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The "R"cade Project. I Bought A Gold Mine!

By whthrs166

3 years ago

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#101 2 years ago

This is just laid out. We will be grouting it tomorrow. Then we will use Enhancer to bring out the color of the pebbles.

#102 2 years ago

Hey, look who showed up to watch! She is a bit on the small side for a moose but she is welcome just the same! I think it’s funny how moose are not really shy animals.

BF13347B-4869-470A-91D1-05FA3D743591 (resized).jpegBF13347B-4869-470A-91D1-05FA3D743591 (resized).jpeg

#103 2 years ago

I bought a Gold Mine too, about 7 or so years ago...

I'm working on it right now and it is running even though I need a new backglass and a bunch of bumper caps. Here it is...

Marvel Manufacturing's Gold Mine, made just a few months after the invention of the flipper...

IMG_3648 (2) (resized).JPGIMG_3648 (2) (resized).JPGIMG_3649 (2) (resized).JPGIMG_3649 (2) (resized).JPG
#104 2 years ago
Quoted from jcg9998:

Marvel Manufacturing's Gold Mine,

Wow, a working Gold Mine! I bet that backglass will look really nice when it is restored to it's original beauty. Very Cool!

1 week later
#105 2 years ago

Finally a game for the “R”cade.

DBE976AF-AA69-496C-BAF0-0DB4B8DE8A11 (resized).jpegDBE976AF-AA69-496C-BAF0-0DB4B8DE8A11 (resized).jpeg
#106 2 years ago

We are in business! Played my first game in the “R”cade!

629A449E-35B6-44CE-BF67-F41C761E8892 (resized).jpeg629A449E-35B6-44CE-BF67-F41C761E8892 (resized).jpeg
#107 2 years ago

Love the stool; fits the décor perfectly! Can't wait to see more!

#108 2 years ago
Quoted from markp99:

Love the stool; fits the décor perfectly! Can't wait to see more!

White Water goes up to the Mine in the morning! Pics to come!

#109 2 years ago

The “R”cade is open! Next project, the bathroom!

315561A1-19E7-4BEE-8190-ED8E7FABCD89 (resized).jpeg315561A1-19E7-4BEE-8190-ED8E7FABCD89 (resized).jpeg3CCD7D8C-655D-475F-9162-6B32C6D2FA8E (resized).jpeg3CCD7D8C-655D-475F-9162-6B32C6D2FA8E (resized).jpeg8319A011-D2E5-401B-9768-370EE8AABA5B (resized).jpeg8319A011-D2E5-401B-9768-370EE8AABA5B (resized).jpeg
3 weeks later
#110 2 years ago

Got the floor finished in the main room. We started the brick board for the walls in there today.

#111 2 years ago
5824EDEA-9341-4F5F-8CDB-9BDF7015C689 (resized).jpeg5824EDEA-9341-4F5F-8CDB-9BDF7015C689 (resized).jpeg8D4A6F49-55FB-45EE-8C86-95403152A736 (resized).jpeg8D4A6F49-55FB-45EE-8C86-95403152A736 (resized).jpeg
#112 2 years ago

Before pics.

502207C3-EF70-4D2E-A50D-9ECE0D93BE7B (resized).jpeg502207C3-EF70-4D2E-A50D-9ECE0D93BE7B (resized).jpeg
#113 2 years ago
38426C95-B4D5-4003-8365-661BAFA85825 (resized).jpeg38426C95-B4D5-4003-8365-661BAFA85825 (resized).jpeg
#114 2 years ago
2845FAAE-244F-4068-8339-7AD662603734 (resized).jpeg2845FAAE-244F-4068-8339-7AD662603734 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#115 2 years ago

Ok got the brick paneling up and I am finishing up the trim. And no, there is no bathroom yet. But, I submitted my permit to drill the well! Most likely in August.

2AC79E5A-88C7-4773-B35D-A9CA69CA7993 (resized).jpeg2AC79E5A-88C7-4773-B35D-A9CA69CA7993 (resized).jpeg443460A9-A40F-4785-B137-D9027FB9C2C8 (resized).jpeg443460A9-A40F-4785-B137-D9027FB9C2C8 (resized).jpeg
#116 2 years ago
12E2BC06-B2E2-48E7-A6CA-CD8842C164F6 (resized).jpeg12E2BC06-B2E2-48E7-A6CA-CD8842C164F6 (resized).jpeg
#117 2 years ago

What a view!
Looking good man!

2 weeks later
#118 2 years ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

Looking good man!


#119 2 years ago

Some more views.

10225B3F-9C9C-4EFB-97B1-194C53C3E350 (resized).jpeg10225B3F-9C9C-4EFB-97B1-194C53C3E350 (resized).jpeg
#120 2 years ago

I hiked up to that Rock Outcropping ^^^
and here are the views from there of the Mine and the Continental Divide.

48443E37-A53F-4BEB-97D8-30CA66BB184F (resized).jpeg48443E37-A53F-4BEB-97D8-30CA66BB184F (resized).jpeg6E1A07B0-5D8A-4380-A391-FC60F9677D7B (resized).jpeg6E1A07B0-5D8A-4380-A391-FC60F9677D7B (resized).jpegED0BAF7F-7D32-46CA-B6B1-1B48DA7F993E (resized).jpegED0BAF7F-7D32-46CA-B6B1-1B48DA7F993E (resized).jpeg

#121 2 years ago
9AFCE786-6552-401A-A791-30CA8250762A (resized).jpeg9AFCE786-6552-401A-A791-30CA8250762A (resized).jpeg
#122 2 years ago

The last pic is of the general neighborhood. I built the Octagonal house (lower center) and sold it last year for 600k. Bought the Mine for a song and got lots more property.

#123 2 years ago

I'm following and have been really enjoying the pics and updates. Keep up the good work!

#124 2 years ago
Quoted from mrbillishere:

Keep up the good work!

Thank You sir! Just seems things have slowed a bit since I applied for the well permit. I am also waiting on funds to arrive to move forward with the Well and septic and then a Bathroom!

1 month later
#125 2 years ago

Really been enjoying playing White Water and Fish Tales at break time. But the work continues. Broke ground on the septic on Thursday.

7EC1929C-F395-4D62-8F93-92A7C617F0CA (resized).jpeg7EC1929C-F395-4D62-8F93-92A7C617F0CA (resized).jpegC6C54458-D05C-48A2-810E-7D6BD3A6767A (resized).jpegC6C54458-D05C-48A2-810E-7D6BD3A6767A (resized).jpeg
1 year later
#126 1 year ago

So it's been a year and another summer has passed. I din't get started on the next phase until late summer. (been busy with other stuff) The good news is I got the bathroom done! The not so good news is, I can't use it yet.... The septic system is not done yet and the well has not been drilled due to materials shortages. But, I am finally underway with the septic system! However the permit has been delayed due to county building dept red tape. They want me to pull a driveway permit for an existing driveway! sheesh! This damn driveway is a hundred years old! And exceeds county regs! So I had to stop and I am in negotiations with the county engineer.... But I did get a few of the holes dug!

#127 1 year ago
15547B64-9A87-47A6-8B4C-B6D9262F631F (resized).jpeg15547B64-9A87-47A6-8B4C-B6D9262F631F (resized).jpeg2B16D0BE-13CF-4FA1-BAF1-6C18EFB55361 (resized).jpeg2B16D0BE-13CF-4FA1-BAF1-6C18EFB55361 (resized).jpeg635A2978-988C-4FC8-A08F-AEC0C2D61C9F (resized).jpeg635A2978-988C-4FC8-A08F-AEC0C2D61C9F (resized).jpegB5F12F60-4334-49CB-854E-7F9937A9A80C (resized).jpegB5F12F60-4334-49CB-854E-7F9937A9A80C (resized).jpeg
#128 1 year ago

Damn that was a big hole! But no bedrock!

B0A9DDC2-BA40-4742-A848-C313D5AE3ECF (resized).jpegB0A9DDC2-BA40-4742-A848-C313D5AE3ECF (resized).jpegE0B14F57-71E6-4C1F-868D-D5BC046F2707 (resized).jpegE0B14F57-71E6-4C1F-868D-D5BC046F2707 (resized).jpeg
#129 1 year ago

Just some pics of the sewer line. I had to core drill holes through the concrete slab for the drains for the toilet, bathroom sink and the kitchen sink. Not Fun! Then I installed the sewer line across the back of the building. The septic tank will be installed on the side of the building. (Pics forthcoming)

9690A9F0-F1DD-40CD-9E51-A72C771B6E3D (resized).jpeg9690A9F0-F1DD-40CD-9E51-A72C771B6E3D (resized).jpegB2B47475-A4C8-44C5-BAF8-6BC33A4B3AEE (resized).jpegB2B47475-A4C8-44C5-BAF8-6BC33A4B3AEE (resized).jpegEF513D9A-94FE-46EB-8A4A-BA5B0FB94338 (resized).jpegEF513D9A-94FE-46EB-8A4A-BA5B0FB94338 (resized).jpeg
#130 1 year ago

We found a Vermont Castings gas stove on Craig’s List. It will keep the place warm unless of corse I fire up the woodstove!

68764179-7968-42C4-965F-8087DA9E2464 (resized).jpeg68764179-7968-42C4-965F-8087DA9E2464 (resized).jpeg

#131 1 year ago

Up next, Kitchen!

B064499B-4751-4F6B-9CD5-28DB88B61900 (resized).jpegB064499B-4751-4F6B-9CD5-28DB88B61900 (resized).jpeg
#132 1 year ago

Oh Yeah, and I scored another Mine Cart!

D11889AA-EDF1-4D30-936E-1A9AB2AAE011 (resized).jpegD11889AA-EDF1-4D30-936E-1A9AB2AAE011 (resized).jpeg
#133 1 year ago

It's coming along really nice.

1 week later
#134 1 year ago

Looking great!

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