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Farsight's The Pinball Arcade on PS3 and PC (plus iOS & Android)

By Jeffy777

7 years ago

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#1048 6 years ago

I played a near perfect looking Centaur at the Ohio show and the i-pad and visual pinball versions both seem really good compared to the original based on the 20 minutes or so I had with the machine.

4 weeks later
#1077 6 years ago

Or in other words dtown.. Goin' Nuts? heh..

2 weeks later
#1094 6 years ago

I think that virtual pinball is stirring up interest. I'm 38 and hardly ever played pinball back in the day. Video games had my attention back then and a lot of the arcades around me didn't seem to have many. In the last couple of years I started getting into arcade machine building and got into Virtual Pins. I now currently own 2 pins and have owned 3. Before knowing about virtual pins I'd have NEVER thought I'd actually own an actual pinball machine... ever. Now I have one of my own virtual pins and 2 real pins. So.. like someone above I think it is most definitely helping. Personally I like the virtual world because most pins I like in the virtual pin I tend to like in real life. Chances are if I hate the simulation I hate the real world counterpart. So.. for a lot of folks it might help them decide what they may or may not want to buy. A truely invaluable tool with pins costing thousands.

1 month later
#1141 6 years ago

So.. Rob.. do you know if the PC version has vertical table support or options to play on 2 or 3 monitors if you were wanting to build a cabinet and put a PC in one? Seems like so far just the tablet and phones have the "vertical" option (with scrolling) where all of the consoles are just a cropped widescreen with scrolling. Just wondering mostly because if the PC version has those options I'd quit using hyperpin in a heartbeat since a lot of their tables look as good or better than ones made for Visual or Future pinball. I'm assuming that it will be no more involved than it now is, but since they already have the table and DMD as part of their programming I'd think even just a static backbox option would be pretty easy to do since all it is is just 1 extra picture. Now.. an animated one I can see being a bigger deal, but just a photo would seemingly be pretty easy to add to the existing setup.

#1145 6 years ago

If so that will be great. As I said before I'd use their tables over hyperpin for ease of setup. AND they Look better also.

1 week later
#1155 6 years ago

As someone generally new to pinball both physical and real I have no complaints about the pinball arcade. I have little first hand experience with most of the real tables that are being emulated and not being a pinball purist I don't really care. You just have to realize that it is a video game emulation of something that costs thousands of dollars to own just one machine let alone the REALLY expensive ones. To be able to play as many that they have done in such a small package is great. I definitely think bride of Pinbot in the pinball arcade is MUCH easier than the real deal, but that is one of the things I hate about the real one...it is a drain monster in my experience. I much prefer the digital variety.

As long as the rules are right, sound and graphics are decent, and the ball does not get stuck I'm a happy camper.

1 month later
#1238 6 years ago

I still haven't downloaded it yet, but feel that their versions of stuff will be the best once everything is buffed out and setup for full screen use with a rotated monitor. I have one of my virtual pins just waiting for it to be fully functional.

#1239 6 years ago

I've now had time to download and play some of the tables... the verdict is... The Pinball Arcade is friggan awesome!.... and this is with a pretty aged machine. The main core of the machine is 7 years old. My main PC monitor only goes up to 1680x1050 and at that resolution with no options it looks pretty damn good.

I went ahead and upped the Antialiasing to 8x and turned on the post processing and ball reflection to high and it runs at an even 60 FPS solid according to FRAPS. My pc is pretty old too overall. It has had some upgrades over the years, but it is a Q6600 Quad core running at 3.1GHZ, 4 Gig of RAM and a Geforce 8800GT running Windows 7 64 bit.

I have not noticed any flipper lag regardless of those settings. Compared to the iPad I think the graphics look quite a bit better. In BOP and TOTAN the lighting looks very impressive. Just looking at the light bulbs around the brides head in BOP look amazing. Overall the tables have a MUCH better appearance and presence. Some of this I believe is resolution and the other part is the fact that a real gaming video card has a lot to do with how the specular and color effects are applied as opposed to the piddly processing in the ipads.

Like I mentioned before.. as soon as full screen cabinet, backbox, and DMD mode is implemented this setup is going in my VP cab as another tool in the toolbox for it to run. My cab only has 2 screens as I use my backbox monitor for the glass and DMD, but honestly even if it had no backbox support or just static backglass playing these tables full screen with a DMD would be amazing.

I can only imagine when I try this out on my other monitor or my TV that it will look even better. It will also give me a benchmark for how wimpy of a system can perform at an acceptable level.

#1241 6 years ago

It certainly isn't new, but Yea... I didn't say it was chumpy, but compared to even an i3, i5, i7 or any AMD that is 3+ GHZ it is wimpy CPU wise. The original CPU was a Core2Duo, but it was running at the same clock speed and the machine had a video card upgrade from when I built it. Still.. the 8800gt is what.. about 3+ years old?

Anyway... I didn't mention it before, but I checked the CPU usage... and it uses VERY LITTLE CPU. It used just 50% of ONE core on this 3.1GHZ original Q6600 Quad Core.... (stock clock is 2.4) so.. as long as you have a video card that is as good or better than an 8800GT regardless of age and processor that is running at 2.5-3GHZ or higher it should be no problem for the CPU to handle.

New Adobe Photoshop Image copy-552.jpg

#1244 6 years ago

SWEET... if it does I'll get my first chance to fool with it... Only thing I wonder is that if you have an option with the portrait mode to run the DMD and the backbox on ONE monitor or it it would have to be 3 independent ones. .

#1249 6 years ago

On TV's "Flipper Lag" isn't typically flipper lag, but rather TV LAG... The reason most TV's over 32" have a GAME mode... it is because all of the buffering and all sorts of other fancy settings and filters and such that they use for normal TV and movies. If your TV has a GAME mode use it. If it does not turn off all of the post processing things that the TV offers and usually any perceived lag will be gone. The easiest way is if you have a TV that has "lag" hook that computer up to a real computer monitor that is fairly new... (say 3 years or less) and see if you have the issue. Most of the time if you A/B test that way folks will see that the problem is the TV or rather the TV settings. True.. some TV's are just crap and no matter what you do they will be slow... especially anything that is older.

A perfect example is playing an xbox or PS3 on a TV not using the game mode... sometimes you will see odd screen artifacts and lag just because you aren't using the correct video mode. Now.. we all know consoles don't lag... so if you notice lag on a console the problem is the TV or rather it's settings.

#1267 6 years ago

The pro packs do seem to be a bit of hype. I bought a pack with it and it wasn't a huge deal.

Just wondering for everyone that thinks PBA looks bad... what kind of video cards are you using and do you have everything turned off or what? I think PBA looks WAY better than VP and it looks a lot better than the ipad version. The lighting looks pretty amazing IMO... Ramps look CLEAR and not gray or "screen door" looking. Also another good example is the lights around the head on BOP. They look like real bulbs and not just white blobs of pixels. I have not tried portrait mode yet, but from what I have seen in desktop / standard view this thing looks great.

Can someone give me an example of something to compare when talking about the lighting looking bad or the inserts or flashers. I need something to A/B compare to. For someone that has been playing with VP and FP for about 1.5 years this made me go whoah... this looks nice... so there definitely is a graphical impact for the better for someone that is quite firmiliar with VP.

#1279 6 years ago

I just updated it today and don't see an option for portrait I just see an option for fullscreen, windowed, and fullscreen windowed whatever that is... they all look the same to me. How do you set it up for portrait mode? Not sure if I have to manually rotate the display with my video card settings or if the game does it.

#1290 6 years ago

I just tried it on my TV computer which is a 2.8ghz Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of ram, Radeon HD 3400 and windows xp. It worked fine on there at 720p with post processing off. I was even using a wireless keyboard and seemed to be fine to me. I'd turn post processing on, but the video goes black if you turn it on. At 720 is is 60fps solid. At 1080p the video card starts showing it's limitations. For a video card that was intended for basic desktop graphics and not really gaming though it performs quite well.. This gives me an idea of maybe how it might perform for other folks with more factory style pc's without a $150-300 dollar graphics card in it.

I will say that compared to my main rig it was noticeably not as good, but more than playable and still better looking than the iPad. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I've been playing PBA on an ORIGINAL iPad... not sure if on the ipad 1 and 2 if it looks worse since the screen only has 1024x768 worth of resolution where the 3's and up have the retina displays.

1 month later
#1345 6 years ago

All you have to do is download it from the steam site after setting up steam... then when launching the game use the "windowed fullscreen" mode and you should be looking at it in the correct orientation assuming that your VP cab is setup for monitor "1" to be the lower playfield area. If not then some reconfiguration of the machine might be needed or it will be playing on the top monitor. Anyway... get steam and PBA downloaded first from here first and go from there: http://store.steampowered.com/app/238260/

#1352 6 years ago

Yea.. mapping keys should be easy... I have a cab and build them, but haven't put it on one yet. Under the config just go to the key you want to set then press the button you want to use and you're good to go. Like Mark said.. I never really thought about the navigation that much, but being that best I know it does not have a tilt input on cabinets like mine where I install 2 extra buttons on the right and left of the cabinet and 4 extra buttons on the front of the machine I'd have basically 6 extra navigation buttons for left, right, up, down, enter and escape if needed.

#1359 6 years ago

I got the pro version of season 1 and I've never done anything other than just wonder why I bought the pro version. I mean typically in any pin I've played the couple of things I may do to make them not so brutal is bump up the ball save an extra 5 or so seconds and adjust the outlane posts and maybe make an award of an extra ball at around 13-15 million. In a virtual one I haven't really thought about it so much..... yet... Seeing how good these are looking when it comes time to buy for my cab and not just for the iPad I might get the pros.

2 weeks later
#1366 6 years ago

Honestly with the key mapping thing as long as the flipper buttons work the rest isn't a big deal. . I keep my keyboard on top of the backbox on my mid-sized virtual pin all the time and if I have to hit a key on the keyboard or use the mouse every now and again to navigate it isn't that big of a deal. It would be a plus to be "right" though.

2 months later
#1417 5 years ago

Cool.. another release...

2 weeks later
#1433 5 years ago

Still waiting on 2 screen support with movable DMD to backbox screen like you'd do on a 2 screen Hyperpin cab... hopefully they are devoting more time to that. I'd rather have all of the great ones they've done already be truly cab playable before moving forward. Their gameplay and looks are awesome... just need the full cab support. I would much rather play their BOP over a VP version... it looks amazing.

1 month later
#1481 5 years ago

I think they are mainly focusing on the tablet and pc platforms since there are likely a lot more folks that have one or multiples compared to the folks having a console. Just my 2 cents.

#1486 5 years ago

Being a PC builder for quite some number of years I don't understand why people are so concerned with "refresh rate". Basically all regular LCD monitors operate at 59-60Hz and I can tell you that a 8 year old 60hz monitor compared to a current 60hz monitor is night and day difference, but it has nothing to do with the actual hertz, but rather the gray to gray drawing speed. As long as I see a consistent 45fps with no dips a game generally plays really great. (even an fps shooter)

The human eye only recognizes I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 15fps or so anyway. That being said.. the smoothness comes more from the video processor and its ability to process ALL of the data at the same speed. When you notice lag is when a game buffers up a big specular effect or something on wimpy hardware and when the effect first is displayed you get a dip of lets say 10-15 fps and it looks funny because it dipped and is catching up.

A different problem that is more apparent on Tv's is filtering effects that are supposed to make the image look better. Turn all that crap off and it'll play smooth just like it should on a PC monitor as opposed to a TV monitor. I did some looking and best I can see the fastest an ipad screen is even on current models is 60hz.,, just more proof that the display itself does not have to be faster to look better.

I've built a lot of virtual pins also and I can say that I've had plenty of TV's I've demo'd in the past and have seen enough 120hz displays that don't do any better in regard to displaying a ball (or anything else for that matter) than a GOOD 60hz model.

That is just my experience with things over some 20 years. Kind of like computer motherboards... some are better than others and sometimes price or boasted specs does not always determine the real world results.

4 months later
#1621 5 years ago

Definitely different for sure. So in some part you'll always be able to "play" and "see" your machine. Heh.

2 months later
#1727 5 years ago

Yep.. TV lag redman.. I've got it on my XB1 and it plays fine. Put it in game mode or strip down TV processing features if it does not have a "game" mode.

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