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Farsight's The Pinball Arcade on PS3 and PC (plus iOS & Android)

By Jeffy777

7 years ago

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#979 6 years ago
Quoted from kwiKimart:

When will Pinbot and Centaur hit the PS3?

July sometime. FarSight has been getting into submitting two packs to Sony at the same time so they can be released one week after another. However, this is longer time between packs. I post quite often on the pinballarcadefans site and this info is from there.

You can start groaning now. I know. I'm eager for this one too. I love Centaur and would love to get a real one but they're rare around PA and usually just too much.

#981 6 years ago
Quoted from Biomech011:

Got any Idea when they will comeback to xBox?

That one is anybody's guess which is unfortunate because pretty much all the screenshots and videos you see are from the xbox version which, sometimes, turns out different looking on the PS3.
Typically not for the better. Genie looks horrible on the PS3 but the screens for the xbox look great. They show screens from the xbox version because that's the system that the game is developed on and then ported over to the others. As such, it's done faster. It's a shame that Microsoft requires a publisher and all these tables are just sitting there waiting so until the court issues with FarSight's previous publisher, who went bankrupt, are sorted out, no new tables.

#986 6 years ago

I agree. This has been my favorite pack since Funhouse/CV. I can't wait for it on PS3.

1 month later
#1024 6 years ago
Quoted from GreyScale:

From the newsletter, here is the hint for the next Table Pack:
"Not everyone gets to fly through space looking for the next table of the month, but this squirrel is a rare breed!"
Um.....Flight 2000/Tee'd Off?

"Squirrel is a rare breed." It's probably Flight 2000 and Gottlieb's Goin'Nuts which had a very limited run of just 10 machines. It was on the Gottlieb HoF Collection too.

#1043 6 years ago
Quoted from kwiKimart:

When will Centaur and Pinbot hit PS3?

If we get WH20 and Space Shuttle today, I'd guess next Tuesday for Centaur and Pinbot.

#1046 6 years ago

For those few of you that may be interested WH20 and Space Shuttle are out on PS3. I've played both IRL and have to say that they play pretty well on the PS3. Space Shuttle is still a prick with it's outlanes, especially the right one, just like IRL. WH20's boulder garden has you guessing how it's going to fly out of there and, as always, is dangerous in that tight center playfield.

Graphics wise, I'd say they look pretty good. Space Shuttle has a bit of a warm incandescent look while WH20 is almost a cool LED in its appearance. I'm happy with the pack and hope Centaur/Pinbot come next week.

1 month later
#1076 6 years ago
Quoted from Svengo:

I've played it a good bit on the previous Gottlieb Hall of Fame Collection and I like it. Is it a machine I'd want to play every day, no but it's a nice change of pace. I think a couple of the main points of making it available in simulated form is that it has unique gameplay and never went into "mass" production and most people would never get to play one otherwise.

This was the first pack I skipped. I like Flight 2000 but just don't want to drop five bucks on it. Goin' Nuts? I know it's rare but...should have digitized Gottlieb's Krull. A more traditional style and MUCH more desirable. Plus, the music's cool unlike Goin' Nuts's which makes you feel like you got an itch you can't scratch.

3 weeks later
#1113 6 years ago

For those of you interested in some PS4 news, FarSight announced that The Pinball Arcade will be a launch title with the system when it launches on Nov. 15th. They also posted a screenshot of CV running on the PS4. What do you think?


#1115 6 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

So they sell videos now too? Anyone buy those or do you already own the DVDs :-p
I never bought table packs after CV. Thinking I should get season 2, but the EM games just don't do it for me.

I would rather just buy a dvd. Big Shot is decent but Central Park is no better than ok. The novelty of a real EM (the main draw for me) is lost in the digital format. Some good stuff in Season 2 though. The Centaur/Pinbot pack is probably my favorite so far.

#1122 5 years ago
Quoted from Collin:

Well, that actually looks substantially better! Maybe I'll have reason to buy a new system now.
I wonder if the games on PS4 will lag behind current gen consoles for a while....
Was there some talk of them letting people transfer over games from PS3 to PS4 a while back?

FarSight has said they should have just about all of them converted for the PS4 by the time it launches. Whether every title will be released at once or staggered over a month or so remains to be seen. As far as PS3 to PS4 purchases go, it's highly unlikely we'll simply be able just get them for free. However, a discount for PS3 purchasers is strongly rumored.

3 weeks later
#1143 5 years ago

Haunted House gameplay. Xbox 360 probably. Yea. I know. Xbox, MIA still. Anyway, other than it not using two sets of flipper buttons and not having the proper Gottlieb font in the displays, it's pretty decent.

1 week later
#1147 5 years ago

Haunted House and Tee'd Off are out on ios. I've always loved HH but Tee'd Off....well....I paid five bucks for HH. No complaints.

#1152 5 years ago
Quoted from tamoore:

HH is ridiculous. It's clear to me that whoever built this table for TPA has never actually played a real one. Teed off is horrible for for a different reason entirely....
I'm afraid if I keep playing HH in its current state, I'll start breaking plastics and targets.....

FarSight does buy all the tables they digitize with the exception of Goin'Nuts. They then tear the playfield apart, photograph and model it before reassembly. Other than the digits not having the proper font and the inability to have two sets of flipper buttons what are you finding off about it? The physics? Seems fairly close to one's I've played before. Maybe a little faster but real life wear can come into account with the one's I've played at shows. The artwork? Maybe a little brighter than I'd like but it's not bad. Not arguing. Just curious as to what you think is off.

#1154 5 years ago
Quoted from dementedwarlok:

Thoughts on the new tables? For the next 2. Checkpoint and I am thinking alien poker. Also I am having trouboe entering initals on Teed off on android it sucks!

It's Class of 1812 and Victory with Scared Stiff being the table of the month. Checkpoint 1 is a reference from Victory and the devil girl, troll guy, etc. are from Class of 1812's backglass. image.jpg

#1162 5 years ago
Quoted from callmesteam:

Hate to be 'that guy', but Victory is easily the worst game to hit TPA yet... It's a major dud on the Gottlieb Collection. Maybe I'm playing it wrong, but ouch...

No, I agree. I'm sick of these rereleases. I'm sure Farsight is doing them because they already have much of the work in place to redo them versus a totally new table but, thankfully, they're almost out if them. We still got Victory, Sorcerer (which is a pretty decent pin) and another Gottlieb EM that I can't think of the name. This should take us to the end the year. Then, starting in 2014, it should be nothing but two "new" tables at a time.

#1170 5 years ago

Oh yea, I forgot about El Dorado City of Gold. Meh. As far as Sorcerer goes, Eric is right. Originally they weren't going to do it and then they found out it was more popular than they thought. One thing to consider though is that the head of development Bobby King said in one of his earlier interviews that the license they had with Bally/Williams limited the tables to a certain number of them they could digitize. I have no idea what that number is or if they're getting close to it. I know that the Gottlieb license is pretty much unlimited and, I think, so is the Stern/Sega/DE one. Of course, this is just the license for the table. Not for any other licenses that may be needed. T2, TZ, ect.

#1174 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

If they are going to have System 3 tables I wish they would do Stargate. Hell, even Big Hurt is better than Teed off.

I would love Stargate but that one has a movie tie in that would cost extra bucks.

#1175 5 years ago
Quoted from GreyScale:

It would be nice if they released DE and Sega tables. Obviously it isn't so easy since a majority of those tables are licensed to movies.

King has said we should expect some DE tables next year. TFTC has been a strong speculation. Popular table with a "cheaper" license.

1 week later
#1178 5 years ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

I have an iPhone 4 and recently uploaded the most recent iPhone software update. Now I'm experiencing MAJOR flipper lag. Has anyone else experienced this?

I had some on my 4s, especially the right flipper. It came when I updated to ios 7 but I haven't noticed it since the last midmonth Pinball Arcade update that came about a week ago.

2 weeks later
#1201 5 years ago

More than likely the next pack will be the pooper, El Dorado and the City of Gold along with the awesome EBD. CBW is possible since it did place in the top ten Gottlieb poll that was done on the fan site but EBD was promised as coming by the lead developer a couple months ago when he spoke on a podcast.

Some good news for B/W DMD lovers. The Pinball Arcade recently answered someone's question on Facebook about Fish Tales and they said that it would be here "sooner than you think." No other promises than that. So I guess we can expect FT in an upcoming pack. The really good news is the hall of fame rereleases are almost done. Next year should be nothing but two never before released tables. At least on ios and android until the consoles catch up.

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