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The Pinball Palace - The South’s Pinball destination

By Pinballer31520

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

The Pinball Palace in Brunswick , Ga has become the destination in the south to play pinball and arcade games . Over 90 pinball machines and multiple arcade games . Huge bounce room for kids . We are 1 hour south of Savannah Ga and 1 hour north of Jacksonville Fl . Always very clean and climate controlled . Beer, Wine , and soft drinks available . No food . Free play set up after paying admission fee . New games added weekly . Just arrived one of the first in the US to get PONG and expecting Thunderbirds , Alice Cooper, Jersey Jack Pirates and Deadpool premium any day now.

05F76F9D-C96B-4B03-96DC-4BCC7BAE6FCD (resized).jpeg0EDD18F3-4935-488A-B1F7-F62E98B7E846 (resized).jpeg14465391-077F-4A7C-A086-A979780FD1D9 (resized).png20FEBFE3-B26C-475D-811E-7C1F598D31EF (resized).jpeg40B5AA3C-CFBC-4B20-8A6A-FAF46B8ED6BF (resized).jpeg6D6DE0DE-CF82-42BE-B7FB-5E101E3BF3D4 (resized).jpeg87FC3365-8327-432E-A45C-97ED4065980D (resized).png88E42368-D07D-4797-9F67-B6AB1CD95695 (resized).jpeg922F92B0-3476-4F9C-AA0E-3976AF48DFFD (resized).jpeg9A6C92C7-9E98-46CA-8014-2D0B38E3DF63 (resized).jpegA28B72AB-94D0-47F8-8FEE-5136893295D4 (resized).jpegA2ACC8F9-0C74-4E9A-9091-35F50317B824 (resized).jpegB3251A2D-AA8D-4D03-9B62-9F8B8BC09A60 (resized).jpegB8833C4B-D23F-4EEF-B2DB-8197DE4273EC (resized).jpegBB46EE43-73BD-4B16-8C85-2B784A769890 (resized).jpegC8C79648-0010-4DD6-99DA-3B0647D0F507 (resized).jpegCD3D8348-DF09-4E15-8F62-39E005454D4D (resized).jpegD1955E15-ABEA-4D30-8598-EF7425C95515 (resized).jpegD45353E1-11E6-43B0-B3D7-505B08DFE3D1 (resized).jpegE055C7C1-A7D9-47FD-AAF6-1D1244A05EE8 (resized).jpegE070E4F8-26A2-4B68-A847-83A399AA0EAA (resized).jpegE24E3FFC-B500-4A0D-BBB4-0F9B2F7C6179 (resized).jpegE482AC96-4F68-4DBC-8D8F-C775102E31B5 (resized).jpegE5FBC8C5-4AB8-4AC6-A2BD-74558C64F861 (resized).jpegF474E3F0-B3CB-46FD-9835-3A8A709F279D (resized).pngF4A98803-A8E6-4F1B-9C33-BF6747F9D1B6 (resized).png
#2 3 years ago

Nice looking place and line up of games. Vintage and new. Wish you were closer................

#3 3 years ago

My in-laws live in Brunswick and I saw your ad on craigslist the last day I was in town. Next time I'm down there I'll be checking it out for sure!

#4 3 years ago

I will be seeing you real soon ....

3 months later
#5 3 years ago

At 99 pins now! Holy Cow.

PS: when you come visit you can stay at Wright House and have access to 5 more pins just 2 miles from the palace:


3 months later
#6 3 years ago

A fantastic place. If you are anywhere close, you owe it to yourself to visit. The lineup continues to grow. I can’t think of any new pin from Stern or JJP that they don’t have. Most of them are premiums. They have Spooky America’s Most Haunted and Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle. They have Houdini and Oktoberfest from American Pinball. They have MMr, AFMr, and Monster Bash remakes.

Throw in a lot of 90’s DMDs from Bally/Williams plus some Data East/Sega and it’s a fantastic lineup.

They have some EMs and Solid States, too.

Here’s their list: https://thepinballpalace.com/pinball-list

2 weeks later
#7 3 years ago

My wife and I discovered the Pinball Palace last year on our way home to New York from Florida. It is now a must stop both ways. It's easy to get to, just a few minuets from interstate 95. Except for no vendors, it's like attending a major pinball show, but with no long lines to play the games. I've visited several museums and attended many shows, Pinball Palace rates with the best.

1 week later
#8 3 years ago

I'm traveling to Northern Florida next month - last time I was over I made the trip and played at the Pinball Palace until I couldn't see straight.
I then went to have dinner at King's Terrace and I loved the place.
The restaurant and the Pinball Palace are the only 2 places I went but really liked what I saw of King's Terrace. I'm looking at AirBnbs over there to go with my girlfriend but I'm wondering whether to focus on King's Terrace or if there's other areas just as nice nearby.

Any tips from the locals?

#9 3 years ago

is there anything in Brunswick I could use as an excuse to make it a couples weekend? perhaps a B&B, day spa, or something?

#10 3 years ago
Quoted from ypurchn:

is there anything in Brunswick I could use as an excuse to make it a couples weekend? perhaps a B&B, day spa, or something?

It's in Brunswick which is the closest mainland city to both Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island (10-15min drive depending where you are on the islands.) So, great beach weekend opportunity and I believe there are resorts as well... definitely couples and family-friendly destinations.

#11 3 years ago

forgot to mention, I believe a pinsider has an airbnb near there that has a few pinball machines as well.

1 week later
#12 3 years ago
Quoted from ypurchn:

is there anything in Brunswick I could use as an excuse to make it a couples weekend? perhaps a B&B, day spa, or something?

Beaches everywhere earned me a trip to St Simons with wife and a whole day at Pinball Palace.

#13 3 years ago

Pinball Palace has a BKSoR and it has a new GC. Kelly better quit fixing games and get busy polishing his flipper skills

F7BFFF3F-9453-473B-ABDF-5B0F36516694 (resized).jpeg

5 months later
#14 2 years ago

Shout out to Nik and his father at the Pinball Palace. My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit earlier this week and had an amazing time. Great people, amazing venue, and cold craft beer. Perfect. I highly recommend this venue and we will be back.

1 month later
#15 2 years ago

Come see us in Brunswick Ga !

0F4E5D12-91B4-4AD2-8D34-EA98AA7AC16C (resized).jpeg1EC756C3-98EA-4480-8705-EEE3DD07E429 (resized).jpeg4A7598D2-751D-4812-8220-146876F0DE1D (resized).jpeg4BA5FE71-F182-4BAC-82E3-D0C7A8B32FEF (resized).jpeg64F592D2-96D5-49F4-9BF3-35A5256FC92C (resized).jpeg6CCA01E6-6C2A-475B-BEC9-C160A30128AD (resized).jpegB24998B5-9970-45AB-8E12-8CFE0FDF9AB4 (resized).jpegAFCFDCC8-6DDF-45D7-A89E-D96F80F663A8 (resized).jpeg577536A3-3C4C-4089-BB74-C7B887D911EA (resized).jpeg95B39DF0-542F-4974-A922-3AD3BA86C011 (resized).jpegE484AAE9-8FEA-4D92-8EFB-F78DA0A3A1FA (resized).jpeg
#16 2 years ago

Pinball Palace in Brunswick GA is the South’s finest pinball parlor. It has every machine you’d want to play and all are in tip-top shape. Kelley & family run this business venture and they are a blast to talk pinball with. Worthy of a three hour road trip for a full day of pinball. If you stay the night, enjoy one of many swell beaches (St Simons, Jekyll Island, Sea Island) and outdoor lifestyle the next day. Eat at Mr Shuck’s seafood.

#17 2 years ago

Went to pinball palace a couple weeks ago. Had a great time and all the machines were in great shape. Had a bunch of great conservations with the owners and they also love to play pinball. I would make my three hour trip any day of the week to play at pinball palace. Great place

1 month later
#18 2 years ago

Just wanted to put a note here to document my visit to Pinball Palace. It was about a 5 hour drive for me, each way, to get there, and it was definitely worth that! They have all the recent Stern games (mostly Premium/LE), all the Jersey Jack games, both American Pinball games, most of the released Spooky games, plus a bunch of older games from all manufacturers. All the games were in great shape and you can tell the owner really has a passion for pinball.

Highly recommended place if you're anywhere in the area!

#19 2 years ago

I make the hour drive from Jacksonville regularly. Bar none, the best place to play pinball-- even better than the shows.

2 months later
#20 2 years ago

Gratz to Kelley and crew for the runner up spot in the TWIPYs this year!

1 year later
#21 1 year ago

The Pinball Palace is Back (Open) in Brunswick, Baby !! Amazing collection of pinball toppers and games.

1 year later
#22 30 days ago

I wanted to give everyone in north Florida / South Georgia a reminder about how great the Pinball Palace is. I went there this week and it has at least 90 pins (I think) ready for play. It had all of the recent machines like toy story 4 and it seemed like most pins were LEs as well. I played at least 50% of them and every one I played was in great condition.

This is certainly worth a few hours or more if you are ever close to Brunswick.

2 weeks later
#23 10 days ago

New paint job finally ! Yall come see us and if you see ANYTHING not working on our 96 pins we went to know immediately !!!

IMG_6859[5944] (resized).jpg
#24 10 days ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:

New paint job finally ! Yall come see us and if you see ANYTHING not working on our 96 pins we went to know immediately !!!
[quoted image]

Looks great! We are WAY overdue for a trip down that way...

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