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Farsight's The Pinball Arcade on PS3 and PC (plus iOS & Android)

By Jeffy777

7 years ago

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#13 7 years ago

You can buy the tables individually so don't buy MM and TOTAN if you don't want to. I doubt there will be any savings getting the 4 pack - I think you actually ended up paying a penny more on the mobile versions that way! TOTAN was 99c, Black Hole $1.99, Theatre of Magic $2.99 and RBION $3.99. I think. Of course I don't know how that will translate to MS points. Bloody MS points.

Improved graphics, physics and frontend should make paying for the repeated tables worth it especially as they will probably be discounted like TOTAN was being their "Table Of The Month" at 99c.

1 week later
#50 7 years ago

It's still much too easy compared to real pinball and even PinMAME.

#100 7 years ago

There are also reports of updates erasing your high scores and achievements. No good at all. I'm sure they'll sort it all in time but they might lose a few fans on the way I reckon. Whatever happened to making a game THEN releasing it?

#163 7 years ago

Can't find it in UK PSN store. I guess it's a slightly different schedule...

1 month later
#224 7 years ago

I think there are too many people experiencing flipper delay to put it all down to the TVs. It's good advice in general but many of the problems are from people who played Farsight's previous pinball game, Zen's pinball games and other games where quick response is needed and they aren't getting the same issues. Surely the TV would've affected all these other games similarly too?

I put the problems down to unfinished code. Hopefully the regular updates and active community reporting bugs will make this game something special over the next few years.

As for this Twilight Zone stuff, well, I'm a bit confused why they're pushing it so soon. I mean, there are hundreds of great tables that can be tackled before going after the big licenses so I'm not going to encourage this kickstarter approach. I can live without Twilight Zone and I'd rather have three $3 tables instead of one $10 one. Plus, those big contribution incentives are pretty lame IMO. $100 for a copy with an operator's menu? That should be standard anyway!

#229 7 years ago

I think that's just they can't give away free copies via Kickstarter. I assume it'll be released normally if developed. I assume it'll be at least around the $10 mark otherwise the donaters will be pissed.

#231 7 years ago

Does anyone else agree that the upper level awards aren't particularly tempting?

#264 7 years ago
Quoted from pudluther:

Miguel351 said:So, even though I've already got the Gottleib and Williams collection games, if they ever come out with TZ and TAF, it'll only be for Pinball Arcade, correct?
Miguel351 said:Maybe this is something we should bring up to Farsight Studios and ask if they could just make it DLC for us "early adopters" as it were, and help save us some coin!
that's not gonna happen. i've got those games too, fwiw.

I don't understand your problem. Pinball Arcade is a free download and you can buy the tables individually.

1 week later
#285 7 years ago
Quoted from Jeffy777:

Another thing that helps is playing with the control plugged in instead of using Bluetooth.

This was definately an issue on the PS3 Williams collection. It wasn't so much the response but it would flicker on and off if you tried to trap the ball. The problem went away as soon as you plugged it in with USB.

1 month later
#416 7 years ago

The physics is still crap. I actually prefer the physics on Pinball Fantasies on my Vita. A lot of disappointment here considering the huge potential this series could've had. Maybe one day they'll pull their finger out but at the moment we're getting a some beautiful 3D recreations of great pinballs but with a woefully amateurish framework to hang them on. This is why I couldn't get behind their Kickstarter appeal. They need to get their foundations fixed before they start adding a penthouse.

2 months later
#541 6 years ago

That version of the game didn't use ROM emulation AFAIK.

4 weeks later
#583 6 years ago

Pro upgrade? $3.99? WTF!?! I'm really starting to dislike Farsight now rather than just feeling disappointed. Not content with churning out as many versions of the same underdeveloped software they're now trying to charge us again for what should be standard features.

#606 6 years ago

Are Farsight even trying to make their tables roughly the same difficulty as the real things cos they're way off so far.

#628 6 years ago

What's with the whole 'with us or against us' attitude? I just can't relate to people that are happy with anything they are given. I enjoy Farsight's releases but they could be so much better. It's not about the money, it's about being taken advantage of and this Pro feature is definately making me feel like they are taking advantage of pinball fans.

I'm still going to buy all the tables for 360 when they are released despite the flaws. How about actually addressing the complaints instead of just calling us whingers and telling us we should be grateful for whatever they do?

1 month later
#647 6 years ago
Quoted from collin_m:

ST:TNG now on the iphone version.

Also a new UI/Pinball Arcade App which means dling all tables AGAIN! Oh, they're charging 69p for the privelege too! I love Farsight!

ST:TNG looks nice so far mind.

#663 6 years ago

I wish they'd fix that bug in Scared Stiff which makes the kickout loop back to the rollovers repeatedly.

1 month later
#794 6 years ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

Playing on an IPad can't be beat, IMO.

Course it can. It needs physical buttons. Hate touchscreen controls for things like this. It is the perfect size screen though.

3 weeks later
#850 6 years ago

I was playing Scared Stiff on my iPad last night. It's absolutely broken (the kick out from the skill shot scoop sends the ball up to the rollovers 80% of the time) and has been since it was released quite a while ago. I'm sure Farsight have big plans but I find it hard to look forward to new tables if they don't care about fixing huge bugs.

#853 6 years ago

Of course it's easy. They're just too busy churning out other half finished tables to fix it. There are plenty of other bugs and problems in other tables too.

1 month later
#929 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

Please do! This app needs some kind of peripheral that the iPad sits into with buttons on the side to replicate a pinball table....but for on-the-go playability


#931 6 years ago

Yeah ideally. I'm not electronically gifted solid rather have something ready to go. But if someone creates a step by step guide on how to mod that iCade then I'll be mighty tempted.

#934 6 years ago

No. There is no way to change the lighting currently. The PS3 and 360 versions are generally done with lower ambient lighting while iOS and the rest are brightly lit.

1 week later
#941 6 years ago
Quoted from captainadam_21:

For the love of all that is good and holy... when are new 360 games coming out!?!?!?!

The publishing rights are stuck in legal limbo. It's impossible to say. Could be years from now.

3 weeks later
#963 6 years ago

Centaur and Pinbot on iOS now. A few other nice additions too.

#966 6 years ago

Ah, good old Farsight. I couldn't wait to play the new tables but my iPad seems to be OK so far.

On the upside, Centaur is a beautiful table. I'd seen pics but never in action with the lights and sounds. Now I want one.

#968 6 years ago

I'd be pretty pissed but I have a PS3 too. It'll be fun for XBox owners to suddenly get all the new tables at once though. Mind you, by then the new XBox might be out!

#991 6 years ago

I voted for tables that haven't got particularly great versions for Visual Pinball so Demolition Man, Judge Dredd, Doctor Who. They are the expensive licenses though so I reckon they should go for easier original ones like Fish Tales, Black Knight 2000 and High Speed 1&2 before tackling the likes of The Addams Family, Congo and Bram Stoker's Dracula. There are a ton of great games there that I've never or hardly played that aren't licences. Safecracker, Whodunnit?, Banzai Run, Earthshaker, Diner, Black Rose, Swords Of Fury. I'd be chuffed with any of those. Jackbot should be on there too.

Like a few people say, I'll buy pretty much anything they release. I'm a bit miffed why they put Whirlwind on there though. I assume that is already on the cards seeing as they already own the licence for it. It looks like the poll was started by a forum member and Farsight decided to repost it on Facebook so I wouldn't read too much into the options listed.

5 months later
#1245 5 years ago

Hopefully one day they'll improve the physics to enable unpredictable ball spin and flipper tricks like live catches. Until then this remains a pale imitation of the real thing.

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