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THE Reason why (I think) Ghostbusters sucks....

By xyntec

2 years ago

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#7 2 years ago

I was a loyal follower of GB from well before it was announced. It was my dream theme machine. Lol

I ordered the LE as soon as it was announced. I agree the game looks amazing. My playfield, no issues. Colours great, toys well integrated and plentiful. Cabinet and green rails beautiful along with the translite art.

However as many have said about many other games, you don't play the art. After 7 months or so I just have not been able to love the game. Most of the ops comments I agree with. You can have a regular multiball along with WCWS and when MHMB starts it ruins the whole party. Just really poorly done. It was said months ago that the code is finished. I believe this to be true and aside from a few bug fixes Stern will let this one ride on the theme alone without further code development.

I completed all mode ladders as well as WRTBY. It is lackluster still. The modes just go through the same linear action again and the final "wizard mode" is nothing special at all.

The code has ruined this game and even if they do add some things (which they could) it won't change the boring progress of starting one mode at a time and playing mainly those same first few modes again and again and again. Even getting through all those modes, at the end there is no reward for finishing them.

Sold my GBLE for $1000+ less than what I had into it. Could have sold it for more but really felt the next owner is getting ripped off for the money to spend on such a narrow and poorly done code. Stern should be ashamed on this one. i am sure others can still love it but I am one who wanted it so bad and wanted to love it and keep it forever but it just hurt too much to hear "ok who brought the dog" again... bye bye GBLE

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#23 2 years ago

To be clear, it is not because the game is too easy for me. In fact most of the time the game kicked my butt. The cheap side drains and SDTM with the wife flipper gap I have not included in my complaints but they also suck bad. The code is not great unless you only play 50 games or so. After that you really see how narrow the code really is. Can they fix it? A little I guess but it will never be a top pin IMO. Should they never change or update the code it could go down as a true stinker for a home collection. And with all the new tech in displays, the old monochrome DMD just adds to the tired and repetitive feel of the game. "Ok who brought the dog"... yeesh! only game that annoyed me more was the wizard of oz song at the end of each ball. Sold it years ago and that song still haunts me.

#45 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

There definitely needs to be another couple of passes on the code. The final wizard mode is basically uncoded.
Ghostbusters isn't perfect at all, it can be a nightmare to play.

This really does some up the truth on this game. Sorry but the rest is just silly.

However I can see how some can like the game. It is easy to get caught up in the theme and fancy playfield, toys and cabinet art. I got caught up in it for many months as well. However it is not and will not be a top a game to satisfy a wide majority of home collectors.

#63 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

Got to WRTBY already? how the fawk are you guys setting up your games? Carrot flippers & center post with side posts all the way down? Or is everyone on pinside Keith Elwin? I think you guys are setting your shit up to easy and that's why you get bored with it. I have yet to see anyone even come close to getting to WRTBY on any GB i've seen around here including mine. Hell, i've owned LOTR since 2007, and only got 85% of the way to valinor once, out of the past 10 years. (that's as close as I ever got). Am I going to pussy out and make it easier so I can reach the end? Fawk no!. That's the journey, that's what keeps you coming back. Waiting and striving to be better, play better, and see what takes for ever to see. If I wanted a game I could blown through on the first or second play, i'd own MB, or SS or something like that.

Factory settings but I change free game to extra ball so there is one extra ball. Tournament play is set up with no extra balls so I would have 3 extra balls (two from factory code and 1 extra from scoring). That is my 6 balls against his 3 and yes I am not too bad of a player. Also in 8 months I likely played 1000+ games myself including and hour or two at a time.

Toward the end I also started doing I reset if I didn't get the mode started with the skill shot. Because without a mode the game sucks really really bad.

Now someone might say after playing so much of course I would get bored... not true. I did the same with METLE and the same with STLE and same with LOTR and TSPP yet they remain still after years with different games every time I play. GBLE was just the same game, same options after ghost 20,50, etc and same mode options on each ladder 1 by 1.

For the record I have gotten 1 shot away from Valinor and never finished TSPP. I have completed METLE and have completed 2 sets of STLE inserts only. Games are all set the same - factory with just an extra ball instead of credit.

1 week later
#76 2 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

10 months of Pure Fun for me!
New Code Release to be coming!

He said the biggest killer for him is the flipper gap. Now I dont agree that is the worst thing because there are far worse things after you play it more but how is code going to fix the flipper gap for him?

Great that you have enjoyed it and continue to. It really does depend on the player and what you are looking for. I wish I could have enjoyed it more long term because it really was a nice looking pin.

I held on for so long before deciding to stop fooling myself. Haven't missed it yet and don't think I ever will. Someone could just play the audio clip "OK Who Brought the Dog" and I am good for 12 more months. Lol

#127 2 years ago

I am likely another that has posted on multiple threads my dislike for GB. I feel really slighted by Stern with such hype and excitement over a game and such a poorly designed and coded machine/playfield. Yes I owned the GBLE for almost a year and yes I was able to have some great scores and long games on it but sorry... it sucks. Been to the end and the journey is just not at par with most games. As I said before, code might help some of the game play but it can't fix the poor layout and playfield design. Also expect the linear modes to remain. The Ecto goggles and magna slings were part of the hype but they just can't save this game.

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