
What does the target between the battlefield vuc and the ball lock wall do exactly. I'm having a hard time figuring it out. I feel like it has given me Khan letters or mongol letters but it hard to tell mid gameplay.

#5710 1 year ago

I have. It doesn't answer my questions

#5712 1 year ago

Real community vibe in this thread.

#5716 1 year ago
Quoted from mbaumle:

If you're always getting 10M, your game might be set to "tournament mode." Who knows is supposed to be a random award, but is equalized when set to tournament play.

Thanks. How am I lighting it though? Shadow loops?
Another question. Are the modes selected at random or is there a way to change which mode will be selected next?

#5721 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:
This will answer a lot of rules questions. Shadow Knows comes from spelling MONGOL I believe. Target by battlefield spots a letter. It's not something I actively shoot for so not sure. KHAN letters advances your bonus multiplier and lights Khan MB. My strategy is typically trying to start modes and completing the battlefield early to get extra ball. I try to start a MB with a mode running and go for shadow loops when I can. If you get three shadow loops in a row you get an extra ball. You can also get an extra ball in video mode - just make sure to use the gun trigger about halfway through to make sure you get it. Vengeance Mode is fun but not worth the risk if trying to complete the scarf.

Thanks. I beat the Phurba video for the first time last night. It will be much easier if the gun (I'm assuming here) kills incoming phubas AFM saucer mode style.
I'll have to go for the shadow loop extra ball. Didnt know that one.

#5726 1 year ago

Day 6.
Made it to final battle.
3 damn shots away from defeating Khan. (Battlefield was completed)
Such a fun game.

20190520_230002 (resized).jpg
#5749 1 year ago

Does anyone know of a video out there on how to best take apart the ramps?
My left ramp needs a couple welds. I was going to leave it for now but while changing my rubbers I accidentally knocked off one of the wires going to the entry opto. Since I now need to also get in there to get to the opto I figure now is the time to take it all apart and take it to a weld shop. Thanks

4 weeks later
#5869 1 year ago

2 questions.
I'm running LA-4. Is it worth getting a LA-6 stick?
My left ramp has a break in the left roll through and a popped weld under the right side. What are your feelings toward either having it spot welded at a shop or getting mantis ramps? I read a little bit saying that the mantis ramps dont feel right.

5 months later
#6464 1 year ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

So here’s a picture of both of the available switch extenders. Please note that the protective film is still on the clear one with the shadow logo engraved. I will not be installing either one of them anytime soon as I have a CPR gold of that I will be using, and I will evaluate them at that point. There is definitely a difference in sizes.
I do like the clearness of the lower one, and I have also enjoyed Lermods products as well. Regardless of whom you use, I’d say that they will both be quality products that will get the job done in moving the switch downstream enough to alleviate any issues.
[quoted image]

The lower one is nice but I didnt understand when the upper one was first posted for sale. It looks like it's DIY and made out of scraps.
I had issues with this switch but after a lot of adjusting it is 100% accurate with maybe one ball hang up per 1000 plays.

#6466 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Ours was offered prior to the engraved one being offered, check the thread history. But that doesn't really matter, either it seems will solve the underlying problem and both are barely visible during gameplay, and that's what matters most.
Ours is not made out of scraps, it's 3d printed using transparent PLA and was designed by us. It's just the infill you see. It prints in about 40 mins. I'm not going to design it to print for 3 hours and charge $13 shipped. We only are making it to help people fix the issue for a very small nominal fee...but thanks for your criticism, great motivation for wanting to be helpful.
Again, it's pretty much invisible and serves it's functional purpose. We elongated the holes for adjustments to be made on both ends and added a hole to secure the wire with a ziptie. We didn't see anyone offering these so we decided to come up with our own. For $13 shipped, how can you go wrong as it 100% fixes the issue.

I'm aware that you had yours out first. I dont need to check the thread history thanks. It still looks ugly compared to the clear engraved version. Instead of getting all defensive, maybe take the criticism and improve the the other seller has.

1 month later
#6593 10 months ago
Quoted from pinballjah:

The wood gun grips are nice.

The Shadow (character) has pearl or ivory inlay grips on his guns. I like the look of the wood ones but it would bother the comic fan in me.

1 week later
#6666 10 months ago
Quoted from gjm7777:

Again, here is the pic of the flipper at rest - it's not bent out into the middle of the playfield (maybe you were looking at the held pic)
Either way it's subjective, are you guys seriously saying you don't modify anything on your machines because you want it OEM, or are you saying you want to change whatever you want but JUST the flippers need to stay? By that logic, anything that isn't set the way it was out of box, built by B/W, and has parity with the flyer is therefore wrong.
Shadow is too easy with default flipper orientation and you want to swap in lightnings or droop em further? - Wrong, sell the game, it's not OEM and you've made it too hard.
Different rubbers from OEM? - Wrong
Extended swtich arm or bracket mod? - Wrong[quoted image]

My flipper gap is much smaller and I still make that orbit to scoop shot on clean shots. Yours does look really far out compared to literally any other Shadow ive seen. If anything, I find most are just back as far as they go and the orbit to scoop is nigh impossible. It would be nice if the upper flipper had one of the little holes to go off of.
20200116_225418 (resized).jpg20200116_225424 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#6828 8 months ago
Quoted from Paul_from_Gilroy:

I’ve seen stadium lighting in quite a few pins. Generally, it’s not my cup of tea, but I think one nice thing about it is that non-reflective glass becomes unnecessary when you have that kind of lighting.

I made my own for only of my games. Blackout. A very dark game. I ended up removing them in the end. A trough light and some bright LEDs were enough for me.

1 month later
#7010 7 months ago

I just DESTROYED my high score. It was also the first time I finished final battle (been close many times). I thought I'd tilted out and was super pissed lol

#7011 7 months ago
20200408_185720 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#7058 7 months ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

fix your left sling rubber while you're at it. lol

By putting the leaf switches on the right side or by cutting it and all the other white one off and replacing them with purple, blue or clear titans???? Wink wink

1 week later
#7078 6 months ago

Damn you Final Battle!!!
Why am I almost always 1-4 shots away from completing you? Grr

#7080 6 months ago

I've never thought I needed one because I play in a well.lit room but boredom has taken hold. How are people liking an added spotlight on the battlefield? Is there a way to tap in nicely so that it would only turn on when you enter the battlefield? Thanks in advance.

#7083 6 months ago
Quoted from yellowghost:

Where can I buy this mod?

I just messaged him directly. He already got back to me with a price plus shipping. I have to mull it over but I'm liking the idea. Too bad our dollar is so bad.

#7085 6 months ago
Quoted from NPO:

Only took a year since buying it, but I finally received my game on 03 May : )!!!!
[quoted image]
Sanctum $$$ shot
[quoted image]
Now check this out....there was a buttload of broken tempered glass in my game - all in the orbital lane, back underneath those plastics and all around the transformer....???
[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]
Translite and PF glass are intact, so I have no idea what this glass is or where it came weird.

Dmd looks ok? Mayne the previous owner already had broken playfield glass in the back of the cab and it migrated during shipping?
Also, why a year long wait? Also, welcome

#7088 6 months ago
Quoted from PBFan:

Totally worth it. I just installed mine a few months ago. Pretty straightforward and works great. Yes, the dollar sucks but just don’t think about it.

But the dollar is so bad right now that I can get a week's worth of groceries for the same price though. "Just dont think about it" isnt always an option during a global epidemic. Seems like a great product and I dont think the seller is asking too much, just that the conversion rate is trash right now and money is tighter for most people these days. Do I want one? Yup. Will I get one? We will see. I've been looking at my lighting options if I do get the grumpy kit though

#7090 6 months ago
Quoted from Digimatt:

Help from the group trying to adjust my upper right flipper. Can’t tell what is right. I have the flipper set so if you hit a perfect left loop it feeds the right tip of the flipper but if your slightly off or a slow roller it tends to bounce off the bat either resulting in a drain or left flipper feed. Is there a correct method? It looks aligned well but still seeming to have an issue game to game.
[quoted image]

I have mine so that a clean left orbit to raised upper flipper feeds the left scoop. The only time it occasionally sends them straight down the middle is when they are coming out of the Shadow mb area. Pretty much just centered the flipper alignment dot.

#7096 6 months ago

If I do this I'm hoping to just put one strong white light here pointing in a direction similar to what I've drawn. I tried using the flashlight in my phone in various areas and tucking it under the left sling area seems to make the most impact. I'm thinking I can Jimmy something up to attach to the lower left sling post and feed the wire down the side etc. Before I pull the trigger on the kit, I need to sort out lighting options. I'm in Canada so shipping can be harsh. I'm thinking something like the quad pad lights I saw an above post had where they were tucked to the sides behind the drops. What kind of small ultra bright lights can people recommend? I have a very good electronics supply store locally that I may be able to source parts from if shipping is insane.

20200505_140634 (resized).jpg20200505_140723 (resized).jpg
#7098 6 months ago

While I'm here....
My wire forms are nice enough that I cant justify the cost of brassing them but just looking kind of dull in some spots. What cleaners or polishes have you guys had good results with? I'd like to bring a little life back into them if I can.

#7101 6 months ago

I slip a credit card in to get my desired gap.

20200505_164527 (resized).jpg
#7102 6 months ago

Could the owners who have brassed their ramps and phurba please post some pics? Thanks.

#7103 6 months ago

Never mind I figured out the topic images.
How going about the ramp flaps? I see the first the thread have brassed ramps and rivets. What would be involved in the plating process? Cheers

#7104 6 months ago

Anyone know what material the ramps are made from? Thanks

#7105 6 months ago

Aluminum? They arent magnetic

#7108 6 months ago
Quoted from yellowghost:

Stainless steel no?

Non magnetic is leading me to believe no

#7112 6 months ago
Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

stick a magnet on your stainless steel fridge, see how long it holds.

Shh! My ugly white fridge might hear you talking about nicer fridges.

1 week later
#7158 6 months ago

I just had Shadow open to check on the batteries and noticed this cable just hanging there. It's been a while since I hooked everything up and the colordmd was already installed when I bought it. What never it is it's been unhooked for about a year by my guess. I havent noticed any issues with my game. Is it something unnecessary because I have the colordmd? I know I eliminated some hookups when installing a colordmd in my Metallica. If not, wtf is it? Lol. It matches up with the connector to the right in the picture but I'm not about to just hook it up for no good reason without knowing what it is. I'm not very familiar with the workings going on inside the head. Thanks.

20200519_121211 (resized).jpg20200519_121217 (resized).jpg
#7159 6 months ago

My guess was power etc to original dmd?

#7161 6 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Old power connection for old display. Not needed.

Thank you. This was my guess but I needed someone to make me feel more at ease.

I'm taking my Black Knight in for board work this week. If Shadow was down I'd only have one game to play while stuck at home

#7162 6 months ago

I've never changed roms before. I'm running LA4 currently. I know someone who can burn me an updated rom but social distancing means I'm on my own from there. Is U6 the correct and only rom that needs to be swapped?

20200520_054629 (resized).jpg
#7164 6 months ago
Quoted from Manny65:

Yes that's correct. Just make sure you get the right orientation - see the divot on the existing chip (on the right side) just make sure you put the new chip in to match.


#7167 6 months ago
Quoted from emsrph:

This is what it says about the ROM version changes in LX6:
Changes from revision L-5:
Fixed adjustment A.1 07 Replay Start. It now correctly adjusts
in the range 10 million to 900 million.
Version LX-5
Date: May 1, 1995
U6: Checksum: A205 (X - Export)
The export version supersedes all A ROMs.
Changes from revision L-4:
Fixed the jackpot lights being stuck on from collecting
a Khan super jackpot during the grace period.
Fixed the 5x6 font used in the skill shot screen. The number
"7" showed up as a "6".
Fixed a glitch in the enter initials screen.
Fixed buy-in cancel to require both flippers to be hit.
Farley mode can now score more than 99 million.
Playing the same mode twice in one ball now allows the scores
to be added together.
Tilting now cancels multiball autofire.

Seems like its worth the jump from 4 to 6 but I wouldnt bother if you already have 5 installed

1 week later
#7207 5 months ago
Quoted from Djshakes:

Okay, I'm done. Felt the new targets needed light. Someone makes these custom led target ones. Added mirror blades too.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Let's see those mirror blades

2 weeks later
#7229 5 months ago

I decided to take my gun off to shine it up a bit. I expected the plastic bits to just pop off but they are on there good. I dont want to pry them incase im missing something obvious. they come off? Thanks in advance.

15922713800964797002047208538899 (resized).jpg15922714148065071527692412904681 (resized).jpg
#7250 5 months ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Can also someone advise me for a complete led kit?

Youd might as well order everything from comet since you are definitely going to want some purple passion leds in there

3 weeks later
#7315 4 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Aurich speaker panel:[quoted image]

Hmmm, he has gone much bluer on your than he did on mine.

20200715_002133 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#7412 3 months ago
Quoted from aFineMoose:

Hey everyone,
I'm picking up a Shadow in a week and am excited to join the club!
It's a work in progress, but here is my Frasier themed translite. I'll share some pics when it's finished, printed up, and installed.
[quoted image]

Seller might back out on you out of principle

#7425 3 months ago
Quoted from Patrunkenphat7:

Hi everyone, is the audio kid/family friendly, and if not is there a G-rated audio option available somewhere? Thanks in advance!

Other than MAYBE the end of game clips,(Coward. Sissy. Why dont you play again?)
this is totally family friendly imo

Edit: also, you do throw Tim Curry out of a window if thats too much

#7427 3 months ago
Quoted from RCA1:

I think there's a "Damn" or maybe a "G-Damn" in there somewhere.

I disagree but i may be wrong. I tried to do a sound check but it only contains a portion of the speech clips

#7428 3 months ago

Shadow is my favourite game though and i have a soon to be 7yr old boy. I.feel like id have notice that

#7434 3 months ago

I think it says "what the hell was that?"

4 weeks later
#7507 66 days ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

It’s kinda funny how this awesome pin is bringing $4600-4700 for a nice/loaded one, which is prob justified these days. Fantastic pin. I sold mine last fall for $4,150, with color DMD and Aurich package, and got price-policed. I felt so badly about it I let it go for $1800.

If thats the case ill be sure to guilt you into selling me some of your games

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