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Farsight's The Pinball Arcade on PS3 and PC (plus iOS & Android)

By Jeffy777

7 years ago

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#15 7 years ago

The tutorials are included on the iphone version, very well done, so I'm 99.9% sure it will be on xbox/ps3 as well...

1 week later
#66 7 years ago

I was pretty stoked for this, but it's a bit of a letdown so far. It almost seems cheaply made, the games do play fairly well though. You'd think it would be a step up or at least as good as the Williams collection as a whole package...

#90 7 years ago

MM & BOP should be the next tables out...

#99 7 years ago

RBION on the iphone leaderboards is over 20billion. I got over 2billion once myself, or maybe it was 4 billion...I forget now..the leaderboard feature is fooked on the iphone, doesn't work unless you delete facebook off your phone, even then it's still glitchy..wish they would fix it

#126 7 years ago

High Speed came out a LOOONNG time ago


#128 7 years ago

Pinbot was on the nintendo as well


1 month later
#209 7 years ago

Cirqus is to slow, its like the table isnt steep enough haha needs to be fixed

#217 7 years ago

With the new update I also got a bug on Black Hole. When I came back up to the upper playfield from the bottom. The camera stuck on the bottom view still..

#260 7 years ago

CV sucks on my newest iphone. They made the gravity to slow, and it's pretty glitchy. Hopefully they update it.

1 week later
#316 7 years ago

They fixed the issue with Black Hole's lower playfield. Before it would keep resetting the ball save gate on you. Now it operates properly, makes the game 1000 times better...the older games play even better than the new ones..they should do more 80's stuff

1 week later
#330 7 years ago

My frank multiball was fine a couple times, but then it locked up on a view where you couldn't see the flippers. I'm using newest iphone...it plays great though...

#334 7 years ago

Frank multiball still f's up all the time...how could they not play test these games before they release them? Blackholes lower playfield rules were hooped for a long time too...

I have bought ALL the tables for my new iphone. But when I bought Gorgar/Monster Bash it added a whole new app onto my phone. So my original tables can only be loaded on the original app, and the 2 new tables can only be loaded on the new app.

I sent them a message, but haven't heard back squat yet...

#352 7 years ago

Mine is screwed on my iphone too. I now have to use one app for mb and gorgar, and another app for the rest...

#355 7 years ago

My high on MB so far is: 756,132,140. That's one of the things I don't like about video pinball, it can be to easy, and make for VERY long games. I got Monsters of Rock my very first game ever haha...still fun though...

1 week later
#385 7 years ago

I was playing some Black Hole last night and it seems like the lower playfield rules are screwed up again. Once you knock down a set of targets, it opens up the gate for ball save up top. But as soon as you hit another target, it closes the gate again. I thought they had it fixed with an update, but mine seems to be acting weird again??

Anyone know the proper function of that gate, and can confirm it's still fooked or not on the game?

I'm playing it on the newest iphone...

#387 7 years ago

No the rules are messed up for the lower playfield, I'm sure of it. They actually fixed it on one of there updates, but now mine seems to be back to the way it first was...

#390 7 years ago

Thanks Jeffy! Good to know about their forums too...

3 months later
#521 6 years ago

Yep it wont let me download full versions on my phone either....

#525 6 years ago

Its also to easy to cradle on cftbl, you can hold a flipper up amd cradle any ramp shot easily...

#527 6 years ago

Taxi has stuck camera issues during multiball. Happened once during joyride mode too...

Get ur shit together Farsight :/

1 month later
#593 6 years ago

This "go pro" thing is complete garbage. Should be free...

3 months later
#753 6 years ago

I finished 30th in the latest tourney. It says I'm supposed to be awarded an eyeball ball or something? Anyone get that to work? Do i need to update or download it? Do they send an email?

Whats the deal?

3 months later
#975 6 years ago

Can't play Centaur on iphone, just shuts down app and back to the apple screen. I'm done with these guys, I also lost about half of my tables I bought because I had the free version app they first had and not the paid one....what a debacle...stupid..I won't buy their buggy shit anymore...

4 weeks later
#997 6 years ago
Quoted from mojozone:

I was playing last night on the HOF collection on xbox and the ball went off the table. the computer put it back in play, but i have never seen this before, anyone else ever have this happen?


1 week later
#1035 6 years ago

Here's an idea, lets rerelease all the tables that we already made before, and make then look and play shittier. Lazy company ain't getting another dime from me...

1 year later
#1641 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Yeah, so is this so FS can prove they can make custom tables?

It's a complete copy of Haunted House isn't it??? Which is a great theme and artwork, but the play itself is pretty shitey IMO...

4 months later
#1850 4 years ago

I have all the ZACC tables. Farsight has alot of downfalls. But the app and tables on TPA play wayyyyyy better than the ZACC app...

#1854 4 years ago
Quoted from strangetown:

That was true until recently, as the Zacc physics were appalling, but the new physics recently implemented change that, at least in the current Android version. Don't get me wrong I love TPA as well but the new Zaccaria lighting gives it the edge.

Hmm I will have to play it some more then. The physics were terrible before......

4 weeks later
#1875 4 years ago

They need to fix the loop champ on BSD. It won't save your loop champ highscore. It just resets it everytime you start a new game.

TAF is done pretty well, but digital pinball can be to easy alot of times. I almost had 10billion on TAF and I just ended up shutting it off out of boredom lol...

5 months later
#2002 4 years ago
Quoted from horseypin:

REALLY looking forward to seeing F-14.
3-4 hour session in one game, awesome, all of a sudden everyone's a wizard.

I played Getaway the other night and got to RedLine 7 times in one game and was still on my 2nd ball...ended up just shutting it off cause I was getting sick of playing it haha

1 week later
#2008 4 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

That's nothing. I got to Redline one MILLION times...on one ball! Couldn't take it anymore. I'm just so good at pinball.
I love the internet.

I'm just stating one of the downfalls of the game. There almost needs to be some more randomness coded in, so scoops don't shoot the exact same way everytime, and the table doesn't play the exact same every time.

I wasn't bragging, I was giving an example of one of the downfalls of the game. I love the program, and have bought almost all the tables for my ipad.

And yes I am good at pinball in real life too, and I'm also a big fan of the internet like yourself. Although I don't think you did Redline one million times. That seems excessive.

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